The Long Term Hodl Strategy Bull Run Mining Rigs.

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[Music] hey guys RPM here hope you're doing well having a really great day this video want to showcase to you all the coins and just strategies that we are doing on the 8 by 6600 XT rigs actually nine which thank you to the mining King he has lent us another 6600 X rig sorry 6600s uh to mining ravencoin okay I didn't have enough rigs cuz we just did a live stream explaining and getting your guys' opinions and I was talking with you guys perspectives of which coins to pick here for the long term so we have ultimately decided on DX flux Ergo alium and zil okay this rig is triple coin mining I'll show you guys the settings in a second neoa Nexa narai all right XNA clor Ai and kapow which is actually we're mining on nice hash I'm going to explain why I still have this rig on hive OS and not on like nice hash Os or Windows I'll explain that in a bit here okay and then as well I wanted to go through some like theoretical stuff here so I went ahead and made my portfolio on coin gecko all right so I have two different portfolios here one is for mining yield for the rigs okay all the different coins that we're mining here Bitcoin sets for nice hash zica Raven coin flux DX Ergo Nexa neoa lithium nuai Chlor Ai and then I have second portfolio down here so is the bought coin of of the rigs okay so instead of you know you know buying the rigs okay so my Baseline was a 6X 6600 XT rig uh with a mining cave starter kit setup okay 6 GPU starter kit setup and so altogether the price was around $1,400 all right as of now if I were to buy something like that right now including shipping and whatnot be average around $1,400 that's what I've concluded so I went ahead and made this portfolio with $1,400 Holdings okay I did this about four hours ago you can see DX is already up uh this you know $1,400 if I were to buy the coin okay instead of buying the mining rig it's already gone up like $59 over the past 4 hours I thought that was pretty funny but then as we go down my Ergo uh no chlori neox lithium n has gone down a bit here n has really gone down $105 at the past 4 hours I thought that was pretty funny but just you know this is why I I want to do this as a long-term test Okay so this portfolio is good but then my mining yield portfolio Okay so this is where the fund begins okay so for the next I don't know probably 2 3 years just I'm just going to be mining and hodling all of these coins up until we see price appreciation I guess for not you know I'm I'm not expecting all of them to go up at the same time maybe in the Bull Run they're generally going to go up but this is just something that you know something fun I want to do and you know to see longterm you you know which coin the coins that I'm mining here okay it's obviously not all of them I wish I had you know hundreds of 6600 XTS I could set them all up on other you know other coins for long term but these are the coins that I guess are kind of more prominent these days uh in terms of uh I just I guess a lot of people that are mining these days GPU Mining and so generally we just want to see if this is going to be good in the long term in terms of the mining yield okay another thing I'm going to compare is also with the the uh the mining rig itself so the $1,400 mining rig that if it will price appreciate in the future as well okay so if the bull run comes maybe the AI narrative is going to take off and AI is going to be huge or maybe there's going to be another silicon shortage or GPU shortage or Nvidia is going to you know manipulate the market and withhold gpus right to you know supply and demand make gpus a lot more expensive right that could happen again so what I'm doing here is we're going to be able to see a a lot of strategies when it comes to GPU mining okay in this sense here this is a kind of like a good way to see which one would generally do well longterm like either buying the coin or you know buying the hardware now and Mining and hodling plus I am going to keep track of all the electric okay so I'm going to combine actually I'm just going to go to my pdu look at how much amps I'm using and I'm just going to pretty much put all that together you can see here hios reports you know between 300 to 377 38 6 Max so I mean these rigs some of these rigs take 350 Watts at the wall some of them take 450 so I'm just going to be like combining them all together and then just see how much money I've been spending on electric versus you know all the yield that I've been hodling and hopefully that uh you know the next year next couple years that we're going to see some price appreciation or not right this could all go to zero that's why I'm doing this fun test but also yielding all the coins here that you know in case one of them takes off or a couple them of them takes off maybe dyx maybe NOOA maybe Nexa maybe narai maybe any one of these coins could take off and it would be fun to see right the percentage difference of hey yeah okay it would have been best to mine this coin it would have been best to mine that coin but obviously future results will not be I guess indicative of previous history who knows right things change all the time this is just the fun like theoretical play that I'm doing I guess the mining that I'm doing here is not theoretical it's the bot coin all right the the holding portfolio here is theoretical okay if I were to put $1,400 into each coin which again I did 4 hours ago you guys can see the the p&l here it's already the difference here because the coins are very volatile obviously but this is just really fun to see something like this right and then once I start uh the next month okay I'll have another update in a month and I will take a snapshot of all the coins I'll put my Holdings in here and uh yeah actually it's all done by transactions so I wonder if there's some way I can like import all this it's going to be it's going to be quite a lot of work to uh add a transaction okay it looks like there's no like oh okay that might be hard I I might have to figure that out later but anyways guys I want to show you here all the rigs okay so all the rigs here that are mining okay so let's show you DX all right this 6600 XT rig okay I know some people are going to be like red panda your overclocks are wrong guys I'm you know what I I've had them stable now that's all I'm not going to change them or anything they're just they're really good so far I I I really think these are uh good settings for for for my gpus I've had some really fun times overclocking here over the past uh couple eight hours I spent the whole day on this basically so anyways here's the flight sheet I'm using SRB minor cuz the new version of SRB Miner 2.3.7 has given a lot more hash rate for AMD cards as well as Nvidia cards so nothing special in my flight sheet here I'm not using any extra uh parameters here okay as you guys can see just the stock one for AMD cards the overclocking is all done the parameters will be done through the overclocking in hios okay so this rig is good mining on deep look at this okay so here's the rig here all right so if I refresh it okay this is the rig uh 2.56 kilohash that's what's reporting uh pretty much on this rig here okay uh 2.84 fluctuates a bit anyways so you can see here I have a pending balance 0.2 DX so it's obviously like I said I just started 4 hours ago and yeah so I just wanted to show you guys this okay now second rig will be the flux rig okay so we're mining flux now this will be a coin I guess uh something good to compare against DX as uh seems like a lot of people wanted to see that comparison we talked about that in the live stream so I'm able to get about 29 to I think I was getting like 30 Souls at one point I'm using LOL Miner we are mining to Lucky minor.

IO okay I really love their dashboard I was really I was checking out mining p stats I want to choose a mining pool that had really good uh web guey and it looks like ly miner. I had you know they show the rewards here the PA as well parallel assets I thought that was pretty interesting already have 0.02 on each one so extra payment there and you know just to see how long you know if this will do long great long term right this is what basically you want to do so workers here you can see Tower 02 so that looks to be all well and good okay now the next coin is going to be now this is the triple coin mining rig okay so here are the overclocks I'm using and uh it's this is this is going to be funky the flight sheet is interesting okay so let me show you in case anyone's interested but regular flight sheet Ergo will be the first coin okay I'm mining the two miners on that one I can show you right here okay so ero pool seems to be going pretty good then the Dual coin will be a lithium okay lithium wallet and then the pool I actually I had to configure in the the pool in the miner the second coin tab here because uh Cloud IO was mining just to support them they just got a a lithium pool up and so I'm mining to them you know got to keep the hash rate decentralized I think you guys should too if you're going to do a lithium and then the second coin okay not the first coin the parameters I don't have anything on the first coin you guys can see here second coin the parameters for zil okay we're also zil mining thank you to a gentleman on the live stream that uh mentioned it and sent me an email send me a screenshot of all this I uh it's working great it's working great so yeah Cloud IO I'm mining a lithium on this on this pool here looks like I already have uh I don't see any balance yet and then we got zelica I'm mining on crazy pool okay look at this uh worker zero okay so that's the name but yeah reported 184 hash 184 megahash and uh it's mining some Zila as well so this one rig is fing three different coins and uh here yeah again my parameters okay I had to have this for zil and it seems to be working pretty good okay overview here's the rig all right so we're doing 350 megahash Ergo 2.7 gigahash alium and I think 180 80 or something around on there for zelica so pretty cool pretty cool all right now next rig is going to be the neoa rig look at this neoa a lot of people love this coin so do I did a lot of gaming on this did the rust tournament I love it I love neoa we got these are my settings here 16.43% Watts at the wall I think and Mining on hero miners for this one okay so I'm supposed to get I think daily they said about 450 Nea a day so about $127 USD again I'm doing this agnostic to profitability I don't really care about I'm not caring about profitability or anything we are mining and yielding for long term so this is why it's good to see you know generally longterm term if we're mining when you know it's not profitable when some of these coins are not profitable that there's a chance that I'm mining these because I'm getting a lot more yield in a sense so if the coin decides to 10x 100x it could do better than some of these other coins right we don't know we don't know but anyways going back to here the neoa rig I don't have anything special in the flight sheet yeah very very normal very easy you can see here just like that okay now let's go to the next rig it's going to be the Nexa rig all right Nexa I am mining to vior Donnet okay look at this vip.

Net Tower 05 I'm getting 150 megahash okay 150 megahash you can see here and then if we go to here okay there's my settings I'm using so I did try to do 19900 core 1,00 core I tried to get 30 to 32 megahash but the flight uh Bez Miner kept crashing for me for some reason I don't know why I tried wild rig Miner but wild rig Miner was giving me lower hash rate and I think LOL Miner wasn't doing great as well but beey Miner seems to be a bit better in hash rate for me on this rig let me know down below if anyone if you guys are mining Nexa but uh yeah it seems to be working now again I was having some issues with it but now it's okay past 5 hours it's been yeah it's been good okay now next rig XNA all right Nur High all right this is another kapow kapal algo I'm using team red Miner and I'm mining to woolly pulley look at this uh so far I've made uh mind 200 68 narai all right n's had some price appreciation recently but also did have a little bit of a dip the past four hours minus I'm already minus $135 on this on this uh buying the coin four or five hours ago so I'm already down quite a bit uh it looks like I bought it at the wrong time looking at this chart here but that's okay that doesn't matter all right so that's narai okay I'm mind a woolly pulley next one is clor AI here's my settings another Capal coin pretty much the same getting 16 Mega hash and uh here's my my flight sheet nothing different here okay now if we go to this is where I'm mining Chlor AI so it looks like I've mine thus far 1.5 chor it says 5 cents let's see estimated I'm supposed to get maybe 4.5 oh no no 24 hours will be 27 clor AI a day that'll be about 82 cents a day that that's probably still updating I think it'll it'll probably probably be more according to Hash rate done I know I'm supposed to get about I think 34 a day I think around there and that'll be about do two11 14 a day or something but just pennies we're talking about pennies here the whole point is holding it for long term okay now the last rig no no actually the second last rig this is the nice hash rig okay nice hash so this is mining to a nice hash rig okay nice hash brand new nice hash account all right and I am supposed to get about it says estimated 96 cents a day okay on this uh 6 600 XT rig okay so I haven't seen obviously like I said I'll have another month update we'll see how much Bitcoin this has mined all right this is basically for base profitability all right I I know that there's actually if we go to Hash r.

Actually we can see that DX is the most profitable coin so technically I should be or conceal maybe I should be mining these coins instead on 6 6600 XT so it's kind of yeah like nice hash is see nice hash kapow that's the next profitable 92 uh cents okay uh below radiant even lithium nuai these are more profitable than nice hat so in a sense you know but I I have it on here on hios because when I went to the nice hash profitability earnings here you can see that kapow is pretty much 66% always profitable then there's always then the 34% is dger Hashimoto sometimes but I was hard pressed I did not want to move this rig off of hios I didn't want to move it on window windows I didn't want to move on on like nhos the Linux version or quick Miner you know so I I'm just I don't know maybe I'm doing this wrong you guys going to let me know down below if I should really figure this out as how what's the best way to do uh to get like a baseline profitability now a lot of people said rainbow Miner all right so that's maybe something I could figure out down the road here I I've never played with it I know there's a a pretty big setup for it I know retro Mike has done videos on it I will consult him see if it's easy uh we can get that done probably sooner so that we don't uh destroy this uh this theoretical test all at the same time here okay now the final rig I have thank you to mining King for this he's giv me the 6600s pretty much pretty much 6600 XTS so we are mining ravencoin this is a longterm test here okay actually hold on I just wanted to see something did I get the wrong I got I showed the wrong rig before uh anyways it's the same anyway anyway reminding kapow this kapow Raven coin all right so we had a fun time to deciding if we wanted Chlor I or ravencoin and Mining King I was going to remove either one of them right but because I didn't have enough Rigs and so mining King was gracious enough to uh give us another rig here and have it to mine ravencoin fulltime so I have my own address here and we're mining longterm for this for this rig and uh I'm mining it to let's see ravencoin will be on oh I don't have it up here okay so I don't have uh I didn't put that up but that's going to be on two miners all right ravencoin on two Miners and that's going to be pretty cool so we got a lot of different coins here mining for long term I want to know what you guys think I know that there was a lot of people in the live chat that they wanted you know this coin or that coin and I'm sorry again I just don't have enough rigs uh to you know distribute to other coins but I think this is good enough all right if you guys don't think if some of you don't think so let me know down below but I think this is a this will be a fun test for long term the mining strategy of Mining and hodling versus you know just buying the coin instead all right this is really cool it'll be something cool to see versus this you know when the bow time Bowl run comes or something and we'll do monthly updates I'm going to figure out uh the Excel part of it as well kind of like keep track of everything as best as I can and uh yeah I guess there's a lot of um uh there could be a lot of factors and uh actually a lot of disclaimers as well but um yeah a lot of stuff that we can use this uh info here and just you know come to conclusions on certain things so anyways guys that's it for this video and uh oh forgot to mention if you are mining DX right now uh deep miners is doing a 30-day contest okay four lucky winners three drawings for $200 in DX and one drawing for $400 in DX and also three deep miners flags for second prize winners in USA and also three for overseas from Yeti and so we just did a live stream picking a winner for $200 in DX art so get your hash rate over to deep guys awesome mining pool works really well getting a lot more d here it works really good compared to a few pools I've tested so far so it's pretty good deep miners is in seventh place let's get them up here guys distribute the hash rate all right so that's it for this video guys let me know what you think here it's really cool to see all the coins here uh so but it's going to be really cool to see the results as we go on for the next couple years all right so be fun time be a fun time guys hopefully this will all turn into a million dollars and uh can sell it all I don't think so but hey for fun for fun all right my friends have a good one peace out

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