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all right ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the phone farming setup so um not optimal but I now have this phone stable with no active air cooling uh it is only running on five cores any more than that and this phone overheats during uh the heat of the day um so that's kind of yeah it's better than nothing so 2.78 Mega hash not bad not bad um this phone I had to disable all but two cores because this thing uh overheats really fast look it's at 38 degrees right now on two cores um it overheats very fast I don't I don't know exactly why uh but yeah it is now coming over here to look pool we've been mining for a while now this one has an up time of 50 hours this one has an uptime of half an hour because I just restarted it um so basically we have we have one one phone mining uh now if we go over here to the flip two we can see that our 24 hour average is about 2.36 megahash so not quite a full you know 2.7 because it's got the Peaks and the valleys um right now our total paid is 0.4 varus which is 19 cents our balance is 0.03 we'll go to our earnings here and a 24-hour period we have earned .03 or about one cents of varus with uh our One phone so yeah not not great um that's three cents and 48 Hours 14 cents in a week and averaged out to 22 cents every 10 days so recent payouts and wham bam so there she is ladies and gentlemen um various currently uh the best price as of today which it is 8 30 20 23 Paris is 47 oh it was 46 it's 47 cents right now uh and it looks like it's it's on a six percent upswing in the last 24 hours so uh yeah yeah we're we're cooking we ain't cooking with fire but we're cooking with something now obviously I have not run out and bought a bunch of phones to go mine on it's just not cost effective right now um even if you buy like the cheapest best phones which people are saying is the a03 they were on sale for like 30 bucks a piece but I can't find them cheaper than 50 or 49 right now if you don't like want to sign a contract so obviously signing a contract is not going to help us um so I'm just gonna use what I have a little proof of concept if it doesn't work on one phone then why is it going to work on 10 so to speak but um yeah other than that this is basically the extent of the phone mining setup I do have this Odyssey I talked about this in one of my last videos I'm going to be putting Windows on this bad boy um because this is an x86 this I I misspoke this does not have an arm CPU on it it actually has let me look it up it is a seed Odyssey foreign x864125 yep there it is right there so wow these things have gotten expensive oh I got this for way cheaper than 200 bucks um so it's a Windows 10 mini PC 8 gigabytes of RAM uh it has a Celeron J 4125 quad core 2 gigahertz CPU so this is not an arm CPU and it won't get the advantages of the arm architecture mining on virus so I'm gonna set this up and I previously used this as a little test bench because I was using the PCI Express out to a riser card and was using it for gpus and kind of like testing out cards Mining I think I'm going to get that set up back for that again um yeah this is a cool little unit but I wonder how much I paid for it because I I know I didn't pay 200 bucks for this thing yeah I need to I need to use this bad boy this is a cool little unit for sure yeah so you can use the PCI Express slot for expansion oh they make little cases for it now I remember seeing that very very cool so anyway I'm getting a little off base here um so people were asking me about the Raspberry Pi's as berry pies and apparently you can mine varus on those virus so how to mine various coin on your orange pot that's the orange pie how to mine various coin arm optimized uh the only issue though is the raspberry pies or some of them are a little a little pricey here's one seventy one dollars and you got to be what careful what model you get I think I think the pi four is the good one I'm not sure I'm so green to the micro computer space you hear Hardware Pi zero well that's pretty cool fifteen dollars well and that is my cue sounds like my baby's waking up so I'm gonna go check on them anyway you guys have a good night I'll see you on the next one if you have any other questions on some various mining stuff just shoot it down below uh and with that y'all have a good one

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