I guess I’m not GPU Mining Alephium anymore.

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[Music] n [Music] okay oh my laptop is so screwed [Music] up welcome welcome Bros welcome to the live stream okay hold on can you guys hear me hold on can you guys hear me H this laptop's not working it's okay I think I think we're okay I think we're okay know I don't know why this is not going down all right whatever okay all right everybody how are you guys 20 GPU rig this mother 20 G rig you are banned you're banned right now rabid mining someone tip repend of mining to get a new laptop ah this laptop's like an I9 with a 3070 I better not need a new laptop I better not need a new laptop veteran Miner what's up man um what's up Bros Intel says at all n j yeah pretty much Krypto Mel zarov remember to like the video remember to like the video that's all right smash the like Bros at home crypto Miner we just got wrecked oh no what happened hey I heard you're pretty good with cameras uh not really uh game is Smokey Dan what's the new coin then red panda mining I I don't know I I that's what I'm going to switch we're going to switch today in this live stream I guess I guess we're going to we're going to move my gpus off to something I I don't know what we we're going to we're going to figure that out right now um while I'm yeah I I I it's it's time it's time to go all in on Pepe Pepe coin wait that's that's a that's a script that's a script algo uh let's let's GPU mine um I have no idea no rabid mining red P mining fire up a zealous node and mine it to a GP minor just to released and it wrecked CPUs zealous node okay okay that sounds very complicated for me SMY Dan hope you have a you you have flight sheets and overclocks for an easy switch uh Smokey Dan overboard Tech was the one who who who set up this this flight sheet so it's it's these are all 307s I just need to do one flight sheet and it should change all of them at the same time yeah what's up Bros welcome to the stream how is everybody Welcome guys don't mind Nexa uh Wing face I probably won't M Nexa on these gpus where these are mining right now I need to keep it in to an algo that's uh low power nothing like flux or nothing kapow it needs to be it it needs to be at the the power consumption it's it's currently drawing right now okay I cannot I I cannot go AB I cannot go any higher than these are than these are now shes what's up man what's up how are you shes how are you brother how are you man hashtags cat cats of crypto bro yes ah 20 GP Raven coin we'll teach this guy a lesson 20 GP rig Raven coin all right Max hash not Carlson please I just switched to it just for that I'm going to just for that I'm going to okay uh there's one thing that I just want to do a little tiny segment regarding I guess the reasoning the the reason to as to why I guess I'm not going to mine a lithium anymore and that's really because the hash rate has gone up uh I I think almost double don't don't correct me if if I'm wrong I I haven't really been following it I think it was at like 400 or 500 uh terahash now we're at like 800 or something crazy I I think we're at I think we're at 800 uh let's see 800 terahash on ath alium just had a massive Spike look at that oh my God look at that 531 to 8 800 terahash yes yes yes oh you guys can't see that okay there we go all right right there 839 oh my God nuts uh sh's good man missing noore me too bro locals are starting to go through his stuff uh Memorial is this Sunday in MN if anyone wants to come I can share info uh shes that is oh dude yeah if you can share the info man yeah sounds good man Stephen solo DX on deep miners solo DX okay yeah sure uh rabid mining double from yesterday triple from three days ago rest in peace yeah that's that's that's a lot of that's a lot of that's a lot of hash rate man that that's a that's a lot of that's a lot of hash rate um Okay so funny thing is with everything going up so high uh we were looking at just recently this okay so hero miners somebody somebody just turned on yesterday like 200 or 300 terahash it went from 120 to like 400 here we are now 400 terahash on hero miners in the past day who the heck is this this guy almost has 300 terahash on this wallet look at that I'm mining to this wallet right now so actually I got the address so just reverse looked up uh the payments uh and I got the address here okay here we go right here I mean anyone can look this up you guys anyone anyone can look this up I'll post it in chat um all right so look at this thing look at this this guy has one past 1 hour hash rate was 301 terahash this guy's making $45,000 a day or 0.68 Bitcoin a day in Al lithium 16,849 H look at this so the okay so the uh this is supposed to be apparently fpgas I don't know what model these are but it's a massive fpga farm that has turned on and it's it's yeah the these aren't these aren't like gold shell Al boxes nothing like that these aren't I don't think these are bit main A6 no these are like i' we've actually seen this before like maybe like a month or two ago and these rig names I mean the yeah this is some massive fpga Farm um he has the same naming scheme as the China fpga Farm that goes on and off from rxd ah rabid mining yes yes yes that's right that's right that's right we did see yes this is very similar to that worker name the worker names yes yes man that's red panda's wallet I wish it if this was mine I would not be here right now if this was mine I would be I I would be selling every day and 45 Grand a day I mean actually actually if you actually search up the address uh which I did already um actually here so this is the address okay the balance he has is450 alium on this address currently if he's mining 18 thou but look he's been doing sends every he's been sending out the lithium that he's mining like every hour he's mining like 800 or 900 of lithium in every hour so he's selling that he's sending it to an exchange which this address apparently is coinex I think so according to Twitter um I was just reading uh a bunch of Twitter uh Twitter post here you guys replied to my post here uh I was just doing some investigation this Mass althia minor with 210 terahash on hero miners yeah now it's 300 terahash oh my God it's got it's gotten worse um and uh the exchange is coinex apparently coinex is the exchange okay so this is the coinex address uh ends in oqy so this guy is sending the alium to this address which has almost 280,000 276,000 277,000 of lithium which is the coinx uh coinex exchange which is pretty insane pretty pretty insane so oh man I yeah so I think this guy is just yeah this guy is is yeah I mean no he is selling he's literally selling the alium as he is mining it you can see 21 minutes ago he just had outgoing 727 I mean you can look back in history here like the past 24 hours he's he's been he's been selling this elium constantly just just the price of the lithium I mean it's it hasn't really I mean it's been it's been going down it's been going down over the past 7 days so whether or not this is this this this is uh that minor causing this sell pressure maybe I don't know I don't know but that's this is this is pretty massive it's it's pretty massive that's not a guy it's a team oh no I know I know yeah obviously yeah no it's a whoever is managing this whole Farm of look look how look it just doesn't stop look I keep scrolling down look it just keep look at how many worker names there are it just it just keeps going look at how many terahash these like the fpj it just keeps going that's elon's AI Farm yeah I mean probably the Chinese go I better not say that word too loud uh yeah so there you go that's that's uh that's pretty that's pretty insane so I guess to correlate with I guess the uh lithium boxes also coming out uh the AL boxes where's DX pool on this list where's DX pool DX pool right here DX has been going up and up and up a bit uh okay I know Vos coin just got his gold shell Al box mine is still sitting at the UPS store because I'm not home I'm not home until another month oh sorry another week so that thing is uh yeah I will once I get home um I will turn that thing on okay um sad sad day I don't know what's what I'm going to mine now with this news and the rxd reduction yeah so that I mean yeah say I'm in the same kind of boat right now what am I thinking what am I what am I going to do now what am I going to mine with my gpus I was I Min about okay I was going to do a video on this but I mined about 1,500 Al lithium over the past 2 months uh you know I can just show up yeah here's actually yeah here's my address right here almost, 1500 I'm trying to yeah 1436 and the first time I mined it was pretty much 2 months ago it almost 2 months and 2 days so whisper sweet sweet nothing to it it turn on right game is Smokey d by the time I get home and turn that thing on it's going to make like $10 $20 a day look the AL box is already making $57 a day when last week or two weeks ago was at like 125 so Ah that's that's just H it's too it's too good by the time I get back I bet you next week I I bet you anything you guys can probably guess let's do some prediction I think by the time I get back on the 30th or 31st the AL box when I turn it on it's going to make I'm going to say $25 a day $25 what do you guys think what's your guys' prediction $25 a day $10 a day $15 a day yeah yeah yeah $5 $5 a day yeah Hawk F don't buy from anyone yeah rest in peace yep it's it's pretty bad it's it's getting worse it was $125 a day now it's 60 $60 a day now next week it'll probably be 20 might get lucky the fpga far may be back on radiant graab it yeah dude dude dude this this farm this fpg Farm is massive man for this Farm to make almost 50,000 us a day or 18,000 a lithium a day 0.074 0.74 Bitcoin a day G disgusting disgusting so now if lithium starts falling over the next over the next couple days over the next week we know why it's this guy this guy's we literally saw his address is selling straight to coinex exchange and he's making bank this guy is making bank oh man smash the like Bros I bet you won't be home on the 31st SLO Squatch I have to be home on the 31st Hawk Al Price dumping yet uh it doesn't it looks like it over the past day but it did kind of go up uh maybe a couple hours 6 hours ago 5 Hour six 7 seven hours ago I don't I don't know man I don't know $50,000 cells $50,000 a day sell volumes 1.6 million yeah I don't know testing top of the channel let it dump I'll buy the S out of it uh back to mining flux uh okay well I got to I got to switch to a coin that's kind of like the same power consumption so what what coin should I move to all right let's let's talk about that all right let let's let's let's let's move to a new let's move to a coin I guess a coin in which I don't have any I don't have any of really let's go through let let's let's just go through hash rate.

Here let's go through some hash rate. um what don't I have Hawk Ergo Rosen Bridges going to be nuts partnered with Ada I like Ergo I don't know if i' if I should switch I don't think I can switch my farm to that because it's going to take I think each GPU is probably going to take like 100 Watts or so I I need to stay I need to stay oh update my main GPU mining Farm was burning yesterday because the exhaust fan died who what kind of what what what kind of what like Murphy's Law what kind of thing like I'm on vacation I'm out and the exhaust fan go goes out and all the rigs were on fire I had like 82 82° I wish I had a picture I wish I had a screenshot but like 10 of my Rigs and like two of them went down I'm pretty sure they died or blew up like 10 of them had like 100 gpus in the 82 degrees C I guarantee you when I go back I had to turn everything off I just turned it all off okay even the 2070s were burning my 309s were just done the 309s were done the 3080s were also done uh 2070s were fine uh I don't I I yeah I I wish I had a screenshot I just instantly turned off everything because the whole place was like 50° C and I think that's like what's 50° C and Fahrenheit like the ambient temperature um on the octom miners like on the the temperature sensors were like 50° Celsius what what what what is that in Fahrenheit like 200 a2000s love 80 82 yeah uh 122 Fahrenheit yes my whole Farm my gpus were mining at 122 fenhe ambient I had to turn everything off I everything was burning I couldn't believe it all the octom miner fans were at 100 the the gpus were just oh man I I you know I I I don't understand why the fail safe like these things should have just turned off uh let's see auto fan oh hash okay I didn't have all right I didn't have the hash rate Watchdog on all right I I really I thought this was on I guess I got to I guess I got to yeah I got to get this all set up because when I was looking at it I was just like oh God and like two three of the rigs were down I'm pretty sure they blew up and uh so when I get back in a week probably going to do a video of turning on each one and seeing which ones died and which ones are melted I probably have burnt like the octom miner PCI cables are probably burnt like I I I I'm going to have to open up every single one and be sure nothing's melted and like I oh God I just why does this have to happen to me when I leave every single time I go somewhere exhaust fan dies something dies and everything else just dies you know dude just brutal just just brutal I I just hope I don't I'm going to open up a couple octom Miners and see if I have any burnt uh P cables man all right I'm going to read all right Barb techman God damn it Smokey down watch The Fan Le yeah I probably have to repe do repaste and all that stuff um you're going to need dual fans we're trying to get a new new house repen RPM turned off so peasants can get some coin I'm pissed yeah these are all off now I can't turn them back on yeah that's a coincidence so strange that happened 20 GP rig you are banned Never by fans from China uh well that exhaust P I bought was from well I guess it was made in China yeah it's from Amazon I mined 247 with 80 to 85c on gpus been years oh my gosh man I I no no I I don't want to do that uh shes I've been in data center several times 130f during HVAC issues it's not fun dude 130f oh dude that is hot uh 120f Burns wires I bathe in 120f degrees oh my God all right I'm glad my other Farm is okay where my house is this everything else everything is nice and cool here uh let's see intake 30° C 37 30 ° C 37 exhaust okay um my wife uh uh let's see Hawk I know Hawk and King is streaming uh in about 20 minutes 22 minutes Hawk and King we're going to redirect over there Apple art how much mining rigs is it personally safe to have as a small Miner uh like a couple man not not like 10 or 20 just a couple I'm talking like one or two you want to be safe as a small minor just stay stay small as you know not not nothing too crazy ah man okay all right I I I need you guys oh 264 people here 52 likes guys smash the like buttons 50 let's get to 100 what do you guys want me to mine all right I I need some suggestions and it can't be anything other than it can't be an algorithm that's too hot it can't be f it can't be like kapow it can't be cortex flock Nexa it can't be flock it's got it can't be it's got to be like you know low power what what do you got smashed conflex all right um I've been on Novo Graham the sest meme coin you can find uh satox coin no Raven coin no Ergo radiant look at this dual mining Ergo Radiance not bad that this this might be something that might be something um DX I kind of want to mine DX I don't have I need more DX I think I think I need more DX I don't know what's uh can can we see like the hash rate on DX 446 megahash o it is it is definitely down from October two 2 24 2.4 gigahash now we're down to 0.4 gigahash 422 megahash all right should should I move everything to DX good or bad idea shes don't do it why why not what what's wrong what why not tell me why tell me why um DX may be good to mine uh who's suggest DX uh a lot of people um what else what else stay on pyi pin uh pin pan I was on pan for a while uh I don't know man I I need something I think I need I need more [Music] DX NADA no clor no Capal satox rorn Sky Doge Vol whoat DX hin Carlson Graham seems like some people on gr techman thank you for the five friend coin not Financial advice uh DJ what's up man DJ [Music] welcome uh shes makes me want to mine clor more the usability of nodes in the real world so cool I like that uh shes DX is great I'm on it I want to M projects I believe and then accumulate going into the Bull Run y dude 100% man 100 that's yeah like like I have okay I got narai I got Novo already I see friend coin here techman you said friend coin I got Al lithium already I got pyron already I got H already I got D I got some DX I think I need more DX though I have I don't have much Ergo I have radiant already I have Raven coin already I got iron fish already I got chor already I got flux already not much could need more I got NE I got a lot of NEX already uh I don't have any conflex Don $5 through Super Chat coin frog not Financial advice um I don't have any FOH I don't have any Carlson yeah that's that's pretty much it like I don't I don't know what else I mean if we could really go full DJ and like I don't know mine some brand new coin that's GPU minable meta chain I guess we got to go to bitcoin talk I haven't been on bitcointalk.org for a long time who said nervous oh Scott Graham uh XNA that's kapow that would be too hot New England crypto what's up man what's up Iowa good evening RPM how's the sunburn I'm extremely burnt yes extreme extreme burnage happens uh my amds are an iron fishing gram just saying Nvidia is doing ever more Rico 2212 interesting okay um what like what coin do I want like what coin do I want to like accumulate more I think I think DX would be the next logical one I want to I want to uh get here 9x oh mining stacker replied to my thing INF mind looks like they didn't just hit a lithium radiant also more than doubled after trending downwards to 50 terahash after having in kylo coin hashr also also more than doubled out of nowhere which are both big fpga coins m mive Farm woke up whoa yeah man wow Radiance wow Kyla coin also went up oh okay so some definitely some massive fpj Farm came on dang radiant Radiance where's radiant gradient just had their their block reward having four days ago oh yeah PMP mining went from 4 gigahash to 44 doesn't seem like much yeah the big jump is here v.net from 10 Tash to like 10 102 oh yeah oh yeah J Trav it just my DX sounds like that's what you want J travini yeah it's not yeah I'm I'm leaning towards that I'm leaning towards that J travini what's up man haven't seen you for a while [Music] um fully electric thank you for the two go for DX or Graham let's go okay yeah it's probably going to be DX it it'll it'll probably be DX yeah DX is is quite down it's is quite uh like in price this was trying to get at um oh yeah I mean down from it doesn't it's not all the way down but it's down from it's dollar days now it's 57 yeah I could see DX being a good a good coin to mine right now yeah yeah I'll I'll switch to that um DJ the future is here boys DJ you you are the future and hold on hold on I just got a security camera notification hold on someone breaking into my house while I'm streaming nope it is a squirrel all right fully electric S2 through Super Chat rpn go for DNX or let's go not much keep I keep missing your live streams right mind I've been working a lot and keeping the farm going collecting data on if I want to keep my BTC A6 on or possibly send some to host nice man Yankee with the 37 months man dude is there really anything worth mining on GPU at this point in a bad spot when it comes to strong reliable altcoin project worth mining the freedom Eagle um Yankee you know man I it's it's very easy it's very easy to be pessimistic right now on GPU mining you know but I mean you yourself have been through it Yankee I mean you you've been through it yourself right it's it's these times when everything's down the dumps and like this is when you start this is when you when we start thinking like you know we got to now accumulate I know it's not profitable it's defin you know in terms of if you're thinking about it like passive income brother I know it sucks right now people that have 10 cent what man on a 3070 you're not making much at 10 cents sure you're making 30 cents if you're mining gem link or Zeno or something like that but who's really mining those coins who's really dual mining right now some people are some people learned but like yeah it's it's pitiful I know it's it's pitiful um but really the the the Strate the only strategy we can do as GPU Miners and I know it sucks for because not everyone can do it depending on your financial situation cuz you got to pay out of pocket for your electrical and then you got to hold the coin that's that's obviously a big risk and uh it could go to zero but that's that's the strategy that's that's the strategy there I know I know I know man I know I Yankee I'm with you man I I I'm with you I I I'm with you and I'm not with you you know what I mean like it's I know I it's it's a crapshoot right now honestly it's a crapshoot you guys know what crapshoot means crapshoot hold on let me get the definition uh crapshoot means informal anything unpredictable risky or problematical a gamble crapshoot just means a gamble uh um Yankee I want to mind something that has legs ethereum had legs and ran away I yeah yeah ethereum was that poster child coin like proof of work coin that all GP miners obviously loves and we were mining it with gpus it was really profitable now there is no you're right Yankee you're you're not wrong you're right there is no top 100 coin um that's respectively profitable and going to handle a lot of a lot of Hardware a lot of in terms of profitability yes I we we all know that I think everyone understands that everyone everyone does understand that Pro that thought process of there will never be or well there may never well be will be another coin like ethereum that is going to be as profit that was profitable like ethereum back in the day uh for for in the future future uh sorry CCH or conlux is what top 50 or top 60 coin but I know it's the the emissions 24-hour emissions for that coin is not 8 $85,000 a day so that's definitely not not a profitable uh Venture for for coins but I guess it just goes back to the whole mentality of of Mining and holding a bunch of these s coins I know I I know it's you know really it comes down to you know I'm not really a you know I I I really don't follow projects uh developments much but fundamentals [Music] development what what are some of these projects that are in the top 500 1,000 market cap are they going to are they going to explode in the bow run like are they going to are they going to do something who knows man who who knows it's a crapshoot it's all it's all a gamble it's all it's all we're hoping for but if you stick to stick to the coins that you're Mining and holding and yielding waiting for the price appreciation and altcoin season bro I think it's coming I I I I feel it I feel it not Financial advice but I feel it it's coming so really the only way for us GP miners to make money right now is to really just your your your your spec mining and you're just waiting for the altcoin season to come that's that's basically it that's that's that's that's the play that's really the play Yan you I would love to see a project that has really the ability for deep learning projects help AI finally take over the world yes um dude there's one actually there is one that I just did I did one on node AI uh G and GPU that one's interesting enough has some sort of AI platform where it's one click you can run like deep learning uh software on on those nodes on those GPU rigs they're actually going to send me uh they're sending me here nodes.

A I'm not trying to show these guys I'm just it's just an interesting project interesting I did rent out my 309s um but they have they have okay they're going to be sending me one of their uh one of these things a GPU node V1 uh I don't know what the specs are I'm assuming it's just like an ATX computer or a server of some sort with like you know 4090 in it or something or a Tesla GPU I I really don't know but they said they're going to be sending them to me when they have it ready and I was going to I'm going to review it on the channel so see if that see if this does something I don't know it's not really mining though okay uh I mean uh yeah it's not really you're not really mining it's it's it's you're renting out your your gpus so it's a totally different it's a totally different um uh thing um that looks sick yeah it looks pretty cool I hope it I hope it looks like that I hope it actually looks like that if it doesn't then scam [Music] H it's compute and rendering yes serpent yes bro what's up man okay is mining King and Hawk are they streaming in 5 minutes all right we're going to be going over there bros we're going to be going over there okay um all right all right I'm going to switch everything to DX all right so our wait no don't no I'm not no I'm moving everything to conflux no pin pin yeah I'm going to mine pin screw all of you don't don't move to DX go go go to purin and uh that's that's what I'm going to [Music] [Laughter] do ah uh yeah GP mining Al lithium is no longer a thing anymore rest in peace because of this dude oh my God this guy's hash rate just jumped up to 300 308 terahash now this guy is earning 20,000 Al lithium a day 54,000 USD a day or 0.82 BTC a day dude that is so much money so much money okay Bros that's it thank you for the live stream smash the like on the way out we're going to head on over to Mr uh mining King I got to get that uh they're streaming here in a second I got to get that redirection to work here customize [Music] redirect the oh the mining King the mining King upcoming there we go save all right there we go all right is there is there anyone anyone got any final words or remarks Mr Squid also rep I was trying to tell you this dude was there for like a month uh Mr Squid no I we saw this like yeah we saw this like a month or two ago yeah no I saw it as well man no I saw this we saw this yeah we saw a massive person mining on there um nice I want a fpga farm now fully electric don't do it don't do it l time mining Last Bow 130 watt mining e 140 watt mining conflux yes yes Raven to the Moon yes Raven to the Moon uh Mr Squid it's gold shell testing miners uh I don't think this is gold shell I I really don't think this is gold shell maybe a month ago oh you said a month ago okay okay okay oh okay okay yeah yeah yeah okay guys thank you you guys have a great day you guys have a great rest of your day I guess the yeah all right DJ DJ I'll see you I'll see you in King stream bro I'll see you in King stream uh I'll tell you story happen lat Panda all right peace Scott Sheffield nefarious bro good to see you man New England crypto take care P you too man see you guys later it's actually RPM testing his new Farm prank yeah right oh one last thing I little shill a little shill the RPM tangum is now available little shell the RPM tangum is now available for pre-order 33 of you sorry bastards already pre-ordered one if you guys want one use R code RPM you get another 10% off if you are interested the red panda tangum card the best wallet Cold Storage wallet my favorite I moved everything to it doesn't need a battery you don't need a cable got rid of my ledger wallets Ledger wallets actually I haven't gotten rid of them yet I haven't moved everything off yet but I'm getting rid of them basically I moved over to tangum these things are much better the wallet the UI is really is really they have more support for more coins they're going to have more support soon for DX radiant Nexa uh they got Caspa which the legend wallet doesn't have Caspa Bitcoin of course a bunch of E ethereum erc20 vc20 all the all the different chains it all works it all works so if you guys want one check it out go to Red Panda do red panda.

Tm.com if you guys are interested and needing the RPM branded one limited edition only 500 will be available they start they start production miday and ships out uh delivers end of me all right peace Bros New England it just went up from 33 to 37 oh four of you just bought one thank you thank you fully electric I'm getting four right now oh my God you guys you guys are nuts you guys are you guys are crazy Yankee can RPM can you buy me one uh sure I'll buy you one Yankee 25e replacement warranty hopefully this come compan is still available for another 25 years H yeah great thing about tangents I'm not trying to show here guys I I really like it you have backup cards okay a thing is like you can get the private keys if you want but you know getting the backup cards you get three in one one order okay you get three cards in one order two of them will be backups so the whole point of it is is if you know um it eliminates um the seed phrase exposure so you don't you don't even need to show or write down your seed phrase because you have three cards right you have three cards you can hide two another place or something bank vault or whatever um but it's it says yet they they say here yet we have left the seed phrase option for those who would like to stick to their habitual recovery method so the recovery method is only going to be the card so if you lose all three cards you obviously lose you lose everything you lose the the the C phrases so there a the access to your crypto because um you didn't you didn't get the seed phrase out so you could buy more cards though if you wanted and hook them up on you can sync them all all the cards together so you can theoretically have uh one active card and then five backup cards just put them all over over the place ah it's too funny not your keys not your cheese uh okay I'll see you guys on uh mining King's live stream I'll see you guys there I will uh link oh right here bro right in the live chat all right I'll see you guys later I'll see you guys in Mr mining King's Live Chat I appreciate you all and uh I will see you guys tomorrow in a video or live stream probably maybe both yeah all right peace out guys I appreciate all of you you guys have a good one peace out [Music] [Music] [Music]

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