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all right ladies and gentlemen sorry about that um so this is a quick little update I've had a bunch of people reach out to me after I did my video talking about how Shopify had put my payments and all my basically my entire account on hold other than my checkouts so people could still check out I just couldn't see what I was going to get paid um couldn't use any of the money that I was getting paid and the problem was I was have been using the Shopify balance bank card uh because it was more convenient but not whenever they lock your account um well after I made that video less than 24 hours later all of a sudden they're in contact with me they're talking to me more than they ever have this entire you know 12 13 day process regardless um so last night they said hey tomorrow it's all going to be resolved no big deal and I'm like okay it was a pretty big deal to me but we're we'll just continue onwards so roll around to uh April 17th 20124 today this morning my Visa and MasterCard payments are now pending for tomorrow so that means you know what 15 days and um we're finally getting our payouts no big deal I mean we'll just take that water under the bridge but I'm still not showing my installments uh payouts they're not on my payout sheet at all but they are on my order sheet so for you guys that don't know on my website I have installments uh available so people can break up and make payments on items and computers and parts and stuff like that so they can split it up into two three four payments regardless um so everything has not been 100% restored I reached out to support immediately this morning I'm like hey uh my installments are not showing up on my payout sheet it actually is skipping over the installments and it's only paying out the uh the Visa the MasterCard everything else um and installments are a significant portion of my income i' I'd say my store does about 30% uh in installment sales um you know it is what it is I I don't judge anybody for it I think if you actually have good enough credit on the installment uh plan you can get 0% interest so at that point you know why not but regardless that we're not talking about whether people should shouldn't use installments they did use installments and um if I go to my order sheet uh I can see where you know they paid with Shopify installments it is an additional I think it's 2% fee on top of the 2.9 so it's basically like 5% um to use the Shopify installments um system and I'm I'm still not getting paid out from that um the help desk said of course we're going to check into it blah blah blah and I'm like I I I basically just dropped all gloves and I'm I'm straight up told them hey if this program if this platform is not going to be able to service me just let me know and I will switch platforms um this has been ridiculous I've been held up for almost half a month and I only got a message back after uh I made a YouTube video then linked that YouTube video in a help desk support ticket um and I I feel like maybe that was the Tipping Point it's almost like you have to threaten them to get them to do their job um but anyway I talked to some other people um shout out to Ted at Silver Knights he gave me some really good advice as well uh but one of the big things is is I do not like the fact that Shopify does not have an actual phone number there is no phone number for Shopify if you see a phone number for Shopify it's fake it's a scam um so just be careful about that because there are some online that say Shopify support they're not there is no actual phone number for support um and I feel like 99% of the time the responses that you get from the help desk is all AI automated Kick the Can down the road bullies bullsh isnit we try to keep it PG here um so that's kind of where I'm at uh visa and MasterCard the the website is back open and available for use you can use Visa and MasterCard I have turned off uh Shopify installments um because that one wouldn't actually affect turning off like my store if I turned off visa and MasterCard um then I guess that's how they make most of their money through their sales uh that was going to be a problem and it would deactivate the store so uh I couldn't turn those off I was kind of stuck in that situation but for the time being you can go on the website you can use Visa you can use Master Card you can use PayPal um shop pay anything but the Shopify installments uh it won't let you check out with that currently um once this is resolved I will enable that stuff but I am also uh looking into some other platforms to probably migrate everything too um yeah it's unfortunate because like I entered everything all my data into Shopify and was really hoping it was going to be a solid system to keep up with everything so that way at the end of the year it's just simple it's all in one place but um yeah holding out on on money like that and then and the the kicker here is the email that they sent me you know what let me just read it I have to skip over a couple things because there is some compromising information in there I try not to dox myself too often um but it was so they just glazed right over it they were just like yeah everything's fine you're good when it's not the case at all um so this is from Shopify Merchant trust blah blah blah blah string of letters and numbers hi thank you for providing the requested information and resolving the issue the original information and issue that they wanted they wanted me to resubmit my ID so it took them 15 days to review my ID okay I went ahead and removed the transfer hold on your Shopify payments account please allow 24 hours for this new unlock to happen if you have any additional assistance not related to what we discussed our support team is available 24/7 365 days click here I feel like the support team is literally AI but that's and then I contacted them back about the the the installments and that's when yeah that's where we're we're stuck right now just waiting on on a um a real reply and not just a the support team this has been escalated and a support team member will be with you shortly um yeah if this takes another 15 days that's that's insane that is that is not going to be acceptable um and yeah I guess I will be linking this video in in my next message but uh if you're running into Shopify issues and they're holding out on your money um this is one of those situations where the squeaky wheel I think gets the grease so I was contacting them morning midday and then evening um I would suggest at the very least you're contacting them you know three times a day uh you want them to get rid of like to to finish you out because there's so many people that I've read through the the forums on Shopify cuz Shopify has like help forums and everybody in there is looking for help and there's no Shopify staff actually helping anybody uh but there's people that you know have had this issue and it's gone on for months um and then I reach out to a couple of them and I'm like how often do you contact support and they were like oh well they told me not to contact you know for another 72 hours they really like telling you 24 to 72 hours that's like it's like common uh I guess cuz it gets you off their back for a few days um and I'm like dude I I contacted them multiple times a day pretty much every day they're holding out on thousands and thousand thousands of dollars of uh money that's supposed to be paid out to you that nobody else would deal with that hey buddy well well my son's up from a nap so it looks like it's time to end this video anyway guys y'all have a good one I'll see you on the next one bye Civ say bye Say by bye bye later

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