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foreign [Music] foreign thank you comment down below if you want some mining chamber merch all right comment down below if you're in USA and Canada comment down below anything positive and then I will choose a winner using comment picker and I will ship you a lot of mining chamber merch okay I'll probably take one of uh everything so uh when I Choose You just have to email me your size as uh my name chamber gave me a bunch of different sizes so good luck I'll choose the winner after 24 hours to a lucky viewer subscriber who watches my videos day in and day out thanks guys this is just a filler video I am needing to just clean up my crypto mining basement here I got a lot of stuff and I'm also preparing to leave for a month so I'm gonna make another video uh probably after this uh that'll be my last uh video for a while I'll explain that in that video but I wanted to clean this all up before I go so there is one of these shelves here hunting chamber did give me I need to figure out a place where I want to put a lot of this stuff here and I do have the same shelves here I believe these are like the Costco shelves a lot of stuff I can probably consolidate I was thinking of maybe putting a shelf where my sticker wall is but I don't want to block the sticker wall ah I'm thinking of putting the Shelf where my flag is I'm gonna take my flag down put the Shelf there and then try to pack try to put up as much stuff as I can on the Shelf so let me do that right now let me move the Shelf here okay there's the Shelf doesn't quite match up with my Home Depot metal shelf a little bit OCD about that but that's okay all right so what I'm gonna put on the Shelf is just stuff that is actually stuffed and not boxes I'm probably gonna keep the GPU boxes in uh probably in here I'm probably just gonna stock them on the floor for now there are some other stuff here but whatever's like a physical product uh something I'm just gonna put on a shelf so let me do that right now thank you I brought the helium original back it's not actually trash I'm gonna convert this later to I think crank or maybe some other Laurel Land project not helium of course maybe I don't know anyways here's the Shelf I put even my other Asic miners that I had sitting on this table uh just uh have them here I'm thinking about doing some giveaways uh down the road probably not in the next month or so but maybe after that and yeah got the uh what is this this is the ivy link the MK3 I have a LT light a z or z15 I have an L3 plus uh z9 mini which I've never played around with this but I've been wanting to try solo mining uh with this little guy and then I have a lt5 pro which I dropped and yeah but it still works actually so a bunch of motherboards uh 30 70 for mining chamber basically all this stuff was uh minus some of the a6's mining chamber stop now the middle of the floor here is all of his merch okay take a look at this mining Hub t-shirt he's got some uh mining rig addict hands sweatpants dude this clothing is actually it feels very nice Gamers hate us choose your GPU this is a sweater okay so again this goes to the person that uh wins in the next 24 hours okay get your comments down below uh but I man I don't know where to put the rest of this merch mining chamber what the hell man you gave me way too much so every time I do a video down the basement here I'm I'm basically gonna do a giveaway every single time like every time of mining chamber merch and I don't know maybe something else right I have a bunch of gpus some some other stuff that I want to give away but mining chamber my God man you seriously you gave me literally all your merch here I think there's like a good couple hundred t-shirts sweaters sweatpants all different sizes just dude it's a suitcase literally suitcase full of your merch man this is just I don't even know uh man it's just too crazy all right guys now what else did I need to do oh so I did move all the boxes uh over here okay so starting my box wall in my older Studio underneath my uh sticker wall okay but I you know I thought to myself I should keep all these boxes because uh since I do a lot of giveaways I do need boxes to you know utilize to put the gifts in so this is I'm gonna try to keep all the GPU boxes I kept all the other boxes that mining chamber gave me here and yeah it's uh starting up the box while here not in the barn in the barn I do have a lot more a lot more stuff okay so all right now what else did I want to do here before I go I ah yeah actually I had yeah actually my one of my 30 series rigs went down I don't know why it's in this uh minor dude extreme I think the SSD may have died that's a pretty common problem with the OCTA miners uh so I may need to change that and actually another SSD died in I think two or three of my 30 70 rigs I shut them down and then I turned them all on and now they just they won't boot back up I don't know what the hell so I think see I gotta replace the ssds and uh in all of these and kind of a stock 60 gig ssds need to be changed out but I can't I don't have enough time to do that before I go kind of like let myself go here I only have one GP rig on at the moment it's my 6700 XT rig which is mining iron fish right now has been mining Iron Fists just straight and I did have my other rigs here mining Dynex uh but I do still have oh I need to update my e mini the ipolo one uh the 130 Mega hash it's actually still on ether mine I'm probably gonna do that in another video and then uh my LTE lights oh no these are the HS lights those are off uh let's see yeah those are off right now uh my A6 uh this is the E9 not the E9 Pro K7 D9 and z15 pro which is uh mining Horizon right now okay so this is a nice hash it's not nice hash uh this is mining ethereum classic okay yeah that's it that's it guys that's that's all I wanted to do in this video just a filler video I um seriously I have so much to do before I go uh but I'll explain that in my other uh basement uh video man I have way too much stuff now I'm just I'm man I'm just accumulating so much stuff all right guys get your comments in uh for the giveaway all right in the 24 hours and I just realized I probably won't be able to ship that out until like a month later but good luck good luck might have to remind me uh when you email me all right I hope you guys have a good day see you in a video tomorrow peace out I just have like gpus I just got like 30 90s sitting everywhere I got like more 30 90s on this one oh really need to clean up man seriously [Music]

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