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all right guys just gonna make a quick video I noticed these went on sale on Walmart this is a TCL a3x slightly different than the A3 I'm not ex I'm not sure exactly how much hash rate these are gonna put out um my A3 is currently doing 3.4 bounces between 3.4 to 3.5 Mega hash uh but if you compare this one has a different CPU in it this one actually has a Snapdragon 460 and in all the like traditional benchmarks it outperforms it and um in pretty much every category um see here yeah like everything single core multi-core on geekbench 3D mark it uh so it's a faster CPU and it's 33 right now marked down from 69 so don't know how long this is going to last on Walmart I'm gonna go ahead and order one that way I can see what it does and uh we'll go from there as for battery I think people were asking about the the battery I don't know if this has got the good battery or not probably not for the price and there's the TCL A3 that I have it was 29 it's back up to 39 now but I'm hoping this one's going to be pretty good um supposed to be better and the fact that somebody was said what about locked well it doesn't matter if it's locked or unlocked that means it can only be used on straight talk but we're not putting service on it we're just running them off of Wi-Fi so I'm gonna go ahead and order this now uh just a quick little video so hopefully I'm hoping this will be a four Mega hash phone if it is and I get it in in time I'd like to jump on a few more of these I think they could be a potentially a good way to expand the farm because everybody and their brother is buying all of the Galaxy a03s's I can't even touch them for less than like 50 bucks right now unless you get like a used one but um then you don't know exactly what you're buying so anyway yeah keeping that short and sweet I'll see you all on the next one peace

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