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  1. I cant figure out how to add the overclock thing to the notepad i have everything else working i have a few questions if someone could answer super please.

    Ok the first I have two different pcs running do i only have to have 1 node running as long as i use the same wallet address in both config files or do i have to run the Powershell node on both mining rigs at all times.?

    Second question when doing the overclock do i do -300 Core clock like can someone tell me what a good clock for Ironfish is if u was to use MSI burner that is.

    Like in MSI burner would i start with dropping the powerlimit to 90-80-70 then -200 core and -memory how does that work?

  2. BZminer v1.4.2.0 is buggy as hell.. I would avoid it big time.. after half hour suddenly all my 3080 ti's are hot as hell and at 300+W each. Downgraded back to stable v1.4.1.1. Luckily I checked rig in time…

  3. Great video Rabid as always. One question , after making node and have wallet address do i need the node running on background . Just asking because a ''node '' needs be running . Thanks

  4. When you said you have several wallets it kinda confused me because having a node wallet is the only available wallet at the moment isn't it? Do you have several nodes?

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