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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel and we're back in the shop today we have some orders going out um sold some CPUs sold some T-shirts what was our big seller on Black Friday um oh sold every single nvme drive that I threw up there they all like vanished instantly um and then also sold a b a bunch of the uh the ram holders and a couple of the uh nvme holders so that's pretty cool um had one or two people ask me what the nvme holders look like with nvmes in it and that's what they look like nothing special nothing fancy there uh I tried to price and uh weightwise since the the stuff is so light um it's perfect for like add-ons you know what I mean oh like the nvme holders are three bucks it doesn't add like but an ounce of weight so if you're already buying something you can add that on it doesn't add any extra shipping cost same with the uh the ram holders and um I think i' showed you guys what those look like boom you can I think it fits like 32 sticks of RAM and it fits ddr1 through ddr5 um so that that's awesome sold a bunch of those Black Friday was awesome so it's time to get that stuff packaged up and getting ready to ship on out so let's go ahead and time lapse that and then we'll jump into um we sold a system we sold a system so I was I was pumped about that um it's a local pickup they bought it through the web store on Black Friday so they ended up getting 20% off of it it's one of the uh the OEM systems with a upgraded RAM and upgraded uh GPU so we'll go over that and yeah I got a nasty little cough oh my goodness all right let's do it all right so before that time lapse get started I figured we could go over and actually show you guys some of the stuff that sold so um on eBay we sold an i78700 and boom there's the i78700 I don't know if the camera going to pick that up or not um but that sold for 75 bones so somebody got themselves I believe these are a little six core so somebody got themselves a nice little six core um all right let's package that one up all right a big thing that I wasn't doing before is I wasn't weighing everything before I was buying shipping labels that's a CPU wrapped up and I got bubble tape around it and or bubble paper whatever that stuff is one .7 o so um I was always told you need to give about an extra ounce of leeway just to make sure you're good um so I just did it at 3 oz and my shipping costs ended up being less and I was typically doing CPUs at 6 oz for a single CPU so that saved me like $150 already right there uh just by knowing what the correct weight is so yeah this scale is definitely going to make up for itself but um I forgot my scissors outside so I'm going to go grab my scissors so I can actually cut some stuff and get to the rest of the orders all right ladies and gentlemen I'm not going to bore you with all the packing and shipping I like some time lapse every now and then but um I'll just roll through some of the stuff that did sell on Black Friday we did end up selling the I5 8500 that bad boy ended up going for it was like $3 $32 so that's pretty good cuz that's a six core chip it is not hyper threaded but six core six threads for under 40 bucks not bad um we also sold and this was a call in cuz it wasn't on the website but I ended up sending them a custom invoice cuz they wanted to get a set of RAM and I told him I had a nice set of Corsair Dominator platinums so this is ddr4 It's 2 16 gig sticks and it is 3600 MHz so we end ended up selling that and I think I did it for 55 bucks I got to go back and look so 55 bucks on those we'll leave these out those need to get Shi packed up um and then a bunch of those little Ram holders with miscellaneous stuff most people like bought a T-shirt and got a ram holder because they could just add it on for a few bucks and not have to pay any more shipping buying the ram holders by themselves get expensive because then you have to pay you know that base shipping for the the first unit but um actually one order was 1 2 3 four five one two three yeah he got five of these bad boys so I don't think I'm going to be able to get away with putting these in a bubble mailer just because there's a few more that i' probably like to put in a bubble mailer yeah yeah five of these not a good look um so I think I have a little box around here let me grab a little box little box oh yeah so and on with rattling it off um somebody else called in they needed a cheap graphics card with no uh uh external power and they just needed something with um some displays out so this one has a DVI and a mini HDMI this is a GTX 7 50 2 gig I believe um but anyway made somebody a deal on that 15 bones after shipping it was like right at 20 bucks they just needed something quick so going to get that bad boy shipped out and um and then of course we sold nvme drives so let's go get the nvme drives out and those will need to be packaged and shipped out as well um I think that's it so all right I'm going to get this done and then we'll be back to regularly scheduled programming which who knows what that is just random stuff all right so I got all that packed up and those shipments are getting ready to go out and then I'm going over the customers build that selected local pickup only so this will be my first official sale on the web store that somebody selected local pickup and they're actually coming to pick up in store I've done some like local stuff like on Marketplace and and things like that but yeah this is the the first one that's online sale local pickup only so you know just feel like there's an achievement there anyway this system is super basic we have a bunch of these um we have like another five of them here and then more coming in uh if these end up selling good then we'll just keep bringing them in but they're a really good cheap way to get into you know basic Computing so they are uh HP OEM Elite desks this is a I5 6600 quad core 16 gigs of ddr4 RX 554 gig this one's got a 256 gig s SSD a lot of that is configurable on the web store if you want one uh and they start at around the low $100 range depending um now I went ahead and this is the one that I was I had installed fortnite on because I was going to do some testing and some playing um but I actually found a website that gave results for this exact CPU and GPU setup uh so I don't really need to to do fortnite anymore I can actually uninstall this now uh but I believe on this setup you can go to the web store I have the actual readout of the estimated FPS or the what you can estimate on these systems and on 1080p low settings this system was I think it was average like 72 FPS on fortnite and a lot of other more modern games it would dip down into the 40s and the 50s depending on what you wanted to play so good Esports starter PC really hard to beat for the money you know low $100 range I think this configuration with the extra Ram but not extra storage I think he was at like 160 on this one I'm not exactly sure um but yeah so I'm going to go ahead and get the side panel get this one all plopped together and uninstall that um that fortnite cuz he does not he just he does not need that add or remove a program and this one will be good to go and then I have some exciting news I want to share with you guys after this I've never done it before and uh we give it a go so bear with me all right guys so I'm excited to announce that we are going to be doing a giveaway SLC contest and if you don't want to participate that's 100% okay but if you do uh you will be able to do it for free you will be able to participate for free I wanted to make sure that every is known and and it's not one of these pay wall uh giveaway SLC contests but um this month for the month of December uh we are going to start off with a a pretty mild build but um just kind of Dipping my toes into it see how it goes see if this is sustainable and then go from there maybe just step it up and get it crazier and crazier uh so this case is a DIY PC pretty basic it's got um a clear panel in the front it's got vents on the side so it actually breathes unlike a lot of the uh box cases that are just sheets of glass it is a tempered glass side panel three argb fans in the front one in the back pretty cool um as for the CPU in this one it is an I5 I believe it's a 9400 or a 9500 I'll double check but I know it is a six core 9th gen I5 going in there we got 16 gigs of ddr4 going in there and um it's going to be run with this Asus 2060 so RTX 2060 a great little starter build for somebody to get up and going and they could have an upgrade path to a 9900k and stick a bigger batter GPU in there um as for storage we're going to go with a 1 tbte in vme um and for everybody that keeps asking we just restocked today what was that one two three four one two 3 four 5 2 terabytes and two 1 TB nvmes and we're getting a large shipment at the end of the month so look out for that because I know everybody wants to scoop up nvmes for a good deal um and we will do some bulk order pricing to because uh people are like hey man I want to buy more can I save more and absolutely absolutely um so we got to work on that but anyway yeah so for the giveaway um look out for the link down below we'll put that it'll be on the web store and the website all that kind of stuff once it goes live but for right now I'm going to work on getting this bad boy together and um yeah let's do it start let's start the time lapse all right so still got the plastic on it um I like to leave that on the uh the tempered glass let me turn the light back on there we go all right so here is the build in all its Glory just an Intel stock cooler um it is the i59400 16 gigs of ddr4 uh 2400 nothing crazy there and then the RTX 2060 inside of this pretty basic case I thought these were AR argb they are not that's the color that they are um they don't have any way to to change the color so uh this is the December giveaway PC um and hopefully we'll have an even bigger and better one for January so let me uh show you guys how to get entered and um by the way if you are following along on the crypto mining series that video will be coming out tonight as well so um or sorry tomorrow morning I think I'm going to start staggering my uploads one at night and one in the morning depending on when I do computer shop content versus mining content so yeah all right so I'm doing a integration on my Shopify store and to get entered you just go to bc- or the Shopify link or that link Down Below in the description that'll bring you to the Shopify store Brandon coin computers the giveaway is in the bottom left corner you get one entry just for entering your email and entering then there's no entries yet we have 33 days it's going to end on the 31st of December and we'll draw it you know right after New Year's um you can like us on Facebook and you get another entry and then if you purchase anything on the website you get entries uh for any money you spend then if you're not subscribed on YouTube you can also get an entry for there and um I did set up that you can get multiple entries per IP so if you have multiple YouTube YouTube accounts feel free to Subs subscribe on multiple of your accounts and it's all fair game I get it I understand uh also I just did a restock I think I told you guys those so they are live two terabytes you can add them to cart one terabyt you can add those to cart um restocked on the ram holders m.2 racks are back in stock uh I'm going to take these CPUs down cuz those sold out and I don't have CPUs coming in until tomorrow but I was told there's no more eth gen uh on the list it's all nin to gen and above coming in also have a couple phones up there and going to be adding some more stuff also there's I I believe there's only three three more of the launch shirts available um for pre-order those are coming in next week and then they will ship out so just know if you if you did buy one of those your orders are shipping out next week I apologize that that that took a little bit longer I was using a different company and I don't know if I'm going to use them again uh but yeah so once those are done we will have new shirt and they are not going to be $50 because they're not going to have the little special perks and all that kind of stuff that came with the the launch shirts but anyway I'm going to end this video I hope you all have a good one I'll see you on the next one [ __ ]

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