Cellphone Mining is Back!

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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel I know it's been a while got a lot cooking a lot a lot coming up but uh we're not talking about that we're talking about phone mining today so in the past it was an actual thing then it fell off there's a lot of scams in between and now it looks like it's actually back um spoiler alert it's not gonna get anybody rich but um it works uh it does actually work and it makes more than mining like Monero and stuff on a phone which was fractions of a penny a day this is very various coin there are some others that are popping up now it's like the new hot thing um but yeah let me flip this around and show you I have um a Galaxy Flip 2 which is a newer phone it's got a semi-newer uh processor in it I'll show you the hash rate it's getting and then I'll show you the hash rate some other stuff's getting um and what we're projected to make all right so here's my old Galaxy flip I ended up retiring this phone because every time I would open it and close it the screen would get all messed up um but it still works if I leave it open and it's just if I close it it's hard to get the screen up uh but it's it's mining just under four Mega hash it hit 3.92 and the uptime's only been about .07 just a few minutes so I'm gonna let this bad boy run for a little bit longer we're going to be doing an update video and then I have a couple more other phones I have a old cracked I think this is a S9 I believe but I'm gonna throw it on that and see what kind of different hash rates um also let me see here what CPU that was the two dpu um that is the Snapdragon 888 core so just for reference Snapdragon 888 temperature I got this lifted up right here because the back of it is a little warm but temperature seems to be decent so yeah all right let's get it put on this one and actually this is probably a good good way to show you guys where we're at and I want to be so um you can go to the Play Store this is the easiest way I saw and just type in virus v-e-r-u-s minor you can no longer download it directly from the play store but you can download various box also varus mobile from autonomous software is a their official wallet so you can download the wallet get a wallet address you'll need that for mining but virus box you can download and install and this has a link directly to the various Miner give that a second all right so we'll open that and you can go to tools down here in the bottom right and then mining and then click download and there's the various Miner so it's APK download this is an Android thing I don't believe they have an apple Miner so open that file Samsung internet for your security settings not allowed to install Unknown app so let's click settings allow from the source go back and now we can click install turn on play protect Google Play protect regularly checks your apps not none of that all right now let's open that and add a setting and you will need to remove the wallet address that's in there um I gotta look my other wallet address up right now I just wanted to see what this thing with mine at so add a setting you'll also need to set how many cores you want the application to use so one core would mean you just want to run in the background it's not going to get a lot of hash rate but it'll get something and your phone's still usable you set it all to all eight cores and save it with the correct wallet address you can go back to settings and click here to change it change any of that stuff but then we can go to mining you set which one you want to mine you go down here you click Start yes optimize battery usage yes you want that to be a label to run in the background and it spools up it takes about a minute and it'll kind of level off and show you the hash rate where where she's sitting at being that this is an older phone it should be less maybe not it's still an eight core just an older eight core you have spikes up there and then it'll level off that one hit three 3.92 this one's 3.9 hmm okay well that's interesting it looks like it's hanging with the newer phone very surprising uh I'm gonna go check and see I got some older Android phones and uh it doesn't seem to be very like intensive on the phone so yeah that is a Galaxy S9 S9 CPU uh S9 is a Snapdragon 845 so it's still an eight core just an older eight core but uh it looks like it's hanging with the newer Snapdragon so pretty cool um now as for profitability I am going to link sub fintech's video he does a good job of breaking down profitability it's not profitable um yeah let me actually pull up I think there was a calculator bear with me all right so this is on miner stat we put in four Mega hash I went ahead and rounded up so this will be one of my phones uh looks like 3.4 cents in the last 24 hours or 25 cents in a week so I believe that phone's burning more than three cents a day um I will yeah yeah I don't think it's actually profitable but I'll look up the power consumption uh let's see here I probably need to actually put it on like a meter because it's charging the phone faster than it's discharging but regardless three cents a day right now I got both those phones running so it's about maybe six cents a day we ain't ain't nothing to write home about but I'm gonna set up a couple funds and I'm gonna do a follow-up video this is just me dipping my feet back in it uh got more stuff coming up soon thanks for watching guys I'll see you on the next one

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