Buying up old GPU Mining Farms

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all right so I'm back at the house met up with the guy super awesome interaction um four of these are brand new uh never been used never been installed um minor dude cases with power supplies and and all that kind of stuff so I'll open those up and take a look at them what I was more import worried about were the gpus um so four of them have gpus in them four of them are brand new there was eight total uh of in this situation that he was getting rid of so let me get these all unloaded and then I'll start to show you what we got all righty so we got a good amount of them this one they're fairly packaged well I believe this is the OEM foam and packaging from these so that will make shipping these out 10 times easier um because I don't have to figure out a good box size or anything it's all been figured out for me and this foam should keep them safe especially when they don't have gpus in them because it makes them significantly lighter um but it's going to be hard for me to pull this out with one hand so I'll be right back all right so these do have these little thumb push down Clips they're held in by two screws in the back and went ahead and undid the scrips the screws and then push these down it slides back and then it pulls off so pretty uh slick setup here and um I'm going to start pulling these cards out it does have some cards with uh OEM coolers on on it but a majority of the cards have been stripped down because they were using these in a blowr style setup um I'm curious to see what exact power supply is in this thing is it I was going to say is it hot swappable can I just pull it out no wonder how that's held in therez it's got like this there's a piece right there which I would imagine that means you could pull it out but I don't see it coming out H being that there's 1 2 3 4 5 6 78 uh 5700 XTS in here that would lead me to believe this is not a 750 wat power supply cuz some people said these did have HP 750s in them uh I definitely think it's a higher wattage than that because I don't think a 750 would even um put up with with uh with eight uh 5700 XTS um and the these are nine card motherboards and from what I understand minor dude and then octo Miner is that literally just a sticker over top of an octo minor logo I think it is I believe they they pretty much share most of the parts this is an older case frame setup but um from what I understand these are Fairly reliable it does have video on the front and also video on the back and ethernet and USB on the back and the front as well so that's that's kind of cool um yeah let me start taking it apart all right so I got her stripped out of there and this is the minor dude Pro hasher it is a nine card motherboard and it's got two pcie cables for each motherboard or for each slot so two 6 plus two pins PCI E power so you can as long as it's not a card with I guess potentially the new new cards uh wouldn't work in there like the what is it the 490s and that stuff they just take too much power then I was like what kind of power supply is this I'm not familiar with it I pulled it out and then look look back here octo Miner 9 GPU it is an HSP 1800 Watt and I looked these up online these only run on uh 220 to 240 um it it goes like 200 to 240 volt um but apparently if you have lower voltage like 200 to 220 it's 1,500 but 220 to 240 it's 1,800 um so that is unfortunate for people that don't have or don't want want to run a a um high voltage cord um it looks like it just uses a regular I don't know what is that C13 regular power supply plug but don't plug this into a 110 or 120 Outlet uh bad I don't know what would happen I don't know if it would even work but we don't need to find that out um and come to find out it is just a slide in um quick release power supply I couldn't slide it out though because there's a screw on the bottom you have to unscrew the screw and then pull this and it slides out so that's a pretty cool setup and my opinion I like it slides in and slots in right there I need to get it all the way in but I can't do that with with only one hand um so I am going to be selling these uh as you see here in this condition so I'll probably go ahead and get these listed tonight at least just a couple of them I am going to keep some of them for myself um I'm not sure what that white button does there but I think that's power and reset and then this one has a SATA hard drive which we're going to we're going to undo that and take this little solid state out not sure what what's on it but uh don't want to be shipping it with customers data um so you can run a SATA drive uh or more commonly most people run a USB drive you can do that as well um and it will come with the top cover and the screws screws I guess I'll go ahead and I can put these little screws back in for the gpus whenever I have two hands again it's like I get a camera out and and my one hand becomes useless I can do this with one hand every single day of the week not with the camera out um price-wise I I'm going to look around and try to be competitive that's what I always try to do with all my prices I don't know exactly what that's going to be at the moment what is that oh that's like a temperature probe right there that's interesting huh very very interesting but um yeah so if you're interested they will be over on the website if you have any questions um shoot me a message and um wham bam thank you ma'am I'm probably going to end this video early it's getting hot out here I'll start breaking down the rest of those as time goes on uh the cards so I I this is like a Founder style it's made by MSI but it's got the the bump right here when these came out I I hated this design but now seeing it after like time's gone on I kind of really like I don't know why I've come to like blower cards even though they run hotter and they're noisier I like blower cards just just one of those things um but we got a ASRock these are both 5700 XTS these are actually all 5700 XTS and a majority of them are either the Red Devil uh this is a red devil um or the gigabyte um some of them are the or somewhere just the regular gigabyte but all 5700 XTS um I have some generic shrouds coming in so I'm going to see if those are going to fit these or at least fit the 5600 XTS that I have and I'll get those listed up and then get these listed up and um yeah we got good things coming so if you're looking to buy some gpus and that kind of thing these are these are probably still pretty decent for like um budget gaming machines like 1080p gaming that kind of thing uh as for mining I'm not not sure what these are doing or what people are using these for Much Anymore these days but who knows might throw one in a rig and see what it'll do but anyway guys I wanted to thank you'all for coming out I'll see yall on the next one peace adios

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