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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel and you know I have a problem because I have another phone um so sorry another phone mining video I know some of you guys are just tired of it but I'm really enjoying it um this is the $33 TCL a3x got a little bit stronger processor than the last one so let's see how it does all right so I went ahead and put her into the mines I am a little disappointed it look like uh at about I have 2 hours of uptime 3.6 megahash not not what I'm I'm hoping for so let's see what it is pool side also just for reference uh you cannot take the back panel off this one without doing some kind of damage to it and it's a USB a micro USB not a type-c um so not not optimal I mean I guess it's not the worst thing in the world it's got it looked like it had a good camera on it but that doesn't help me with anything all right so I let it run for a little bit longer we're almost at 3 hours of uptime 3.79 mahash if we go over to the pool our TCL a3x looks like it's bouncing all around but over here 2H hour average is around 3 megahash so not great um yeah man not great let's see how much power it's pulling alrighty so this guy's burning almost 8 watts right now 7.7 Watts It is charging up as the batter's low so I don't know how accurate that is once it gets to 100 I don't know about how like how much it's burning at that point but yeah that's that Snapdragon processor uh eating that power if we go over to the varus mining calculator let's punch this in so a 3.79 which is currently what's going on at a 7.7 Watts uh cost it's not even it's not even producing a penny a day this is not an optimal f to be mining on uh not for Varys at least so that kind of stinks uh this is a hard do not recommend avoid stay away at all costs um figured I'd just flip it around um so I'm I did go ahead and throw it into the the Tower of of hash power but uh it makes me want to return it but I've already like mangled the box to Pieces so I'm not going to I'm not not going to be that guy uh 30 bucks nothing ventured nothing gained I am uh I'm going to be careful cuz I think the Snapdragon processors are a little bit power hungry especially the older ones um yeah yeah anyway with that being said if you guys have any experience with these if you have one of them comment down below I was able to keep the temperature pretty cool it's running all eight at currently 29° C which puts it right on par with the the Galaxy S9 yeah the other TCL that has the uh the mediate Tech CPU is is ABS it's it's dogging it it's doing about the same megahash but at like 5° cooler it's running at 25° C so a little bit more efficient makes sense that it's burning less Watts it's creating less Heat yeah so can't win them all anyway peace out I'll see you on the next one adios

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