Cell Phone Mining Testing Galaxy Xcover Pro 64gb

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all right what's up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel and we have another phone drinking a lot of water um we have another phone that we are trying out some various mining on uh this is a Galaxy X pro or X cover Pro 64 gig anyway I found this one on back Market which is a website that sells like used stuff I'm not promoting them or not promoting them this is the first thing I bought from them anyway this phone was like 40 something bucks after shipping and taxes and everything it was like 55 not a great value for mining but I bought this phone to actually use and it's supposed to be like a more rugged version of a Galaxy phone um it's doing 3.4 Mega hash uptime on it right now is we're coming up on almost a half an hour let me flip this right all right so here is the Galaxy X cover Pro 64 gig value-wise not great it's only doing 3.3 Mega hash it does have an eight core exynos or zionos I don't know how you how you pronounce it but it's the xynos e x y NOS 9611 this is an older phone it came out in January of 2020.

um I got a deal on it used I I was attracted to this phone I'm not going to be using it for mining I'm just testing it on on various right now but I was attracted to this phone because it is a uh like ruggedized Galaxy I haven't seen many of them that are ruggedized I noticed the first thing is it does have a removable battery it does accept SD card so that's cool I can you know pop some extra memory in there and uh pull the put the back cover back on and it does have flat glass unlike this one which has the rolled edges and that has enabled them to crack basically like all over the place so this the S9 has not held up great hopefully this one will hold up better but I got it on back Market this is not sponsored by them or anything but it was like 40 something dollars 50 bucks after shipping and stuff so I can't really complain now as for performance Wise It's performing about on the level of the TCA or TCL A3 but I couldn't find that that phone was only 30 bucks but that one's carrier locked to um some I think it's like total Wireless or something yeah but uh and I use uh Verizon so of course Verizon phones are a little bit pickier because they use the CDMA network and I couldn't find uh another cheap relatively decent as a Samsung phone I do use an iPhone for like my normal everyday stuff but I need Samsung for my work line um that but that does mean my S9 is going to be put into the the mining rack as we're gonna call it uh here soon so I just am currently was getting done with testing it and then I'm going to swap all the stuff over to it now as for specs on this bad boy let's see here four gigs of RAM yeah it's that it is an eight core CPU and it supports up to 15 watts of uh charging so yeah not necessarily the best thing in the world but definitely not the worst thing in the world if we go over to luck pool we'll see uh there it is varus Miner 3.4 Mega hash which it's the one 3.3 at the moment so cooking right along and our 24 hour average is up to 9.1 Mega hash so I'm pretty happy about that but with that being said I'm gonna jump off here for tonight I hope everybody's having a great one and I will see you on the next one peace adios all that kind of stuff bye

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