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  1. Don't think you're actually getting the 3X Hashrate, looks like a glitch in the hash report as "Share Count" doesn't see noticeable increases that would be expected with 200+GHs in Hash.

  2. Getting 160GH 20GH/8 on BZMiner on Hero on 3080 Rigs but not on my 3090's 🤔 drivers are older on the 3080 Rigs so going to Rollback 3090 Rigs and see if it 3Xs Hash too.. 3080 Rigs are Getting HUGE HASH though 😳

  3. I think this hashrate thing is just something between SRBMiner and Herominers, because between SRBMiner and Kryptex the numbers look much more moderate. Check different pools with SRBMiner, for example with 1060 SRBMiner+Herominers combination shows 2,4-2,5 Gigahash, but other miners and combinations tell it is around 1 Gigahash. EDIT: I mean, this is highly likely somekind of bug somewhere, it just doesn't make sense the performance of GPU's would be so much higher and it can't be even seen in the wattmeter. It might be good to not rely only on the Herominers because if there is some kind of bug, they could say they won't pay the rewards due the bug.

  4. Just like I guessed just 16 hours ago, Ironfish hashrate already went up so much that you really need to put lots and lots and lots of GPU's hashing to get just one block per day on average. Then it's only about the costs vs. rewards value, if you get lets say 1 IRON rewards per day with some couple GPU's running 24/7, then just add up the watts and some hardware costs, and see if that 1 IRON is expected to have price level above of those costs. I guess its the pricelevel which will soon declare if it's worth the effort the miners are now spending to the Ironfish.

  5. Hi Rabid. Great info in this video. I can confirm that my 3080 has the same hashrate reporting glitch. Only reporting 1000.0MH.

    Do you have any guides for mining Ironfish with AMD cards?

  6. I hope for you my brother Rabid that coin is perfectly legit because i can tell you that the backslash will be terrible for you.
    So far, that coin does not seem legit…
    As always, time will tell 🔥🚀

  7. i connected my rig to herominers but in power shell with code
    ironfish miners:pools:status there is this error
    node.exe : Failed to connect to pool, retrying…

    At C:UserssazgarAppDataRoamingnpmironfish.ps1:24 char:5

    + & "node$exe" "$basedir/node_modules/ironfish/bin/run" $args

    what is happening?!

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