GOODBYE Bitmain Antminer KS3.

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[Music] [Music] he hey guys red P wedding here hope you're all doing well having a really great day well I have to say goodbye to the bitmain ant Miner ks3 this is the 9.4 terahash model but thank you to Crypt Miner who sent this to me and just for review uh this is actually a clients so I actually got to ship this out that's why I'm saying goodbye to this thing I've only had this for less than a week and uh I'll just show what my yield was I was mining it on vbtc just for as a test and uh yeah you can see how much I've been yielding here and general what the profitability is but we all know cast SP cash rate continues to climb and I think we all know that it will continue to climb further but uh this video isn't about me you know just you know saying goodbye to this bitman ks3 which is honestly a monster right it used to make like $3,000 a day now it makes like a 100 I wanted to have kind of like some I don't know if it's called like retrospect or uh reflection regarding cast mining over the past 6 months like I have a ice River ks1 I have the ice river ks2 right I'll show you guys that so this is the uh ice River ks1 this is what it looks like uses a c113 c14 power cable power switches here okay so definitely looks different from the bitmain ks3 okay some people had some reservations regarding that ice River and bitm maybe were like the same company or something or uh bitm had a subsidiary of ice River but honestly I don't know the machines look definitely different and then I have a ks2 right the alpha ks2 you guys know I got that um pretty much five or uh 6 months ago and I have it over over here you guys know my uh my GPU mining area I'm I'm working on this real soon okay I'm working on getting a bunch of power here and I'm going to have a bunch of OCT miners all laid up on the Shelf here okay and then over here my as6 shelf okay so we're going to go my ks2 okay here's the isover ks2 this is the Alpha version I got you know five or 6 months ago right and I was one of the one of the three people out of three people that got one of these uh 6 months ago and at one point I know at the very beginning this thing was yielding about 32 35,000 Caspa a day and at that time I think Caspa was like what four four 0.4 4.5 cents or 5 cents or something and in terms of dollar value that was like $1,200 or $1,400 a day but obviously 5 or 6 months later this thing is now yielding in terms of dollar value I think 2523 a day granted there is an overclock for this uh I haven't done it because this is the Alpha version and the web goei uh there is no web goei uh for this so I can't form more update but I have been in contact with the gentleman who created the GitHub uh for overclocking uh the different other models like ks0 and a a bunch of other uh ice serer models as well uh just a quick update for you guys a lot of my as6 here I am going to prepare to tear them down I am going to be getting them all hosted I have my L7 s19 J Pros s19 XP D9 L7 K7 I'm going to be just getting those hosted and I got a take off all these Infinity fans and put on the stock fans my E9 Pros as well I'm going to be moving those everything is going because I am getting them hosted overboard Tech I haven't seen your flag for a while man geek of all trades you too buddy sorry that you're behind the ladder just want to showcase here alter component I miss you man M something what's up Yeti I just added you to my wall here all right Bros oh great or good mining oh you guys know greater good mining if you're watching this Caspa mining video you know greater good mining he's got a lot of content on Caspa Caspa mining all right guys so I wanted to just uh just kind of reflect here regarding Castle mining okay I have been getting some comments All right so most of the comments are positive right um you guys a lot of people that are mining Caspa are pretty bullish but I had a few comments saying red panda why have you been negative in your videos regarding casle mining right like negative meaning like I talk about the pros I talk about the positive I also talk about the negatives like you know when I talk about or when I review a Asic minor such as an ice over ks1 uh my ks2 my K the ks3 I just had I mean even the ks zeros every single video I sound like a broken record and uh that's notably something that I I I definitely say over and over again right because every time I make an Asic video I'm going to be saying things like like okay you have to be wary of the network hash rate it's probably going to rise the difficulty is going to go up uh the shipments of these you know bitman k3s are going to be more prominent in the next month or maybe ice river is going to be shipping more by the end of this month end of October you know a lot of those things you know we can say all of that and say that the the hash rate is going to keep Rising then we talk about is the Casper price going to go up right do you believe that the project is going to do well fundamentally or do you believe just just in the dollar value that the price of kaspa is going to continue to climb even in the bull run right that's that is that is basically the end all Beall here the mining strategy which I have to say I have to say the negatives and positives right so for people that are wanting to get into Casa mining I I have to talk about the risks I have to talk I have to talk about both sides and for people to comment on my videos saying Randa like you know don't be so negative on Caspa don't be so negative on mining Caspa and you know some people have the opinion that I should be just be saying yeah you should just go out and buy Caspa as6 right now you should you should definitely go out and buy Caspa A6 you're going to get your money back you know you may very well get your money back actually there was a tweet from greater good mining he bought the first batch ks1 for $118,000 and over the course of I think what 3 or 4 months uh great or good mining you can comment down below he was able to mine about 600,000 Caspa and that is worth about $30,000 so his initial investment was $18,000 for the first batch ks1 right one Terra hash model and he was able to mine up to 600,000 Caspa up until just recently so there is a great example of buying a first patch minor and being able to get your money back within he got pretty much his money back within a couple months I would say or maybe Le less than that maybe a month and a half maybe a month uh I'm not quite sure he can comment down below about that but I want to tell that story because that is a great example of buying first batch Asic miners you know I have many Asic videos as well you know breaking even on them within a couple months but that was you know maybe more so in the bull run here we are in the bare market and Caspa has defied All Odds Caspa mining has been such a I would say unicorn of where you know here we are in the low times of when bitcoin's lower everything's lower and then Caspa if you look at the Caspa chart in terms of its price it just it just keeps going it just keeps going up when when is it going to end I don't know I maybe it won't end maybe it'll just continue to go up who knows well there you go see I'm I'm doing it again I I'm doing it again I'm talking about floating in between at DJ mines if you're watching this bro I'm I'm learning that from you I'm kind of on the fence of being you know just in the middle and I have to be like that I I I am the content creator I'm not the one that's going to be deciding your guys' responsibility of whether or not you are going to purchase you know an ice River Asic that you're going to purchase a ks0 that that is not on me to decide for you guys I have to present all the information that I can in you know an unbiased way as possible that's why I I try to give both ways and that's why it goes back to red panda why do you talk negative on Castle mining well it's because just regarding my experience in the past of other Asic miners you know some of them don't ever come back to profitability and they they turn into bricks that that has happened to many different alt coins when it comes to ASC Mining and yeah you know what for Caspa mining you know I'm going to be a little bit positive here all right don't don't bash me all right see whether or not I talk positive or negative about a coin or mining a coin I'm always always going to get pushed back either way I cannot win either way guys I no matter what if I say okay yeah definitely go buy this minor it's going to be great for the future or don't buy this minor either way I'm going to get hate for either side that I say whether or not it's good or not okay and I know you guys that are watching everyone has their own opinion as well and I love reading everyone's comments but I'm just giving you guys that's my reality regarding every time I review something every time I give my opinion regarding anything it's it's going to be both pros and cons right that's something that I feel like I I can't get away from so if whether or not you guys some of you guys that want me to be full on just like hey Casa mining is the future Caspa is the future it very well may be but I have to lay on the safe side I have to be like in the medium if that makes sense I don't know what you guys think about that please let me know down below I've been kind of just thinking about that reflecting on that over the past I don't know a week or two after reading some of those comments like red panda like cast of mining is the future look look at the charts look how kaspa's been defying All Odds look at the community look at the engagement look at the noise that Caspa has has been you know just brought out over the past couple months it's it's just been insane right C was a top 40 market cap coin 1 billion market cap coin could it go up to 10 billion market cap in terms of previous history of other alt coins it sure can it definitely can if there is a next Bull Run I'm not saying it can't but just understand the risks for anyone that wants to get into this it is it's it's extremely risky right and uh I know the knowledge of there could be the wind minor K9 that's coming out in the next month end of November I heard 800 units of those 11 terahash so that's about a good 9 or 10 petahash that's going to be added onto the network uh mid to end of November so just beware of that all right Bros that just you know it's going to rise higher the profitability if the price of the coin stays the same is not going to be it's going to go lower profitability will start going down as the network hash rate Rises so for people that are going to be spending you know five digits on a bitmain ks3 I want you guys just to be careful all right understand if you're doing going to do that you got to really believe longterm that kaspa is going to be the next coin where that you will be very successful in uh whether or not you are mining for profit or Mining and hodling which again goes back to look at greater good mining he mine and hoddle and look at him now he turned that 18K into 30k within you know less than a couple months and uh he's been doing the mining and huddle method which I mean we've talked about on the channel many times before that is the bread and butter of crypto mining crypto mining is not a getrich quick scheme whatever type of whatever form of mining that you are doing GPU you know Chia God forbid I hope they do well I have nothing against Chia um you know cast any project that I talk about any type of crypto mining Hardware that's legit the strategy that everyone talks about that's what I've been doing in previous history and has worked out you got to play the Cycles you got to play the long game crypto mining is not a get-rich quick scheme crypto mining is a long-term play okay we are mining and huddling all the coins and that is the crypto mining strategy that is the end all be all there you don't need to know anything else you don't need to care about the numbers just understand that the Cycles it will come Bitcoin Cycles always play out that's not Financial advice of course I forgot to say that when talking about Cas minders here but all right guys that's it that's all I want to do we're going to be shutting this bit main ks3 off now I'll see you all in the next video please let me know your thoughts have a good one peace out man who reads these quick start guides from bitm

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