Forget Vast Ai… RTX 3090 Mining Rig Overclocking Karlsen hashrate testing.

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[Music] [Music] he hey guys RPM here hope you're doing well having a really great day I want to tell you guys regarding my three by 3090 rig here that I made specifically for vast. a you guys probably saw the live streams of when I built this thing and I wanted to make this video telling you guys that I never installed vast. a on this rig it was actually just sitting and you guys know maybe about 2 months ago is when I made this rig and I went on monthong trip and yeah so I never got it on so just to be honest I was really procrastinating on trying to install vast.

Aai on here I did get a buntu installed but then I think I ran into a roadblock that night and I was like I I gave up but I did have all the resources all the help I was able to get from let's say the mining king or maybe Max voltage or maybe anyone else out there that has gotten vast. AI to work just perfectly I had the resources to get this thing going but I just deep down I don't know why I didn't want to get this up onto vast. a so what am I doing with it now well it's GPU mining instead okay you guys can see my power consumption right now is about 520 Watts right now and I am just mining Carlson at this point in time it's just I'm just trying out Carlson here as I do want to test out a couple different hash rates uh like overclocks regarding on you know hash rate.

And the reason for that is because I just wanted to see the difference between you know sometimes they have you know their General overclocking numbers for like high overclock or you know medium overclock and with these numbers here I want to see you know what the power consumption is what the efficiency is so I'm just going to test like a couple things in this video and also explain that you know eventually I I'm going to test out a few other platforms per se not vast. a but maybe the new flux proof of use will work the flux core software which this machine that I built here it's a thread Ripper 1900x CPU it's got 64 gigs of RAM I may not have enough RAM the difference is here is that all of the gpus okay the 309s that I have here all have ribbon cables so I'm not using the X1 adapters in terms of the bandwidth or pcie Lanes I am supposedly Distributing x16 to the GPU so if there's enough interest let me know in the comments down below if you guys want me to install that flux core uh software on here and we can try doing the uh Benchmark or I think it's the the leaderboard where I want to get on here maybe I don't think I will get on here because a lot of people that are on the top of this list right now are like 409s so I don't know if having multi gpus is going to affect the score or not but that's something where you know we can try this out you guys let me know down below uh if there's enough interest then I will uh do a video or live stream of uh setting this up on the new flux core okay so let's go through what my 309s are just mining right now what overclocks are using right now okay so my Asus stricks cards they're hashing at about 1.64 2 gigahash okay and the overclocks that I'm using I am using LOL Miner okay uh right there you guys can see the latest version and here are the overclocks uh I'm currently using right now okay so 300 core offset core clock 1470 M clock 810 and power limit 300 so the power consumption for this whole rig is 500 and 20 watts okay us utilizing a 1500 wat HP server PSU with a parallel minor breakout board Z or zsx amp edition board with uh all veteran Miner PCI power cables go visit the veteran guys and actually just a quick shill for myself if you guys want to visit red pandam I do have a Affiliated and discount codes list on my red pendam website all the trusted hardware stores even my you know trusted software and also my trusted Asic hosting providers all the trusted links are there I do get commission if anyone purchases anything from those links which helps me out helps out the channel and also helps out with me doing giveaways and such as you guys know so if you guys are looking for as6 or GPU Hardware or anything like that check out red pandam I have a link down below okay so this overclock that I'm using here I got off of hash rate.

they're medium overclock okay this one here here 300 14 70 810 and 300 so now what I want to try is their High overclock number and then after this I want to try like some other you know some other numbers we're just going to put in some random ones and we'll just see what the hash rate and efficiency is so we're going to try 250 you know 1680 and then 810 that stays the same and 300 PL that stays the same so we're going to change two numbers here 250 and 1680 for the core clock so let's do that right now okay so I'm going to change this to 250 and we're going to change this number to 1680 so we're going to see what changing these numbers do it's it's obviously going to raise the power I'm guessing uh so I'm going to hit apply changes going to hit update and apply to all the flight sheets which I only have that one flight sheet for this 3090 rig and it's probably going to switch now so we're going to see what the hash rate is here all right it's probably going to change on the Fly okay just took a couple minutes here uh now that it's loaded it's hashing at about 1.

1877 876 gigahash per 3090 now but we are utilizing a bit more power so at the wall for the whole rig we are now now at 68 610 Watts yeah it's fluctuating a bit but okay so I wanted to now compare that to the other overclock that we just did so I do have this in an Excel sheet here just to compare the wat per hash and hash per watt as well okay so looking at the first overclock that we did we did get less you know hash rate but we were using about a good 80 90 Watts less right so that means the efficiency here uh watt per hash which mean which lower means better less wattage per hash so we were getting .105 all right and then the hash per watt the other way all right is going to be 9.47 a hash per watt higher is better so more hashes you get uh per watt and so now if we go to the other 3090 setup that overclock that we did it's we're getting 5.6 hash for the whole rig okay I verify with you guys uh right here okay 5.62 n and it is utilizing around 610 Watts so the W for hash there is a little bit higher .18 and then the hash per watt is 9.22 so a little bit less than obviously uh the other one which is obviously more efficient because we did the medium overclock okay versus the high overclock just to show uh the difference there okay a few more here I want to do let's go aad ahead and turn this thing into stock I want to see what the numbers are going to be on this rig mining Carlson stock just just for the heck of it and this is probably going to max out the 1500 wat power supply I'm not looking forward to it but we will come right back and see what the hash rate is okay we are using 13 13 Watts averaging around there by the looks of it that is wow that's nearing up the 1500 watts so pretty much I think 80% rule of this power supply for three RTX 390s that's that's not good but showing you guys this the hash right here okay of the gpus now stock all right each GPU is using I think between 380 and 390 Watts which is insane and Carlson mining we are at 2.78 uh gigahash per 3090 okay but total the whole rig is uh 6169 okay so if we did the math here just watt per hash all that stuff the efficiency uh which wat per hash is going to be 211 so that's not good obviously it's like two times worse the efficiency from uh the other ones that we just tested and the hash per watt is a lot lower here 4.7 uh hash per watt all right so that is extremely inefficient to run these at I guess that's a really good comparison to see especially for anyone that you know maybe doesn't want to overclock their gpus or something I don't know if anyone that does not want to do that but you know you want to do this because you yeah you just don't want to run that much power because you're not getting the most out of your dollar uh depending what your electrical cost is if it's free then sure maybe you don't care but maybe you do should care about the I don't know lifespan of the GPU if it is running at that you know these types of wattages and the temperatures are obviously going to go up as well and I hear all the fans going up higher I can hear the power supply ramping up this thing's ah this thing's getting really hot and uh yeah the gpus are probably getting hot themselves as you can see here oh yeah it's it's creeping up it's creeping up the fans are running almost at 100% so yeah not good not good to run it at uh stock obviously okay let's do one more overclock I want to do a custom one here I want to try I don't know 300 and then I want to see if I can just change the core clock to I don't know 1450 I want to see if that does any difference here be right back oh crap I just realized I was changing the flight sheet also for another 3090 riger that I have and look at this oh my God it's in an octo Miner and each GPU is taking over 400 watts not cool really not cool this thing is like burning up and using almost 3,000 Watts okay I just changed the flight ch sheet so this rig uh should be okay now let's see yeah okay okay this is my this is my other 3090 rig so my other 3090 rig here okay let's refresh this this should be evened out now okay so we're at 6.25 gigahash okay that's a 4.875 for the whole rig power consumption at the wall we are at 4 54 so I think that's a little bit less no it looks like it jumped up to 1 520 I'm going to say yeah 5 14 watts so let me put that in the sheet okay so we changed just the core clock down to uh 1450 and we are getting these numbers here okay we just talked about that and now the Whopper hash looks like is a little bit better than the hash rate.

one like by a a little bit we're talking just fra like very small and the hash per watt is a little bit better higher on the overclock that we changed ourselves 1450 okay so hey that's not bad I wonder if we can go any lower on the core clock and get even more efficiency so let me try I don't know let me try 1,400 let's see what happens okay we tried, 1400 cor clock and we're getting 4.72 4 uh gig Ash and the wattage at the walls 507 okay so looks like it's dropped down you know a good 10 watts or so and it is now in terms of the Whopper hash it is not better than the other two settings that we tried okay 1450 and 1470 and the hash per watt looks like is a little bit lower as well so not as efficient as the other settings that we tried here but it's good to know because I wonder if you know we go down more like 1380 it's going to get less and less efficient so there's like a sweet spot regarding these 390s here I wonder it's if it's between you know 1430 and 1470 or something now I want to try one more one more test here I want to go back to let's say 1450 and the number we're going to change here is the core offset I'm going to try 320 okay on this one be right back okay okay 320 and then 14450 so looks like we stayed with the same hash rate confirm with you guys right here 4.875 okay and going back to here wattage at the wall about 520 around there so it's gone up a little bit more power cuz we did go up a little bit more on the core offset I think I think that's what the difference is here uh but the W per hash is .106 and the hash for water is 9.3 so not not as good as the 3450 overclock that we have here okay so I guess that's it I really that's all I wanted to do in this video just to really compare you know the General overclocks on hash rate.

And you know I guess in a sense where you guys can play around with the numbers and increments of like five or 10 to really you know fine tune and you know figure out which you know wat perh is better and more fit the most efficient numbers that you can achieve on your rig cuz you know in a sense efficiency is really King especially if you have higher electrical costs then you know this this is going to matter um and you know personally am I a good overclocker no I'm just letting you guys know I'm not like a expert at this stuff but this is something where you guys can play around with and it's you know something that you can really see and open your eyes to hey you know I can save eek out a little bit more efficiency on on these gpus uh not just you know 309s that I just showed here but the example I just showed you know could go along with any other Nvidia card that you guys see on you know what to mine or has.

IO and uh you know AMD cards I'm not even going to get into that one that one's even more complicated to fine tune and uh yeah but anyways that's all I want to do uh in this video guys let me know uh what you think of my little test here and what you think of my 3090 rig and if you want me to do the flux proof of use a work Flex core uh test uh later on let me know down below I'll see you on the next one have a good one peace out peace [Music] out

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