GPU Mining on Christmas 2023

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all right ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel and look at that this is my gimpy or limpy GTX 1066 gig um the video display out doesn't always work correctly but it mines kapal just fine so I strapped a little noct Tu a fan to it just zip tied it right there and she's been mining happy as could be so um I just want to wish everybody a happy Merry Christmas we're trying to stay warm over here North Carolina's a little cool uh it's not too bad but um before we get too far along I was just blown away cuz I stuck the 1060 in there just to make a little extra heat and it's crazy cuz 1060s are coming on uh 8 years old now you know but what's even crazier than that is 1060s on kapal through Nash which is how I'm mining are actually profitable by much no not not by much at all but they're profitable that is uh I think we're just we're trending in the right direction cuz for a long time 30 series wasn't profitable 20 series wasn't profitable well now ladies and gentlemen 10 series is profitable that means everything else above it is absolutely profitable so if you can make money on a 10 series you can make money on a 20 30 40 series Etc so yeah kapal is still killing it uh just mining through nice house getting paid out in Bitcoin um what what else was there uh let's see here so you know what let's look let's let's see what nice has says they're making the nice has profitability calculator always is lagging behind but why not in our Hardware manually 1060 6 gig the 3 gig is substantially different so it looks like you should be making 26 Cents a day after 24 cents of power you should be profiting about 3 cents which on what to mind says you be should be profiting 6 cents what kind of settings are they running on here or what kind of speed let's see here it says zash is actually what it's mining over 50% of the time in kapow um kapow at 65 Watch zash at 110 Watts that's probably the the discrepancy there is zash burs almost double the amount of power I have mine on Kap and she seems to be happy and healthy let me let me flip it back over here we l to watch a little little Mau um yeah so right here I have mine at 8.1 megahash on my 1060 6 gig at 75 Watts I guess I could probably turn that down to 65 Watts but um I don't necessarily have a a big power limit issue out here cuz I only have one breaker run out here I ran me one line down and I have it split off of that which I know it looks like a Rat's Nest but I'm not pulling that many amps off of it um this is only a 15 amp breaker and I figured you know what might as well fill it up with mining gear and stuff instead of running a space heater in here um so that's that's been good the only issue I've run into though is now that I have you know a few hundred watts of mining gear I can't plug in a space heater cuz it'll kick the breaker but you know what i' I'd rather be burning these kind of Watts than a space heater Watts because at least these make money or it's like a heater that pays me back uh whenever it gets super cold out here I brought my little propane heater and just kicked that on and uh it warms up this room really fast and we're good to go so yeah that's that's pretty much how the cookie crumbles ladies and gentlemen uh hope everybody has a magnificent Christmas and uh a little thank you uh we are still doing a 5% off the entire store it's just 5 off but for right now especially for today which is December 25th 2023 uh we are going to do an additional well we'll do a 20% off and literally the code is just going to be 20 off and it's going to be for good for uh for right now until midnight tonight so 20% off anything in the store um yeah so got a lot of processors left got a few graphics cards um oh also the the pre-order came in on these so these uh motherboard CPU combo kits are getting sent out tomorrow so thank you for everybody that bought those um and we just put in another order of another 20 units but we didn't go back with the same exact kit that um the manufa not the manufacture but the seller which he's just a reseller reached out to me and he had another kit it's almost identical uh but it comes with instead of coming with 3200 MHz Ram it comes with uh I think it's 3,000 or like high 2,000 MHz but anyway it saves me quite a bit cuz I was selling the CPU and motherboard combo for 115 and the CPU motherboard random combo for 140 and I believe the new price on the new kit and it comes with the same processor I believe so still get a uh a 12 core Zeon um we're going to be testing those when they come in the new ones um just to see how it it compares to the a little bit slower Ram but it saves you guys significantly cuz the new CPU motherboard kit and which I'm not going to put the pre-orders up yet uh but the new ones are going to be $89.99 and the CPU motherboard Ram are going to be right at 110 so uh it knocks off what like 30 bucks on on basically each of those so uh look out for those coming up here soon we'll do a video on those when they come in I definitely want to test them out and see how they do but yeah for right now anything that is on the website 20 off to get 20% off and a lot of people were asking me hey I noticed some stuff went out of stock when is it coming back in to stay up to date on everything and for inventory updates click the Discord link and then that will bring you to the bcpc Discord and then you just go to inventory updates and this is where I literally just post everything that's getting added to the website so you can see everything as it's going live uh just to keep up with it makes it a lot simpler on my end and that way I don't have to send you guys a bunch of emails being like Oh new inventory new inventory blah blah blah so yeah and also deals and discounts get posted in here which is you know like 5 off and and today we're going to have that that 20% off so anyway guys thank you for coming out I want to keep it short and sweet I hope you all have a a merry merry Christmas and we'll see you on the flip side and also for everybody that is um wondering when international shipping will start we are starting that in January so just another about another week away and I'll announce when when uh international shipping is available and also what the pricing is going to look like so I'm sorry I haven't got that done sooner I've just been trying to scale um as slow but as fast as possible I don't I don't want to scale too fast and not be able to keep up with everything so um slow and steady L ladies and gentlemen we're old turtle and rabbit situation but yeah for real have a good one peace the video is over now

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