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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel and we had some trade inss come in he's actually swooping and swapping out some stuff for some some different stuff so I figured I'd uh it's kind of an off-the-wall well may be an off-the-wall trade in for some people not I guess not really but um we have a couple different things here we have a z170 MSI titanium motherboard these are pretty motherboards and it's got a I what problem got an i57400 in it so nothing too crazy there IO panel could make a nice little computer for somebody um what else oh here is a AR TX I believe this is a 3060 TI yes 3060 TI EVGA little little Twan guy lots of packing material here we go oh yeah here's a big Honker Asus r G holy moly look at the cooler on this thing just for reference 3060 TI and this is a I don't remember off the top of my head no wait this is a 3060 ti so what is this it wasn't 2360 TI was it on the lower end uh EVGA stuff it's always hard to know exactly what it is without typing in the product number um I thought this deal only had 1360 TI this Asus RG stricks is beautiful and it's huge this is like the biggest 3060 TI I've ever seen I got to plug that thing in um but I'm not sure it says RTX and it looks like a 30 series card so maybe a 3060 I'll I'll double check that one as we get further along got some more gpus in here then Sapphire pulse 6600 XT Tred and true [Music] um another 6600 XT this is a MSI Mech not really a huge fan of the MSI Mech in my opinion but we'll do all right and now this guy oh this is an older one yeah he told me about this one this is a 10 66 gig oh big MSI these this is back when I liked msi's designs a lot of people didn't but I thought I thought this was like Peak MSI gaming performance like all their stuff they had like the titanium series and they had the gaming Series so they had very like colorized theme stuff whereas now it's either like solid black or rainbow and there's kind of no in between and to finish it off we got a EVGA power supply I think this is a [Music] gold gold 1300 so nice little power supply right there fully modular cables I'll need to double check and make sure I think he said all the cables are with it all kinds of little extra dads and B SATA cables like I said those go with the uh the motherboard very nice so we'll put this back in the sleeve so not a not a bad little setup let's um I'm going to look up that uh that 3060 TI real quick and see what it's about or well whatever this is it's not a 30 I don't think it's a 3060 TI is a p5- 366 3- KL oh it is a 360 TI okay so it's just the little one that's crazy this is a 360 TI and oh my gosh it's so hard to grab this with one hand this is a 3060 TI and they probably perform relatively similar I would imagine this guy could stay significantly cooler but um ain't that crazy this thing is huge it's super heavy too holy smokes made in Vietnam H well regardless so this stuff uh will get tested and is going to be going into inventory here soon I don't know about that yeah I'm not there I go thinking maybe I should keep the Rog stricks like you know it looks cool no Brandon you don't need it you don't need it you got plenty of graphics cards I don't need it I keep that's the worst part about buying computer parts is I keep wanting to O let me keep that oh let me keep this keep that keep this keep that before you know it you're not selling anything so yeah regardless I wanted to thank you all for coming out obviously this this video is sponsored by Me Myself and I so you can go check out the computer shop at bc- um and I really do appreciate y'all for coming out if it's your first time on there you can use code 10 or 10 off to get 10% off um your order so yeah all right guys y'all have a good night I'll see you on the next one adios

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