Cell Phone Mining Overheating

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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon Cohen YouTube channel and we've been doing some cell phone mining for the last couple days and I've experienced a new issue at least on uh this phone that I've been using it's a Galaxy Flip 2 um so it's got a pretty decent CPU in it but it seems to be overheating so let me show you what that looks like and if you get this notification um other people that are using like the a03s which is probably best bang for the buck from what I've heard haven't I don't have one so I haven't tested it but that is not experiencing this issue I have lifted mine up off of the uh the table so it can have like airflow but I don't have active moving air in my office at least not normally I do have a fan so I may end up um setting the phone up so I can get some some better airflow so let me show you where we're at all right so I had been just leaving it sitting right here just propped up so it can get some airflow right here at first I thought oh maybe the laptop's like blowing hot air but the exhaust actually comes out of this side intake is on this side but I went to go turn it on and it's like various miners closed closed because it was causing your phone to overheat you can open it again later after your phone cools down so then you you know you open your phone up and we go to the various Miner and yeah we haven't been mining for a while so I'll start the miner back up which it stinks because you you want good up time you know you you want it to be mining for as much time as possible and it looks like it went offline somewhere around like 12.

yeah right around 12 and then it just Mega hash went down and then there's like a blip at 4 P.M I don't know what that was and then just nothing so um yeah luck is dead at the moment uh we had made a little bit but we it's hard to actually uh get a full 24 hour like test that's what I really wanted to do is is do a video on like a full 24 hour readout um I'm gonna let this run for a little while we're at 28 degrees Celsius right now I'm wondering I did turn on the temperature control and I had it set at 40 degrees celsius I'm wondering if I could turn that up if it'd be safer or if I need to just put this in front of some kind of like active air I do have a couple other phones I'm interested in taking a look at um I it did also bring a tablet I don't even know if it's going to work on here I'm sorry my Diagon Discord notifications are going wild when we mute that real quick um but yeah so if you guys were wondering about the temperature control and so you don't burn your phones down which I don't think all phones have the this these issues you can go to temperature control I have it for 40 degrees Celsius and it set it for a cool down time of 10 minutes but I guess it doesn't automatically start back mining I don't know why um looks like we can go to 60 Celsius I don't know I don't know it's safe but apparently I'm hitting 40 Celsius pretty easily let me do a little research on that and I'll be right back all right after doing a quick little bit of Googling it looks like the Snapdragon 888 which is what is in this phone uh has a temperature threshold of about 43 degrees Celsius before it starts throttling itself so I'm guessing we could drag this up to like 42 and save it then we need to stop the miner and restart the miner um let's go back mining view status we'll stop that and we'll restart it so that way the the setting will take effect um yeah it's already at 30 degrees Celsius I'm going to let this run for a while and see what it gets up to uh see if it kind of runs away and it can't actually hold the temperature uh another thing that I did notice is this phone has a metal case like it's metal on the back um that may not be good I mean it might be better for heat dissipation if I have actual air going across it so yeah I'm not exactly sure I do have this fan over here um but I don't know if that fan would give enough airflow from over there may actually rig up I have some old case fans so hold on actually down here bam I got some knock two as might uh might rig something up just to have a little bit of airflow right here maybe do like a little phone stand um if I end up getting a couple more phones I have some old phones I tried it on a couple of the like super old galaxies and it would not would not mine don't know why for different reasons so I don't know anyway um I'd love to hear from you guys what phones are you running uh what kind of temperatures are you seeing are you doing active cooling or are you not doing active cooling um and then I'd love to report back on that and kind of go over that in the future and if you don't mind sharing if you got some like fun Farm setups I'd love to take a look at them uh you can email me pictures of your setups down below and my email address it'll be in the description um and maybe we could do it like a fun Farm review and kind of learn from other people's decisions or um you know mistakes or or not mistakes regard so anyway thank you guys for watching I will be back tomorrow I'm just trying to do uh get back to that daily Monday through Friday grind I know a couple people were commenting and they were like are you back back are you back or is this are you going to leave us for another month and I'm gonna try to be here guys so just uh taking a little little step at a time I think she's killing it five Mega hash right now hmm Slayer hold on um oh I did want to take a look at it was the uh so apparently the the Galaxy uh the a03 are like a big ticket item um or not big ticket but it's a really good phone hash to Dollar Wise Roi basically never unless you know varus goes up in value um we're not even going to look at Roi well we might look at Roi right now hold on but apparently these guys get about three and a half to four Mega hash depending on what Miner you're running and it looks like they're about 50 bucks give or take eBay 49 refurbished on Tanga never heard of this website looks a little sketchy um 40 40.

of course the ones that are like zero and 19 you have to sign up with a like a line of service and that would that would not be beneficial for anybody okay Amazon how much are they on Amazon uh 159. oh TracFone there we go 49 49 so yeah about 50 bucks um and these these get that let's see here let's go to various and Mining calculator virus hash we'll say that they're doing four Mega hash we're not going to take power into consideration calculate that out um so they're doing what is that uh 24 hours three cents a day for four Mega hash and they cost fifty dollars that's some that's some rough math right there so 50 bucks divided by point zero three um so 1 666 days for Roi if you have free power so um we'll go ahead and we'll divide that by 365.

So 4.5 years a cool 4.5 years um and that's with various at the current value if various goes up it would be shorter if various goes down it will be longer imagine that it being longer uh to Roi so uh take this with a grain of salt and wham bam thank you ma'am if we ain't doing it for fun I don't know what you're doing it for because right now you ain't making money but uh I'm not saying that it couldn't it could be possible anyway thank you guys for watching I will see you on the next one adios Muchachos all that kind of stuff bye

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