Geek squad said this pc was unfixable

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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel and today we're doing some basic diagnostic so customer came in and he brought in this Dell let me flip the screen around oh there we are sorry about the uh the flashlight uh but he brought in this all-in-one Dell unfortunately it does have an AMD A9 not particularly fond of the a series apus but anyway he says when he Powers it on it's booting up yeah there it goes it won't actually make it to his Windows login or load in it just kind of does all kinds of stuff sometimes it say says it fails to update or fails to start or fails to this or fails to that um the awesome thing about this is he said he did not have anything on this hard drive or solid state drive I imagine it's probably a hard drive on here but it could be a solid state um but he said there wasn't anything on there that he cared about he just wanted to get his computer working uh the bad situation or he originally took this to Best Buy and they told him he needed an entirely new computer that is so not the case um 99% chance nothing is wrong with this computer hardware wise there's something software-wise on his installation of Windows that's funky and not happy so since he doesn't care about the data that's on there we're going to put a new windows install or a fresh Windows install from a USB drive which I have one right here bam look at that so there it is this computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an air unexpected error Windows installation cannot proceed to install Windows click okay and restart start the computer and then restart the installation so I don't know what he was doing he said he was just trying to reset it maybe he clicked the wrong setting but yeah so he's in this loop I cannot believe that Best Buy or Geek Squad I don't even know what they got going on over there right now told him he needed an entirely new computer but it seems like they are more in the business of selling computers than working on them nowadays not to say that you know reinstalling Windows is necessarily fixing anything uh but it's just getting rid of the problem so I guess that is fixing anyway um I'm going to plug this into the back and plug a keyboard in so we'll get into BIOS all right so um on this system F12 was to get into the boot manager so I didn't even have to go into BIOS to set uh the boot drive to change it or anything but this is just another way to you know Slice It Anyway the sand dis pops up that's my USB so we're going to click on that and click enter press any key to boot from CD or dvd okay neither a CD or a DVD oh there I am uh haven't seen that icon in a while Dell dude it's a Dell but anyway I'll give this a minute cuz this might take a minute and we'll be back all right we are back so we are at the Windows setup if you've ever installed Windows you know what this looks like so I'm going to roll through all this I'm not going to record it and then once we get done I imagine we should be good but uh may run some some benchmarks just to make sure everything's good um mainly I'm concerned with if this does have a hard drive or not which actually let me get to where it shows the drives all right so we're at the part in the setup where it shows the drives unfortunately this only has one drive it's a 1 tbte Drive shows 931 GB which that means there's a 99.9% chance this is not a solid state this is a hard drive a lot of times on these cheaper computers if they have a solid state it'll be like a 120 uh really small solid state drive and then it'll have like a 1 tbte or heck even a 2 tbyte hard drive alongside of it for actually data storage being that this is only a 1 tbte and this is you know an AMD A9 kind of like a honestly a budget oriented uh setup this is going to be a hard drive which which means we're going to click new we're going to click apply let that create the partitions and this Windows install is going to be dreadfully slow I am going to recommend that he upgrades this to SSD but he was on a budget so I understand you got to do what you got to do sometimes now let's click next and you know what just for old giggles and jiggles um it is 1221 I wonder how long this is going to take or how long I'll give it before I go to bed be right back all right so the time is wrong is not updated it is currently now 12:53 so that didn't take as long as I thought it would have uh but just sitting here idling this poor AMD A9 which is a dual core which I don't know why they named it A9 this thing needs to be a A2 cuz she ain't going nowhere but um it's just it's just over here pegging like between 40 to 90% just existing inside of Windows uh I can only imagine this thing is is Dreadful to use on a daily basis but uh it does have a touchcreen so that's cool but I've never really ran across any of these like all-in-one PCS that I really liked um I know there's probably some like really like Bad to the Bone ones out there but this one just like most what most people have on these is not great so anyway regardless though uh just texted the customer cuz he was like text me as soon as it gets done no matter what time and I'm like okay you sure about that I work late um so I just texted him obviously he didn't text back so probably hear from him tomorrow and that is uh a wrap on that but I did get some more parts in so let's go over that and um see what we got kind of a little just behind the scenes today got more of the CPU motherboard and cooler combo kits in so those are going to be shipping out um and then I thought I got more of these coolers in cuz uh I had ordered like I think 40 and they sent me five so that's always lovely um oh I have another package let me get that open never mind most of that other package was uh stuff that's not going to the computer shop but I did get me some uh like little cleaning stuff for for doing like screens and stuff uh cuz I did not have any for touch screens but any kind of screens regardless um and then I did get this 16 Port Cheapo it's a 10100 switch but it works perfect for connecting a bunch of things and just simplifying life um got that used and I think it was like 10 bucks so absolute steal on those in my opinion um I know a lot of people like to spring for the really really high end but just having a a nice simple switch something sometimes goes a long way um anyway other than that ladies and gentlemen I wanted to thank you guys for coming out and uh I guess I'll see y'all on the next one peace

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