Laptop Mining DogeCoin 2021 vs 2023

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all right so ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel I hope everybody's having a great day um I hope my audio levels are right because I just rebid my mic set up but oh well we'll see um anyway for reference it is wow is it really it's already August 25th 2023 time flies and I was looking back at some of my older videos and kind of like you know just seeing how they were received and that kind of thing uh and I noticed I had a video that that blew up a lot of people looked at it a lot of people still get engagement on that video to till this like today and I was like you know what let's kind of like maybe go back and take a look at it and then and then fire it back up so to speak or redo it um not necessarily redo it but like see how that method works today and um that was mining Dogecoin on a laptop and for some reason that video just took off so uh here is the video in question mining Dogecoin old laptop 400 000 views and actually just got a a comment an hour ago how much Dogecoin per day now and month well I'm not mining on that laptop anymore but I do have the laptop that I'm using right now um and all I did is I went over to unminable went ahead and downloaded their newest unminable like Miner and it's super easy um you just have to make sure depending on what browser you're using it thinks it's like malicious because technically miners are bad now not really but that's how they see him as bad um went through the the setup this isn't a how-to video I could do that if you guys need that but it's super simple um and went ahead and put my 1660 super or sorry 1660 TI that's in this laptop mining Etc hash on Dogecoin uh it looks like the payouts are every 30 Doge which I believe doge is about six cents right now so .06 times 30 looks like about every dollar and 80 cents I'll be getting a doge payout and um right now local hash rate is low but that's because I'm I'm using this computer to record and stream but once I actually stop doing anything on it the hash rate goes up to the the high 20s this this GPU is capable of 30 but it likes to be right around like 29 29 and a half so right now it's a little low because of you know streaming and using the computer but regardless I'm gonna let this mine for a little bit probably come back in a couple days and see what the results are we can go through the calculator or they used to have a calculator um do they not anymore hold on let's see here so let's go to unminable and let's go Doge and then we can go it was on Etc hash yeah where are we at here Etc hash and um if we're doing let's say 29 Mega hash that's 0.7 Doge a day or 21 Doge a month hmm let's go over what to Mine real quick what should we be mining with our 1660 TI uh uh calculate it's like Raven coin is kapows 13 cents a day man if I Rose nonsense Etc hash Etc at five cents a day so yeah that's that's pretty bad especially for the power that it's burning um I probably need to switch that over to like Raven coin ravencoin is going to burn a little bit more power what other options did it have ER I don't know if I lose that balance if I switch let's see let's try it so if I switch that's Etc hash if I go to NB minor that's uh kapow LOL Miner is ETC T-Rex is firo pal which is nine cents versus 13 cents so kapow is probably the way to go which would be in B minor next start okay so your balance rolls um it doesn't go away so to speak um I will let that fire up it probably is not gonna be happy with the live stream or the recording because uh kapow is a little heavier um than than Etc hashes but it'll be good for when I'm not here at least uh so yeah if you guys have any questions that kind of thing by the way uh people were asking me you know in the last video like uh you know what sponsors do I have that kind of thing um none of this is sponsored it's it's all sponsored by me at the moment um I'm not even gonna put a referral address up or anything if you want to use unminable just and then go to get started and download the the windows version right there super easy super super easy um if you have any questions just ask down below I did want to go back and see on here hold on yeah I was doing one Doge a day [Music] and what was the computer it was a doesn't say I knew it was an old one I was getting 107 hash on Dogecoin on uh sorry X on Monero but getting paid out in Doge did I ever show what the CPU was in this thing I don't think I did dang okay for uh shittles and gigs Let's uh let's go back we'll turn it over to CPU uh we'll go next start and let's see what kind of hash rate we can get um on this 10 750 and compare it because I was getting one Doge a day on 107 hash yeah this is a thousand so that means I would uh if I was mining with this back then that would have been what 11 Doge a day at 1110 today um which is like 60 cents today but back then I think Doge was did I ever show the presidentage and that's like calculator one moving it the whole time uh oh it was five cents two years ago so it's it's only one penny more than what it was back then but the mining yield was quite a bit more back then uh a super old laptop that was only getting one tenth of the hash rate was making an entire Doge in a day whereas a laptop that's 10 times more powerful is going to be making I think this I think this is about five or six seven one Doge a day so it yeah difficulty was like 10 times what it was back then oh my oh my um makes things a little disheartening but it is what it is anyway thanks for watching guys I appreciate y'all coming out um I'm gonna be doing a couple you know little throwback or retro videos I also did find my uh this is an Odyssey by seed or maybe it's a seed by Odyssey I don't remember but this bad boy's got a pretty decent uh arm CPU on it I think it's arm CPU so I wanted to throw this onto mining some some various coin because seems like armed CPUs or various coin loves some armed CPUs and see if that thing can't make any money but anyway I'm gonna let y'all have a good night I'll see you on the next one adios

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