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[Header 1: How to Mine Iron Fish with Cryptex]

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[Header 2: Introduction]
Greetings everyone, welcome to Rabid’s channel. In today’s video, I will guide you on how to mine Iron Fish using Cryptex. Cryptex is currently the third-largest Iron Fish mining pool. We will focus on pointing towards KuCoin, as it offers high liquidity and makes it easier for you to sell or swap your coins. Before we begin, I want to mention that this video is sponsored by Cryptex. I also want to stress that I highly recommend not mining directly to an exchange. However, I understand that some of you may be curious about how to do it, especially if you are unfamiliar with setting up a wallet and node. So, if you choose to mine to an exchange, please proceed with caution. Let’s get started!

[Header 2: Getting Your KuCoin Address]
The first step is to obtain your KuCoin address. If you don’t already have an account on KuCoin, you can use my referral link provided in the video description to sign up. Once you have registered, login to your account and click on “Assets” and then “Main Account”. Type “Iron” in the search bar to find Iron Fish. Click on “Deposit” to proceed. Now, select the coin – Iron Fish. Please note that Iron Fish only has its main net and does not have bridges or forks. Hence, we only have one option to choose from – the Iron Fish Network. Click “OK” to proceed.

[Header 2: Important Considerations]
Before we move forward, there are a few things you need to be aware of when mining to an exchange. Firstly, take note of the minimum amount required for deposit. In the case of Iron Fish, the minimum amount is 0.01. If your pool payout is less than the minimum amount, it will not show up on the exchange. Therefore, ensure that your pool payouts meet the required minimum. Additionally, it is crucial to keep in mind that addresses and memos on exchanges may change. This means that after your first deposit, if the address changes, your subsequent deposits may not be credited to the same address. Consequently, you will need to update your parameters accordingly.

[Header 2: Obtaining Your Address and Memo]
To mine to an exchange, you will need both your address and memo. Your address and memo function as a unique identifier for your mining activities. To obtain your address and memo, follow the steps mentioned earlier to access your KuCoin account and navigate to the Iron Fish network. You will find both your address and memo listed there. These details are necessary for sending and mining coins to the exchange.

[Header 2: Setting Up Miners – Windows and Hive OS]
Now that we have our KuCoin address and memo, we can proceed to set up the miners. In this article, I will demonstrate how to set up miners on both Windows and Hive OS. If you are using another operating system, the general process should be similar, but specific instructions may vary.

[Header 3: Setting Up Miners – Windows]
For Windows users, we will be using Regal Miner. Open Regal Miner and locate your current bat file or create a new one. Rename the line to “cryptex” for clarity. Copy the host ( and port (TCP: 47 or SSL: 48) provided by Cryptex for mining. Replace the existing line in the bat file with the copied host and port, ensuring to include the colon and the port number. Next, copy your KuCoin wallet address and paste it after the “Dash U” identifier. Add a plus sign (+) immediately after the wallet address. Finally, copy your memo and paste it after the plus sign. Your bat file should now include your exchange wallet address and memo.

[Header 3: Setting Up Miners – Hive OS]
If you are using Hive OS, navigate to the Hive OS website and login to your account. Once logged in, go to the “Wallets” tab and click on “Flight Sheets”. Here, you can create a new flight sheet or modify an existing one. Locate the miner configuration section and find the line where you enter your wallet address. Replace your existing wallet address with your KuCoin exchange wallet address, followed by a plus sign (+), and then your memo. Save the settings, and you should be ready to mine on Hive OS.

[Header 2: Overclocking Settings]
After setting up the miners, you may want to optimize your mining performance by adjusting your overclocking settings. If you are using an NVIDIA GPU, you can use software like MSI Afterburner to modify your settings. For example, you can increase your memory clock offset and lock your core offset. These settings may vary based on your specific GPU model and personal preferences. Be cautious not to push your hardware beyond its limits, as this can lead to instability or damage. Always monitor your temperatures and adjust your settings accordingly.

[Header 2: Conclusion]
In conclusion, mining Iron Fish with Cryptex can be done by following these simple steps. Remember to exercise caution when mining to an exchange, as it is generally recommended to mine to your own wallet. If you decide to mine to an exchange, make sure you meet the minimum deposit requirement and keep track of any address or memo changes. With your miners properly set up and optimized, you should be on your way to mining Iron Fish efficiently. Happy mining!

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  1. FYI this works on Flexpool too using the same format (wallet+memo) but exchanges are not seeing incoming txs from pools (less than 1% of the time but it happens). So best to payout to your cli wallet if possible.

  2. Thank you for this. I tried this the other day but without the +memo and of course it didn't work. But now that you showed how to do it, now it works. Thank you.

  3. Here's a fun Fact?Everytime you Sell?You devalue the Coin… so if your Mining just to Sell?Your working against yourself and everybody else devaluing the project also giving Whales the resources to Buy the Coin to control and manipulate the market….The Coin isnt even a week old . its not gonna be able to sustain the constant Sell pressure by Mining and Selling?Your pretty much gaurenteeing for the short term making mining unprofitable….Coin values go up By Holding not by Selling its Basic economics…If Miners Held the price goes up because of liquidity… Selling you not only open yourself up for taxation?But your making whatever you hold less valuable and longer wait until it becomes more… Prople are literally chasing pennies the Real Money is Hodling….This is just the beginning its ridiculous to panic Sell for Pennies when with this supply?THERE IS DOLLARS IN THE FUTURE….

  4. I am only mining ironfish with one gpu as i am very disappointed on how fast the coin dropped in price and how fast the yields dropped aswell. Its a real struggle as a miner after ethereum merge. Thinking about getting out of the game, which sucks, because i do love mining.

  5. Up to 29 Iron Fish now! Woo Hoo! Taking a break from Fishing and back on Kaspa/Radiant for better yields but once the hashrate comes down will continue the journey for 1000 IRON by years end. Best of luck to all.

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