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all right ladies and gentlemen switching it up a little bit on today's video so um I guess you can call this this is more based on the computer store but um had some guys come in a really good friend of mine actually and uh he got a motherboard and he was like yeah looking for some RAM and you know like CPU and stuff and I was like where'd you get this motherboard cuz I noticed the price on it was very attractive and it was like a seventh or sorry a 700 series Intel which is like you know 12th 13th gen like new but really good price so I was just like where where'd you get this and he was like man there's one of those like bin places that's like a liquidator uh go check it out they got in the back they got a whole huge electronic section uh and I'm like all right well yeah let's go up there maybe I can find a little bit of stuff to um to fill out some inventory because I'd love some like newer generation motherboards that don't set me back very much I could just kind of have ready for whenever people come in um so let's go see if this is a [Music] bust [Music] all right that was a bust um definitely one of those places that uh it's all like Amazon returns and stuff like that he had a couple motherboards in there he had a z790 really nice like Asus Rog like actually really nice motherboard um and he's like yeah man I'll do it for like 150 I'm like I looked it up online you know I think that board was going for like two something and I'm like it's not a bad deal like uh you mind if I open it up and like take a look at the socket I want to make sure it doesn't have any bent pens or anything he's like yeah it's fine just whatever like the guy he don't care um open it up it doesn't have a cover over the socket I can clearly see it's got like a section I don't know about yay big probably like 20 pins just bent right over and I'm like I don't I'm not want to spend aund and something bucks for a chance to fix it and no no so they had some other stuff uh I got a picture they had a full build in there oh gosh it's hot it's hot hold on they had a full build in there and I think it was a um was a 8700k a z390 so a little bit older uh they wanted like 600 bucks for it not a horrible price but the um it was definitely like heavily used uh the case looked like it had kind of been through the ringer um a lot of these newer cases especially they just don't hold up well over time uh cuz they're just cheap they're made they're made cheap they're thin so they they Bend and crackle and pop real easy uh and that's fine I understand that their price on it yeah was like 650 bucks I don't know it's just it's high everything in there is either the price on it was High um or it was like probably broken like that motherboard was a good deal but it was probably well you know it it had pins bent so the pins needed to be bent back to be able to use it um yeah so oh well anyway I called my buddy back and the one that had bought the motherboard up there and I was just like hey man you know went by I didn't really see anything you know they they rotate inventory out a bunch and he's like yeah yeah yeah he's like actually I can't get my system to post and I'm like did you check the pins on the motherboard he's like I didn't even pay attention and um so he's like I'm going to bring it by the shop on Wednesday and uh I have a good feeling that potentially that motherboard's got some bent pins as well U and that's why he was able to get it for a really good deal oh well um it's worth a try and I guess if I was desperate and didn't have anything going on I could could have grabbed that motherboard try to fix it uh the only thing I don't like is those places pretty pretty typical for them to have have a zero refund no return policy can't once you buy it it's yours so if you buy a paper weight it's your paper weight as for gpus they had a couple gpus in there price is Sky High in my opinion on the gpus had had a 1070 in there wanted 175 bucks for it um I don't even think 1070s are going for that much on eBay like just straight up resale price uh and that's one of their big things on the walls everywhere it says you know Buy Here Sell on eBay make profit and I'm like dude at some a majority of your prices for all your legitimately probably working stuff you're not going to be able to resell that and make a profit but it is what it is um I asked him if he had any processors he didn't have any processors cuz I was really interested he had like a little workbench area set up to where you could like plug some stuff in like graphics cards to test them um but I was curious to see if we could try to test out maybe some of the other motherboards prices on those weren't as is good so it led me to believe that maybe those motherboards worked oh well it is what it is uh he also had a 2070 super um at first he said the price was 250 and then he said it was 200 it's one of those places where there's not a single price listed on anything um that's kind of a pet peeve of mine so it really makes me want to go ahead and get a label maker and start putting prices on everything cuz it's super intimidating coming in and having to ask questions like how much is this how much is that how much is that um because there's no prices is listed so just by going there today it I did benefit from the fact that I realized I do that in my shop I have a bunch of stuff out and I have no prices on anything I need to fix that I need to work on that even if my pric is um you know I can haggle on them a little bit I still need to have a base price listed because that's super annoying um but yeah so oh well maybe we'll try to come back in a week from now and see if they have anything else uh but I'll go ahead and drop that picture of that pre-built I guess right now and I'll see youall on the next one so my first time trying to go to one of those big amazon box resellers it was a bust um yeah yeah I was going to try to record more but uh when I came over to the motherboard and opened it up and then he walks back over and I like take my my phone out uh just to use it as a flashlight to like look down on the pins he's like we don't want to do no recing no pictures in here and I'm like yeah that's that's fine I don't know why whatever somebody's yelling over there yo yo anyway all right guys see you on the next one adios all right ladies and gentlemen so I ended up picking up another alien wear um guy originally talked to about trading in and then he he finally decided that he just wanted uh he hit me back up and just wanted cash for it so that's fine too um you know we do that every now and then this is an 7700k and a 1080 TI apparently I didn't really check it over uh got it for pretty decent deal um I think I already have it sold cuz there's a couple people that were interested in the last alien wear I had one almost identical to this there we go pull that side panel off and um it sold pretty quick so I reached back out to uh couple of those people and they were like yeah you know I definitely want it so hold on let me turn my light on real quick okay there we go let's oh let's unplug this power supply and I believe just like the other one that's just slides out of the way so looks like yeah identical motherboard running probably 16 gigs of let's see what kind of ram it's got in there I'm going to guess like 3200 MHz maybe so there's a 8 gig stick of 2666 so yeah that's not not no 3200 but it is still ddr4 so I guess that is that is that is one of the good things about it all right so the Ram's in there GTX huh red PCB that's a different one I don't know if this is a Alienware OEM we got a loose Sata cable there what do we have for a storage Drive do we have a storage Drive I don't see anything which is fine I thought he said it had a 1 tab in it but you know what for the price I paid it is what it is I can't complain I know I was going to I was hoping there was a like an m.2 up underneath the graphics card but I don't I don't feel one as for this graphics card kind of want to pull it out of there this bracket looks Factory I think P that bad boy over here and then what do we have it doesn't have any part numbers on it just say GTX so it is supposed to be a 1080 we'll cross our fingers because there's no markings the fact that it does use a a six pin and an8 pin for power that leads me to be hopeful that it's it's not a 1070 cuz the 1070s only had a single eight pin um but let me reinstall this I'm going to close it up we'll Boot It Up go into BIOS and see what it's looking like and of course it's got the alien wear aiio with the uh it's a 120 radiator up top these were a really cool design um it stinks that they kind of fell off yeah there's the nvme slot right there so there's no nvme in it there's no storage drive it is what it is we'll have to put one in there all right guys she is up and running I noticed this side panel the RGB on it is going in and out randomly is it flickers there is some like contacts on the inside of this that transfer power back and forth so I'm going to try to clean up those contacts uh this side panel lights up so yeah not a deal breaker but you know it is unfortunate now he did tell me it had a 7700 K in it this actually has a 8700k in my opinion that is a that's a big jump up in performance you're talking about going from a 4 core8 thread 7700k to a 6 core 12 thread 8700k I'd much rather have a 8700k every day of the week so um you know what we took the gamble on it it was a good enough price that basically the CPU makes up for buying the whole thing it is unfortunate there is no storage there's no uh no drives in it um cuzz I I swear I thought he said it had a 1 t but it may not have I don't know it was one of those deals that popped up quick he called me and um we just made it happen now as for it does have you know the 16 gigs of ddr4 and it's running at the 2666 I had my monit or keyboard plugged in I was going down below um I can't see what kind of GPU it is right now uh and I don't have any drives here at the house they're all at the shop so I'm going to grab a storage drive I'll throw Windows on this bad boy I guess I could plug in Hive but I don't have any more ethernet ports I'm maxed out on ethernet at the moment yeah I need to bring me a bigger switch to the house cuz now that I'm doing some mining stuff that's kind of eating up a lot but um oh just so you guys you know will chill out a little bit I am going to be slotting some GP use into these CPU only rigs uh and we're going to be doing some unminable on that the new I don't remember what it was but it's that coin that's making a bunch of money so I don't necessarily want the coin cuz I'm afraid it's a hot potato and I don't want to have it when it falls but um I do want some other coins so it is on unminable now apparently so we'll mine it on there get paid out in something else but yeah other than that ladies and gentlemen I'm going to call it for tonight y'all have a good one peace out and um wish me Lu getting these stickers off of here man I I hate when people put stickers on Stu like why is there a Asus strick sticker on an alien wear I don't know there's no ASUS in this thing oh well peace

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