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what's up guys welcome back to caveman mining on 
today's video we are going to jump right to things   uh we are going to be mining ergo on the new 6600 
rx 6600 xt and that's the msi mech edition and um   yeah i don't see too many videos out there as 
of today in terms of um mining on this card with   ergo especially in hive os so um yeah we're gonna 
jump right to it um i'm just gonna show you guys   the flight sheets on how we can actually set 
up ergo okay go ahead and we'll modify the uh   the current flight sheet here and apologies that 
the hive os's just seem to be running a little bit   slow and so uh what i'm gonna recommend for this 
particular card is running the ergo t-rex miner   okay i did try the nano miner and i did not have a 
lot of success in terms of uh hash rate and being   able to kind of spool things up so when you set 
up your flight sheet you want to set up erg erg   so you can type that in or you can just search 
for it on the list uh go ahead and set up your   ergo wallet we're going to use hero miners as the 
pool and again i mentioned uh team red miner is   the miner that we're gonna use and that's 
pretty much notoriously known for amd cards okay   so uh apply that flight sheet we're going to go 
into our worker here and i'm going to open up   hive shell just so you guys can take a look and 
we're going to just run some stock settings here   no overclocks yet and then we will do a comparison 
to see um can we increase this uh hash rate   up higher in terms of from where it's at 
uh stock so you could be able to kind of   take a look at that and see where things are 
standing and compare so we're going to get into   hive shell we're going to get into the minor and 
you'll see auto lycos running here so the stock um   clocks we see here is 1350 on the 
core um 1200 on the megahertz for the   kind of uh what do we call soc mhz uh 1000 
on the memory okay and we're running at um   you know 61 watts of power okay so getting 
a couple shares uh there and 55.92 so not   crazy bad in terms of the power level okay so 
now let's go over to our overclock settings   and we are going to just kind of take a profile 
for the clock we're going to go with 9 55.   i'm going to do the core 950 and the memory 
voltage will do 640 to try to kind of tone   that down a little bit 11 31 on the memory clock 
i'm going to run the fan at full bore at 100   and we're going to go with a hundred on the power 
for watts so with the um with the core voltage   kind of undervolting and and running the memory 
down a little bit that should keep our power   levels you know somewhat low and the idea is to 
really maximize the hash rate right get as much   mega hash as we we possibly can so let's um 
take a look here and do another refresh this   may take a second because i know ergo's network 
in terms of like reporting hash rate tends to   take a little time to spool up and we can see 
the hash rate's already starting to increase   the wattage has actually gone down so that's 
a good sign we're going to get back into hive   shell and just kind of watch this live uh here 
and i've noticed that when applying some of   these overclocks it uh it kind of bogs down 
and then it starts to ramp back up with ergo   versus um you know mining with ethereum everything 
stays pretty pretty consistent but let's see if we   can kind of ramp up here on the hash rate 
i'm gonna go ahead and do another refresh okay it's still not reporting okay so 
take a look at that we've got 62.52 and running at 59 watts so that's 
actually pretty good in terms of hash rate   i've heard of some folks getting you know 
6364 and i think i don't know if there's   someone out there i haven't seen the video 
but someone claims they've got 66 mega hash um   but i'm not sure what they are running 
for like power or for wattage but   in terms of like efficiency like take a look 
at this 62.71 so just we're getting just shy   of um 63 mega hash and we're gonna hopefully 
hold that uh 59 watts again that's not   to the wall so that is just software reporting 
so i wouldn't say it's super accurate we would   like need a power meter at the wall to really be 
able to tell uh what we're running there and 62.74 mega hash okay so really ramping up uh in terms 
of mega hash now let's get an idea of what this   would be for like a return on investment 
and profitability for this card running   at this mega hash and running at this power uh 
wattage so we're gonna tab over to what to mine   uh we got a share accepted there 62.75 so 
we'll kind of go with that we'll go 62.75 oops we're gonna do just say 60 watts we'll leave 
that 12 cents a kilowatt hour the cost of this   particular card was uh 559 dollars we'll just say 
one percent um dev fee and let's take a look here   now with uh the cost of this card and ergo you 
know ergo's value this brings us um just under   a year um in terms of return on investment so 
we've got uh got about 11 months i would say   close to about 11 months return on investment so 
in the overall grand scheme of things not too bad   now this card right they do make a lower 
msrp model i think the lowest one is 379.99 if i can type in here i'm going 
to go ahead and calculate that and that should be significantly better in terms of 
return on investment so that brings to 229 days   roughly for getting your money back on this card 
um which is actually pretty good so i would say   you know if you want to mine ergo on this card 
it's definitely up there in terms of cards to   um algorithms to mine to you know get 
a good return on investment and i think   you know definitely look at the following and 
the trajectory of ergo right august 3rd which   is a month ago from today was five dollars and 
32 cents and we've more than uh tripled that   so we've we're up to 18.69 and this thing has you 
know climbed the wall over 19 1925 yesterday so   yeah i mean i can only see the value increasing 
um this is a quite popular uh network and   algorithm and coin to mine so i know there's quite 
a lot of people huddling this coin and just mining   as much as as they can so i would say you know um 
ethereum is still very profitable it's a coin that   uh to keep uh ergo ravencoin ethereum classic 
so you know there's definitely quite a few um   algorithms in terms of coins to mine right 
so we'll just take a look at just the general   consensus of things to look at 
right ethereum's at the top for   this particular card and then you get like 
fearow which that's interesting um ravencoin   um you know ethereum classic a dollar sixty 
you know a dollar sixty nine uh in terms of   uh profit and then you know rio ergo uh nice hash 
you know algorithms mixed in there as well so   you know pretty much anything you're looking at is 
still profitable right so um definitely recommend   this card i like it i really liked uh doing this 
on ethereum as well um the just the sheer wattage   and um you know just the power efficiency is just 
this card is just so you know calm and quiet with   its wattage that makes makes it worth it for me 
so yeah if i can get my hands on more of these   i will definitely do that but um in terms 
of going back to um you know ergo right um   overclocks i just want you guys to see so take 
a look at my settings here i'm very very curious   can anyone squeeze out more mega hash on hive os 
i i really have just been searching uh through   videos to see if anyone has done a hive os uh 
hash rate test for ergo and i can't seem to find   anything so take a look at my clocks let me know 
in hive what are your clocks and uh i definitely   would like to try them to see if i can squeeze 
out you know a higher uh hash rate and beat the um   you know beat the 62 75 to to really uh top off 
in terms of a hash rate and you can see um you   know this card's like bounced back down to like 50 
mega hash then back up to 62.81 so it's a little   kind of jumping all over the place in terms of the 
hash rate here and i don't know if that's due to   some of the voltage um undervolting 
and things of that nature but um yeah   we'll we'll keep experimenting with it and 
we'll see see how things go so uh yeah guys   take a look at the the card uh try it on ergo try 
it on hive and let me know even in windows if uh   you guys have really experimented to see what 
your your clocks are but with that all being   said uh we will end the video here uh the next 
video we will give a try on ravencoin on this   card so we look forward to checking that out but 
uh please guys like and subscribe to the video   in my channel to keep me going and bringing 
you guys some awesome content so just want to   thank you all once again and i hope you all 
have a wonderful rest of your day take care you

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