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what is up ladies and gentlemen so uh just to touch base on a couple things cuz people keep asking me are you mining are you still into crypto that kind of thing um yeah I still have some stuff mining um but am I mining like large scale no um I do want to turn more miners on the only issue is I'm in North Carolina over here on the east coast and it hasn't got cold yet um so I wanted to put some miners in my house to help out with heat but we haven't really needed much heat actually the last few days it's been up in the 80s during the day and at night it dips down into like the 50s so um like the house just pretty much holds enough heat to where everything's good um we do have like some little small heaters in the kids' room so just to keep them a little bit warmer but um yeah I do want to do more Mining and I do want to supplement heat and that's a great option uh in places where it's super cold you guys should already be doing it now how I want to actually do it is going to be a whole another process so here come with me out into my garage it's my little the little office but um so I want to put some inside and I think like in years past I'm just going to put together a big full ATX motherboard uh inside or not even a full ATX motherboard but a full full size ATX Tower and put like three or four graphics cards inside of the Tower and have the CPU and all the graphics cards Mining and put that Tower somewhere over in the corner out of the way and just run it off of a hive USB or a hive uh SSD so basically just to run it headless no monitor needed uh just keep it super simple and just pump off some heat um I was thinking probably like 3 or 4 30 60 TI which would be a good fit that's a good power range uh a single power supply should be able to supply that no issues um and then whatever cpu's in there we'll turn that CPU on Just for some additional heat now another thing that I did want to do is in my garage um it has like a single layer of this really cheap insulation so it's not insulated very well um I don't have much in here other than I normally have my car in here but I have I have my car pulled out outside cuz we were doing a whole bunch of going through boxes for the computer sorry for the computer shop but um I do want to pull my car back in here and I do want it to hold temperature just a little bit better so I think I'm actually going to set a rig up out here um don't know the exact spot but I'm thinking I'll put an octo Miner or one of my mining motherboards go ahead and fill it up 8 gpus uh and let that run in here just to uh add some extra heat now I do know that this door right here is uninsulated and those are a huge heat leaking point or you know thermal loss um so I am going to order one of the uh like roll up garage door insulation kits where basically it's kind of like this this white stuff but you stick it all to that uh just to essentially have some sort of thermal barrier cuz right now it's literally it just kind of acts like a big metal heat sink cuz that's all it is it's just a big piece of metal but uh I figured I would I'd do an update video because I know I've been doing a lot of content about the um the computer shop that's what's been taking my priority at the moment um but we're still doing crypto stuff so look out for that I am still mining on my cell phones going to be doing an update video on that probably at the end of this week um but yeah it's just it's a it's a little late in the season and the temperature just hasn't turned turned yet so I think this week we're actually yeah mid this week I think Wednesday is our first day we're going to get under freezing um all year so it's coming time to start turning on the old miners is coming cuz I'd much rather mine heck I'd rather mine at a loss and make something make anything than turn my electric heat on and make nothing um so yeah obviously I don't think um I'm going to fully offset my heating with crypto but if it can just help a little bit or you know 10 20 30 40% of my heating that can go a long way um once we get further into winter where the days don't get as warm cuz right now it's like I don't want to throw way too much in there and then during the day it's too hot and I got to turn rigs off uh so it's almost kind of like a scaled solution we'll just add more as it gets colder and go from there but um yeah yeah that's that's kind of the plan for for mining at the moment uh I know a lot of people saw what Bitcoin did they're like oh Bitcoin shot up it's time to start mining again yeah um yeah I mean mining still isn't that much more profitable than it was a month ago so yeah people are getting excited over the little things anyway I wanted to thank you guys for coming out I really appreciate it uh um hope you guys are are loving the the new content that's coming out because I have a bunch of stuff with the store uh and just it's just going to keep coming so anyway thank you guys by the way also if you made it this far in the video you know what you guys OG's gangsters appreciate y'all and uh for everybody that's bought a uh a launch t-shirt for the store um really thank you uh I do appreciate it um if you want one we haven't launched the store officially we have not opened yet I've just done some some little stuff here and there trying to get everything totally up and ready because uh I want to announce a grand opening and a launch day um the launch shirts are not going to be available after we open uh we're going to transition over to a different t-shirt um and um we are going to end up doing the plaque uh so I contacted the company and all my launch day supporters everybody that buys a t-shirt they are overpriced but it is it's is helping support the shop get open um everybody is going to go on that plaque that wants to be on it there's a couple people that already emailed me and said that they don't want their name on there and that's cool that's fine uh but everybody that doesn't mind their name being on there we're going to be on the plaque launch day supporters and it's going to be hanging in the shop and uh I just really sincerely appreciate that from the bottom of my heart like for real you guys are on another level um but yeah yeah oh that was the other thing um so grand opening uh I don't know if it's actually going to happen in in December or not the shirts are still planning to ship out the end of November um but I don't know if launch day is going to be in December or we're just going to push it right to um somewhere early in January but grand opening we I I do want to do and I know I don't have a big space um but maybe people can come in they can leave uh but I do want to do some like door prizes um some door disc accounts uh some some giveaways people can stop by get a raffle ticket and then maybe come back later see if they won that kind of thing um just to you know just create a little buzz create a little hype give back to the community a little bit cuz you guys are awesome you really are so anyway I I need to quit rambling I'll see yall on the next one I'm going to go get some sleep cuz I am tired later guys

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