FOMO CPU Mining EP1 The Start

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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the brandoncoin YouTube channel and welcome to the beginning uh or episode one for this new series um I believe it's going to be called CPU mining fomo or fomo CPU mining something along those lines you'll see in the title above regardless we are going to simulate foming into CPU mining right now um I already have some Hardware so I don't have to to buy it but this will give you guys an example of if you ran out today bought the hardware got it up and running what you're going to do or if you're going to make your money back so for example today is November 26th 20123 and we have two ryzen 95900 x's and going off of eBay values we'll go ahead and bring up the calculator here um I'll just spit it all rattle it off for you guys it looks like they're going for 280 285 it looks like right here you can get multiple at 285 yeah there's 60 available at 285 there's a couple available cheaper than that but it's only like singles onesies like at the 270 so we'll say 285 * 2 got 570 bucks there the um my 3D printer is wigging out over there um the motherboard I'm using are nothing special little B 550s we'll say those are 50 bucks a piece so we have another 100 bucks right there uh the power supplies I'm using like 500 WT bronzes so we'll say we have I don't know $40 worth of power supplies it's another 40 bucks there um the storage drives we're using are little USB drives so I'm going to add in a couple bucks for those we'll say five what six bucks for two of those I don't even know if that that should be fine it might be too much uh we are going to run these on hive OS that way it just keeps it super simple um I'm going to assume for this challenge or for this this series I already have ethernet cables I already have a switch I already have internet like some basic things at the house um as for what else I need to buy I think that's about it um please correct me down below uh if there's anything else oh you know what we have we've messed up already ryzen 95900 X's don't come with coolers so the cooler I'm using is the let me see here I think I bought them on Amazon they're just a nothing special tower uh Tower cooler goodness let's see here boom it is a double fan let's go it's just something something similar if I can't find the exact one those might have been discontinued so here's an ID cooling um it's got five heat pipes yeah it's pretty similar it's got a fan on both sides they're $29 a piece so we'll add in another 60 bucks so plus 60 for two Tower coolers so we're at $776 um times 1.07 is my tax rate here in North Carolina so after tax $831 that's what we just spent hypothetically to uh to start this situation so we're going to go ahead and open up our our Google Sheets here and we'll put our total cost in at the um the 800 and Blobby blobes $831 so new sheet here initial cost 800 831 all right so we got that here in our sheet and we're going to go ahead and go on over and set these bad boys up all right well um I lied we're adding we're going to do three systems so two 5900 x's and 15800 X because I found it might as well use it so let's add that in as well you know if we're foming we're foming might as well just break a grand right so 5800 X on eBay looks like they're going for Wow new they're still like $279 good thing we ain't buying them new Buy It Now lowest price comes out to 170 175 179 we'll round that off at 175 so plus 175 plus 50 for a motherboard plus what I say 20 for a power supply they're Cheapo power supplies um plus three for another USB stick cuz I did three three6 for those last two um the 5800 X's did come with a cooler and I am using the stock cooler for those so we don't have to incur a cooler cost so that brings our total cost to $1,078 so let me update the Google sheet 1,000 and it would have been significantly more if we bought these parts new for example um a 5900 X new or $2.99 oh that's actually not a bad price so we only saved a little bit buying used um the 5900 X's used to be crazy expensive but um let's jump on over here and show you the setup and get these bad boys up and running all right so I went super basic nothing fancy nothing special um there's the 500 WT another 500 watt this is a 5900 x with that dual fan Tower cooler uh just running off of this one's actually running off of a m.2 drive but I mean this one's running off of a a USB we're going to just there's no advantage on running Hive off of a uh m.2 Drive other than it it updates a little bit faster but it still mines at the same efficiency um so there's our 5900 X 5900 X and then I I found the 5800 X so um I need to clear that shelf off down there but for right now we'll just leave it right here cuz I don't I don't have a long enough extension cord for the power cord um and yeah so I need to this one started up and booted up and started mining on the m.2 no problem this one booted up on that USB stick no problem um this one booted up but it's not mining to the m.2 drive see we have no no no blinking on there and I don't have any video display out due to the 5900 X doesn't have native video that's that's unfortunate so I'm going have to stick a graphics card in this and plug it into our screen over here and see what we're actually doing so that is a little unfortunate all right so I found a 1060 that has no fans on it it'll be fine just for getting some display oh I forgot to plug in the the power cord up top do I have one yeah there we go GPU power it's only a six pin all right so we just need some display I believe this graphics card does still work let's go ahead and fire this bad boy up see if we get any display see if something something might not be happy on this computer might be the ram I am using some cheap RAM on it oh no there we go H system has posted in safe mode this may be due to a previous post attempt failing because of the system instability or a power button was held in to force the system off if the system failed to post after you made changes you may wish to revert to stable settings press F1 key to run setup okay well looks like I need to grab this keyboard right here plug it in right here and F1 to run set up oh yeah we got a nice bios on this one so let me get this mouse plug this mouse into oh my goodness it's always hard to do stuff one-handed I need to get like a a headphone or like a a head Mount or something Windows boot manager this got Windows on it huh let's go into Advance mode AI tweaker oh yeah we have the ram cranked up on this cuz I had a really good set of ram in here um we need to just go back to defaults load optimize defaults okay I will need to go in here and fine-tune some stuff but for right now yeah see that that Ram is 2666 and we were trying to to push her and I doubt this x power RGB Chapo Ram is happy with that so we're going to F10 okay get a reboot and see what happens this thing is so slow I know it's not slow but just feels slow Asus in search of incredible they haven't found it yet just kidding I like Asus stuff it's pretty good wow this thing's got Windows on it what the heck um okay that's not what I want so we're going to power this bad boy down shut down I'm going to pull that m.2 drive out and then I'm going to uh run it off of a uh Hive USB drive cuz just more efficient that way all right let's start it up again [Music] Tada got the USB drive in got the m.2 drive out I don't know if I need to I don't know if I I think it's on default so it should just boot right to it yeah detected sand dis no keyboard detected that's no problem there we go we're booting into Hive now so if this is all good and she's happy and she connects up and starts mining I'm going to take that graphics card out of there because if you mine with just a CPU to Hive it is uh a lot cheaper to run your rig on hive than it is as a GPU mining setup I don't know exactly what the rate is but I think it's like a fifth if not cheaper per day so check into that here in the future but yeah I'm going to give this a second to boot up cuz it is loading off of a USB drive I guess that is one disadvantage that a USB drive is significantly slower but once it's up and running it's fine all right so there's the three rigs this one's actually listed as a 3800x I need to change that that's a 5800 X but um yeah two of the 5900 XS are online I noticed this this one was doing something it was mining for 10 minutes and all of a sudden it went down and then I totally forgot I did not take the fanless GPU out of here and this GPU oh yeah oh yeah she's hot um that poor 1060 so uh yeah 1060 had a stroke and it looks like it you know took the system offline with it but I'm going to give that a second to cool down then I'm going to unplug oh my I didn't think it was going to get that hot just from like running display but it has been running for a little bit um but yeah I'm going to give that a minute and then unplug it all and then power it back up and see if we can't get everything running smoothly all by itself all right guys so I have them up and running and I'm such a dummy I forgot to include RAM on all the systems in our budget so we'll go back and add that onto our spreadsheet and I'll show you our spreadsheet here in a second so interestingly enough same motherboard same processor same cooler same motherboard same processor same cooler but I have dual Channel 16 gigs single Channel 8 gigs so two 8 gig sticks 1 18 gig stick um not intentionally I need to grab some more RAM for the system because everybody said running it in single channel is going to hurt the performance but now I can actually see side by side what the performance difference is going to be and they're both running off of a USB drive so it's literally identical setups the only thing that's different 500 W and this one is a 550 watt but that shouldn't make any difference so yeah and that one's a single Channel 8 gig so I guess I need to get another stick for that one as well all right so going on to eBay just type it in 16 gig 2 * 8 Buy It Now lowest price comes out to a bunch of stuff in China I try to I always weed out North America or at us only some hyperx Fury let's see how much this is so oh that's a single 16 gig stick we want there you go two 8 gig sticks $34 it's not bad feel like that's about what like Amazon price is apparently these are all open box no big deal so we'll round up to 35 bucks times 3 so plus 35 + 35 Plus 35 for our three systems cuz we're going to run each of those with 28 gig stick so they're all running in dual Channel and happy um that brings our our total budget up to 1183 so our initial cost 1183 and let me flip this camera around and show you what we're working with so far all right so our initial cost is 1183 today 11:26 2023 we started mining but then tomorrow I'll have our mining revenues for each of these systems and then I'll have our electric burn and then this is going to be our profit our rolling you know multi-day profit so since we just started mining copy paste paste we haven't made or burned anything yet technically but then we will tomorrow and then so on on down the line and um we'll get to see when we're actually making money off of from our initial cost now um I have thought about including a budget system AKA my big boy right here it's super cheap for x99 systems and this one's not doing too too shabby so this is a uh Zeon E5 2670 V3 it is a 12 core yeah 12 core 24 thread it's doing about 75 to 80 cents a day on nice hash um it's doing how many hashes is that getting let's see here uh it's getting about 5,000 5500 5300 hashes so it's it's laying down a little bit of power I was just going on you know what we might as well include that in our list and I was looking online and I can get a CPU RAM and motherboard combo and funny enough it comes with an E5 2670 V3 100 bucks so for 100 bucks and then we just add on a power supply yeah I mean we have another system up and running so let's add plus 100 and then plus we'll say we didn't get as good a deal on this power supply 30 bucks so we're up to 13313 32 so we're up to uh 13 13 we'll Round Up to 13 14 and then we have our Zeon E5 2670 V3 move that move that over a little bit there we go and just for the sake of trying to keep everything un uniform we'll list it as started mining today um and then we'll we'll have our uh sew on and so forth uh electric burn I'm just going to do the total electric burn from all the CPUs combined just off their total wattage usage so that way we can see what we're end up end up profiting at the end of the day um yeah yeah I didn't know x99 stuff was was getting that cheap that is absolutely dirty cheap now do I know if this motherboard would be any good I have no idea but I mean just doing some rough math here a $100 system say we have 130 bucks into a motherboard CPU Ram uh everything and that's 16 gig or that's one 16 gig stick but um we divide that by our 75 173 day Roi if you have free power so if we're paying for power it probably doubles that but still not not horrible now let me flip it around all right guys so um hopefully you're going to enjoy this and I'm going to show you the stuff that's going on as as it progresses um being that most like those three systems are running on hive they're pretty much just going to chug away Hive doesn't have very many issues when it comes to CPU mining um the Zeon mining on Windows it's been steady for the last couple days now so I don't think it's got any issue um oh here we go here's a good comparison uh the the ryzen 9 that has dual Channel versus the ryzen 9 that is running on single Channel that's interesting it's actually uh it's running at 68° C it's running and then the one on single channel is running at 67 68° C but look at this look at this 12.2 Kash and that's what no clocks no undervolting anything I know I need to get into the BIOS and we'll do that on a future video uh but then versus 9.7 so we're losing what three Kash right there so definitely need to get another stick of ram there and then that that 5800 XT is doing 5.9 so that should be able to do a good bit more if we put it on Dual Channel as well um all the ram is at my shop but I have to go into the shop tomorrow so I'll grab a couple sticks of ram um always got plenty of DDR for kicking around and um yeah that's just pretty much how the cookie crumbles now as for the daily cost it hasn't updated cuz I haven't been mining for a full 24 hours yet but uh like I was saying before if you don't include a GPU onto your systems it'll make your daily cost really really cheap uh to run these CPU only mining rigs if you have a GPU in there and you're and you're mining on a GPU it makes your daily cost go up significantly so just take that into account like I have a dollar on here that dollar is going to last a hot minute with three CPU rigs but anyway this video is now over I really appreciate you guys coming out hopefully you enjoy this kind of content um I am going to be going out of town for a little bit so I'm going to set up my Chrome remote desktop that way I can remote in check on things check on profitability and um hopefully keep the content rolling for you guys so I know a lot of people are like oh man you don't do no more mining stuff well here's your mining stuff okay we're mining now we we are fom moded in four CPU mining rigs up and running we're fom moded we're here live action kind of like it's bringing back memories I used to have like a ton of them behind me but um yeah I'm pumped up about this and don't worry the computer shop one guy I had I read one comment and he's like oh my God all the computer stuff at the Shop's going to be shut down and turned into a mining room and um no I'm not going to do any mining inside of the computer shop because my power is included in my rent and I'm I know if I start mining in there you know that's not that's not fair to the landlord and also that's not what they had intended on um the power would go up and then very fast my power would no longer be included uh because that space is not very big and she'd be like why are you burning hundreds of dollars of electricity what's going on you're going to have to pay your electric bill so I'm just going to keep that back over here at the house and a subsequent really really nice side effect of mining here at the house especially in my office which I do need to better insulate this thing um is that I get heat I I get heat so when I'm in here in the evenings and it's really cold outside I have a little space heater this guy right here and I'm paying electricity to run that space heater instead we can just mine with some more stuff and create some more uh heat so all right guys later peace out bye

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