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what's up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel I hope everybody's having a great day um just had a customer stop by and pick up his HP uh computer that had the power supply die in it put a new power supply in it for him he was good to go he did want to upgrade and add a graphics card later on once his budget allowed it so that was really cool but um yeah let's just go into it I I got a bunch of stuff to go through like mining stuff and more graphics cards so that's going to be uh at the um the tail in I guess it's probably going to be a majority of this video is just going through stuff um feel like I'm never going to get through all this it's crazy what you accumulate from years of being in computers and Mining all right let's get it there it is I went ahead and powered it up I obviously didn't log into anything I just made sure you were good to go if you want to test it out real quick yeah no let's turn on yeah that that was a this this is your old power supply um it's not really worth anything I was just going to put it in a scrap pile or whatever but it is yours so you can take it if you want it you want me to just junk it all right but yeah so so that was the problem that was the problem yeah I put the new one in and it fired right up and and I am looking to get one of these later on too I want to do some video editing I know the way it is right now it's really slow to do to do video editing yeah it's just running on the CPU so even stepping up to I have some uh I just ordered some low profile like some some cheaper um lower power graphics cards coming in too so wait what are these what are these called These are graphics cards yeah I I don't even know too much about oh okay yeah but like how how do these words just put them inide yeah they just slot in you have a spot for them some other boards don't but you do um the only thing is you can't go too big on your graphics card cuz your power supply won't run but a certain amount is tough oh that's one of those yeah so this is a this is a 1660 super right there so okay just it slots right in and then your monitor would then plug into one of these slots so if it's HDMI it'll go right there DVI and display port so you don't plug your monitor into the motherboard anymore this handles all the video okay that way you know everything quality and stuff will be yep way better oh yeah yeah all right so welcome back ladies and gentlemen I have another box of goodies for today so um started cleaning out more of the mining shed pulled a bunch of my trip light pdus out and that kind of stuff basically going to start trying to go through and clean up a bunch of it got some mining motherboards clean all that up and um I guess make some deals on this stuff so yeah wham bam thank you man anyway welcome back guys I ended up leaving early yesterday so I didn't get a whole lot done I was just feeling like absolute poop I think I finally kicked my cold I still feel a little bit of it but I ain't got no more fever don't have any more chills yeah okay anyway um so I was looking online I have some of the tripl light brand pdus these are 240 volt uh 30 amp pdus and looks like they're reselling anywhere between like 30 to 50 bucks plus shipping so um I'm going to wipe these bad boys down and I'll be placing them back into the box uh because I'm probably just going to list these online I don't think they're going to sell locally um if they do that'd be awesome somebody could save on shipping um but I don't I don't think these it's not going to be like a super in demand item right now um so anyway let's set these over here to the side and let's get to the more more interesting things like wham bam look at that this is a 1066 gig and it's huge and it actually has a six pen on the back of it so huge 1066 gig that bad boy needs to be cleaned up and tested make sure she's good to go and that'll be great for a little starter computer uh another another pdu oh my super long cords another trip Light 30 amp gosh got to get kick this cough Man kids keep bringing home all these sicknesses um I also have a ton of the these uh I don't remember what these are called the female end and then on the other or on the other side it's the recessed maale they work with the pdus and you can plug them into themselves make a necklace um so I have tons of those I'll I'll put those up for dirt cheap just to get rid of them um okay oh here we go here we go we're getting in some good stuff all right so this one is a cyber power another this is a 240 volt 24 amp so this is not quite a 30 amp I think it uses a 30 amp plug yeah uses a 30 amp plug so we'll just call it a call it a 30 amp well 30 amp plug but 24 amp unit so put that over to the side tons of PD tons tons and tons I'm going to just save one I don't see myself needing more than one um anytime soon all right now oh my careful don't break anything Brandon let me unplug all these plugs there's plugs pluged into everything sorry guys are staring at my shoulder almost there all right now T mining motherboards I have tons of these I have tons of them that are used i' I have probably like three or four that are brand new in the box they already have RAM and a CPU the cpu's uh soldered on and already has a cooler little fan so I'm going to clean these up and I'm going to put these up for sale and I don't know if I'm going to sell them on eBay or not might as might just sell them locally like super cheap so if somebody's in the area you might get a absolute steal on these bad boys I'm thinking maybe somewhere in the range of like 30 bucks online I see they going for like 70 to 100 who knows might make somebody even a better deal than 30 bucks if they buy a couple of them but um yeah these are are all filthy so definitely need to clean those up that's one right there that's one of the wider spacing so the gpus are SPAC out a little bit more you can put bigger gpus in there oh what we got right here little power supply always good to have have more power supplies kicking around and it's a EVGA 500 watt nothing special 80 plus white which means it's 80 plus but barely set that right there definitely going to be using that oh here's oh here we go oh no I thought this was a gold it's a bronze another EVGA this is a 550 WT bronze definitely can use that though put that right there oh regular old you know power plug with the little reset power switch or whatever um what what are these things called my mind escapes me this morning um surge protector yeah there we go um definitely could use that we'll we'll set that over here right there surge protectors for days oh no another pdu looks like it's another it's one of the Cyber power 240 volt 30 amp pdus we got pdus for days so that over there oh no I'm getting dirty there we go okay more pdu plugs pdu plugs pdu plugs long ones short ones long ones tall ones okay look at that all right so we got some PCI Express plugs so six pin and they go to some of them go to 6 plus 2 anyway um and then breakout boards so need to break these boys down I might just might just make this tub like a mining parts bin tub you know with some cheap stuff in there gosh I have all kinds of these cables it's like like this isn't even come close so maybe like a dollar cable or something somebody comes in if you're in in and around Raleigh North Carolina or night Dale North Carolina that's where the shop are at as a night deal and you need anything to do with GPU mining support stuff like cables accessories come down to the shop we will hook you up uh by the way guys I would really appreciate if you go over to the Facebook page I'm going to put the link Down Below in the description um and go ahead and like it or follow it or whatever that entails um for the computer shop i' I'd really appreciate that so look at this we got another mining motherboard this one has the little bit tight tighter spacing this is not the tightest spacing but these these uh PCI Express slots are a little bit closer together and this actually you can power it off of the side or off the back um so that's kind of cool the other one does not offer powering from the side so just a little a little bit different setup this one does this one has Ram already installed so that's cool just need to clean it up so set that bad boy right there all right what else we got oh ethernet cables need to make a spot for those cuz I got tons of those set that right there another breakout board I literally could make a box of breakout boards think I might do that oh no that one's stuck there we go t another breakout board that one's got a little more plugs on it by the way if you enjoy this kind of behind thes scenes stuff um I'm going to be doing a lot of this I know some people are are a little upset because you know oh you're not doing like a bunch of mining content anymore and um I kind of wanted to address that a little bit there's not a lot of mining I mean there is a lot of mining content there's always stuff to talk about but there's not a lot of mining content that makes any kind of serious money um in without like heavy speculation or just getting really really lucky um and it just it has lost my interest quite a bit so luckily I enjoy I enjoy computers I I really do like computers a lot um and I like building computers I like video games another another breakout board right there uh so like transitioning into a computer shop I've always wanted a computer shop I always kind of did the thing on the side um so it just kind of baffles me when people are just like I'm quitting I'm not watching this I'm unsubscribing and I'm like you know that's fine I get it um but how could you be into like Mining and computer hardware and like setting up GPU miners but not be into computers you know what I mean cuz I feel like it goes hand inand um but I do realize there were a lot of people that were in mining just literally to make money and for no other reason at all and that's cool you know like everybody can you know do do their own thing that's fine but um I just didn't realize how many people were I guess just only in it for the money and if they couldn't extract some kind of monetary value out of watching my videos by either you know what to mine or how to mine or what am I Mining and how am I doing um then they didn't want to see anything else whereas now it's kind of like we are transitioning into you know a behind the scenes more more look at the computer shop what I'm doing here what I got coming in um I'd love to start offering and showing you guys the deals first that way you know y'all can snap it up and and I'd love to service my my like viewer base and um the viewers and the the fans and stuff and and let them get the good deals first uh on stuff that comes in once the web store is actually fully up and operational um but I don't think we're going to like anytime in the short term transition back into having 100 plus GPU use mining at my house um if mining does go back to being good and I mean it would have to go back to like we need to be making dollars a day per CPU um ain't nobody excited about making a couple Pennies A Day profit on a CPU it's just there's so much cost in it nowadays to get into new hardware by the way more cables um there's so much C cost in it I mean these new 40 series people are like oh my God a 4090 makes good money it's like a 4090 costs good money I don't know what you're talking about back in the day when I started mining you could pay off a graphics card in like 60 to 90 days if not shorter so yeah it's hard to it's hard to compare today's rates to back then and some people are just like oh it's going to million it's going to million I'm not saying it ain't I'm not saying don't hold crypto do I still have some crypto yeah I do do I have as much as I used to no of course not um but I I think I think it's one of those one one of those things that um over time by the way this is not Financial advice I'm just a guy in a box remember that um do I think it could go up in value yeah it's shown time and time again that it can go down and it can go up you know two five 10 fold um Bitcoin does what it wants crypto does what it wants I heard something VI crypto is the honey badger so that's kind of uh oh ow that's that's the situation at hand oh my gosh so many breakout boards down here hold on another breakout board look at this and that's just some of them breakout boards $2 a piece come and get them all right we're getting into the uh the server power supplies I have literally tons of these server power supplies I'm probably going to sell these for like five bucks a piece I don't even know if they're worth that maybe less I'd like to get five bucks a piece for them um more server power supplies boom you buy a server power you get a free breakout board I don't know I don't know exactly what I'm going to do but um I need to do something cuz holding on to them is not helping me another uh mining motherboard let me unplug all this two three four cables out the wazu so yeah sorry to like stray off path there and get talking about mining you know just I figured I would address it cuz it's come up a couple times in more recent videos and it's not that I hate mining dude I Love mining mining enabled me to be very successful um no I'm not some like millionaire success story uh but mining helped me when my company was struggling um I made good money on mining it helped me uh pay off my current house build um I was able to sell my other house use money I had saved up sell off a majority of my mind money majority of my crypto um pay for my house I was I was super stoked about that um but mining's been very good to me I don't want anybody to think that it has it uh it's just things change got to adapt I I wish we were still back in the day I mean I remember back when Dude GTX 1060s 1060s were making 2 three bucks a day 1060s that's crazy no chance they're making that now oh look at that we got a power supply like an actual usable power supply cable set that over here um oh CPU Cooler okay pretty cool it's a hyper 212 Halo Black Tower cooler in there Cooler Master very nice very nice we'll set that over here to the side probably could use that for something one [Music] day all right oh there we go more power supplies boom boom lots of power suppli ah here we go there a spider there a spider in there I don't like spiders get out of there buddy okay okay my dink I got so much crap for this people gave me so much junk for buying one of these cheap little network switch es but this thing did awesome I think it's like a 16 Port yeah it's a 16 Port switch and um I mean she never let me down so I I think I'm going to be keeping this just cuz I don't think they're worth very much so I'll keep that might need it one day oh another power supply 750 watt looks like all these have been 750 so far I know I have some 12200 somewhere oh another power supply got some more pdu cables oh oh there's a power supply cable throw that up there oh another power supply this one is a 750 W breakout board USB drives I think those are Hive drives Sapphire Nitro this is a 578 gig so decent little CPU especially for the money cuz those things are selling super cheap so they're awesome to go into budget Rigs and they can play like Esports games no problem as long as you're not trying to play like 4K or nothing uh this is a power color red dragon oo 5700 XT that's actually that's a really nice graphics card got a little back plate on it too clean that bad boy up all right oh this is the original octo Miner gen one [Music] pre-order oh stuff falling out of it see if I can read that octo minor yeah the B8 plus back when the Octo Miner only held eight gpus now they hold more than that which isn't octo 8 anyway yeah so not going to be selling this because you can't really buy these um I don't think they're valuable but this was one of my first like pre-order purchases cuz you had to pre-order with crypto this is like back in I want to say like 2017 give or take I may just clean this one up and hang this one on the wall cuz I don't know why I feel nostalgic about this one I've had a lot of different gpus in this thing at one time it was full of 1080s the 1060s 1070s 20 series we've had a lot of different stuff in that so I'm definitely keeping this one but I do need to clean it off cuz it's filthy gets so nasty another breakout board with a bunch of cables so let me take the cables off this breakout board there we go another breakout board and more cables so oh one more oh power supply cable so awesome definitely needed those so that is another load um I keep I have a few more loads of stuff to go through but I fig figure if I do like at least one load every few days I'll get it knocked out eventually by the way I apologize this video is is becoming super long um let me I'm going to throw all the pdus and stuff that I'm not going to mess with right now back into that box we'll start cleaning those uh those motherboards and stuff here in a second but I'm going to cut the camera all right so I got these broke down I just lightly dusted them off I need to get some all my air dusters gone but I need to get me some like little brushes and stuff for getting in those looks and crannies I got a guy that's coming and he wants to buy all three of them so I'm like all right well I'll leave those out um for the time being I put all of the pdus in the bottom all of the the PCI Express cables in in between I put the power supplies on top and then the breakout boards right there I think I'm going to end up taking this back to my house and um I have storage a little storage area in my garage and I'm going to put that with the rest of the other like duplicate graphics card and stuff I'll probably end up listing them um I don't know I was thinking about keeping maybe like one of each in the shop but I really don't I don't have a spot for it um now that does bring up another thing I think I am going to get me some shelves to go right here just to put some stuff right here and I already have a desk that's coming it's a short little desk to go right here so I can set up a build that kind of thing and I'm going to be moving that chair the chair will go in with the desk and I can put another uh shelving rack right there so yeah that's pretty much how the cookies crumble in for today um anyway yeah it was nice of y'all to come and hang out for a little bit and uh it's time to call it a day and and wrap it up I'll see yall on the next one adios bye

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