Should PC Shop Accept Crypto?

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what's up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel and today uh is basically this video is me kind of uh talking through some things but mainly asking you guys uh some questions so um I've been asked if I can enable uh crypto as payments on my Shopify store so that way you can you know buy graphics cards and buy CPUs and all that kind of stuff with crypto and yeah it sounds like a great idea but then I go and look and there's a couple different platforms that I can link with uh to accept you know crypto as as payments um and they all have like their drawbacks uh so I'm I'm Let me refresh the page here so I can get it um the first one was coinbase Commerce uh the biggest drawback to that one is it's an additional 2% fee on top of the Shopify fee uh so that kind of stinks and and then also um uh refunds are not supported inside of Shopify through coinbase Commerce so um coinbase Commerce when you pay me with Bitcoin I don't get the Bitcoin it automatically uh converts it to USD and then pays me out um so that definitely poses a problem for doing refunds uh because it doesn't I guess it it doesn't um know how to handle that so then I guess I could issue like manual refunds but then how do I refund it if I then I need to like contact you and be like yeah I don't know because the price of Bitcoin could have changed and or if I refund in US Dollars I don't have an account to refund it to because you paid with Bitcoin so it's just a whole like set of uh difficulties there there uh and it looks like that one's pretty common among the other ones there's bit pay that one's a 3% additional fee uh from what it looks like it's either expensive or not exactly um opportune to use crypto so um a lot of these cuz I was looking online like what do what what do other people do and a lot of people don't offer refunds if you pay in crypto um I don't want to be like that because what if somebody gets on something and you know it's broken or not what they wanted and they they do want to refund or they want to fix it um I guess what should I do should I not worry about it and just you know say no refunds on on crypto purchases it is what it is is that what everybody else does I'm I'm just curious um or deal with the extra administrative Hoops to jump through that if somebody has a problem with something and they're paid with crypto I got to reach out to them and find a way to refund them money so yeah um uh the other one was bankful that one only supports Bitcoin and ethereum probably wouldn't do that one it's only a 2% fee so it's down there with coinbase Commerce but um yeah so additional fees refunding issues um I guess that's probably my biggest questions so I don't mean to drag this video out just kind of like me Playing devil's advocate uh I don't know I don't I don't know if it's worth it you know not to be that guy you know but uh yeah I'm really curious what you guys are going to say down below so I'm going to check those comments out thank you guys for coming out I really appreciate it I know this video is probably not going to get a lot of views but um the people that do view it are the people that I would probably want the most input from cuz that's that's like you know the viewers the ogs um what else was there oh we have uh like one more day on the giveaway PC so if you're not entered to win that it doesn't cost you anything to get an entry just go over to the website and bc-pc [Music] YouTube lots of different ways um in addition to spending money on the website of course you get bonus entries for that but um there was there was something else what was it oh I don't even remember I just don't know if it's I don't know if it's worth it I guess also another question I wanted to ask how many of you guys have crypto and would rather pay in crypto crypto than USD that's a good question all right anyway um I was trying to make this under 5 minutes whever 5 minutes now I sorry about that see you on the next one adios

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