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what's up ladies and gentlemen I'm going to keep this video pretty short um I'm heading back into the shop I have uh somebody else coming to look at another computer um I I so I just had my first customer I did a little video about that I'm going to apologize in advance the video quality on the camera that I put in there it was atrocious I actually reached out to a couple other YouTubers and tried to find a solution uh because I need something I can set up and record uh like customer interactions as long as customers are okay with it and um I made sure to ask him and he was like yeah that's that's fine he thought it was awesome but um so uh I actually was talking to them and they're like man like a a decent little webcam uh and you can run like a USB extension wire over to it and mount it on the wall get a little mount for it and you can really kind of get away with that and just record it straight to your computer and I was like oh well I have like a old Logitech like C920 these are pretty decent 1080p cameras as long as you have good lighting I got good lighting Lighting in there so I'm going to get that mounted up uh today hopefully um probably do that off video or whatever maybe do some testing with it um because I'm meeting this guy in like the next 15 minutes but um yeah so look out for that that video coming later today that's like you know my first customer kind of thing it was it was really cool they were cool it was two high like local senior high school high schoolers and and they were just they were stoked about the whole thing but um I wanted to say big thank you big shout out we are not officially open yet I have not posted any like official hours I'm still just doing this um by basically appointment only uh until I get everything set up and and settled in the way I want it to um I have like one more contract I have to finish out um for the month the for the beginning of November for my construction company and then after that I really at the next stop sign turn right sorry about that I really don't have anything um until the beginning of next year like February March so um I'll just be able to focus on the shop more but yeah Big shout out and huge thank you to the guys that are buying the launch Day shirts hold on oh my excuse me stop sign turn right onto ndale Boulevard oh goodness so yeah by the way I'm not looking at the camera I'm looking at the road I'm just holding the camera up over here to the side um but yeah so huge huge shout out and thank you to the guys buying the launch Day shirts uh I've had a little I've had a few people you know give me some flak they're like why are they so expensive and I I explained that from the beginning the these are shirts to these are to have a way 1.3 miles turn right on the parking lot there to to help support me and then also give you guys something back in in uh in exchange and I was I did talk to um one of the the backers or the you know the supporters and he was like you know hey um it my might be a good idea but obviously you don't have to but maybe making like a little plaque on the wall you know like launch day supporters and I was like dude that'd be awesome uh because after in one mile turn right into the parking lot oh my goodness my GPS is going crazy but uh yeah after we open like officially open we have our uh I'm going to have like a little uh Grand Opening event and I'd love for people to come by I know people it's not possible for everybody um but yeah I'd love to do a launch day plaque and then he's like maybe we should put her or you could put all of our names of the launch day supporters on like the back of the shirt down at the bottom I'd love to hear you guys' thoughts I know I definitely want to do a plaque and hang it on the wall uh because you guys are awesome um and I understand not everybody uh can buy one so um even just the kind comments down below I much appreciated L ladies and gentlemen um I did take down the Brandon coin shirts that were like right below my video um um it was through it was the third party through like Teespring and I was having issues um getting paid out from them I lowered my price down to try to make it more uh reasonable and then they they raised the threshold for making a deposit then arrive at your destination so uh I'm going to end up just doing that through uh my web store uh and then that way I can just control the price and and all that kind of stuff but yeah so if you do want to get a launch day BC PC or Brandon coin computers uh t-shirt they the link is down below in the description it'll say like launch Day shirts and you just click the link up underneath that arrived arrived we're here um so yeah guys thanks for watching thanks for the support hey you guys have been awesome um and you know what like I've I've gotten a lot of criticism but I feel like most of it has been all actually very very helpful um looking at my like to dislike ratio uh I'm I'm feeling good about it I'm really happy with how things are going uh it's I it's it's it's nice whenever you get to get back into a project or a hobby I'm going to call this kind of like you know this is this is a little bit borderline or over a hobby but obviously I'm not full-time doing this um but doing something that you you really enjoy um because for the longest time I've been in construction and it's I like getting on equipment and I like running equipment that kind of thing um but computers have always been you know like a passion project so uh being able to even just sustain and get to meet and talk to people and and it's it's been enjoyable it really has but anyway guys I'm going to hop off here yeah so much love much appreciation let me know what you guys think um so I'm I'm thinking like a small plaque with everybody's name you know launch day supporters and then I can carry that with me from shop the shop everywhere and i' I'd love for people to like see that and be like you know what's that and I'm like man when I got started you know I did a um a shirt that kind of helped me get boosted up and uh and get a little bit of money up and those are those are the guys that without a shadow of a doubt just were already there and already locked in um I do know that I I turned off International orders so if you are an international order uh just reach out to my email the email is also Down Below in the description um so that way I can make sure and get you an order and get you a shipping quote because uh I know shipping can vary wildly depending on where in the world you are but anyway um thank you guys peace out I'll see you on the next one

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