Opening a Computer Store Inventory

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all right so we're back as you just saw unloaded a whole another load of stuff and I figure I brought some uh cleaning supplies with me some of the stuff is super Dusty so I need to go ahead and clean it off also uh need to clean that glass off so I can put that uh display case together start trying to lay out the room but um yeah one day at a time ladies and gentlemen one day at a time all right so the current situation I was hoping this rack would fit underneath there it doesn't so I'm going to have to move that cabinet up which looks like there's some plates up there we'll figure that out um I did ask if this room has like like cable and what's that for is this cable TV or is that cable to hook up a router there is Wi-Fi in the whole area and that's included so not sure what that's for I don't really need cable TV but you know better to know um so got to raise that up slide this over there got some I don't know exactly where that's going to go need to clean all that off need to clean this glass all off got some glass cleaner with me need to start going through these bins set the uh the shelves up inside the display case also for right now I got a little folding table that I can put back there yeah got to make some progress need to bring my tripod in here because there's not a really good spot to set up the phone at the moment but I'm going to do a little bit of work might get some time lapses might not and uh yeah be right back all right so I got the glass in this thing and it about kicked my butt um still some streaks where it's it's all drying but I tried I cleaned all the glass off got it all set up set the Shelf about halfway up don't know exactly how I'm going to display stuff in there yet might end up end up printing out like some GPU stands and set up a bunch of gpus in there but yeah that was that was a big thing is I wanted to get uh that thing all set up because all this glass laying around was definitely not safe now I need to get this back to the back and start shuffling through a lot of that yeah fun stuff all right so here's one of the boxes I started cleaning out the mining shed and ran into all kinds of stuff so a little display some Ram in it need to print out some more of these because I needed one for like ddr4 maybe a couple for ddr4 and then some of these are DDR3 I think maybe some of these old ones are are ddr2 but right now you know what I mean I guess we can set those in the display case need to get me a good compressed air like duster deal you know we's see yeah she's not that dirty I guess we could set that bad boy right there um but yeah we got we got lots of stuff in here old 570s that need to be cleaned up I believe this is a yeah another 570 uh this is a 5500 XT so we kind of set these aside I'm thinking I obviously this chair is not going to stay here but I'm thinking a little corner table right here would be nice Definitely and then some high shelves over here behind me would probably be nice little wireless card we just thr that in there for now look at that 1070 TI that's a nice little one right there another 570 got a bunch of those 570 I brought a lot of my old cards over here initially probably not going to bring a bunch of new stuff just because like a lot of people had mentioned it's a lot of risk leaving everything in here um obviously there's security cameras uh in and out of the building um I have a security camera coming for in here as well um so just to be extra secure and extra safe I think that's a 5600 XT there's a 20 Series right here a little bit newer 2070 so guess that's enough for right now I can start cleaning some of these bad boys up I need to get those Bank chairs out of here but yeah it's uh let's getting there thinking get these Bank chairs out of here I'm going to hang a little small TV or small monitor right there have a a tiny little table that comes out um with like maybe a test bench right here I don't know maybe a test bench of it there makes more sense or in that corner got to have a test bench probably in that corner honestly um um but I I really wanted a spot for people to like set up a system and test it out and maybe that's going to be right here just cuz it's over in this corner this is a weird Dugout area so this might end up being it so that way they can have just enough for a keyboard a mouse have the system down below have cables run down to it so you can just plug it in test it out if they like it good if it fits it ships I still have to go through all this stuff I mean we got mother motherboards and CPUs power supplies and this is just a small fraction oh I still have to finish cleaning out the mining room but I figure if I do a truckload at a time eventually eventually we'll get there so yeah um I guess I'm going to get to cleaning a little bit and I really need to this table is like all stained and stuff I don't really like that need to try to clean that up with something or maybe just get a new table but for right now it works cuz everything's so you know nasty and dusty but I guess I'll see yall here in a little bit peace all right guys so made a little progress over here started going through got some cards cleaned up got some motherboards and CPUs cleaned up just stuck them in there for the time being have a huge backlog of stuff to clean still got that box this box got a box up here with gpus tons of stuff to go through sorry about that I had a phone call but um yeah so I found in my stash so far 2070 super 2070 that's just one of those 1660 supers tons of 57s some 55 and 5600 XTS that is a regular 3060 but it's an orus Edition it's like super big fans and stuff for a super low power card uh 3060 TI um I think that's a another 3060 TI 1070 TI some older cards in there I think the majority of these are older to some newer some 16s and that kind of thing but yeah I still have uh tons of rigs to break down tons of power supplies to break down um I pretty much have decided over on this side of things uh I am going to try I'm going to bring my drill gun tomorrow or maybe tonight might come back tonight slide that cabinet up and move this up underneath that uh just to have some more storage over here as I break things down and then I need to run some shelving up top that way um because I don't need you know say I have one 2 3 4 I know I have more more than that of the identical RX 570 I don't need every single 570 in the display case um we only need one 570 in the display case and the rest can go up top in the shelving so um yeah yeah absolutely also I need to get my 3D printer fired back up and print me some more um of these little Ram holders cuz I'm breaking everything down and I'm coming across a lot of RAM and I need to split it up by like generation and stuff and yeah fun fun um also uh I I went on Amazon and I found a good little uh like side table or desk that I'm going to put right there uh think I'm going to end up using that laptop up here that's my one of my older laptops but it's still in good shape I just have to buy another power brick adapter because I cannot find the one for that one of course they all use different ones I don't know why laptops won't make a standard Barrel plug everybody has to have their own but yeah I guess for now I'm going to take one of these home cuz I don't I definitely don't need two of them in here and I think I'll leave one I'm not sure why I need to leave one I don't I don't know I'm like so undecided on these chair they're like out of place but then yeah anyway all right later guys see youall in the next one adios well uh I got a whole another load of stuff loaded the truck down got all kinds of parts and graphics cards let's show you like just all kinds of stuff power supplies I was going to come back to the office and um start going through stuff and start cleaning it up it's super late wife went ahead and went to work or went to bed um and I get over here and I'm I must be I must be dumb I don't know I can't figure it out but they have like a key fob system so the doors are open from 7:00 to 5:00 and after 5:00 they have a key fob that like unlocks unlocks the door I can't get my key fob to work so I drove like 20 minutes out here and I can't get the key fob to work it's like almost 1:00 a.m.

She said the key fob would work anytime after 5:00 or before 7:00 I figured that meant like I'd be good at 1:00 a.m. but uh yeah so I guess this video is getting cut a little short guys um I mean like I got you know some little Cheapo shelving units and stuff that I pulled out of the garage the truck is slam packed and the worst part of this situation is me and my wife want to go to the fair tomorrow and take the truck and it's slam packed full of stuff so now I got to get back home and unload it I don't know maybe we'll just we'll take her car instead of taking the truck but um yeah I just I thought it was comical I I needed to let you guys know but anyway everything's going good um I went ahead and got the ball rolling on a few things so hopefully you'll see those on the next video anyway guys yall have a good one I'll see you on the next one adios

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