Cell Phone Mining vs CPU Verus

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all right so ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel and I've noticed a couple people commenting and saying like why don't you just mine varus on a CPU and I have done that um I haven't done it exclusively I just kind of tested it and pulled it off there but um there's one guy that's commented a few times and people have commented underneath him and he was like dude just get a ryzen 9 3900x used uh and then put it on varus because they get 25 Mega hash and I'm like let's see what they're going for let's see if this is plausible obviously this and ain't none of it profitable it ain't never gonna make its money back I mean this is me you know planning for the worst hoping for the best um but I I figured it might make a good video to just roll through everything together so this is currently the cheapest Buy It Now on eBay for a ryzen 9 3900x working with no issues 185 dollars I'd say that's actually a pretty good deal so let's we'll start off I'm just throwing together a bare bone system so 185 bucks we're gonna add on 75 for our motherboard let's say just a generic am4 motherboard that'll run this um let's say another fifty dollars for a power supply because you gotta have a power supply um then you need a little bit of ram let's say you you absolutely skimp out spend 40 bucks on RAM so you're up to 350 bucks um then you just need a we'll say a twenty dollar solid state or USB I guess you could run it off a USB if you're running like simple Miner or something we'll say 20 bucks for like a cheap SSD um now this doesn't come with a cooler so you will need a cooler uh I'm gonna be generous here and say you know 30 bucks probably end up being a little bit more than that but look at that ladies and gentlemen you're at 400 to get 25 Mega hash and I checked on hashrate.no and it looks like yeah various coin right here on a 3900x does 25.1 Mega hash and that's at 105 Watts reason why that's important is because these phones definitely don't burn no 100 Watts but they don't make 25 Mega hash either so um a really popular one that I have not got my hands on so I I'm not going to speak off of that phone from you know having no experience with it but I am going to speak off of the TCL A3 so I have one of those it's been running rocks solids Rock Solid steady at 3.5 Mega hash out of the box it's not overheating it's not doing anything crazy you don't have to go mod nothing or change nothing and right now they're 39 on Amazon let's see what they are on on Walmart they're 39 on Walmart they were on sale for 29 they were 10 off but you know what we'll go with the higher price point just to just to see how it turns out now these do come with a power brick and a cable so for and we didn't do ad tax onto the eBay stuff so we're not going to add tax onto this either just to keep that out of the equation because different states have different taxes and blah blah blah just trying to keep it super simple so we got our we'll round it up to 40 bucks might as well forty dollars gets us 3.5 Mega hash right so to get 25 Mega hash we'll divide that by 3.5 that means we need 7.1 phones so our seven times forty we're at 280 bucks hmm interesting so we still have room to go um for 400 bucks you can get four or ten phones you know divide that by 40 that's 10 phones 10 phones times 3.5 megahash equals 35 Mega hash so a budget used parts been thrown together 3900x system could pay for 10 brand new cell phones some people would argue and say that the cell phones aren't going to have as long of a shelf life um oh you're gonna have battery swell you're gonna have this you're gonna have that um potentially I don't know I just haven't done it long enough myself I I am running a 5 watt fan cooling mine I do have the back cover removed by the way the TCL A3 does have a removable back cover you don't have to like tear the phone apart to get the back of it off so that's kind of nice it's um it's currently mining at 26 degrees Celsius on all cores so it's not really getting like super hot or anything um but just trying to trying to keep with uh with with what I know apparently the Galaxy a03s if you can find them for the right price uh they do almost five Mega Hash A little over four Mega hash um and they have a a really good battery in them one that doesn't swell um so you get more benefits there but I don't have that one yet I'm gonna order one of those just to try it out uh but it's just for me right now and the thing is is I have like CPUs which I need to get one of those up and running just to have like a good comparison um oh I forgot let's let's not forget the actual like power draw on these so earlier I was talking and I was like oh you know I think blah blah this one's probably using 5 10 watts what's hard to know without actually having a kilowatt meter um but a buddy of mine reached out to me he's run a different a couple different phones and one with a similar chipset as the TCL A3 he actually has the TCL a3x we're gonna be going over that in another video coming up hopefully you guys are ready for more phone mining content because we're kind of going to be doing some phone mining content until the store gets open um the store videos I basically put on pause until we move in because there's no reason no need to talk about it but anyway the TCL a3x has a slightly um higher clock speed uh chipset or CPU in it and he's doing eight Watts on his at Full Tilt so I would imagine the one with the same architecture but lower clock speed it's probably doing less but we'll round up and we'll say it's doing eight Watts like the big boy so um to equal outer 25 Mega hash is seven phones times eight Watts we're looking at half the wattage 56 Watts instead of that 100 and 105 Watts for 25 Mega hash um so if you say if you spent 400 bucks you bought 10 of these you have 10 of them times eight you're you're doing 80 Watts for 35 Mega hash so less wattage more hash some would say easier setup some would say worse setup uh some people would say oh it's more confusing because you have a spread across more devices and then you know some people would argue oh well it's more devices so if if one of them goes down it doesn't take the whole thing down so like if the CPU mining rig goes down all 25 megahertz are gone but if one phone goes down you know you might still have five six seven eight nine phones still running so there's pros and cons to everything uh I'm not making these cell phone mining videos being like you don't need to CPU mine CPU mining is bad I don't that's not what I'm saying here guys I'm just exploring another side of the Hobby and I never really got big into the cell phone mining back in like the electroneum days um I wish I did more I only had like three or four phones I'm actually surpassed that already now I have four phones and we're gonna be ordering some more that that's going to be on the next video um but it's just I I like it it's interesting you know and then at the end of the day if you're done with it you can throw them on eBay put them mark them down really really cheap and they'll still sell you can get your money back out of them obviously you probably could get your money back better out of like used PC Hardware I don't know it's it's a toss-up toss up either way but um wrapping this up full circle the ryzen 9 3900x is not more efficient and it's not cheaper and it doesn't produce more hash rate for the dollar then cell phone mining on various coin like with those caveats can you do more with Verizon 3900x absolutely you can actually mine and make more money doing uh random X so it looks like you can make 53 cents a day and that profits about 27 cents a day on nice hash random X which is Monero or doing straight Monero you're only profiting 10 cents Zephyr apparently is profiting 40 cents but yeah so I have some 3 900 X's that I'll probably put into service and I'm probably gonna put those on random X put those on Monera because I don't I just don't see putting them on various coin actually right now it says various coin would be losing four cents a day because it's only generating 22 cents a day so yeah it's pretty much that's how the cookie crumbles ladies and gentlemen um and not making this video to like you know to bash this or bash that I just kind of wanted to clear up maybe a little bit of misinformation that was going on in the comments section um not trying to steer people towards cell phone my cell phone mining or away from cell phone mining it's just something something different um and I do also I really like the low barrier of Entry to get into like classically GPU or CPU mining you need a whole system you need hundreds of dollars if you want to get into cell phone mining you need an old phone or even your current phone you could do it on it I know I've talked to some guys that they turn on their minor whenever they go to bed they plug their phone in and they run the miner then or if while they're at work they plug the phone in at work and let it run there and then whenever they they leave and unplug it they turn it off so it doesn't you know destroy their battery and run the dead um and then if you want to expand you're only expanding in small increments so for example oh let me spend 30 40 bucks and grab another phone add a little bit more hash rate in like increments um that doesn't always work for everybody but you know some people on a budget that's why you don't see me with a whole wall full of cell phones you know what I'm saying but uh so anyway I'm gonna wrap this up didn't mean this to be a super long video I just thought it was interesting because I was doing some old napkin math upstairs and I'm just like because he almost had me convinced the comments like you know why am I wasting my time with these cell phones when I could just we just plug in a 3900x and wipe the floor with these but they would burn more power and costs more even though technically it wouldn't cost me more because I already have it but why would I mine variscoin with it when I can make money more money mining something else it's just a whole it's a conundrum yeah it's conundrum all right anyway y'all have a good night out of use bye

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