Nvme drives on sale

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what's up ladies and gentlemen this is Brandon back on Brandon coin uh I just acquired a huge order um of nvme drives so a majority of them are 500 gig but there are some 1 tbte and 2 TB they're mixed between Gen 3 and Gen 4 I'm going to be going through everything when I get back to the house I have the box over here but it's something in the lines I think he said it was like 150 drives um so I am going to be doing some good sales over on the website I'm going to be putting the link Down Below in the description uh I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of like 10 bucks for a 500 gig uh 25 for a 1 tbte and then 40 for a 2 tbte uh I'm just trying to move a lot of these make a little bit of money and keep my cash flow rolling because um had to come out of pocket a good bit to uh secure this this lot so um reach out to me I'm going to be doing a video and that's where I'll have the link Down Below in that description so just trying to to field you guys and see does that pricing make sense and I should be able to ship them all USPS ground Advantage so shipping should be around like three to four bucks so that'll put your total price on like a 500 gig around you know less than 15 less than 30 on a 1 TB and then less than you know 45 on a 2 TB um I think that pricing makes really good sense good value for you good value for me I think it's a win-win so all right anyway let me know down below later guys

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