Building my first POUW COMPUTE VAST.AI 3x 3090 Mining Rig? live… PART 2

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[Music] [Music] thank you foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] thank you foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you good morning everybody welcome to another Gong Show of trying to build this this is the second part live stream we've already done a live stream before this which we run out of time didn't finish the build all right this 3 by 30 90 potentially using or Flex proof of use will work some some sort of you know something like that um so yeah we're just gonna finish this rig today and uh so just a few things uh in the first stream that we did okay we are utilizing a typical 12 GPU mining frame and we have manipulated it in a few different ways we flip this bar around thank you to the live chat in order to have the back of the GPU sit on this um what do you call this this bar here you can see here so now the issue though the issue is the first x16 slot pcie Riser ribbon cable is not long enough so you can see the GPU is sitting right in the right in the middle if I would have put the other two 30 90s it would be more onto the right side so what I'm gonna try is what you guys mentioned in the live chat last stream is I'm going to flip this bar around I think put it here there's two more slots here two more bolts here and then um be able to move this 30 90 down to here somewhere here and then I'll have the other two 30 90s uh in the in the middle hopefully somehow I don't know just get get a set 50 centimeter cable Black Sails I I looked for it on Amazon Canada and I did not see I I did not see um I did not see any so that's uh that's not gonna work I'm doing this now before I go actually I have like two more days before I go so but let's do a roll call who's who's all here uh Smokey Dan what's up man mind Capital Panama City muffin first no just coffee today just just a w coffee all right A W confidence is the good stuff John English Tech Happy Morning trash day to you all good morning good sir um John English what's up all set Miner what's up good luck all set thank you my name Meister what's up nugget coffee it's not what is this rig used to mine uh it did not used to mine anything it actually after the ethereum merge my three my 3090s went offline I have not turned these 30 90s on since so I actually have six more 30 90s that I may want to do another you know another AI rake since I'm not using them anyway um disclaimer anyone coming into this stream later on or now I'm using Parts basically that I have had for a long time um I've had these frames already I've already had my threadripper motherboard already I mean for anyone at home or for any of you guys may be wanting wanting to attempt this just use stuff that you guys already have a lot of you already have ATX motherboards in most case though some of you may have i7s maybe i5s you know that's going to be good some of you may have Celeron processors that's probably not going to work uh you may need to upgrade the CPU you need to have a good amount of ram um and uh you know the thing the only thing I bought actually for this whole thing was the ribbon cables okay and theoretically the uh veteran Miner uh pcie 16 gauge thick six pin to eight pin cables all right so HP server PSU I've already had on hand I'm basically converting a typical mining rig into a uh the ability to uh have this rig rented out on GPU rental services whatever um and to have full x16 slot uh bandwidth that's why we're using ribbon cables and so actually a good thing to show um let's go on the computer so you guys want to see the motherboard see the motherboard I'm using it's this x399 Phantom gaming 6.

this one has three pcie x16 slots and if we go specification this one is able to do now I haven't confirmed it yet I haven't confirmed it yet but uh let's see you can do x16 pcie three time three-way so triple at x16 pcie1 x16 piece 82 and x16 PCI 3. I know some ATX motherboards out there depending what chips that you have processor some of them do x16 on the first slot and then the other two slots are X8 all right that's very common with the Intel like i7 i5s you know those processors but when it comes to like threadripper or AMD epic processors or Xeon Intel xeons you're gonna get the full Lane capacity a lot more than you know ryzen maybe ryzen nines ryzen 7s can do it too I think I haven't confirmed Intel I know Intel consumer Intel you can't utilize x16 on three slots I know that um all right by Adele 7910 4X x16 black sales hell yeah I got a 6900xc yesterday getting 7.4 five six kilohash 130 on Dynex nice man travels travels nice what's the shortest Roi and longest Roi in terms of the rigs Marco fabris I okay here's another here's another disclaimer if you're watching this after the fact if you're doing something like vast if you're doing something like there's a bunch of GPU mining uh GPU hosting Services out there tons of them it's not just it's going to be very dependent it's going to vary because you don't know who is going to rent your rigs or not and it's going to depend on uh what price you set it at and it it's it's gonna vary a lot and the demand it's gonna really depend on the band as well um I I I have absolutely no idea I'm just testing this out it's extremely hard to test you know it's hard it's hard it's hard to know and uh talking with mining King the mining King has already done the vast AI rig on his 3060.

he has noticed that the power consumption is not always a hundred percent it's not always being utilized at its Max um depending who's renting it some people may not utilize the full extent of the GPU some people may not use the full extent of the CPU you know memory whatever all that stuff so it's not gonna it may it depends on the workload that these people are renting the rigs for okay because they you know they rent them and then uh there's like a Docker and they can essentially whatever the person who rents it can do whatever they want uh with the rig not whatever they want but um machine learning render compute whatever um whatever whatever job they want to do it's it's really it's really it really depends it really really depends okay Marco fabris yeah really defensive on like again just another disclaimer I think I said already I said even before multiple times everything I have and I I really recommend everyone else here um that is maybe wanting to get into this is just utilize what you have and don't spend tons of money getting into this because we have no idea if it's going to be good or not and uh with the amount of Enterprise and Commercial players in the space when it comes to you know AI data centers um GPU hosting there are a crap ton of them all right so we are competing against uh we're competing against that market which is way bigger way bigger than uh just us home residential uh people so you know we're competing with people also that have like you know higher end gpus maybe like 40 90s or a100s H whatever the you know the compute cards from Nvidia which are pretty much unattainable from uh to the home person want to do this at home okay so that's another thing that's another thing to uh consider okay it's a pirate ryzen am4 is the same as Intel with dual Channel when it comes to PC okay it's a pirate perfect all right so without further Ado let's go let's go let's continue on guys let's continue on okay continuing on with the build smash that like bros man how many people are here 93 29 likes awesome smash the like Bros all right so I'm gonna move the GPU down to the second bar because the ribbon cable is too short and if I put my other two 30 90s it's gonna be it's they're gonna be really close to each other and so I don't I don't want that um so we're gonna take this out thank you to the live chat and the live stream which we have uh thank you to the uh just you guys have the awesome idea of moving the bar the other way so that the GP would have uh would be able to fit all right like that now I'm going to flip this bar around because we're going on a second run on the second row I gotta make sure I can read live chat while I'm doing this hold on where's the live chat all right okay um nerd Beast I'm just here to see smoke nerd Beast you are banned let's do it installation process for fast let's go uh binding King I believe has a video about how to do that already if you guys want to watch that um Andre don't forget hardwired gigabit connections all the way to the motherboard pcie land card even better otherwise it won't Benchmark right Andres yes what yes wired wired to your network yeah okay so that's a whole other thing you know since you know other people are renting your rigs okay another thing to consider especially with your networking and if you're doing this at home is okay that just dropped and I feel like my camera almost fell um did it hit the motherboard oh God uh it's okay it's it's okay it's okay um what was I gonna say is that when you the networking part for vast or for any GP rental in my opinion is to um make sure you have it on a separate Network like a VLAN you have a totally segregated from your from your network your your main Network because you don't want you don't want people to access your other stuff just in case all right I'm just gonna make sure this works okay that that looks better the ribbon cables really it's kind of extended over the CPU which kind of sucks but what can I do all right let me screw this in then we'll see what happens breaking things again Yeti I'm breaking things just for you just for you man um just a little love top uh let's see here casserole hey red panda have in mind you can screw the bar with two screws instead of four this way you can offset the height a bit more if needed that's that's how I have my rig same as yours oh that's a good idea that's that's a really good idea but but I think it's level I'm well hold on let's see hold on hold on let me put in the other two screws I think it's level I think the 30 90 is level with the ribbon cable let's see well let's just see all right let's see if it's if it's flush now oh man it's it's kind of it's resting on the it's resting on the CPU Cooler okay I don't know I don't know I'm bringing you guys in what do you think what do you think about that is that is that level um it has potential for smoke God damn it can you use your influence with optimeyer to build three four cards spec proof of use week for us at home miners uh brother crypto I I don't know I'm it looks flush now isn't it uh move up one lower the screw top hole the CPU Cooler has a comb over yeah see that's that's an issue yes look okay let's bring it let's bring you guys over foreign it's literally resting on the on the noctua okay we got we gotta go up we gotta we gotta go up yeah we gotta go up [Music] yeah any Ivanov thank you this is way too bended like my ex-wife okay okay okay okay okay we're going up we're going up we're going up a little bit um same idea for the front bar using two screws you can also offset the bot the back bar to go up the back bar no no no this back are you talking about this how does this how do I offset this Oh you mean oh I see I see I see I see I see I see from here you're talking about here I can move this whole bar up I can do this bar up is that what you guys mean is that what you mean all right that's a great idea you know what I'm just gonna take this whole thing I'm gonna take the whole GPU out we're basically okay we're revamping this whole thing again oh my God okay let me take the GPU out holy smoke this is get okay this is you guys you guys and your ideas this is uh this is a good idea yeah this is a really good idea um okay so so I have to move this up though still this bar has to go up one right okay all right yes yes okay all right let's do it okay let's go let's go let's take these out let's move this up first Stephen better schedule part three for this build now God damn it you're right you're you're not wrong Stephen you're not wrong oh you guys are I would not have thought of that I would never in my life have thought of some about something like that you guys uh that's why I'm doing it live because I have no idea okay huh all right now okay son of a rabid Panda how much time do you think red panda mining will need to plug in 3gp someone please someone please ban son of a red pen all right am I doing this right just like this this is what you guys are talking about right moving it up moving it up one like this is that what you mean all right doing it okay okay this is good this is good yes this is much better this feels better okay all right there it's up it's up okay now we're gonna do we have to move okay we're gonna have to do a lot of uh a lot of stuff here so I'm gonna take out this one take out this one and we're gonna go up I just got my one terabyte nvme I hope this is a good one okay so how's everyone today nerd piece good thing that the Bull Run is not until 24 25 this will take a while nerd Beast you know what God damn it all right I'm just gonna move it up now like that oh you know what oh this may not work wait no it will no it will no no this will work this will work um I may need to change the bar I may need to change the bar the other way because I've gone up much higher uh this bar this bar I mean I may need to flip around okay hold on the other side as well yeah I know I just have to flip okay so I did this side now I gotta flip it uh okay hold on God I hope this works try the try the uh all track TR try Front bar flipped in both top holes uh I think I know what you mean but just give me a just give me give me a second hold on just let me let me move this up okay so it gives more clearance yeah see so we're above the noctua we're above the knock to a CPU Cooler now this is good this is good okay all right is this the 20 GP rig Mo Smith you're banned you're banned somebody banned Mo Smith right now someone sent them line a screwdriver to RPM please yanny send a letter yanny Ivanov I I have one retro Mike you're very good at unscrewing for a blind man God damn it put your mark okay now all right that's it I'm gonna try I'm gonna try fitting the GPU on here now let's see let's see if it works let's see if it's like level oh just scratched it massively okay is that level or is that too low yeah see it's too low it's it's bending down so the bar I need to flip I need to flip the bar around this bar I need to flip it around I think yeah I need to flip it around I need to flip it around okay let me let me try let me try let me try in the front yes okay turn the front okay back bar is good just move up the front one a little okay uh let's see all right like this no like like up this this way or this one crap what did I do this one let's try the top holes okay okay let's try it uh here okay there now it's two now it's too high I think it's too high now it's a little it's a little or is that good enough is that good enough that's good enough that's good enough I'm not even gonna that's good that's good I don't think unless I lowered it one I could I think if I lowered it one it would be flush retro Mike are you stopping Mining and chasing profits now too should I and sub yes you shouldn't you should definitely some put a space in the back screw went down please and one screw down please and let's finish what shim up the back a little uh bendy don't matter as long as there's clearance um you know what I think I'm Gonna Keep it like this because there is much better clearance now okay you can see you see that you see that I got clearance now all right I think I think it's good I think it's good it's it's just it's a little it's a little high not that much it's not that hot it's not that much higher I think it's good yeah we're good we're good we're good okay let's plug in let's plug in the let's plug in the ribbon cable now the only crappy thing is is that it's like bending like this uh I I need the other I need another I need the uh other right angle okay so it's just it's gonna be like this is that okay yeah that's okay there's no issue and there's a little bit of slack okay I'm gonna screw in the GPU good enough good enough okay screwed in screwed in at the top okay all right we did it thank you everyone in the live chat perfect move Stephen move the front bar down one my OCD is gonna kick in no Stephen if I move it down it's gonna it's gonna be it's gonna move down it's gonna move down that much I think it'll be too much if I move it down that much it's it's gonna be too much no it's good it's good all right all right let's add in the second let's add in the second GPU um okay all right second PCI is gonna be interesting I think it's gonna bend a lot here uh oh crap this is way too long ah okay I'm just putting it on the GPU first easier to put easier to punch it into the motherboard uh into the PC slot [Music] thank you [Music] okay let me screw it in first I don't see any Sledge hammers or blowtorches listen guys this is there's no blowing up gpus here okay I'm not apprecially I make a joke about probably not chump change he didn't blow up any gpus okay um crap this is oh this is gonna suck okay we have an issue [Music] okay whatever oh okay okay um yeah that's okay I guess the ribbon is gonna be a little bit F's but it's uh is that good is that good enough that's good enough right Panda so you're telling me I sub to your channel for the wrong reasons uh Kestrel 68 red panda put the second on the top and the third GPU on the bottom it okay is that gonna help with cooling you think that'll help with Cooling if I put them okay the ribbon cable this ribbon cable should be long enough to go to the second row I should put this 3090 up here and then the other 3090 at the bottom like two at the second row one at the top row you guys wanna you you guys think that's a good idea nerd Beast maybe one GPU slot one and two on the top rack slot three on the bottom to your right that messy ribbon cable is triggering my OCD that's what I would do send it ah God why are you guys why why do you tell me that after the fact okay so you want this second second 30 90 at the top all right I'm doing it God damn it you guys just want my camera like you just like everything around me is about to fall if my webcam Falls it's gonna be a massive face reveal at at least one of the cards on the top for sure okay well that makes sense because it's going to give some spacing between uh the other 30 90.

That'll be down here right so you guys are right you guys are right oh just perfect perfect perfect the ribbon cable is perfect length okay let me screw it in first exactly because we like to see you ah you guys are terrible you guys are giving me so much stress and I'm leaving in two days I haven't even packed yet I haven't even made my extra videos yet you know this is I'm stressed out okay give me a break okay there how how does that look is that better is that is that better are you not entertained much better IMO all right perfect okay now the final the final 30 90 is going down uh down here right hold on hold on Yeti you're leaving tomorrow nice man okay um custom Computing why are you building this when you're leaving in two days yeah custom Computing don't ask me I I have like five videos to make before I leave I don't have no idea how I'm gonna do that um okay uh this okay so this is okay this is I wish this I wish I had a shorter one this is gonna Bend like [Music] this is naturally bending like that so okay uh no you know what I made this mistake before I'm gonna take out the ribbon cable from the motherboard first and plug in the GPU 2 at first before I uh okay ribbon cables were made to be bent brother crypto why not one card in third slot directly under the motherboard and the other two on top of the rack for complete clearance brother crypto I'm not nope nope nope I'm not nope I'm not listening nope I'm not nope I didn't just read that nope I don't know what you said I'm I'm not changing anything now I'm already I'm already at the point of no return nope okay nobody saw that nope nobody saw that nobody saw that okay Jesus Christ ah oh man this is great this is this is just Patrick guy what's up mining King is this a 24-hour stream yes minor King you're gonna help me install now yes mining King money King you got it you gotta help me uh all right Patrick not breaking stuff today nope not today not today okay so here's all right this is gonna be some major bending going on here there done done look at that how beautiful it's like the 30 90 shrine that that this there you go look at that it's like a fast dot AI Shrine with 330 90s [Laughter] so ridiculous so ridic mining King oh my God sorry gotta go test drive a Tesla maybe Hawk can help oh my God King have fun man thanks for the donation you're I'm gonna need your help later um okay all right I'm missing the comments do you have uh open I was looking to build one it will handle but my motherboard will handle three by add 8X Dom G I think three by eight X is fine uh 8X bandwidth is fine I think people say preferring x16 obviously but that depends on motherboard yeah um now move the first to the top to fully clear the CPU Cooler no Smokey Den it's clear no look it's clear it's cleared the CPU it's good it's good it's good it's good enough good good enough good enough I think it looks cooler this way um yeah X8 is fine King said even King says it King AI charges by the hour King charges by the minute um okay all right now what now what do we do oh I gotta put in I gotta put in my uh one terabyte uh nvme which I I don't know if it's enough space or not probably not um but it was it was cheap okay looks like it came with a screw which is nice all right guys I am not changing I Panda move the move the GPU up a few more inches just so I can have you move it back where it was crypto shape God damn it God damn it God damn it crypto shaped um wait wait wait I see something on this board MDOT what's Ultra m.2 Ultra m.2 and this one doesn't say Ultra m.2 what does that mean what does that mean how much RAM Panda uh only King I only have 32 gigs of RAM I if it's not enough I'll buy more later I I don't I don't have money right now to buy more X4 Nate all right I see it I see an ultra slot so you know what let me flip this around hold on let me flip this around um all right [Music] foreign .2 how many m.2 slots I have on here oh there's another one right here one here one here and there's one here so I'm just gonna put in this one [Music] um mining King you bought 70 gpus no money for Ram that's right that's that's that's mining King you know me everything I spend is GPU only all my money is now gone completely complete completely gone is this is there a screw thing for that okay hold on uh is there a screw hole for this oh God that is so that's so how do I get my hand in there thank you foreign is that good enough move the Envy me to the other slot no no it's the same slot Ultra m.2 here Ultra m.2 that it's the same it's the same slot I will fight you right now if you tell me the other spot is faster than this one I will fight you right now let's I will is it an LTT screwdriver I have the LTT screwdriver um it it's gen 3 it doesn't matter the slot yeah see exactly exactly come on iPhone a friend or another Canadian tuber like Gladys he can help you custom Computing you have 50 unused servers right now you can use that Ram well actually I don't even know uh actually this threadripper board can accept ECC ddr4 actually so you're right custom Computing you're right I could take the ram out of one of those ddr4 servers and put it in here maybe possibly we'd have to have to try it okay um now what now now what we gotta put in the power supply let's make sure all these are in okay everything's in mining King Panda closest to the CPU is usually faster but this one doesn't say Ultra m.2 can some okay someone read them you know what all right someone read the motherboard manual for me this is the ASRock Phantom gaming 6.

all right everyone go to the everyone let's figure this out which m.2 slot is the fastest uh VGA card okay uh CPU memory eight channel eight ddr4 slots support for ddr4 2667 2400 2133 ECC or and non-ecc memory you dim Max Capacity Ram 128 gigabyte I can't do 256. gold contact dim slots that's nice okay where's the where's the okay slots okay here we go slots m.2 key one m.2 key what storage okay here we go okay all right let's read this One X one Ultra m.2 slot socket supports m key type 2 2 3 0. module up to gen 3 X4 one m.2 also supports m key type Express module up to gen 3 X4 32GB oh the other slot last one Ultra m.2 socket m-type SATA three six gigabit module and m.2 express module up to Gen4 32 gig what wait I'm confused what is this m.2 SATA three six gigabyte module and [Music] m.2 PCI Express module 32 Okay so so I want I want these two right it doesn't matter it doesn't matter they all support gen 3×4 you guys are all wrong all of you all of you are wrong all of you that they're all the same it's all the same what's the tell me the difference tell me the difference right now well what they're all gen 3×4 32 gigabyte what's the tell me they are all thank you Kestrel thank you it's a pirate I was right okay Black Sails I said all same okay Allen the king panda is always right you guys are wrong this works great admiration from Colombia pandas sebasta 1997.

Thank you good sir it's it's fine as a gonna be boot drive right yeah I'm pretty sure all right um one might be connected over chipset one directly to the CPU it's because it's a thread Ripper mining King consumer grade boards consumer grade boards are different the last slot is shared with the data controller so latency will be higher m.2 is also comes with a chipset the top one goes from the PCU what what how do you know tell me how do you know that where's the manual someone show me that I wanna I wanna know exactly we don't have the political remember let's play with most regular fat it's faster on the top m.2 slot the last one is just saying it can do key BM not m key your end for me will go in any three slots that's that's what I said because all all the m.2 slots here says I can do m.2 gen 3 X4 32 gigabyte where does it where does it say that the first slot is higher baud rate how well it's this it says it's the same gigabytes per second no I want to figure this out no you guys are you guys are all you guys are all on on something all right I I I need to I want to see some actual evidence here you need you you guys need to you guys need to get some actual uh link actual evidence all right all right here we go manual let's see if the manual says anything expansion slots uh let's see let's see m.2 installation guide here we go uh ultram.2 slot supports m.2 Express Gen 4 32 gig okay depending on PCP liking or PC okay okay before okay this is just installation this doesn't this does not explain this is all the exact the second slots the same thing fourth slot is the same thing what I'm looking it into the PDF pineapple pizza I'm looking to representative trust me bro money King Panda just say I'm right keep ass rocking I'm using the ass Rock motherboard where's Hawk where's Hawk where's Hawk right now you won't find this in the public manuals honestly it won't matter but I like trolling King God damn it post the link in the post a link to the book oh here I guess you can see the okay I don't think we're gonna figure it out so King is a bastard I wouldn't be a good friend if I didn't troll that's true King God damn it let's finish this before you get on vacation thank you Yanni Ivanov okay great uh all right screw all of you I'm done I'm I'm done I'm done next part let's go we're almost there okay so look at that oh man this looks so cool this looks so cool okay now let's go we're doing this the hard part I think this is the hard part the power supply I don't know if this is gonna be sufficient enough um it's a 1500 watt uh 1500 watt HP server PSU with the zsx amp uh Edition breakout board now actually before we before we install this let's let's let's uh let's do some let's do some quick thought what's the TDP of 3090s what's the TDP what's what's the TDP of these cards um Patrick guyan what do you say Patrick uh hold on missing every shot Tech man quit acting like a Democrat and listen to reason the first slot is the closest directly connected CPU it is faster uh Tech man I don't know man thanks for the donation they look like the same not gonna lie threadrip has many piecese Lane so it should not matter in my country I have 0.04 okay uh sent you the link block diagram and Discord it's a pirate it's a pirate I I can't open Discord here what what is that what do you mean Steven look at page five under storage it has more spec info it's page five Paige I'm on page five it doesn't it doesn't show anything except for the no page five doesn't show anything um supports and I'm not too Sports okay uh uh 450 watt 350 watt 350 350 350 okay 400 Peak 350.

All right so so it shows how everything is linked together just like a network diagram okay let me let me let me let me see all right all right all right all right here here all right it's a pirate sent me something it's a pirate send me something [Music] all right what am I looking at here what what what am I looking at here foreign x16x16 so that's good AMD tr84 processor X4 X4 X4 PCI third third first second first m.2 slot it's connected to the processor yeah okay so what is it so am I is there does this mean I'm wrong or does this mean I'm right it shows everything linked together like that uh Kevin Lee uh I guess we need a benchmark when done right all m.2 slots connect to the CPU uh you're good I might have a connection you are right thanks it's a pirate thank you thank you thank you so it doesn't matter [Music] check man you're wrong yours is second from the bottom right second from the bottom right second from the bottom right until what I don't understand it shouldn't matter right like it shouldn't matter which slot it's on it's all in the same it's all getting the same what is this channel C Channel all the same pcie channels from what I understand this image was deep faked there's literally no measurable difference on those slots ask him for the benchmarks oh my God how do you even oh I guess you can do SSD or nvme storage whatever okay all right uh I missed the power question you guys said 400 for safe gas 400 easy peak 1450 watt Danny Ivanov easy peak 1450 Watts okay all right mining King if Panda can install and get his machine listed on vast II in an hour I'll give him 100 bucks King I'm I am not gonna do the install live okay it's gonna take me like 10 hours all right It's Gonna Take Me way longer than that okay let's let's go back all right so you guys think the 1500 watt PSU is enough is this is this enough and I have nine nine of these uh six pin to eight pin pcie cables is this is this enough [Music] and I'm running it on 240 volts no no what what no why no why all why all no body King yeah see money King says yes see money I whenever mining King says I'm doing it hold on camera's falling get a 1600 mate I don't have a 1600.

I wish I did okay all right we're gonna put in the 1500. put in that 1500 let's see the smoke live okay let's let's do it wow this is really dirty this is extremely dirty wait is there still plastic on here no okay get 2 000 watt mint I don't have a 2 000 watt power supply all right okay putting in the power supply all right putting in the 24 pin so I am not using an SSD on this machine it's a it's an nvme so I don't need to worry about using a SATA adapter okay all right that's good now okay here's an issue all right we might have an issue we might have an issue uh the eight pin eight pin CPU hold on hold on [Music] eight pin CPU [Music] I only have one I only have one eps connector now do I need to put do I need to plug in both [Music] which one do I plug it in the left one or the right one [Music] do the vast Audio install while you're in vacation you have lots of time because you'll be in vacation yeah that's what I'm planning on doing uh it's a pirate one will work just don't mine on the CPU I will not well what if someone mind what if someone what if someone who rented my rig decides to mine on it it would it would blow up wouldn't it no no need to plug in both use the eps easy use a splitter uh I I feel like that's not a good idea um both or 24 pin might burn it's only for product cable might melt them that is all not smoke okay both use a splitter okay I'm recollecting I'm I'm I'm recollecting from my previous you know building experience that having two eight pin CPU is only meant for if you're doing overclocking so I in this case I'm not overclocking and I only need to plug in one from from what I recollect in previous history now does that does that go is that the same thing with is that the same thing with uh thread Rippers let's go let's go to the let's go to the um let's go to the manual let's go the manual let's go with the manual all right CPU configuration nope we want to go to installing the CPU uh okay nope nope we don't want to go here we want to go to motherboard layout two three two three ATX power connector 32 V1 okay two three two three okay um where's like more spec of the uh it's like a power supply I don't know uh let's see I don't see I I don't I don't see anything here regarding uh CPU power huh if you not max out the CPU you're fine one eight pin is overboard Tech says one eight pin is fine um SATA to eight pin for the win two 990wx overclocked sure use both but not for one on eight core this SX cable is four pin split to eight pin so good luck oh God uh you are right yes you are right this is four pin split to a pin yes you are completely right it's a pirate destined for greatness fire overboard Tech I have several x399 setups lots of boards don't even have dual eps okay Jonathan mayor page 24 manual page 24.

this motherboard provides two eight pin ATX 12 volt power connectors to use a 4-pin ATX power supply please plug in along pin one and five ate exercises 8-pin 12 v1c page seven number three page page seven number page seven oh it's just okay ah so ATX 12 volt one the one on the the one on the left is the one I plug in 4.851 smoke just do it we want to see post screen okay all right fine I'm doing it I don't have another one so uh we're at the point of no return now we're at the point of an overturn okay crap what was it left one or right one uh atx12v1 one closest to the CPU so it's gonna be it's gonna be this one okay all right that's it that's it I'm taking this Molex cable out I don't want I don't want to have uh I don't want to have I don't want to have a chump change incident I I took out I took out this I'm not using this I don't have any SATA I don't have any Molex okay now now what oh man this is So Glorious look at this thing this better work all right I'm gonna read the live chat um you guys remember this is a mining this is not mining with lower TDP uh yeah you're right we're we are not under vaulting we are not overclocking everything is stock um let's burn the pcie slot power cables for GPU connect gpus let's get the gpus you need to calculate how much the current power supply consumes it was calculated about 3 000 Watts please put only two GPS for now don't put the third one until you get a 2000 watt PSU been there done that ah TDP of a 3090 is 350 Watts 350 times 350 times three is what 1050 Watts so how much does what's the what's the TDP of a of a 1900x CPU uh 1900 X AMD thread Ripper TDP TDP of a ryzen 900 1900x is 180 Watts uh 180.

So 180 Plus 1050 is what plus everything else what's the motherboard gonna take 180 plus 10 050 for the 3090s if they were in that Max that'd be we would be at 1230. dude wow wow that is that is a lot uh getting this monkey then 1125 is best guess for max power uh total cards you gotta look at a 12 volt rail Outpost only in PSU not the total they put in the bill my account I don't see it charging you don't listen sometimes 390 draws more than 500 watt when gaming well I know I'm pretty sure that includes the CPU and everything motherboard just grab another PSU breakout board for the third GPU it's it's above 350 1500 watt uh eight is 1200 watt uh so it would be over the 1300 Watt uh 80 roll I'm okay with that I'm okay with running a little bit over if it's a little bit over on this power supply I mean I've run I've run I've run these 1500 watts at 1500 watts before on GPU mining but let's do it I don't care I'm doing it if it goes on fire it goes on fire it'll be a good do you have a fire extinguisher ready a handy I do Stephen I do behind me uh let's go let's do it let's plug in the pcie let's plug in the pcie I got nine here nine very thick veteran Miner pcie cables let's go let's go one and they're all gonna go into the GPS foreign now should I stagger should I stagger these the pcie power going from the closest to the breakout board here on each GPU each one will get a single eight pin closest to the I'm just gonna do it custom Computing I'll sell back the to you the thermaltake at 2x the dot yeah right custom computing God damn it okay that's in okay we're gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna have this on a dedicated watt meter okay guys this is gonna be on a dedicated 30 amp 240 volt and I'm gonna take count of the kilowatt hours that this thing is gonna draw on we're gonna we're gonna count we're gonna see how much power this thing is gonna draw over like a week or a month or whatever I'll do updates I guess when that time comes [Music] okay Joker minor make sure they clip and make noise I joke a miner I hear a clip man man when we turn this thing on it's gonna be like I bet there's Something's Gonna blow up I feel it I already feel it uh God okay that one's in four more no three more okay oh crap I really bent that one oh veteran Miner I think I broke one oh no [Music] oh I oh I cut on the I don't know if you guys can see that but I I I bent it so hard that it it it it it cut can you see that I don't think you guys can see okay all right well this one's done [Music] oh my god I've been so I pushed so hard that I bent the I bent the um all right I'm not veteran reminder is not here right uh oh I better reminders here oh no better reminders here veteran Miner I broke one of your cables I actually I pushed down so hard that I bent and then I spliced it it cut uh the plastic cut into the wire I I pushed down so hard I'm just too strong I'm I am just I'm just I'm just too strong it's it's I don't think it's I don't think it's cut all the way I don't think it's cut all the way in but it it made a pretty deep mark so it's best I probably not use it it made a pretty how did it cut the wire I pushed down really hard I pushed down and then I bent the I bent the the cable like this it was like it was like this I bent it like this and then it made a it made a cut or a it's it's pretty noticeable it's a pretty deep cut I I shouldn't I shouldn't use it but I had enough cables anyway all the gpus have the six pin to eight pin now so nine in total oh yeah look at that how beautiful is that how beautiful is that I need uh cable I need cable ties let me get cable ties [Music] um let me get it be right back eyes they're all gone okay um okay I found one just one uh veteran minor it's my fault it's it's it's my fault and I cut this in half oh I'm stupid I'm stupid that's that's not long enough don't laugh at me please I'm very self-conscious okay I don't have any other I don't have any other red zap straps anyway cable ties damn it all right good enough okay all right that took way too long is this good now is this good [Music] um measure once where's the electrical tape okay send it good enough send it threadripper send it put some tape on it it's okay all right is it time for the smoke show uh God okay uh okay I need a I need a monitor I need all that stuff okay hold on hold on hold on hold on um how how do I get display from the GPU right so I need a HDMI uh I need a I need a HDMI okay hold on hold on [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] adapter for the monitor dude if you guys saw my basement right now it's a mess and I I haven't packed I haven't cleaned up like I'm just a mess right now I uh Christ why do I do this to myself this is all self-inflicted pain okay ah man careful of the screw what screw oh oh my God why is there a screw on the motherboard thank you thank you thank you all right now let's plug in the power hold on where's the power cable okay all right plugging it in okay um let me turn it around because I want to see the back I'm sure you guys want to see the back in case there's smoke I don't I don't want smoke but foreign all right make sure everything's plugged in triple checking all the cables trickle checking all the pcie triple checking the gpus making sure these are rising cables ryzen ribbon whatever are in make sure PC in is at the top of the GPU make sure it's all pushed in make sure it's all pushed in all right okay Moment of Truth are you guys ready hold on hold on hold on I want you guys to I Want You guys probably want to see the 240 volt meter as well right hold on let me try let me get situated better okay all right and all of its Glory and all of its Glory here we go actually let's go higher all right all right are you guys ready all right are you guys ready hold on let me get my keyboard mouse that's situated huh okay higher you want to see you want to see this higher good enough good enough all right okay hold on let me get the monitor the monitor is here can you guys see it all right oh let me make sure the 24 pin is in all right there we go there we go edging us so hard WTF just turn it on overboard Tech get etched get Rex you know what I will Edge you so hard it blue balls here we go three please no fire please no smoke okay wait I need it wait a case I need to okay I need to be ready to either pull this out or turn off the I need to be ready to unplug the uh power cable all right here we go three two pip boys thank you three two one please no smoke one oh oh I need to turn on wait is there is there a pipe oh the motherboard didn't turn on I need a power button I think that's a power button here three two one I don't see any smoke you guys see any smoke oh yes 226 Watts idle 225 oh my God it works oh I was sniffing it like crazy I'm like do I see any smoke I can't smell any smoke look at that motherboard glow look at that red glow on the threadripper RGB on the 3090s zsx amp edition board seems to be holding up ryzen redripper 1900x 32 gigs of RAM only I can probably I will definitely have to get more red pandemoning you hurt one of my cables not nice uh veteran Miner I I'm gonna ship you back this cable and you can place it on your wall uh oh we did it Bros we did it no fire can we please get can we please get slow claps please slow clap in the chat slow clap emojis all set Miner okay um now what now oh dude CPU temperature is 69 Celsius is that right that's wait what 69 dude that CPU is extremely hot why do I need to uh repaste do I need to repaste that thing 60f not C oh no that's that's C that's that's 69 that's 69.5 Celsius 70 it's set 70c now wait why is it so hot I'm not even I'm not even doing anything 69 is hot 60 67c is normal why is that normal I smell smoke I smell smoke too it's probably not seated correctly oh my God block sales they work hot what okay let me let me Google this let's Google this let's let's Google 1900x CPU um uh uh 1900 X CPU um temper Temps as a former 1900x owner I would recommend sticking with the 68 degrees if you're gaming you should never get up to that in any game and if you are recommended [Music] according to Tom's Hardware Max temps 4.1 gigahertz it should be around 58 degrees with a knock to a cooler at full load all right 1900 Nexus right 1900x is 68c so under heavy load of stress it shouldn't [Music] it still gets up to 72 74 degrees even at 86 CPU usage idling is around 68 degrees Celsius wow what first that's not overheating those temperatures are fine second you can't look at the cooler okay all right I I think I think we're okay I I I I think I think that's okay yeah I think it's okay that's that's really that's really hot 70 it's at 70.5 now that's really not cool 70.5 oh man all right I oh man I may take it out I don't know should I take it out it's at idle repaste yeah I should push the cooler a little bit okay let me see if there's any let me see if there's any play in the CPU no no there's no play doesn't move all right [Music] hold on Bros I have a phone call hold on I gotta pick this up it's ups [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] all right that was that was UPS I have two fruits and Associates or two fruition designs kits coming for my ice rivers and I'm leaving in like two days so there's no way I'll be able to I don't know if I can pick that up I don't know if I can pick that up uh okay where were we what what are we what were we doing what are we doing uh are we done I think we're done guys I think that's it I'm I'm done it's I I think that's it repace the CPU re-paste the CPU I I'm not doing that I'm not gonna do that in this stream I'm gonna I'm gonna we're gonna repace later I'm gonna do that off screen uh okay guys I'm done I'm done I need to do I need to start packing I need to start cleaning and uh I'm gonna be I'm gonna be gone for like a month so just to let you all know so I gotta have a video final video I think this weekend about what's up what's gonna happen and uh yeah um I will install vasda AI over the weekend over the holiday I guess my vacation it's not a vacation really but I should have a lot of time to um maybe do streaming maybe and uh from wherever I am and maybe uh remote into this rig uh wait wait how can I install if I don't have remote access wait huh I will not be able to install on this remotely I don't think there's any I don't think there's any uh wait it's a pirate turning up the farm or leaving it on um as a pirate I haven't decided yet I think I will leave most of my Asics on uh gpus I don't know if I'm Gonna Leave My gpus on I don't know um Hawk Hawk what's up bro what's up man how are you hawk I'm I just finished my damned 3090 rig ribbon cables Joker Miner get more RAM please for 339 Alex I will uh actually no I have ddr4 2400 office server um it says that this motherboard accepts ECC Ram so I'm curious if I can put that ECC Ram into uh into here um don't leave this rig on yeah I won't this is gonna be you know what I'm just gonna turn it off right now because okay there it bothers me that the CPU is like 70 degrees Celsius at idle that's not right oh Hawk how are you panda how long are the pcie resin cables Hawk They are 30 centimeters one foot long apparently it's fine uh everyone in in live chat and like in the comments of my previous video everyone said the 30 centimeters is completely fine I have no idea if that's the case we're gonna see um but yeah bother how to start I have Hardware correct hey okay Bros that's it thank you everyone for the live stream we will do the vast dot aiing uh when I get back I guess um sucks I I you know what maybe you know what I may work on that today and get this thing up and running so that I can do a one month long test and have it on my 240 volt meter and then I can reset that kilowatt hours and then just see how much kilowatt that thing will use for the next month you know what I might do that I might do that I might get this thing going on vast right now but I have to make a few other videos first uh before I do that okay peace out Bros peace out peace out thank you so much you guys have a great day thank you for being here you guys have a great you guys have a great day peace out peace out appreciate you all smash the like talk to you guys soon [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] thank you thank you foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] thank you [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] thank you [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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