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all right ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel today I'm doing some testing on the xon this is the 2650 V4 we have uh some actually 19 or sorry 20 more of these bundles coming in 10 of them with ram 10 of them without Ram so check out the uh the pre-orders live on bc-pc docomo single channel in and threw it on nice hash we are running with the Intel presets correct and it settled out to about 1,000 hash so the max spiked up to 4,000 I don't know if that's something to do with the ram because the huge pages I don't know if there's enough RAM to run it or not but Ram's really high at the moment um that's only 8 cents a day currently but that is a low 1,000 hash or 1 kilohash so I'm going to shut this whole thing down stick another stick of ram in there get her running on Dual Channel and see if that makes any difference so let's do it all right so we are running dual Channel 2 8 GB sticks of I believe this is 3200 um the temperature on the all the cores is under 40° C uh our Max was 38 so we're running very cool on this very like cheap little cooler design um we are only hitting 2 5 or 2.49 uh GHz all core don't know if that's the limit on this chip or not I thought it was higher than that but I'm not 100% sure um in dual Chan we're doing 5.1 kilohash comes out to 37 cents a day five right at 5 Kash or 5.1 it does slightly a little bit more whenever I have a HW monitor closed um is there anything else in here that's interesting the [Music] memory memory temperatures rx550 what about the motherboard oh something's something's 110 degrees C right there temp in eight that the vrms maybe temp and8 but it's the minimum was 110 the maximum was 110 it's like maybe that temperature stuck there it's not moving it's not fluctuating actually none of those temperatures are fluctuating um on the uh the motherboard that is odd almost like they're not actual real readings you notice that whereas down here these guys are fluctuating on the CPU huh I'm curious that's it's odd but um not unheard of especially on like a uh Chinese motherboard like touching these I mean these are warm but they're not like 110° C so what about those down there no those aren't either I don't know what's running 110° C but um I'm going to let this do a burn in and let this run for a while just to see if it's reliable um and I guess we'll check back in and tomorrow and and see how it's doing so yeah this is the 2650 V4 and um we'll see you on the flip side and if anybody knows what that temp in8 sensor is I'm very curious about that I don't imagine anything would like to be running at 110° C for very long but we're about to run her into the ground all right later guys see you on the next one bye what's up ladies and gentlemen just checking back in and little update that TMP apparently I was looking Googling it and a lot of people on weird motherboards or even some mainstream cheaper motherboards looks like uh they the sensors are either either left off or deadheaded um and it doesn't give out correct readings that's why it shows up as like 100 plus degrees celsus just locked just just there right off the bat and it doesn't move a lot of people were freaking out about it like oh my God it's what's overheating um and just come to find out it's it's nothing it's just maybe bad software no or good software bad Hardware I don't know anyway but um she's been mining happily ever since I I left uh it's coming on about a seven hours now and the pool side accepted hash rate speed which is typically a little bit lower on nice hash uh we're sitting at 316 Kash so I don't know if that's settled down a little bit from earlier um it looks like the accepted speed's been pretty pretty steady uh earlier it was a accepted speed about 3.9 so and then it settled out after about an hour to about 3.1 3.3 if I look at it over a full 24 hours which it hasn't hit a 24 hour scale yet so I don't have a really good idea yet uh but yeah it says uh 3.3 Kash actually or 32 cents a day and that's that you know 2650 V4 actually let me flip it around so you guys can see all right so there's she is 2650 V4 I don't know why it's showing zero here but um it's showing like it's currently hashing and putting in like active workers accepted hash average hash I don't know I don't know if that's a glitch or maybe Wi-Fi or is not happy not sure but yeah fun stuff fun fun stuff so yeah she's uh I'm going to let her run and um we'll do a full burn in and I'll check on it tomorrow in the morning and see what she's mining at probably going to be pulling that 550 out of there and putting a u more beefy GPU in just to put off a little bit of extra heat because it's still pretty cold my office right now is currently 4 6° F and this is my space heater right here beside me um I started putting up some like moving blankets and stuff not only for sound deadening but also like for some extra insulation um obviously I'm not done with that yet and like see I have holes and gaps and stuff in here um but I just turned this on so I could get a little bit of stuff done in here and man it's it's freezing it is it's getting getting really cold so yeah and instead of running more of these I need to run more graphics cards and CPUs uh anyway guys peace out I'll see youall on the next one and um yeah if you made it all the way till this far in the video um big shout out you guys are the real ogs and if you want to buy something on the BC DPC shop or it's bc- pc.com um go ahead and put in code five the number and then off no capitals no spaces five off that'll get you 5% off of anything you put in your car part so um adding some more stuff here in the next couple days have some more nvmes coming in I know you guys are are pumped about that and then also hold on let's pull it up here we have a new uh Discord just for um like inventory deals so bcpc this is just I literally am just posting inventory deals in here so if you're wanting inventory updates and stuff join it link is down below in the description or if you go to bc- pc.com um and look at the like underneath categories there's a option for or sorry not categories where is it hold on let's just let's just go there together pc- pc.com there it is you can click Discord right there and that'll give you an invite link to the the the deals Discord or the inventory Discord but yeah anyway I'm going to bed later guys

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