CPU mining profitability is way up

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CPU mining has seen a huge increase in profitability on Monero here's over on nice has getting converted to bitcoin it's doing $353 a day or about 331 after power that's the 5800 X 3D if you have a 5950 X they're doing about $352 a day or about 327 after power and if you got the big mama 7950 x $391 a day before power $362 a day after power all right checking on eBay Buy It Now lowest shipping and uh price it looks like $ 299 will get you into a 5800 x3d or about 315 and they just go up from that so if profitability holds out on those bad boys that means they could pay themselves off in about 100 days do I think it's going to hold out probably not that's just the way things go later guys.

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