We need a MASSIVE Kaspa Miner Price Drop… inevitable unprofitability or future hope?

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foreign [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] here hope you're doing well having a really great day this video wanted to talk to you all regarding the I server ks0 I just got a new one in thank you to cooldragon.io they sent this to me for review to Showcase to you guys and I want to give you guys my honest opinion about this unit as of right now it's August 23rd as of recording this video and there is a lot happening regarding other Asic miners forecast by coming out and being shipped specifically the bitmain ks3 and so that will have an effect on the profitability of these care zeros I want to talk about that in this video but before I do all of that I wanted to quickly talk about powering the ks0 so I know a lot of people that got these initially including myself I had uh not an issue but regarding the power bricks of these ice river ks0s that they you know they come with these power bricks mine came with the EU plug and so I thought to myself hey I can't turn this on here because I'm in North America and I have the Nema 1515 plugs here so this EU plug will not work for me here in North America so what I did was I cut the cable and also cut a Nema 1515 plug and I got some like butt splicing plugs and I spliced in the yellow cable which is the EU side to the green ground cable then I took the blue and then I splice it into the white neutral and then the brown I sliced into the black hot and then I simply took some black electrical tape wrapped it and then I was able to turn this thing on which right now it is taking about 70 almost 71 Watts at the wall here okay for this ice river ks0 which right now goes for about 860 dollars on cool dragon dot IO okay link down below if anyone is interested in buying it but my reservation I'm going to talk to you guys right now my honest opinion is that I think the prices of these ks0s should come down a lot more right now due to what is coming real soon here okay with the bit main ks3s being shipped out so I want to go in the computer and uh just a disclaimer regarding the power adapter that the splicing that I did I don't recommend anyone doing that please go buy the proper power adapter if you're in North America I'll have it linked down below you can buy it on Amazon for the power adapter instead of splicing it in yourself okay it's not as safe to do it like that anyways let's go in the computer let me expand my thoughts here so as of right now the I server ks0 according to hashrate.no makes about almost 4.77 this is as of August 23rd as of recording this video okay that I have to say the date because the dates really do matter correlating to the network hash rate of Casper right now which is hitting 14 petahash okay over the course of the month here from August 1st okay all the way up until August 23rd now it has gone up pretty much 10 another 10 Peta hash 11 Peta hash okay so it's it's it's a lot A lot has changed since then about a month ago because there's been a lot more of these Caspa Asic miners such as the ice over ks1s ks2s ks3ls and of course the ks3 and the bitmain ks3 which bit main has announced is being shipped okay first batch of the ks3s are being shipped this was announced August 21st of 2023 okay so whether or not these are on now or simply just arriving to customers doors in the next couple days maybe the next week or here or so the network hash rate for Casper is probably going to rise considerably and in turn that is going to affect the profitability of all these isobers especially the ks0 so so I'm expecting that we are going to see if the price of Casper stays where it is now okay this is based on the numbers now that the profitability is probably going to keep going down and down so I will keep you guys updated on this but correlating to for people that want to buy one of these right now thank you again to cooldragon.io they are the sponsor of today's video here for sending me one of these ks0s to Showcase to you all right now on their website it's 850 to 860 dollars in stock right now you can get one it's 860 or if you want a batch let's say August 15th August 30th there is there about let's see a price changes to another ten dollars less so 850 but in my opinion okay because of what is transpiring with bit main with all these shipping out ice river ks3 is also shipping out that I think that the difficulty is going to rise considerably we don't know exactly how many more of these ks3s could be shipping out but the network hash rate estimated could go up to 40 petahash so it if that's the case at the current price of Casper we did some simple math in my head I think the profitability would drop down for these ks0s down to I think what a two dollars maybe a dollar fifty or less but very dependent on what the price of Casper is okay and so that means the yield all right right now we're getting about 114 Caspa a day currently right now but if the network hash rate Rises to 40 Peta hash I'm gonna say this is going to go down to less than half okay so just keep that in mind and in my opinion I think the prices of these should be much less I think maybe 500 maybe at most six hundred dollars for these ks0s and my simple reasoning for that is if you look at the ks0 pricing right now and I mean even with all the other ice River Asics uh pricing you can see that the dollar per gigahash is much higher on the ks0 so it would take you much longer to pay off to break even at least or get your return on initial investment on this 860 compared to if you were to buy a case 1 ks2 ks3 or ks3 out you can see the dollar per gigahash is much lower so I think in my opinion these should be much less so see if we went to 600 per ks0 the dollar per gigash would be a little bit more in line with the ks1 currently but honestly I think across the board all these prices for these KS these ice reverse should be a lot lower with what is to transpire here in the next couple days maybe the next week here the network hash rate once these bitmain ks3s start coming online it's going to be much worse the profitability is going to be much less so it should be more in line with what is coming out here really soon so I hope cool dragons watching I hope all the other Asic resellers are watching that you know I I honestly they should these things should be coming down you know maybe 400 maybe 299 because the network hash rate could double in the next week here or so but agnostic to the price the profitability all that kind of stuff if you decide to buy one of these now and you're just yielding and huddling all the Casper that you can you believe that that Casper could go up much higher in price that is the typical mining strategy most people do to break even and more on these uh on the hardware that you're purchasing and just to show you guys here I am mining a Casper Dash pool.org just to show you the dashboard here okay so here just it's been mining for almost an hour been getting a 100 gigahash pretty much what's advertised here and just looking at the temperatures right now about 40 degrees celsius 48 degrees Celsius now I did see I have different fans on this one I don't have the noctua fans on this model it's the black one and most you guys know I did open this up in another video and I also did place a little 120 mil fan on top of my other ks0 so I'm probably going to do the same on this one to lower the temperatures of this one here to a lot lower and also I am mining to a brand new Casper address we are going to see how long it takes to break even on this 860 dollar uh ks0 as of now as I've I just received it August 23rd here I'm gonna mine to brand new address we're going to huddle all the Caspa this ks0 minds and just see how long it will take along with Casper's price if it goes up or down when the next Bitcoin Bull Run comes around if everything starts going up then we could see that we could break even on this uh ks0 so stay tuned for that so there you guys go the ks0 let me know your guys's thoughts regarding this and if you made it to the end of this video I want to do a 24 hour hash rate giveaway of this ks0 here so simply comment down below with your Caspa address and your guys's opinion about anything that I talked within this video okay let me know down below get that in I will choose the winner after about 24 hours after this video has gone live so good luck thank you all for watching thank you again to cooldragon.io if you guys are interested in purchasing any Asics from them check them out link down below I will see you all in the next video have a good one peace out [Music]

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