Is Bitcoin Mining about to get worse for home miners?

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[Music] hey guys RPM here hope you're doing well having a really great day this video I want to specifically talk about Bitcoin mining and a bunch of new Asic miners that have been announced over the past couple weeks here and just go through all that along with the efficiencies of these miners and as well as the pricing okay there have been a lot of new announcements here and uh yeah this is just going to be about bcoin mining for those that are into it okay I know as a residential Miner we are hard pressed to compete against a lot of these bigger industrial Warehouse miners that have a lot cheaper electric and yeah but I'm I'm going to talk about that as I go along in this video we're going to talk about the Bitcoin having as well how that is going to have a big effect regarding people that are going to be purchasing these as well as you know the Bitcoin Network hash rate which continues to climb a lot of things that you know a lot of risks that are involved uh for those such as us uh you know regular residential miners that are thinking of you know going into something like this all right so we're going to talk about that throughout this video talk about profitability as well uh just comparing it against you know much lower electric versus maybe residential electric you know that's something that I think we'll need to compare because it does make a pretty big difference so let's go through my efficiency sheet here this is a sheet where I have linked Down Below in case you guys want to see it I have it also with castle miners Bitcoin Litecoin ethereum classic all these different type of Asic miners miners that are out in the space right now but specifically this this video is just mainly tied towards Bitcoin okay so we got what's Miner m63 s m66 s M60 s's M60 m6s okay so these are minor that have been announced just recently at the Dubai all blockchain life 2023 October 24th 25th that just had an event there with showcasing a lot of different Miners and such and I got invited out to here unfortunately I was not able to go uh but I'm actually thinking of going on to the next one which is in April 15th 16th of 2024 so uh I'll probably be going anonymously I don't want to you know dox myself but that's something that I yeah I just wanted to let you guys know that's something U this is where all the stuff was announced right all the big players all the big you know bit M what Miner micro BT ice River was there I poo was there uh a lot of different manufacturers are there showcasing their miners right a lot of money involved in all this kind of stuff right big players big whales they even say it on their on their website here it's like uh crypto Wales meeting point in Dubai right now let's go through the announcements here of new Bitcoin as miners okay so you guys have heard probably already of the bitmain S21 that was a good month or two ago and of course the Desa wi minor as well I believe that was announced at the U mining disrupt okay so that's another apparent you know 20 Terra has per watt or watt per hash uh Asic minor right very efficient and then at that time and then we got the bit main announcement of the S21 and now we got a whole bunch of new ones here what's Miner what's Miner coming out of the gate with their new Asic miners okay really efficient they're going up against the bitmain S21 and uh you know what's minor very known for their reliability and of course not so much efficiency but looks like now they're getting pretty up there with bitm here efficiency uh but reliability I've heard from everyone saying their what's miners have been the best most reliable Asic miners on the market and you know I've had one which I gave away a while ago and I have to say that thing was pretty pretty nice it was actually it was also super loud but uh it was a really nice as6 Manor it felt really you know strong built and everything and uh but versus the bit mains you guys know I mean depending on what time you've been mining you've heard a lot of issues with s7s maybe the first generation s9s had some issues s19 XPS are also notorious these days I'm having a lot of issues and also my X5 and a bunch of other as other bit main models that have been having issues that's one thing I'm kind of worried about with the S21 anyways well we'll talk about that later as we go along so micro BT what's Miner all right so these new models we got the m6s M60 series M60 different terahash models okay uh you know better representation here I learned this from Crypt Miner Bros that they have all their new what's minor models listed here okay if you guys know Crypt Miner Bros I am partnered with them over the past four years they have shipped me a lot of different acing miners for review they've served hundreds of thousands of customers and their pricing that you see on their website includes shipping and also duties and taxes I know it seems like they're higher than most websites but it's it's because they include all that pricing in the prices you see on their website just like this on their shop page anyways the S21 all right is here and then the what's miners just just showing now on Crypt Miner Bros a link down below if you guys want to check it out so what's minor okay m6s let's let's click on this one all right so there's a 170 ter has $ 5,249 and there's a 186 terahash 5699 okay these are in stock and I am going to be getting one from Crypt Miner Bros in the next week here or two and I will be showcasing it to you guys on the Channel all right we're going to check this out and if you guys want me to open it let me know down below I'll open it and we can check out the boards and stuff we we seem to be doing that with all these as6 These Days anyways these what's minor m6s Bitcoin miners Okay so the power consumption is going to be about 3400 Watts okay and so the efficiency of that of an M60 170 ter is going to be about 20.2 watt per hash generally and if we're looking at the m6s 186 terahash which you know micr BT what's Miner advertises this one is going to be 18.5 watt per has so that's pretty close to the bitmain's S21 at 17.75 wat per hash but they always in my opinion you know low ball or High ballet depending how which way you look at it I'm thinking that this S21 is going more so take like 36 3700 Watts but that's going to depend on the I guess your environment and you know what the fan speeds are going to be at and such so really take all of these numbers with a grain of salt and probably add like another point or two because it really depends you know on your environment uh when it comes to efficiency you know okay so anyways these are the new Asic miners the next generation of ASC miners for Bitcoin mining that are are now out here okay Desi I haven't seen on any reseller websites I think Des is only selling themselves okay they're not selling to Distributors but anyways you guys can see the next generation of efficiency compared to s9k jpr XP all these models which in my opinion it's it's it's it's not really a big jump but we're we're talking about a couple points here okay a couple points on efficiency compared to s9j uh XP s9k Pro you know this one's a notorious one I just received but does this one does 23 wat per hash roughly actually more so 24 uh because some of these models from what I've seen take seem to take more power at the wall but if we looking at instead of looking at efficiency whoer has now let's talk about the price here okay the prices of these okay if you were to buy an s9k Pro right now the the dollar per gigahash or dollar per terahash is going to be the s19 K Pro all right this is 229 2,229 on uh crypto Miner Bros uh right now okay so this minor could be a good buy but depend totally depends on what your electrical cost is okay we'll check profitability in a second but looking down the list here the next one would be S21 but it's not released until January February March April May June July but that depends on which batch you decide to buy okay so if you buy the January batch on Crypt Miner Bros that's 4149 your February batch 4,000 49 March batch 36.99 looking at the April batch 3549 May batch $ 34.99 June batch 3479 so you can see the price goes down as it goes along I mean yeah this is really the same time during the March April May this is when the Bitcoin having is going to happen all right so you all know right this is a this is a big risk here okay understanding but of course at the end I'll be all I have to I have to State this you are getting into B Bitcoin mining because you believe in Bitcoin you believe that the markets are going to go up again and that we are in the cycle where you know that we will eventually get there a four-year cycle where Bitcoin always goes up in the next run up right always goes higher and higher so if that's your ultimate conviction ultimate belief and you are you know going to be wanting to spend this type of money or not that's going to be up to you right but anyways with these risks involved right the Bitcoin having is a big risk because the block reward is dropping from 6.25 Bitcoin bur block down to 3.125 okay and then as well talking about the network hash rate another big thing that's happening with a lot of big players in the space right not just us smaller residential miners that are buying one or two or three of them you know having a couple at home we're running them at like 10 cent 12 cent 14 Cent per kilowatt hour you know it's it's barely making you know some money for us right now let's just say uh 14 Cent per kilowatt hour I think that's the US you know residential uh just right now for average for electrical so an s19 K Pro at about 14 cents per kilowatt hour uh let's just let me make sure that's true here 14 Cent per Kil yeah 14 Cent per kilowatt hour okay is going to be making on an s19 K about 89 cents a day okay if you had an s19 J Pro 100 or 104 terahash that would be negative a150 a day so you can see the reason why why that is right it's because of the efficiency of the s9j pros right these are a lot less a bit of looks it looks like a lot less but it's actually not that much but it is a big difference when it comes to you know you're comparing the power consumption the electrical cost versus the efficiency and you know looking at this right you can see that's why at 24 25 for these s9j Pros that you know they're less efficient than obviously these new models that are out right so hopefully you guys understand that but anyways going down here now let's just say we were a massive mining Farm which there are many many of them maybe gas flares maybe Hydro maybe even like two cents one cents per kilowatt hour right now let's just go let's just do 4 cents let's be more realistic right you know big money Farms have expenses to they have employees you know they got decent amount of overhead let's just say s9k Pro you know they had these at a 4-cent kilowatt hour that would be generating $751 a day okay their s9j Pros 104s 585 okay going down the list here even if you had a let's say S7 I think people that have S7 S7 Pros $2 48 cents a day all right at 4 Cent kilowatt hour so for big mining Farms that have cheaper electric less than I'm going to say yeah 4 32 they could have a lot of these s77 pros and still generating this amount of money again their electrical cost right they're still profiting right that could be the case and then actually a story I just talked with a mining farm that has a bunch of s7s they are already cycling out these uh for their new batch of s21s okay they pre-ordered a massive batch of these all right so they're going to be turning off they're going to be you know fire sailing their s7s for newer more efficient Bitcoin miners okay these guys that are doing this they have millions upon millions of dollarss in order for these s21s okay and it's it's bigger than us right this is huge right Bitcoin mining is such in it's such a huge space right there are a lot of whales out there a lot of bigger plays in the space which where you know us residential miners it's hard for us to compete because they have much lower expenses right when it comes to especially their electric right they're they're making money versus their electrical cost if that makes sense so for most of you guys that are watching me right now are res residential Miners and I have a few big mining Farm people who watch me I've talked with you guys you guys purchased a one-on-one you talk with me my red panda mining.

Shop and I've gotten great Insight from all these guys who are you know much bigger than I am right much bigger than all of us right these guys are spending Millions upon millions of dollars in infrastructure this kind of stuff and they are making hand over fist just tons of money right tons tons of money Bitcoin mining because their electrical cost is next to nothing all right so I don't want to keep boasting about that all right it makes me more depressed probably makes you guys more depressed more more more and more depressed as we hear about you know bigger Farms that are going to be cycling out their older miners for much newer more efficient more terahash Asic miners a lot more efficient and they're just going to it's probably going to you know as miners turn off okay this is where I'm getting to where the Bitcoin Network hash rate it may come down but as those guys turn off their older Asic miners then they're going to be receiving their newer more terahash models which are going to slowly creep up the hash rate this is just the constant cycle of massive Bitcoin miners that are doing it commercially you know have much lower electrical cost and you know they're going to be investing Millions upon millions of dollars uh into these newer Asic miners especially the hydro ones okay there couple big guys out there that have the hydro miners okay these ones I actually crypto Miner Bros they reached out to me for reviewing one of these uh s uh 66 S's and actually even the bitmain S21 hydro and I said to them I am unable to run this at home because this requires three-phase power I don't have three-phase power at home one of these hydrocooling guys take 5,360 Watts so I said I will be able to show it like I can show it physically but I will be unable to run one of these at home because I am I only have 240 volt and this is something yeah I cannot run at home home so let me know what you guys think about that unless there is some way I can run like this massive 390 trash what's minor M363 Hydro minor I I just yeah I just can't because uh it requires uh 380 to 480 volt which I do not have 7200 Watts for this Breer BT wats Miner m63 s that is insane look at this thing it's like a 4u oneu 2u looking thing is this uh let's see about 1 L 16 doesn't say how many U it is but it looks like a two U by the looks of it anyways guys there's yeah I just wanted to just basically talk about these new miners these new models that have come out and if you guys are thinking of purchasing this with what is going to be transpiring here over the next April May okay of 2024 with the Bitcoin having um we don't know if the price is going to go up afterwards shortly after or before who knows right Bitcoin is very volatile all right so if you're thinking of getting into buying you know you know these as6 right now let me know I'm curious what your guys' thought process is because yeah if once we lose the block reward down to half profitability at the current price is going to be cut in half okay so at 4 cents just just I don't think anyone here has really not many people here at 4 cents and S1 19k Pro will then be like $3300 $3.25 at cents per kilow hour so anyone that bought a lot of bit main s9k Pros will still be okay right at 4 cents but let's say anyone at like you know 12 cent per kilow hour the s9k pro uh will then turn into at current Network hash rate current price s9k Pro will then turn into what I think you cut that in half 50 cents will be 25 cents okay but we all know that during the next I'm going to yeah the next couple months here when the next batches all the batches of the s21s start start shipping out you know which are in the in the hundreds of I'm going to say like hundreds of thousands of these are going to be shipping out right these are being manufactured in Mass okay big players in the space are getting into these and we in my opinion residential miners we're like going to be left in the dust but that's going to depend on the price of Bitcoin if the price of Bitcoin goes up much higher than it is now then it could still give life to the residential miners depending on their electrical cost I mean that's that's really the the the game here right it's a a zero sum game and you know it's it's really hard to compete against bigger players that have much lower you know expenses much lower electrical price but um for anyone that is able to stay lean and mean and you know try to stay competitive in a way where you know we got to stay efficient and stuff I mean that's the name of the game in this whole thing so okay guys I think that's it let me know your guys' thoughts about all these new miners that are coming out for Bitcoin um you know I I'm not I am a Bitcoin miner as a residential minor I'm not really fond of it my electrical cost is okay but then it's not okay I am using a lot more power than what they are generating in terms of profit wise but Bitcoin mining I think in my opinion it's becoming a much bigger game now bigger than residential Mining and a lot of people are you know like me uh if you guys saw recently I am getting my Asic miners hosted right so a much lower cost than what I'm paying residential right so uh I'll be having another video about talking about that who I'm hosting with and uh yeah I'll do that another video so let me know what you guys think about all this and if you are deciding to purchase any as6 miners check out crypto Miner Bros down below link down below and uh that'll support the channel as well if you purchase through them and uh use offer code red panda for $50 off if you're interested so see you guys in the next video have a good one peace out

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