I sold Karlsen too early… but hey

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[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] good morning I'm sorry I'm very late I I'm not going to lie I'm not going to lie to you guys I slept in all right I slept in medicine is true sleeping pills are too [Music] strong if you hear silence it's cuz I'm coughing so I'm muting muting my coughs but I am I am better all right I I am I I am better than like last week I am my much better oh hope you're feeling better Panda Travelers travels I'm I am better good sir thank you thank you but not not 100% Krypto KJ you are banned uh techman coiny stevenh H DJ Yen what's up tyen what's up man John Germaine lukewarm IQ gaming with Smokey Den what's up bro blue tiger mining I see you I see I see you bro I see you don't spam me Stephen you sound like [ __ ] that's it time for the voice changer uh hold on let's see I make myself sound that better no worse how about how about now is that is that better no hello Diablo Diablo voice no saw voice no forget it all right who invited s uh Travelers travels you look at satx coin um I think I'm I Min a little bit just a little bit bit is that even is that even on here I don't think so oh it is H actually there's a lot of new coins I got to add on here now on my on my watch list Carlson oh wait ah coin market cap doesn't have Carlson yet oh my God those sound better than you Stephen God damn it um all right so we are Anonymous voice go see a doctor I did I did already I did okay it's infection I have I have a throat infection nose infection whatever all right so this whole stream is about talking about Carl I just realized I'm On Top chat let go live chat so you guys probably saw the video we I just did uh talking about mining Carlson uh before okay um I GPU mined Carlson for a few days and made $3,000 W literally a day or two like a day or two later all right a day or two later that 65 thou 60 26,500 Carlson is now worth $530000 not 3,000 all right so from 3,000 to 56 $5,300 in a span of like a day actually it probably it would have been worth almost 6,000 at at 26 Cents Ry oh my God Ry thank you for the donation lesson learned we sell percentage of our bags not the whole bag well I talked to a few people and you know what sorry I was coughing I was coughing um okay here here's my mistake here here's my here's my mistake okay okay I'm I'm normally I am normally the hodler Okay the reason why I sold is because I talked with numerous people I would say 90% 90% of the people when I sold right here 90 90% of the people said Carson is just a a a copy of of kaspa there's no utility there's no reason for this coin and everyone says everyone said to me uh was to sell it everyone said to sell it um so and for for coin to just like literally come out of out of the Woodworks like like just came out had tons of hype because it was GPU minable um and now oh just like look at this like the emissions of this coin is insane right now it's almost a million dollar a day it's it's more than ethereum classic Litecoin Chia combined and like ravencoin ravencoin Chia Litecoin ethereum classic combined almost look at that Carlson $992,000 a day man is insane insane just just in insanity is this going to last all right let's like how long do you guys think this profitability is going to last like uh it's it it it's actually been good for like the past week like if you've been mining Carlson into into profit right now it's it's it's been good like a a single 3070 at 13 cents is making a dollar I mean it's going down oh wait no R ethereum kls okay ethereum in KS is making a dollar but I okay and then okay I initially was not going to sell right I actually as I said I actually said a few people I said because the market cap of Carlson is so low okay where is that um the market cap of Carlson is only well at the time I think was only uh like like two or three or 5 million market cap now it's 30 million market cap right or something I think or 14 million when i s when I sold I don't remember I think it was 14 million yeah 14 million market cap when I sold so I thought to myself hey I think it's probably going to go up because the mar Cap's so low and has a potential to go up even more but I didn't listen because I I didn't I listen to other people saying it's probably not going to last us long uh PE people are currently everyone is currently mining it and selling it and that looks like that is not the case because the price keeps going up so either um people outside Miner not not non-miners are buying this coin are actually buying it because it's a it's a it's a fork it's a fork of of Caspa so I and I think the reason why it has kept going up the the single reason why it has kept going up is because it is a fork of Caspa so people that like Caspa or not or or I don't know I may may be buying this coin all I I don't know I have no idea I just this coin came out of nowhere and just comes out now it provides one almost $1 million in Daily emissions okay it's not like the 21 million of ethereum but it's it's something like it it it has given GPU miners how do you say it relief like like a like a massive relief in a way because now that tons of of GPU miners have moved to this coin okay like literally tons like look at this look at look at look at all this look look at all this freaking hash right okay like it it is a lot 711 terahash that is that is a lot okay over the past like I started mining it when it was like like 20 terahash I remember getting like 5,000 Carlson every like 6 hours 8 hours or something whenever I did that video um and now the hash rate after after about a week it's it's it's up to 700 so in a way in which it has brought relief brought profit now for those that care about it um I mean at this point I I feel like I I it's not like I I don't think this is going to last a lot a lot I'm going to make a poll here I want to make a poll in a second but you you have like a single 3080 now at 13 cent kilowatt hours making over a dollar but then you you scroll down right if you go down the list of other coins Max is here I've never mind this coin coin 80 cents reaction 72 mechu AI 68 Al lithium 63 cents in profit after 13 cent kilow hour the network hash rates of of uh a lot of a lot of these other coins are also uh are also going down I don't know I don't know if you guys I don't know you know what see let's see this um rewards uh okay maybe not okay alium looks like it's going down so that I don't know if that's the case a eternity okay looks like the ET eternity rewards are going up okay so that's one that's HH rates dropped um Aven 16.88% okay going down beam 2 point okay you know what you know I'm curious what's the alium hash rate right now 73.2 n terahash okay well oh it's definitely been going down okay so over the past couple days yes althia went from 100 terahash over down to 73 terahash so people okay so I was reading that chart wrong so lithium has had a drop in hash rate um difficulty ohly [ __ ] oh my God wait whoa what happened here what's this what happened to a lithium here did was there a was there a uh was there a fork or something for their difficulty what what is this what happened here 250 ter 279 279 Terra has anyways anyway so alium hash rate went down that's just one example let's see if core let's see if core hash rate went down over the past last I don't know a couple days yeah look at that chor hash rate has dropped look at that chor hash rate has dropped from four okay so Carlson start started getting good December 2nd chor was 4.1 uh5 terahash now it's 2.71 that's that's a good chunk of hash rate off of CLA right so you guys can see what's going on there right obviously people are moving over to Carlson because of the The Profit uh let's look at what's another let's look at DX that's another like prominent coin here all right oh my god oh it's even it's it's even oh my God even more noticeable here so December 1st 1,026 Mega hash now the DX hash rate is 60 607 607 megahash wow that's a 400 400 megahash drop wow what's the Yi wait what's the yield on uh like a 3090 now on on on DX I'm just curious I'm just actually very curious one DX a day on a 39 dude dude do you guys remember the yield dude remember the yield on DX before was like way worse like it used to be like point something of a DX three DX on a 3090 because the hash rate the difficulty of DX was so freaking High during that time October it double double so it's was G like3 yeah 2.3 Mega has now it's 6 612 dude the yield on DX is a lot wow so so there so okay so I showed example of a couple coins that have been dropping in hash rate but with that that means the yield has gone up on all of these coins that have lost hash rate now if you guys understand what that means uh flux looks like not so much Bing chamber you're banned you're banned um let me drink water okay FL side a little tiny Iowa cryptomine Centrio spreadshe with a bunch of network hash rates on it does it show previous Network hash rates hold on meow okay meow CN Carlson 73 yeah Carlson yield is obviously terrible now um look at the hash rate of rxd on mining pool stats wow vior v.net has 50.1% of the hash rate there you go that's that's not good that's not good you got to you got to decentralize the hash R off everyone's got to get off vipor gam a smokey Dan if you check profits at 30 cents then you will know why so much on Carl car K KS yeah I understand oh no uh Smokey Dan I understand that no for sure any yeah mining is profitable at is is is is is good at uh at 30 cents yeah uh why is it not not updating huh when I put in 30 it doesn't update oh it does oh wa oh it does okay so a 3070 it's profitable 61 cents oh my God that's amazing from from that perspective yeah um so yeah this is I I think um ever since the obviously ethereum merge or actually anytime in past history I I this is the biggest coin that has ever come out for GP minor out of the gate out of this fast and this this amount of mission I've never seen like the coin is literally how old is this coin this coin is like 34 days old 34 34 days old and it has this much hype already 34 freaking days that is unbelievable that is insanity um okay so all right um what was I going to do the poll on um Iowa Iowa what are we what are we looking at here triple mining what are we trip can you triple mine Carlson you don't have Carlson in here yet um that sheet isn't updated ignore that one okay I see um all right for people just tuning in yes my my my my bag I had when I did this video at GP mine Carlson for a few days and made $3,000 a lot of you watch that video Jesus um that that's now worth 50 almost 53 $5,400 so I missed out because I listened to some people and they said to sell which I should have held but hindsight 2020 all right um gave the Spokey d right P of M also due to the difference in price you can mine Carlson hash on unminable and get paid 1.5 C I'm doing it for BTC making 260 a month which is a new CPU uh Smoky D nice man that's a good call yeah mining into uh Caspa yeah I mean Caspa is the better utility fundamentally yeah 100% thanks yeah thanks for blowing kls up shees p i 100% I I am not 100% I am not the reason why Carlson is amazing or something I did not do any videos on Carlson what when did I do videos on I never made a video on Carlson the only thing I did was tweet something out like 10 days ago that I was mining it that's it I never oh by the way quick little shill I am now partnered with coin mining Central so if you're if you're going to buy anything there use code RPM for $100 honestly any website out there you can use code RPM RPM is probably I have like a code for almost every website out there so uh but thank you to coin mining Central um another quick thing another quick thing if you guys go to my website red pendam mining.com everyone I would like everyone to visit my website I put my I put my heart and soul into this website all right don't all right I have all my coupon codes and Mining software and hosting people that I like and stuff on this website there is a dark mode I should put in dark mode there you go ah dark mode much better dark mode is at the bottom of my website um check it out red pendam mining.com um a lot of people have been asking about my one-on ones I I said I would turn it on back in October I'm sorry I I'm just so I've been so busy and now I'm sick it's still to talk with me is still going to be down for the unforeseeable Future Okay um I think this whole December I'm I'm I'm going to be wiped out so I I will not be able to uh enable uh the one-on ones I'm sorry like I had like two emails the other day remember I need to talk to you I can't Bros I'm sorry right now I'm just I'm destroyed ah all right okay add site the block list now SMY Dan God damn it um all right so uh smash the like Bros holy crap we have 343 people here 94 likes okay um what was I what was I going to make a poll about what was I going to make the poll about Carlson um what was I going to make the pole pole about I totally forgot what can someone remind me what was I going to what was I going to rck why was I going to um best beginner is minor setup doesn't know who vior is to pool of for n clor and rxt uh just looking around what do you think about ice River cast KS Z Pro um well I think it's cool um the what are the yields on those things now like what's uh it's profitability like it's it's going bad like what's the hash rate of Casper right now it's probably insane uh let's see um Casper Casper Casper Casper Cas Casper Casper okay hash rate 103 petahash oh wow when did this happen I thought it was like 70 well that was like a week and a half ago okay 72 to 100 P oh that's a lot of holy crap that is a lot of uh that is a lot of H hash rate that has turned on oh man so um let's see six see six Terra 0.06 of a Peta has um uh that is how many ks3 M's have turned on uh let's see let's go back to like 30 petahash has turned on in a week and a half so 30 divided by that could be 5,000 k3m maybe 4,000 3,000 and then like a bunch of ks0 Pros ks1 k2s I'm going to say a good 10,000 units have turned on over the past week and a half wow that's nuts man that is that is crazy that is crazy how long will Carlson stay profitable the b b is crypto M thank you bro that was the poll beautiful thank you so much all right let me do the poll right now I I just don't think this is going to stay uh good look pep pep W is now most profitable um uh will Carlson stay profitable for a long time question mark yes no oh hold let me be more specific one to two I'll give it one to two weeks Max I give it a month Max it will be good for a couple months it will be the most profitable GPU mining coin forever ever no forever won't even type why won't even let me type forever whatever all right you guys vote I'm curious what people think like my gut instinct my in okay every single time something new comes out in in past history it tanks Carlson is it it hasn't tanked it's been going up so it's it's like total opposite of what I've experienced every time something new comes out uh for like GPU mining um and it's been a week it's actually been a good week with these numbers are still high reasonably high so a lot of GP miners have not shifted over yet okay or um sorry the existing GPU miners have not shifted over yet um but there are there there already have like we showed we showed earlier a bunch of the hash rate from a lot of these coins have been uh have already been moving over like on DX DX already lost 400 megahash um let's check another I'm curious of another coin what's another coin we could check that hash rate has dropped off uh uh more Pro meow coin let's check meow coin let's see how much hash rate has dropped off uh 55.68 gigahash yeah see look meow coin was 130 gigahash December 1st now it's 50 55 it dropped pretty much in half since the Carlson profitability came out wow that's nuts man that is nuts that means you y yield is now double on gpus for mining the AL coin I I think it's double for a lot of these coins a lot of these Network hash rates have dropped off a lot of these uh a lot of these uh a lot of these coins naray let's check naray see narai also had a massive drop off uh oh maybe wait December 23rd wow this is completely bunkers 4.38 terahash and it was like 6 7 terahash here 7.24 terahash over here so it's dropped off half as well almost more less than half um overb Tech Red Band of mining the meowo 6600 SS have yielded over a third of a million coins since turning a third of a million coins since turning on juicy yeld really over attack oh that reminds me oh crap that reminds me oh crap that reminds me uh crap what's my uh what's my H login uh hold on hold on hold on hold on okay all right all right um um um we H have to holy crap we have to take I have to get all the yields I have to get ah what's my longest running rig my flux rig is the longest running rig 47 days everything else is trash uh norai and CLA have been running pretty good oh no I think it's cuz there was an update there's an update okay so um yeah I got to get the yields the past two months has it been two months I think three more days three more no it's already been oh [ __ ] October 8th what day is it today what's the date today November no December 9th oh wait so October 8th December 9th oh I'm already past the two months no okay all right today if I got energy I'm going to take the yields I'm going to export csvs of all my wallets dioxa Nexa kapow for nice hash uh and see how much we have yielded over the past 2 months plus the Raven coin rig that mining King has and then the meow coin rig that overboard Tech has H fully electric hope you get soon well on how you how long have you been sick I've been sick for a good week I'm on the men though I'm on the men I'm getting better I'm getting better okay I'm Cur okay I'm which which rig do you guys think is doing the best let me see in the chat which which rig do you guys think is doing the best right now which one is yielded and like price appreciated the most Nexa Nexa alium wow some of you guys nioa you know what I I I think the neoa rig has done really well too and yeah the Chlor rig yeah for sure Chlor and XNA went crazy yeah it could be the xnaa rig um you know what's really funny now that everyone's on Carlson these rigs are earning are yielding more of the coin now uh so that that's actually that's actually a good thing because I'm still I'm going to be holding this until like the bow run so when we look back all right when when we look at when I have them all imported and some in coly most likely cuz I can see the totals and cost basis and how much it's gained it will be amazing it will be amazing problem the prob probably the biggest question is what will people buy with Carlson profit uh s Chang yeah you're right you're right uh like I'm actually trading it into uh into Bitcoin so I mean that's probably the worst thing to do uh because the the price appreciation potential on Carlson could be way more than what Bitcoin can do but you know Bitcoin Bitcoin is Bitcoin is is safe so uh Max voltage You' have been six since Disney RPM according to Sunflower Max voltage sunflower mama is not wrong considering a free year of power from kls mind guilt free for a year yeah DX chor 82,000 44 KS 4 is nice chor chor chor yeah yeah most of my farm is on is on Cor okay so yeah yeah pretty pretty pretty insane pretty insane this coin has come out of the Woodworks and made GPU mining just utterly utterly profitable for how long who knows let me end this poll RPM is a boomer Boren I am not a boomer all right wait hold on what's a what's the definition of Boomer again Boomer definition uh what's the years of a boomer a boomer is someone who was born during the two decades after World War II I am definitely not a boomer I was definitely not born between 1946 and 1964 if I was a boomer I would sound way older and I would not definitely not be able to make a video every single day you're not a boomer Panda you're you're an era a millennial but you're a Gen X I bet by generate Honestly by as degenerate as I am I'm probably a gen a gen a gen Zer genz definition the word World gen Z has inherited is one of the most unprecedented chaos gen Z compromises people born between 1996 and [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] 2010 ah gen oh man that's so good all right okay what uh what time is it 9 all right so I'm I'm hitting my limit here Bros I'm feeling oh I oh update I think my hios is free according according to hion okay so here's my main hios you guys look at this I minus $3 $328 balance it says $1.26 a day 4 days to lock I I sent this to hion and they said that should go away so we'll see if that's the case if my high voice uh stops working in in in in in four [Laughter] days ah oh man just an update for those that for those that uh I told you guys the last stream like two two weeks ago okay um what else is new I honestly um it's it's it's been I'll just end off with uh free how how free how well be the you have to be the content creator and shown hios for the past four [Music] years that's how that's [Music] how all right okay all right so to end off holy crap what happened to satox coin whoa oh wait that doesn't look crazy wait [Music] what wait what what happened here dude market cap is 21 million what oh my God oh my eyes oh my God okay um what happened there okay all right so n past 90 days wow Sox 4,000 is this right I don't think this is [Music] right crypto KJ the CMC doesn't track satox coin gecko is better oh okay okay yeah you know what I really need to make a coin gecko one ah this coin market cap is so it's so terrible at adding new coins now just terrible but for anyone mining over the past 90 days look at this like narai CLA even beam a lithium doing well B blocks I never mind any of this I never mind Pac-Man I never mind iium Caspa 220% Varys every SE coin 165 I got to check my SE coin bag Al lithium is a creeping monster nice games yeah I mean alium is is doing good yeah I have a little little bag of it it's doing pretty good yeah 74 look at that 75 cent 74 cents very nice very nice very nice I can't go God cor Market C let me go back in come on all right um let's see over the past 30 days let's go the past 30 days here Hive mapper man anyone have Hive mapper dude people's Hive mappers have gone parabolic anyone that held on to it held onto their hive mapper has made Bank dang yes hi mappers has been doing really good really good um anyone M Game Pass Game Pass is up 400% I mind a little bit of it it's been doing pretty doing something a little something something um all right what else did you guys want to talk about uh let's see here Raven coin up 65% I'm waiting for I swear I swear right this is not Financial advice I just feel like Raven coin's a sleeping giant Maybe not maybe not I don't know uh ravencoin has not had its H has not had its up in the bare market yet or in this low time yet how about neoa nioa has been doing yeah Nea has been doing really good look at that big candle right there look at that jock M Miner check your h&t iot okay let me check my app hold on I have not touched my helium I have not looked at my helium app for a long time let's see what this is worth all right okay 600 I have $621 worth of helium I mean that's I have zero iot 621 helium should I sell my helium now no I'm not selling it at this point it's not high enough um Raven feels like Nostalgia even though I'm rooting for it yeah same same uh klar yeah the ogs of mining know what Raven coin is OG the people who've been mining the past four or five years know what Raven coin is oh wait no the past yeah five years Raven coin came out 2018 yeah 2018 jock Miner have you got the black wallet app Soul yes I do I have like 0.1 soul in there somebody I don't know how I got that um maybe put it into salana oh can can you can I swap the helium into salana that' be nice uh meow coin yeah what do meow coin de over let's see meow coin is up 90 days 141% so mecoin has not had a massive run up yet not wait the market cap of meow coin is only under a million is am I reading that right is this is this under a million doll market cap am I reading that right ah it is wow that is in my opinion that is that is low man wow has potential has potential uh D miners what's up you sound sick Bro yeah I've been sick for the past week bro I'm sorry I I have not been able to talk or anything I can talk now I feel a little better but um yeah sick over the past week um all right I don't think CMC is tracking me out coin cap correctly oh of course Smokey Dad I am not going to look up that coin okay I'm not even going to name that coin um man just I think everything I think the thing to uh thing to notice here is that pretty much everything has been been going up everything really um Iron fish has not though when the heck is iron fish going to change their to their new algorithm is that is that happening yet ah I don't iron fish they need to get they need to get on that um what else what else what else cortex varis coin yaka Nexa Nexa Nexa all right Nexa has been pretty good over the past couple of weeks yeah um Raven corn was awesome crypto hold and to mind really sad that the developers abandoned it ah ravencoin developers abandoned ravencoin ah terrible terrible all right okay Bros jock Miner you need to claim rewards orena you could have a lot uh jock Miner how do you claim rewards on the app are you talking the helium app how do you do that let me let me go to it I can CLA are you saying I can claim salana how do you claim all right I'm going to have to look at that later Chia is up seems like everything is doing good yeah yeah generally everything is doing good because I mean bitcoin's going up Bitcoin is almost 44 it was 40 over 44,000 yesterday now it's 439 [Music] um but yeah every generally a lot of GPU minable coins have been have been going up and so that's why that's why we're seeing profit being so good I mean with this Carlson coming out if you had 30 cents even 50 Cent per kilow hour um you are I think still profitable at 50 cents hold on no oh let me change that to 50 even at 50 cents your 3080 would still make 43 cents your 3070 TI would make 31 3080 28 cents I mean it's it's nothing crazy but majority of people who have 14 Cent per kilowatt hour right now I mean you're making a dollar or two depending What GPU um granted is this going to last a while who the who knows um at this point I've been extremely surprised I did not think Carlson would be would have this much uh I guess bu pressure I mean there hasn't I guess there hasn't been enough sell pressure for this coin to go down so I guess me selling my 26500 26,500 Carlson for 3,000 did nothing obviously uh but maybe I was this red Wick right here cuz I sold like right here right here I I think I was this red Wick um but now that bag is worth 26 hold on if I were to sell that bag I had now it would be worth almost 5800 now oh my God almost would have been worth double God damn it God damn it oh wow I I I can't be mad I can't be if this if this turns into like $10,000 or $100,000 like a year later okay then then I will say I I regret but I I I can't I can't be mad I I I just can't be mad at a $3,000 play i m for like two and a half days okay I can't be mad at that who knows too good to be true dump incoming to shake out weak hands chaos is hitting a run now yeah I see that bro I see that Carlson's going up 22 cents now freaking nuts man it's freaking nuts heisen coin dude you made money quit complaining I'm not complaining I'm complaining to all the other people who said red P you sold too early I I I I'm I'm I am how do you say it I am making myself feel better by saying that I'm making my myself feel better by saying that yeah but I I still get videos on I still get comments on that video I just did people saying red panda you sold too early you sold too early you sold too early I'm like I know that I know that I know that God damn it uh on the bright side you can still get more red P mining I am getting more I am mining I am still mining it right now yes when in doubt blame the chat yep I do I do blame the chat I I do blame everyone that I talk to I'm no longer going to listen to anybody but myself that would be like RPM CAD all over again yeah it would be like Caden it' be like Caspa and now it's Carlson all the freak okay I learned something I learned something now don't sell any coin that starts with a k any any coin that has a k that starts with a K don't sell it don't sell your kylo coin don't sell your Caspa don't sell your Caden don't sell your Carlson all the godamn ks I have lost I have the opportunity has wilted away from me God damn it ah too funny all right is uh ra who is anyone streaming after me who's rabbit is rabbit who's streaming after me rabid rabid mining uh is rabid streaming or no I don't see his stream oh he says no stream today picking up a 4090 that's awesome that's actually awesome oh I need to blow my nose all right I'm back red panda mining put ks in front of your Holdings now my dad says Carlson to $1 by the end of the month oh my God so true oh man putting ks in front of all your Holdings now God damn it tyen coin K Kanda kinding God damn it t God damn it even Max is on the 490 train RPM is next no no I am not getting into any 40 Ser I I'm I had a I have a video title coming up I I I I have a video coming like saying I have not bought any 4090 any 40 series GPU yet in my mining form till this very day I do not have a single 40 series card in my Arsenal I have have not reviewed touched or played with any 40 series card uh ever since it came out I am I am going to be waiting for the next gener the Next Generation the 5,000 series you always you have to skip you have to skip the 40 series okay it's like also skipping uh okay like 10 series was awesome 20 series not so much 30 series amazing and then 40 series not amazing and then 50 Series will be amazing so I'm saving my money for the 50 [Music] Series Ry my 4090 is doing 4.3 gash on kls that's that's pretty good but is that going to last probably not probably not I mean like is it going to stay good for what's the power consumption on a 4090 is it 275 Watts for 4.1 that's crazy the 590 watch the 5090 is going to have like double the bit the bit bus if if Nvidia does that oh man the 50 Series will be like will be a better buy 250 Watts on a 490 okay I mean that's that's not bad that's not bad what does my 309s get all where's my 309s I am doing 1.6 gigahash at 147 watch so pretty much what's the efficiency of a 30 of a of a of a 4090 you said 4 point you said 4.3 so Whopper hash uh 250 / 4,300 hash that is 0.05 that's for the 4090 okay let's do uh so let's do 140 Watts for 390 divided by uh one600 1640 1640 hash [Music] so um the 4090 is three points more efficient than the 3090 I mean that makes sense yes that that that does make sense not not by too not by too much but it's it's it's it's it's efficient um XNA will make you rich soon do not sell uh shx video I have a bag of XNA I don't know how much that's worth now but I'm planning on keeping it yes planning on keeping it okay you know what how many people do we have here 353 people all right oh chump Chang is here what a Chum change what can B this guy look there you like that you like oh crap I wait I actually I actually clicked it oh [ __ ] I actually hid chump change oh no how do I unhide Chum change now oh crap wait I have to go to my uh oh man I actually I actually hit him all right uh hold on let me go okay uh let's go settings I have to go Community approved users hidden [Music] users uh I don't see uh okay oh crap uh I don't H I can't see chump change on this list oh no you only timed him out for 30 seconds oh did I okay 300 seconds okay I didn't hide him okay okay I I just timed him out okay all right good good that that's good 300 seconds all right that's good that's not that's not a lot good good rip Chum yeah he deserves it all right uh crap what was I going to do what was I going to do ah all right is anyone here into the E the whole ET ECMC node thing I I'm debating whether or not to show this to people to show you guys I'm going to do video soon but I it's all going to be dependent on if I can actually claim or [Music] not he's going to report your channel H yep I got some running ETMC yes I have it okay is anyone here running ETMC MC on uh virtual machines all right well I I wonder if I can show mine hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on uh okay hold on hold on make sure I'm not showing anything incriminating if I show my esxi I don't think I am okay there no there's nothing incriminating here I don't think I I can I can show this okay um uh hold on okay so I for the past week for the past week I have been I have been doing the ETMC nodes and I okay disclaimer I bought six ETMC noes okay I have six running not nine okay these other ones are nothing okay um okay holy crap I have 10 oh I'm ready to claim oh can we do this live oh can I can I uh hold on can I can I claim this live here's my other one 109 okay okay okay there's my third one can I claim this live oh my God I'm so worried I I bought okay anyone that's from the ETMC Community can you guys please I bought six licenses our virtual machines supported like can I can I claim don't get flagged use the right username and wallet okay should should claim ASAP takes five business days to get to get it sent nodes should be with coins gr no VM oh really you know what if I dude 115 ETMC is now worth is like 250 bucks right this is worth this is worth like 250 bucks right you can claim they just don't give you support if you have a problem oh I see I see I see I see chump change I take it all back get wrecked chump change Get Wrecked you can use VM but they don't help you if you have an issue okay well I don't have an issue I what if I had a claiming issue okay I bought three others okay um but I don't have I don't have uh I don't have 100 I don't have 100 yet on these I was thinking of waiting to Clay until I hit 100 on this is is that okay can I wait till I hit 100 on all six uh on all on does that make sense there is a claiming fix in their disc if you have issues uh snoooo what do you mean what what is that what is that uh what is that issue uh BJ you would be running Enterprise grade hypervisor uh yes I am you can claim at 100 um is it a good idea to claim at like in intervals or claim all the same time or it doesn't matter you can claim any time over 100 is there a person though manually claiming all this though registration also didn't work without the fix now oh snoooo are you talking about that file um are you talking about that I know exactly what you're talking about are you talking about this file uh this EnV NC this one I updated that yes are you talking about this file yes yes the EnV yeah the envc yes yes I did that I did that update fix yes I did already where do you host your ETMC notes on my own server this is my own this is my own Dell server Dell r620 uh dell r620 I have from home thanks to the mining King I didn't turn on for two years uh now I'm using it as a as uh esxi hypervisor um uh so I have $1,500 here of etm I'm going to have almost $1,500 worth of ETMC um I'm probably going to buy six more and then just make another six no um but after like a week or two a week and a half of doing this this is utterly insane for how much uh money it's making um how long is it going to last I don't know but it's so far I I'm only going to make the video until I actually get an actual payment if I don't get a payment and it fails I'll be pissed but I I'm going to I'm going to wait I'm going to wait until I get 100 on each of them I'm going to claim at the same time and uh see what happens uh random minor they are manually approved okay okay all right so that would be better then cuz if I B I already I bought six of the ETMC licenses digital licenses so that means if I claim them all at the same time that should be fine right and they should see my email like red panda mining is a Gmail R pend of mining Gmail if they ban me or don't let me claim I'll be pissed I'll make a video about it I'll be like ETMC screwed me over all right yeah that'll be the video if I don't get my claim I'm going to be like ETMC MC is a scam is a scam they never they never paid me out there that's my that's my that's my uh that's my weapon if I never if I if I if I never get a [Music] payout [Music] uh I claim as soon as I can so I can get more nodes set up uh Tim I am crypto that's true I could claim three right now and buy three more and set up my other three I could I could the these these are all these are all ready and these are all ready to go I got them in Windows I just need to download the thing and license uh do the thing uh virtual machine uh um snoo as long as the name email and wallet in the claim is the same as registration you shouldn't get flagged okay all right I recommend you do that it will take days to to go from 75 to 100 uh what do you mean you mean waiting yeah I'm waiting to claim until all of them are over a 100 that's a better idea right um driving the Micro Center GPU or CPU mobile spending $560 really what are you buying uh Stephen we are saying not to wait do them now oh really if it's over 100 do it now okay all right fine all right I'll do it now can can I show this on stream or is it anything doxing or what do I have to stop the node do I stop the node or keep it going your email address I don't I don't care about I don't care about my email address no do not stop the node no don't stop I haven't done it endless mining you haven't done it yet best to stop it f electric what the hell everyone says not to stop it then FY electric comes here and says best to stop it what the I wouldn't show on stream R pay I may show your info uh my email that I'm using is a is a is a all right okay I'm going to do it off stream here I'm going to do it off window here hold on screw you guys fully electric some nodes will crash if you don't what do you mean how how how would they crash Why act well actually you know what I'm actually uh I did a custom port on each one as well I did I did custom ports on each and then I Port forwarded it to the firewall and I'm also connecting to uh I'm not connecting to my own nodes if that makes sense I'm actually connecting outside of my network so each of these ETMC nodes are not connecting within my network they're connecting outside uh there there was a there was a file to do that so uh they all have different ports um so I really I should stop it f i don't think pen has the node set up for fast pure finding I never had one crash I have it set I I did the manual F I did this I did this I I did it I I did this file I I'm I'm I learned a lot from uh retro mic and bunch of other people I did this I am doing the fast no uh fast node uh thing yes I edited this I changed the port and also I changed the IP addresses I I'm outside I am not inside my network I I changed this I did the EnV ENC fix uh yeah those are the two things I did I I edited this batch file and uh are did you use static Pier too yes yes I did the static Piers yes yes I I did the static Pier yes it's a retro mic actually uh so so funny so in [Music] theory I'm using different ports I'm not doing internal uh lookup for the for the ETMC noes So in theory should be fine a boot node statement yes yes fly electric yes yes I did I did I did I would show I would show the file but it's a little bit doxing because it has some IP addresses in there I did I did do the boot node statement yes yes can't you just run them on the same machine with just different usernames to create new instances on each uh no you need totally separate machine virt uh Hardware or okay granted some people said virtual machines work some say some don't I've I have done everything from the port forwarding changing the ports um all the files all the static IP each node I have a static IP on each one on each of these I I've done everything I could think of to to make it to make it think like it's a totally separate machine it's these all my nodes are separated even though they're all on VMS they're all virtualized uh I have done it in a way where they're all they're all you know in theory separated they all have different Mac addresses they all have different IP addresses static IPS I've I've I've made sure every single thing here is is I like completely separate you know uh they work fine on VMS they just don't support them okay um all right I'm doing one hold on ah fine I'm doing a freaking claim hold on hold on hold on I'm doing a claim claim PTC pal enter your ethereum classic wallet address enter your username enter your email address all right um uh okay hold on I'm getting my I'm getting my address okay hold on copy paste RPM this is number one right yeah okay wait did I call RPM okay all right so there's three things you need to put in the ethereum classic address username of the of the node and then of that node I know username is different for every node and then red p and then my email okay incoming Bann you should be fine maybe incoming B what if they ban okay if the atmc people ban me I will make a video and called ETMC a scam you heard it someone clip it and send someone clip this right now and send it to ETMC it you know what I don't even care I I don't think this matters can I show this can I show this username and email the email is like a is a is a burner email so can I can I show can I show this I don't think it I I can't I can't lose this stuff right I don't care about my wallet address but I've already banned you bro no God damn it all right I'm going just going to press okay [ __ ] it I'm pressing okay all right ETMC payments will be processed within five working days processing now okay it's processing uh claim successful look at that all right I can't show you guys that okay all right can I close it now yeah okay look it said it was successful I I can't show but Etc balance is zero now zero zero all right I'm going to do the second one claim ATC pal all right let me do it off screen here let do a second one this is fun this is great number two claim here we go here we go process in all right second one is claiming and second one says successful all right success balance is now zero on that one let's do the third one let's do the third one real quick third one RPM zero all right all right all right claiming processing claim successful all right I got three nodes that are claimed now there you go and they're already earning more ETMC already look at that 0.011 0.08 that's great all right won't know results until 72 hours oh my God Ah that's going to be great that's that's going to be great this is going to be awesome all right I can't wait I can't wait um all right um all right Bros uh okay I I think that's it that's all I wanted to do today um thank you guys for your help thank you guys for the TMC help uh let's hope that the payments go through and if they don't well I'm going to be going gun blazing and uh making a video and uh calling out ETMC that actually might be good publicity actually ETMC MC is a scam that's the video title they not talking about I didn't get paid out uh all right fully electric remember claiming on weekends does not count are you kidding me claiming on weekends don't count that is [ __ ] that is ter that okay all right that that is terrible that they have a manual system why is it manual why is their claiming system manual Etc pal uh okay we need to go to coin gecko don't we coin gecko Etc pal how much is this worth $223 damn I see I see this has has been going up like non-stop um snoooo a lot of scammers trying to game the system with multiple nodes uses etc etc oh yeah yeah I can see I could see a lot of people making a crap ton of VMS and trying to claim yeah I could see that but I bought six licenses so I should be I should be okay right I I I should be okay cuz I have six licenses right will they be able to see that I bought six like does that make sense or no too many support tickets open on ETMC yeah probably all the scammers I don't I don't have any uh I don't have any uh support tickets um all right guys I think that's it for the live stream um is there anything else you guys would like to talk about rabid mine is not streaming so uh we're we're not he's buying a 4090 that's awesome I oh that's great okay um who you're all mining Carlson is is everyone mining Carlson right now probably is anyone mining that new pan coin I I'm not getting into puran I I I don't think it's I don't I don't know I'm not doing it I'm not doing it uh yes you're good your order number is your license number okay electric I okay I hope so all right peace out Bros I'm gonna I need to eat and I need to get healthier thank you guys so much for watching thank you for being here I can't get the P Damon to launch I got it to launch you need to run the node First overbo Tech you need to do uh you need to do peer ipad.

Exe utxo Uh crap utxo what it's something else you D- utxo and something else you need need to run that first over board Tech utxo Uh crap what's the command I missing something something else utxo something else uh for P for the puran wallet uh Regal Miner Regal Miner works for puran um re Regal Miner here Regal puran uh pin I I have all my pin here uh here 9 one 1.9.2 he can't use 1.10 you have to use 1.9.2 cuz there's no K heavy hash Savage white zero Panda says he's not getting into it but already knows how cuz his whole Farm's on hey I I'm I'm hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey where where where's pin am I mining pin right now I don't I don't see any ping on this list here I don't see any ping on this list all right listen I may have mined it for a couple hours I mined like 300 of it get off my get off my back get off my d right now look I'm all I'm all kls all right I am all kls God damn it I'm not mining fear i h i I did mine a little bit of it but I'm not going full force on it I'm going for the dollar value now I'm going for the dollar value all right goodbye everybody smash the like on the way out thank you for being here I'll see you all in another stream tomorrow we are going to unbox a bunch of stuff tomorrow peace out Bros if I'm if I'm better tomorrow or I don't know if I'm going to be better tomorrow goodbye Bros peace out peace out peace out have a great day have a great day take care take care take care I appreciate you all [Music]

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