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all right so what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel and I've been messing around with some of the other phones I've had I got like all my old galaxies like this is a Galaxy S5 Sport um some of them will not work some of them will uh so we're gonna go over the requirements for Mining varus and if you have some old phones you can look it up because it might not be worth the time like I had to for some reason leave this thing plugged in for a absurd amount of time I had to basically fully charge before it let me turn it on don't know why but this thing hasn't had power in a long time so it was surprising um now one phone that did surprise me is the Galaxy Note 5 and um it actually mines pretty well the only issue is it's a warm one it gets a little gets a little warm it's a little hot straight up hot um I did let me flip this around and I did end up uh lowering the core count that's mining on the uh Galaxy flip some people were telling me to remove the back cover off of the flip uh but the they don't really come off very easily and they're like metal and they're I think they're like form fitted uh so I don't want to break it um so lowering the core count made it run cooler and it made it run stable pretty much all day today so I was happy with that I'd rather run a little bit lower speed and it'd be stable than constantly having heating or overheating issues or potentially take the back cover off and break it so let me show you guys that and then I'll also show you the the Note 5 that I've had to cut the cores down on that as well to make sure it doesn't overheat all right so before we get into the phones and stuff uh the big thing that I'm running into is a 64-bit processor the Galaxy S5 Sport has a 32-bit Snapdragon 801 um yeah and then uh that's the note five get a S5 sport has the Snapdragon 801 and the 801 is a 32-bit architecture and it's only a four core so uh that is unfortunate because we're not gonna be able to mine varus on this I might explore mining some other stuff though just to put her to work in some kind of way um now the Note 5 has a what is it [Music] 7420 I looked that one up that is a 64-bit and that's an eight core processor only drawbacks to this bad boy is it's a warm one um right now let me show you guys hold on I just switched pools so the speed's not fully up we are up times only 5.05 of an hour um running six cores out of the eight cores and she'll stay below 40 degrees celsius it levels off at around 35 or 36 degrees Celsius that's with no active air just letting it sit up above uh on this wood um I have the uh the Galaxy Flip 2 right here running six cores and it's pretty much settled off at around 3.1 Mega hash give or take and um and it it stays around 30 right now it's at 28 it's actually a little cool in here but around low 30 degrees Celsius during the day during the heat um I actually installed the miner and I was running this on the default wallet address just to see how it was going to do because I didn't know if it would just keep overheating uh and and then I knocked it down a couple cores and it seems to be six cores is uh is where it's happy so we'll let that bad boy run we're gonna let that bad boy run um I don't I'm no longer running it on my um my S9 being that I have some you know Dave day-to-day stuff that I still use this phone for um I don't want to run it on that just because it does it does suck the battery down even if you have it just set on One Core um yeah there's the S5 that does not work I tried a couple of those tablets and all the tablets I was running across I have like the cheap Android tablets hold on let me flip this around uh I have a couple of the cheap Android tablets for my son well I have two sons now but um so that way like when we go on road trips and stuff we have like Thomas the Train downloaded movies for him but every single one of them have had that that I have has a 32-bit uh processor so none of them will run the varus miner which stinks because I have like three of them uh because we'll buy them anytime they go on sale they're like 20 30 bucks like super cheap um so that's unfortunate because we could absolutely throw those bad boys into the mine there there's one more that I haven't tried uh it was it was a cheap one though so I imagine it probably does not have a 64-bit people were asking me about iPhones and and jailbreaking them and all that kind of stuff I only have my daily iPhone and I don't want to get into that because that's that's my main phone uh so probably wouldn't suggest it I don't know how they do though I haven't really looked into it um let me pull up uh the pool here and show you where we're at stat wise all right so here are my stats currently um I just ended up so varus minor is no longer mining but it still has data on there so it's going to take a full 24 hours for that to fall off Flip 2 and Note 5 are the individual phones so the hash rate on that is spooling up as it goes over time so starting it now into tomorrow I should have a good 24 hour run with those so we'll see where they're at and um that kind of thing so yeah yeah that's that's pretty much where we're at uh balance is .05 which is a whopping two cents so um we did I believe this was when we had some internet outage uh this morning that got it fixed like midday we had a bad storm just the other day so they've been working on stuff but uh yeah I think we're I think we're somewhat solid now um yeah not not exactly sure um but people were telling me I need to take a look at the batteries because they will swell over time and I was like well this is the a03s and apparently this one has uh the good battery but when I look it says it has a lipo 5000 milliamp which lipo is what like you know that's what the Note 5 has and that's what the flip the Z flip has was a lipo um but then I look at like an LG Tribute because I have one of these phones tribute Empire and this one has a lithium ion and when I look it up it says LiPO batteries are the ones that swell and lithium-ion are not so I'm wondering why people are recommending and saying that the a03s is the one that has the good battery and a good processor because I don't maybe I'm I just need to do some more Googling and maybe this website has the wrong information I'm not sure all right I really need to find I had two of these phones at one time because I bought them just to test out by the way everywhere that I look online says the a03s has a lipo battery not a lithium ion so um if somebody could be so kind to comment down below and let me know but the tributes have an eight core processor and they have a Lithium-Ion battery and then I looked up the CPU it's the mt6750 and it happens to be a 64-bit CPU so these should be able to mine um varus and these were very cheap at one time let me do some looking all right so looking online these LG tributes seem to be going cheap there's a couple different ones there's the Empire there's the dynasty Dynasty I think the dynasty has the same uh the M Media Tech yeah eight core mediatek processor let me see if it's the exact same one or not um yeah the six seven five zero and that was the six seven five zero so it looks like the dynasty was just a different name for different carriers but it's basically the same phone 25 million 2500 milliamp small battery um but yeah I I really need I have these somewhere uh packed up I need to find these and test these out so um yeah anyway guys thanks for watching just keeping that ball rolling and I will see you guys on the next one hopefully I'll be able to take a look at these because if we can um these are these are some cheap phones to pick up they're all over the place for like nothing let's see there's a tribute Dynasty for 20 bucks free shipping 29 uh 17 27 I wonder if they mine well I don't know only time will tell anyway um yeah if you have one of these phones and you've tested it please comment down below I I'm super curious with that being said I'm gonna jump off here I'll see y'all on the next one adios

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