Phone Crypto Mining 1 month update

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all right what's up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel and we've been mining uh on the cell phones on Ferris for a while now all my phones have been pretty stable uh except for this Galaxy Note 5. um these are not known to be great mining phones but I had it it was it's not costing me anything so I just lowered the core count back down to two I had it up to five but it would only run for about six to eight hours then it would cut off not sure why um you know I was I popped in on it during the day like during the heat of the day it never was overheating but something was not happy inside this thing so a little bit of you know hiccups here and there with with mining that's that's part of it [Music] um the plug also is not necessarily the best uh Arrangement but the um the TCL A3 the I don't remember uh the a3x the S9 and then the flip 5 have been all very stable but those are a lot newer phones so I haven't had really any issues out of those just been mining right here and I have still been using the on off uh timer switch so it turns them off and lets them run on battery power not only the phones it lets my fan run on battery power too because this is a battery powered uh fan that's like used for kids and stuff we used it during the summertime with our kids but um so it's being able to actually get those batteries to discharge and then charge back up which you can see like that one's at 86 percent that one's at 92 percent uh and so on so some people have told me or a lot of people have told me that that's good you know working the battery and not just keeping it on 100 all the time um I don't have any battery bloat yet none of the batteries have started puffing up or anything like that out so hopefully that extends the life of all that stuff going on gosh I got notifications going crazy um coming over to look cool let me get a fresh Refresh on this mute my Okay so the Note 5 just booted up so it's its speed is going to be a little off but our 24 hour average is right at 15.3 Mega hash so far total we've been paid out 4.6 various coin or a dollar 86 if we go to our earnings does it show all time no maybe not I thought it did oh apparently I had a jackpot on my Flip 2 15 days ago that's pretty cool so my flip to mind this block number that's actually very very lucky for that one surprisingly looks like I'm averaging about 0.14.15 various coin a day yeah I thought I was going to be able to look and see how long it's been mining for my luck at the moment with 15 Mega hash I'll hit a block in 2.68 months so I'm definitely ahead of the luck uh curve that's for sure but yeah so I guess that's where we're at uh I guess I could go to YouTube and see when I started this whole endeavor videos so one month ago let's see the actual date on the August 18th August 18th to September 18th will be one month we're almost closer to two months or like I'd say a month and a half is where we're at roughly which isn't horrible um we've definitely burnt a little bit of power uh but as I've shown time and time again these things are just slightly profitable they they make slightly more than the power Burns but I'm not looking to get rid of them at current rates either Varys is going to go up or it's going to go down and I'm I'm not selling at this price I'm not selling if it goes down so this this might end up being one of those coins that I mine and hold on to forever but hopefully not we can we can hope for the best and plan for the worst kind of situation so this is just a little update on the cell phone mining Farms people were asking me how the the timer was working the timer seems to be awesome um do note though that when you buy those timers some of them are only rated for 10 amps at 110 volts so I don't imagine you'd have 10 amps of cell phones but some people do um and that's just that's just part of it so anyway thanks for watching guys I'm gonna go ahead and end this one I'll see you on the next one adios

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