I Made a Mistake NVME drives

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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel and um I will admit it I didn't think it was a mistake but after talking to some people um people really don't like the short m.2 drives they want a fullsize m.2 drive um instead of me reaching out to a bunch of people and figuring out who likes them who doesn't like them on this batch I will be shipping out the short ones if you don't end up liking it reach out to me but um everybody that's getting a short nvme drive which let me flip it around and show you what we're talking about all right so for example here is a short drive and uh an extension that I 3D printed I 3D printed a bunch of extensions I will be shipping all the short drives with an appropriate extension to make them uh the correct length so if your motherboard doesn't have like the shorter little pegs um then then you have an extension to make it work now uh I also will be including everybody that gets a a short drive a single use uh discount code to be on anything else in the store obviously I don't have a lot on the store right now but um the reason why I pric these so aggressively is because I have a lot of money going out right now and I've bought a lot of things and I'm waiting on a motherboard shipment of a bunch of motherboards coming in a bunch of CPUs and they're all used deals so that way I can pass the deals on to you guys cuz like with these I didn't make a ton of money on them you know a couple bucks per nvme after shipping and stuff but uh that adds up and this isn't a single buy opportunity um this seller was like you know what if you're going to buy them you either have to buy them individually at a you know um worse deal because it's individually or you buy them all every month so he's going to have me a shipment of between 100 to 200 nvmes every month that means the website will be getting restocked with nvme drives every single month um I don't know if I'm going to take the time to split them up by like generation or by manufacturer cuz for example like right there there's a Samsung 980 it's a pretty nice one um whereas right here is a Western Digital green not as nice as the 980 but you know still solid um there's a uh Western Digital black some MSI 1 tbes over here the this this whole stack right here is 1 tab some crucial um the all the ones that have the little yellow strip at the bottom so like that one um I believe it's just that one out of this group so that's a Samsung Drive um let's see here got a bunch of stuff Union memory not never heard of them um but I I did like the idea of instead of me trying to like pull every single one out and and you know Mark these up higher and Mark those down lower I can just give you a good deal across the board and it's you know it's going to be like buying Pokemon cards uh some people get a good one some people get a bad one and when I start packaging these up I'm packing them up tomorrow and shipping them out tomorrow might start packing some of them tonight but I'm just trying to get all of uh the little extensions printed up so that's kind of where I'm at right now I got to get all the extensions up got to create the discount code on Shopify um somebody told me it was pretty easy to do so I'll be looking into that um and then we'll get them all packed up but I do want to show some of the nicer drives and who they go out to I did tell people if they commented their order number then I would give them a shout out uh on that video so if you commented it I'm going to try to to show your order getting packed out but if I missed some of them I do apologize um but yeah so let me know down below am I completely off base and thinking that that uh I'm making up for it by giving a discount code and the appropriate extension for all the short drives and I mean it's not like the short drives are bad for example this one is a so it's a 1 tbte and it's pcie gen 4×4 so I mean this is a a Gen 4 nvme uh like just cuz she's short don't mean she don't know how to play um and you know some people argue like oh well the shorter ones get hotter cuz they don't have as much surface area and I'm just like you know like this guy there this is all unutilized space so I don't know how that one's going to dissipate heat better than that one maybe because it can go through less of the Silicon I don't know um but yeah so let me know guys uh did I do good did I do bad uh on the next batch I should I even include the Shorties or should I pull the Shorties out the only unfortunate thing is I have to buy the short ones to be able to get all the rest at a good rate um and then here's the two tabers I think I only had seven of them and these things sold out super quick we got a Western Digital blue a 2 terb Western Digital black SN 850x Samsung 970 Evo this is a Samsung or no what is this this is a kokia made in Taiwan I'm not sure it says PCI nvme but it doesn't say oh yeah it's Generation 4 this is a Gen 4 speed should be good on that solid state this is another kokia Gen 4 2 tbte Western Digital black SN 750 so another nvme I don't know if the 750s are gen 3 or Gen 4 it doesn't say on there does it I'm not sure um I did also in order in a m.2 dock so that way um it'll just connect through USB and I can um do some testing on some of these nvmes people wanted to show uh for me to like run Crystal disc on them so I'll show some of that and maybe I'll pick like one out of every 10 as I go to just kind of do a a little spot check but these were all pulled from OEM systems people were really concerned that these were coming out of like Chia farms and stuff um from what I was told none of these were were you know Chia mined on or or did all the Chia compressing and all that kind of stuff or the generating the plots cuz apparently that that hammers the the nvme drivve so but yeah anyway uh sorry for my long drawn out thing and um I'll be see seeing you guys here shortly actually let's go let's go create that that discount code and see how it's doing I did also want to add that if anybody has any issues with their drives once they get them in just let me know we can you get it sent back and then I can get you a refund um or if I have more drives in by that time uh which he said will be like the beginning of next month so a little over two weeks um I might just be able to swap you out of Drive uh I don't know a way to readily check all these drives in a short amount of time so if anybody has any recommendations on that um because I'm going to be getting anywhere from 100 to 200 drives you know every month it just it seems like a lot I don't know maybe the crystal disc on NV I haven't run Crystal disc in a long time but um maybe there's a faster program to to check them and then I can literally like just sit there like an assembly line check it make sure she's good package it up print out the label and and We're Off to the Races that might be what I end up doing I don't know we'll see but regardless these were all apparently wiped and checked before pulled who knows who knows anyway let's let's jump on all right so looking at a little bit of the back end on Shopify you can create a product discount you can make a discount code uh generate it I'm not going to show it on here obviously um I guess it really doesn't matter because of a a feature down below so you can do a percentage or a fixed amount um I'm thinking like maybe what do you guys think like a 10 or a 15% I'm not I'm not 100% decided on that yet and then you can do you know minimum requirements um but the thing I really like is specific customers and you can limit it to one use per customer so I can just put the customers in that got the short drive shift to them uh put all those guys in and then it's a one time use code for each of them so that way I don't have to worry about the code getting used multiple times or getting used One Time by everybody um so yeah and you can you know can we combine it with anything else nope and start time and you can set it in time I'll just probably start it and let everybody go through and let it sit there for as long as people want it but yeah I think that's that's going to be the ticket so all right guys I think that's the end of the video is it I don't know hang all right so check this guy out I just 3D printed it and it actually uh has little pegs and holes and you can stack them up so I'm going to have a like a DDR3 a ddr4 and a ddr5 for my so dim um and I'm I'm definitely going to be printing out more of the um the ram holders uh for like full size dims but I didn't have anything for my SE dims and I was just digging through and I actually found some some DDR3 uh and some ddr2 so um probably going to keep both of those so yeah I guess ddr2 DDR3 ddr4 ddr5 and just stack them all the way up cuz um like that gentleman that came in the other day I could have hooked him up with a A 1 gig stick right here is that yeah 1 gig stick of some some old bdr to could have hooked hooked that man up but oh well it is what it is live and learn and uh just try to get a little bit better and grow every day but man I'm I'm I've really been enjoying my 3D printer that's starting another set of the uh the m.2 extensions right now I probably don't have it set up the best way but it seems to be doing pretty good so yep yep anyway I'm going to end this video it definitely got long longer than I intended I will see you guys on the next one something's in my wind Piper right now I'm going to go clear that out later guys oh by the way guys uh this I ended up getting this domain I couldn't decide on exactly what I wanted but I scored this one and I have it forwarding to the Shopify store right now so boom there we go so bc- pc.com is the new uh like official domain and then there's my like spotifi domain from there but yeah so y Bey py all all right later guys for real video's over

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