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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the brandoncoin YouTube channel we are back in the shop today if you don't know now you know um so starting off the little you know another little behind the scenes video but we had a return and it's weird because I haven't had very many issues with Intel processors but apparently somebody bought this and of course it was on eBay I pretty much gone away from I don't really sell much on eBay anymore but it's an i5 10500 T which they're fairly decent little processors I think they're six cores maybe I'm not sure um but he got it and he was like yeah it doesn't work and I'm like uh okay well you know eBay's got my hands tied so he wanted to return it so he returned it and I sold this this CPU like almost exactly 30 days ago so yeah that kind of stinks but it is what it is um now I want to test it because I have a feeling I don't think there's anything wrong with this um but I don't have any 10th gen motherboards so I'm going to get on the horn and call around see if anybody's got anything if not then I'll probably order me one and um yeah I got to got to test it because I I just have this like weird feeling that nothing's wrong with it regardless though um other stuff going on in the shop I am running a sale on 1660 supers it's on the front page of the website um so it's the PNY 1660 supers I got them marked down to I think it's like 90 bucks um I'm just trying to move some of those out of here cuz uh inventory is growing on them and I just bought more of them so got to got to move some out to bring some in if you know what I mean um other than that I have uh more gpus and also some more CPUs coming in um they're out for delivery today so maybe we'll see that later on in the video today maybe not I'm not sure yet um just depends on on when the UPS man gets here but I do have some orders to pack so we'll check on that here in a second and then I need to I need to get a little desktop up and running oh and then I also have to mess with a Mac today um so it's that Mac that I bought or I got in on a trade with some other stuff and I figured there's no time like the present to get that bad boy up and running get it wiped and um see if we can't turn it turn it into some dollars so yeah let me grab that real quick all right so we have the Mac in question right here it does have a user account on it so I'm going to go ahead and wipe it reinstall the operating system that way everything's fresh for the new customer and um yeah it's I don't remember exactly I think it was like command and R while you're hitting the power power button I have to look it up cuz I've only done a couple Macs but uh I remember it being fairly simple once I got into like the utilities menu or whatever we'll see we'll see oh goodness it's like that weird in between where it's a little cool but it's a little warm and it's like you don't know if the AC or the heat should be on and of course I'm in a shared office building and um I don't get to choose and right now it's set for the heat to be on but it really needs to be set for the AC to be on so it's just kind of like slightly uncomfortably warm and here not like hot okay here we go so let me flip it around yeah windows and R uh and then hit the power button um or sorry Windows key and then R which is the command key on Mac and it'll bring up this Mac OS utilities and then um I believe you always wanted to on Mac you get a disc utility um we're going to select the hard drive base system shared by six volumes man I don't remember let me look this up before I I make a mistake but I I believe you on Mac you're supposed to for one of the drives and then and then uh reinstall it cuz it keeps it in a separate partition I'm just going to double check before I get myself in hot water all right so yeah you do delete the the main Mac uh HD whatever on dis utility I'm horrible at Mac uh and then we're going to go to reinstall Mac OS continue and we'll roll through that I'm going to let it do its thing oh goodness it is Mac Catalina yeah this thing's got a little age on it but it'll be good for somebody you know wanting a little budget computer and the screen honestly looks really good on these things surprisingly good all right um yeah we'll continue an internet connection is required let me connect this to Internet and get this started so I'll be right back all right so order number 125 4 just came through and they picked up a riserless motherboard CPU Ram combo so let's go grab that and they got one of the new boards so I think this is my last new board that I have in stock do you guys think I should try to find a supplier for these do you think people these are in demand they didn't sell very quickly and I figured I had fairly decent prices on them so I don't think I'm like in a hurry to to get them but be nice to just you know have something on stand by oh goodness there we go so set that right there tilt that up a little bit aha all right so we'll check it out make sure it's in there it is a riser riserless motherboard it's got power supply adapter it's got Ram already in there so looks to be good to go we will tape this bad boy up and get her ready to get shipped off down the road your business is much appreciated apped ha supposed to be having somebody come by today and look at another computer I'm trying to figure out exactly what I want to do I need to do a a I need to build a very repeatable like budget SL entry level um gaming computer build that way I can just have one of them all always ready to go and I don't have all these like I mean obviously I'll probably have tons of different builds like in and out of here with like tradein and stuff like that but um I just I need one that is just like I keep Parts on hand for um cuz using different motherboards and different CPU and different this and different that it gets a little cumbersome so I'm thinking I'm probably going to be like a like a ryzen ryzen setup with with like um and then maybe the the graphics card could be interchangeable um that way I could offer it on my website and then have different graphics card options depending on what I have in inventory I kind of like that idea a lot actually now that I I just said it out loud you know some ideas sound better out loud some ideas sound worse out loud for sure um but yeah yeah I think that's where we're at so let me get this shipping label printed out oh we just got another order in and it is it's a different one haven't sold this many 10 series cards in a while but I had somebody pick up four super clocked 1070s and I had 1 2 3 four five left so they almost cleaned me out on my uh my super clock 1070s so we'll get those pull it over [Music] here it's going to be a hefty Hefty little package right there look at that super clocked back in the EVGA days I miss it all right so the Mac is freshly installed it's on the setup screen and I reached out to a couple people that I know that use Mac and they were like yeah I want it I want it cuz I was you know I took it on trade in cheap so I'm going to flip it for cheap it's not something that I'm going to be able to make much money on but it's not sitting here and the money is now freed up to buy other things so make a little money make everybody happy keep keep that ball rolling so it looks like that's already sold before I even listed it that's nice but now I notice I'm getting artifacting on my desktop my wall desktop and uh the minor keeps closing um on that rx570 so I think I'm going to be pulling that Sapphire 570 out of here it's not overheating but it just randomly will kill the miner and it you know like the screen glitches out for a second and then the miner goes off so I don't know quite what's going on with that but um going to pull that out of there cuz we ain't going to be able to hit our crypto goal um with that bad boy so I'm thinking in the meantime I have maybe I'll grab one of the other the other 3060 TI I got a bunch of 3060 TI bunch of 307s coming in um I'll grab one of those Asus duels cuz for some reason nobody likes those things I don't know why we'll grab that plop it in there

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