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[Music] e [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] hello beautiful people welcome to the live stream can you guys hear me test testing testing testing testing one two three am I coming through yes no let's go can you guys hear me travel is travels good afternoon sinet [ __ ] what's up Steven siso what's up sloth Squatch you are banned you are all banned smash that like 45 people here 10 likes smash it I'm not unboxing this thing till I see a 100 likes nope not not until I see a 100 this is this I I no not smash no NOP Joker Miner I heard red pen mining was badmouthing me on Sunday when I couldn't make the stream as I was meeting Max voltage is this true red pen yes it's very true get destroyed Charles Newan what are what are good GPU for rookie okay we're we're not talking about gpus today this is about the new what's Miner okay so um before I here I want to show you guys something here we're going to go on the computer uh okay here we go all right so before we do the unboxing I re received a micro BT whats Miner m6s uh apparently it's 188 terahash but um whats Miner micro BT says it's 186 so I don't I don't know what model I got I'm sure it's like Silicon Lottery but anyway the jewels per hash or or watt per hash is 18.5 apparently we're going to confirm that today we're going to open it we're going to turn it on and see if this thing gets an insane amount of terahash so as of right now according to my list here the what's miners are at the top of the charts pretty much top three top two top three of uh efficiency here uh according to versus the bitmain S21 so this thing this m6s m6s what's Miner which is available now if you go to crypto Miner Bros thanks to them they sent this to me to review and open for you guys um this is available now okay the bitmain S21 is not available now up not until depending on which batch you buy January February March April and who knows if they're going to delay right because they're going to be shipping these bitmain s21s out first to the bigger you know industrial Bitcoin mining Farms the regular consumer is going to be last I'm just telling you guys now but what's Miner coming out of the gate now with almost the same pretty much the same efficiency against the S2 I'm going to assume the what's Miner is going to be better than the S21 here bitm always under reports their wattage also another thing is I think what's Miner is going to be a lot more reliable than bitmain and the bitmain we've know we all know recently the bit M's quality is just horrible these days their x5s are terrible many of them broke mine broke S9 s19 XP bad track record um a few s19 uh J Pros even some l7s I've heard have had bad TR track record so we're going to see obviously um how this one fares I've had one wats Miner before it wasn't an M60 it was a M37 I I don't remember it was a long time ago but we gave that away so anyways this is really cool okay this is really cool um Hawk crypto money what's up man Iowa what's up Z pirate what's up okay just waiting for more people to show up here 52 people 32 likes all right people are people are working right now I understand that I understand people are working it makes sense all right we're going to switch back to the unboxing all right let's open this thing up and I will do a comparison I will I'm going to do videos on this later on I'm just doing a live stream unboxing it and we're going to turn on um not sure if we're going to uh not sure if we're going to take it apart okay yeah um I'll decide that as we go along Joker Miner top chat I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm on live chat now all right the coveted m6s pretty much same efficiency as S21 but it's available now all right let's see what this is about let's let's open it let's let me unbox the top here cutting the top I lost my knife already so all right so first impressions of the box is yep it's good um I like how they taped all the corners that's what I do every time I ship something out taping the corners of the shipping box is always a great idea helps alleviate the damage from you know the pressure from you know in case they drop it or something so it's good let's open up this side here sorry my webcam is not big enough okay so here's the top I'll show you the inside you guys can see uh there is a power cable right here and uh let's just see what power cable this is here let me put this down like this uh this is a this is a welcome everyone welcome to the live stream smash the like if you're just tuning in this is an M what's minor m6s okay it came with a c19 to C20 cable beautiful it didn't come with the European cable like I normally get with A6 or UK whatever UK European Asia PL I'm not sure which one but this one's a typical s19 a C9 to C20 this is great this is great so that that uses that's the plug on this uh on this what okay let me go ahead and uh let's take it out of the box now carefully um this thing is actually I thought this thing was small but it's actually pretty big but we I'll do a comparison against s19 I can't even take it out hold on okay you know what we're going to have to put this upside down hopefully that doesn't uh mix anything up okay okay I like their packaging so far the packaging is really good what's Miner in my opinion better packaging than the bit Ms okay I'm going to put on its side really good really good foam padding yeah really good really strong really thick so packaging is really good oh this looks pretty nice this looks really nice what's Miner yes this looks pretty good okay taking it up on the side here okay oh I dropped something okay take out that all right taking off the plastic oh yeah this looks very very reminiscent of the whats miners I've had before the one wats Miner I've had before um look at that look at this thing that's pretty cool that's pretty cool let me put this back up okay all right oh welcome everyone welcome welcome for tuning in unboxing the what's Miner m6s welcome welcome Stephen all right so um Ron Watkins you are going to need a fuan kit for that Beast you're telling me this thing's going to be really loud that's that's the thing about see here you guys want to know what's funny see these what's miners um these are not your typical 120 mil fans okay look here I actually have a bit main fan right here there perfect example perfect example okay so the bit main fans are 120 mil okay for the s19 or s19 XP uh granted I don't know what the S21 is going to be it's probably going to be the same 120 mil but the what's miners are 140 these are Big Boy Big Boy fans Extremely Loud and these pull a lot of air but it's only one okay it's not it's not it's not two like you know you know like a like an s19 J that has two fans but you know what here quick comparison hold on quick quick comparison all right this thing is this thing is built really nice this looks very nice it's very clean there's no scratches what's Miner this is I I love how they do the logo here it's like glass it's like glass right here it's just no this is plast this is like a plastic insert I just they had the black here that's pretty cool it's really cool okay let me bring up the s19 J here just to just to just to compare oh man this is heavy okay okay all right so look at that look so this typical bitmain s19 you guys can see 120 mil fans this is from endless mining.com endless mining if you're watching this thanks man uh this m6s is from Crypt Miner Bros thanks to them if you guys are looking for in stock right now what's minor m6s is 188 terahash uh 34 3500 Watts we're going to verify that in a second they have they have these okay so just to show you guys the comparison size here okay the what's Miner is not as tall okay it's not as tall as the 19s but it is longer like a little bit here let me see it's longer by oh God we okay all right it's longer by maybe an inch maybe a good maybe a good inch I'm I'm level on the back I'm level on the back there so it's it's it's longer by an inch but it's not as high as the s19 um widthwise yeah the s19 is actually wider I don't know if you can see that see it like that s19 is is wider the what's Miner is much more smaller form factor in a way but it is a little bit longer okay uses the c19 C20 plug right here you guys can see thank God I have a pdu that can do that okay right here I have I have the pdu for the connector right here this is I bought from AliExpress for 30 40 bucks okay I'm going to plug the ethernet in actually hold on we're going to take out the s19 J focusing on this later I'm going to be FW modding this thing like crazy seeing if we can get better efficiency off this s19 J uh S9 90 Terra has model oh okay all righty oh this is nice man this is pretty nice let's go let's do a round here okay this is pretty nice it's pretty thick what's Miner there a big warning sign on the side please check whether all the obviously physical faults power on before electrical shock okay let's check the back here's the back of it there's a little tiny f for the power supply so up here up at the top here is the power supply okay uh yeah that's it uh there's some wording up here let me see what it is um m6s 188 terahash I don't know what this is what is this yeah I think it's just power supply power supply info so this only runs on uh 220 to 240 volt 16 amp power supply so no no 120 volt this obvious obviously this will not run on 120 volt obviously obviously okay all right okay now what now what what do you guys want me to do what do you guys want me to do look at this thing this thing is really nice I really think these are going to be better by than the S21 because bitmain has had such a bad track record on reliability what's Miner i' I have never heard of a Bad Thing regarding what's miners never everyone says these things are built like tanks for the past couple years what's Miner has always been B solid they they've never been like above what what bit main is and efficiency but the uptime and reliability probably make up for it the quality in my opinion all right what now what do you guys want now I'm drinking my I'm drinking my coffee xrp the goat I'm probably way late to this party but I order the ks Z Pro from minor Bros I used your code thank xrp the goat nice man thank you how many people we have here 89 watching 43 smash that like Bros let's get to at least 70 likes come on let's go all right plug it in and turn it on all right take it apart okay I'm just judging by like looking at taking it apart there's so I I've actually never taken apart a what Miner before never never in my life have I have I taken apart one of these things the bottom looks to be pretty yeah pretty oh there are some scratches here that's actually probably because of my table um but uh yeah it looks pretty looks pretty clean a I really like this like this glass or plastic insert here of the logo what's Miner that's pretty cool okay um perfect time to learn mind capital I hate you I hate you where's uh where's fud wiser no with the other dude I will only open it if someone if someone paid me like $100 because just taking this thing apart I I just don't there's so many screws man there there's the four here the four here there's the six I see I see six up here alone and then on this side is going to be another six all right let me turn it on let's turn it on first let's turn it on let me decide if we're going to open it up after I'm going to open it up we'll see I'm going to plug in the power okay c19 C20 cable which was provided so that's pretty nice that's pretty nice that's pretty nice King WSL Kye Linux so you can use use brains toolbox King I okay sure ah no no no no no no no all right plugging it in so I guess one of the drawbacks to c19 plug is not many people are going to have this end on their pdus so but there are adapters but I you would have to get a a really thick um gauged uh C13 or c14 to c19 plug C20 plug okay um I'm going to plug in the ethernet I forgot about that and then okay let's see if there's smoke here we go in all of its Glory the what's Miner m6s 188 terahash I believe I'm one of the first to to show this on YouTube this is insane this thing is insane here we go 3 2 1 oh God everything's moving oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] my monitor just fell my computer monitor because the fan is dude okay you didn't see it but the the the fan from the uh CPU Cooler was going like mad and then then all my tons of tissue and stuff just fell off my computer this thing is screaming this thing is screaming okay I got to move the fan like this way holy [ __ ] all right there we go all right all right we're good now okay all right holy crap this thing is loud did you did you guys hear that in my in the mic did you guys hear that in the mic P tissues tons of tissues e panda why do you have tissues by the computer what else listen listen what why else do I have tissues by the computer it's come on what's what's the most important reason tell me I shouldn't have to say it it's to wipe off the thermal paste look it's it's to wipe off thermal paste off crap like as6 and CPUs and crap come on what else would it be for [Laughter] H okay let me see if I can log in I need to get the IP first hold on I can't show you guys my my network here what's Miner oh the host name is what's Miner I love that I love it I love it shows up right away in my ubiquity I love it all right show I'm bringing you guys in let's go let's go all right what's what's the what's what's the login I don't even know is it admin admin admin admin login yeah uh warning there are one errors that affect your machine running oh [ __ ] okay uh uh oh errors uh 2,000 no pool can fig okay that's the error okay that scared me okay 1970 this thing is completely out of date um DJ at have a good one man thanks for coming by Smash the like okay all right I I don't recall this looks definitely a little bit different from the bit main web goey it's I've just been all in bit main miners the past two years it's been a while since I've seen one of these um okay so we're going to go minor config configuration all right this looks uh pretty simple BTC there's only BTC here pool one oh looks like they got some pools here already um I want to do custom I want to go to my uh via BTC here so the pool is BTC via BTC okay I just put custom like that pool worker RPM 2023 uh M60 S01 in case I have full password x uh there's another Pool yes secondary now wait BTC wait recommended and smart mining URL no screw smart mining um 25 and 443 Port 25 and 443 I need to um custom here 25 and custom 4 43 is that right 443 okay all right same worker and password is the same okay saving save and apply waiting a configuration applied all right oh power let's see what this oh there's a low power mode normal mode and a high mode look at that look at that that's pretty cool I'm just going to do normal hobbyist minor oh God hobbyist minor what are you doing here the last person I want to see in the Stream I'm going to start calling RPM live streams minor QVC every day it's new hardware to unbox and sell hobus minor I'll do it I'll do it you know I [Music] will just kidding just kidding Jer I did it for [Laughter] you oh man boiko what's up bro Panda check kaspa what happened to Caspa no this is not about Caspa it's about Bitcoin today great a good mining the threat of panda ah too funny okay now what now okay it's going loud let me Che let me check minor status oh yeah it's my oh it's mining right away here we go there's four hash boards no three hash boards no wait four sm0 sm1 sm2 oh three hash board okay 235 chips temperature 60 that that sounds terrible um okay it's connected to Via BTC no error codes uh okay um at the power at the wall it's already it's already going at 3500 Watts oh [ __ ] look at this 30 can you guys can you guys see that number or no 35 11 Watts 34 35 34 90 it's fluctuating a lot and this thing is Extremely Loud very very loud um Tim I am crypto always admire Panda being able to afford all this equipment uh Tim I am crypto I didn't buy this this is sent to me from Crypt Miner bros.com they have been partnered with me for the past four years and they have sent me every single Asic known demand for advertising that's it just being honest that's that I've I've every single Asic video okay this is this is the this is the the joys of being a crypto mining YouTuber um okay all right so this is hovering around oh it says 33 94 Watts now it looks like it's gone down a little bit uh 3386 okay let's go back to the uh web goey here I don't I don't the web goey is not as nice I guess as bit Main's because it doesn't show like any graphs like there's no unless I'm I'm stupid there must be another is like is it like a graph processes memory usage CPU usage processes okay look at that oh that looks that looks pretty I don't understand any of this is like the processes of the minor overview there's my IP I don't care this my own VLAN you guys can see that I don't care expires 23 hours okay active connection okay all right uh minor status there's no graphs here uh where's the terahash is that right here 90 is this that 90 terahash it should be at 188 or something yeah maybe it's just it's still to tuning up it's at 3312 Watts now 3311 so advertise so you know what I'm going to have to start a new row a new um new one here micro BT what's minor m6s 188 terahash this is the one I have RPM uh normal I'm going to I'm we're okay there's apparently three different hash rate modes which we should we should try I'll try today I'll try right now um low and then there's also a high I don't even don't even know if I want to do high or not but uh let's see what the hash rate is and I'll put it all here and see what it is there is it showing up on Via BTC that's the that's the big question workers uh yeah m6s uh it's 5.88 terahash 35 terahash so it's it's ramping up it's ramping up okay Joker Miner got 10 more of these just not saying it 10 I am cryp yeah I did not get 10 listen where would dude my whole house would not be able to power 10 of these okay listen come on come on now okay um hobbyist minor smarty pants who is it from crypto Miner Bros uh yes obious Miner yes it's from CM who who else would it be from Paradigm Crypt Miner Bros loves me I've brought Crypt Miner Bros I think over $50 million in sales over the past two years they have appreciated my ability to advertise for them and they will send me anything I ask for anything I I just I literally got my tech I literally got the text message for another Asic to go pick up which I just picked this up and now the other one just came I wish they came at the same time freaking DHL freaking DHL I'm telling you 100 million don't lie I I don't think it's it's not a 100 million but it's it's a it's a lot it's it's they they've it's a lot okay I'm still waiting on my ks2 from Crypt Miner Bros a week delivery is now two weeks without shipping run Watkins what did they did you email them what did they say my ice River shipped 4 days ago four days ago um 3,400 Watts now 3400 we're still stuck at there I'll show you guys you guys can look at the power the power is the power is fluctuating um but I the thing about I think the what's Miner does take a while to to ramp up yeah the it's it's it's slowly ramping up it's actually really slow it's not like the bitmain s9s they just like load up like pretty much instantly after like a minute or two uh Bobby Hill what's miners take 15 to 20 minutes to tune oh that's there you go that's a long time that's actually a long time I didn't I didn't know that huh that's a really long time those 140 mil fans scream yes they do obvious yeah dude here's there's a there's a bit m 120 mil for comparison it's loud this thing is really loud like yeah it's pumping out a lot of it's pumping air a lot of air the back especially it's very hot the back air is very it's how do I explain it thick thick heat uh crypto KJ maybe normal B normal is balance mode uh goes up and down yeah you're right you're right I guess we got to wait 15 20 minutes cuz I want to try the other low power and high power mode see if there's any bit efficiency on power I'm curious but then do we have to wait another 15 20 minutes oh that would suck that would suck um yeah so far yeah the the what's Miner looks very good it's it's the quality is Bar None one of the best in the game um compared to compared to bitm so I mean I I'm maybe I'm speaking too soon cuz because this is something or look you can see the three hash board green lights are on inside I don't know if you guys can see that or not I don't know if you guys can see that or not there's three green lights inside try their Hydro is 400 terahash um okay so I've been asked I have been mop.

And cryp minor Bros they want to send me they want to send me their m63 s but I said I I don't have three-phase power I how can I run a 6600 watt machine I don't have three-phase it needs 480 volt I don't have 480 volt like how do I like can I combine three 30 amp 2 40 volts to do or no two two 40 volts into a 40 no that doesn't work that I I can't I can't run I can't run these because they require three-phase power I I I I can't I can't run them they I've been I've been I've been wanting to um the s19 hydro is another one that I could have been sent but I said I I can't run these there's no there's no point there's no point in sending me one because I can't run it on three-phase [Music] um uh nexton mining yes you can combine uh you can combine with a device to make 3p uh I've never done that before I don't want to I don't want to blow up my house I don't I don't want to I don't I'm not going to do that man I I I'm not I'm not a you know certified electrician so I'm not I'm not going to do that uh I'm not you need three phase that's what from what I understand you need three phase power I don't have that I have single phase power coming into the house you can convert to three-phase that I have never heard of before I I I find that very I find that very scary what's mining if you don't try something new panda learn as you go yeah and then blow up my house at the same time Biko uh way too risky for someone who doesn't know how to pair 240 volt uh I I I I I know how to do I know how to do 240 volt but not not pairing or triple pairing whatever three phasing I don't know any of that I I don't know I don't know Ron Watkins you should get an emersion system like javs Miner and Vos I I've already been in contact with fog hashing all those guys they're willing to send me one I but because I went on the one month one month trip I just said you know forget it for now I'm just too busy I have too much going on so I haven't uh responded three phase inverters exists you couldn't use two x3m circuits one for each plug assuming has two plugs it's nothing crazy running it off 240 volt the power C the power coing in each phase is the same power it's safe you just need three power inputs for the minor a lot of people with home mining shops with have three-phase converter to run their equipment you cannot combine anything that's 240 single phase to make it three-phase it's impossible okay I'm getting I'm getting I'm getting I'm getting two different opinions here close it minor says you can't and a bunch of you guys say it's possible so I honestly you can buy a three-phase converter but not sure how it would work with three phasee and made a mistake with his pliers and vaporized his face was not pretty yeah I'm not going to do that I'm not going to do that no trust me I don't want to I don't want trust me I'm not doing that as as much as I would love to run a 400 terahash m63 H at 6600 Watts I just no no no no no no okay this thing is still tuning this thing is still tuning um 40 60 terahash we're not at 188 yet so still taking a bit still taking a bit all right I saw what happened to a professional commercial electrician who worked with [Music] three professional who happened to who work with three phas and made a mistake in his pliers and vaporiz his face yeah that's nuts man that's crazy all right well we're still using 3 34 3500 Watts you guys can see at the red meter box there I got zipped with 240 volt and it's not not good yeah not good definitely not good I advise people not to not to do that Chuck danger you are banned 120 GPU rig ah well I forgot to talk to veteran Miner but I think I need more cables I'll figure that out later I'll figure that out later you can't do it three phases is special you can go up in Flames if you're trying to up three 240 volt live wires yeah I agree I I agree Shay Shay mining not not going to risk that that thing not going to risk not going to risk it that's that's just too that's just too crazy okay I got one okay while this thing is still tuning it's going to take a bit I have a theoretical thought here so people thinking about buying one of these things okay here Crypt Miner Bros has it right now it's 50 okay I have this version well it's 188 but I don't know why it say 186 17 there must be different silicon ones this is $5,700 okay $5,700 bucks right now okay um let's go here let's go uh sort by okay so if you were to buy the bit main S21 right now they're around what 4,000 bucks okay granted they're not releasing until January you know February March April May depending on which batch you buy so the M60 s's in my opinion why they cost like a 15 14,600 bucks more is because they are available now right they're available now compared to the S21 that's why there's the price disparity so that next what the next two three four months of mining on an m6s so what's the profitability what's the what's the profitability of an m6s right now so here 188 terahash at 35 that's 3500 Watts um I'm going to hit calculate Okay so in a day at 10 cent Kil okay 10cent kilowatt hour um this thing is making $7 right now right now and the Bitcoin having is coming up in next five or six months if you had free electric obviously most people don't it's $155 income okay this is the income this is the profit after electric okay um for this what's Miner now this thing let's say in the next three or four months this thing is supposed to make 400 800 800 bucks in the next four months is that worth versus if you thinking of buying a bitman S21 or what's minor m6s right now yeah you could that's negligible that's uh you know it depends how you look at it obviously when these bitmain s21s start coming out the hash rate uh the Bitcoin Network hash rate is going to climb probably considerably unless well the Bitcoin hash just dropped whoa from 14 Wow 450 472 ex ahash down to 424 wow that's a big drop that's a big drop but another thing to consider is the quality right what's Miner seems to have the better quality quality reliability from what I've heard versus bit m now bitmain S21 we don't know how good these are going to be how reliable these are going to be so what are your guys' thoughts what's your guys's thoughts what's your guys' thoughts um S21 33500 right if you bought the last batch yeah if you if you're going for bitmain um bitmain S21 I don't see it S21 here yeah if you bought the June batch yeah 300 000 right that's that's next that's literally almost like 10 months from now 9 months from now you know uh Biko pending that the price won't appreciate also as an investment better to buy this now uh Biko yes exact so there's the other side of it right um thing to consider right the Bitcoin having is coming up so 3.125 right so let's say everything stayed the same now which it obviously won't this s uh what's Miner would be um let's see this what's Miner would not be profitable at 10cent kilowatt hour okay this what Miner would again would not be profitable if when the having comes in April which the network hash rate will rise up it will not be profitable okay that's that's that's a thing to consider here so the only thing is what has to happen is the Bitcoin price has to go up pretty much double let's just say let's just say Bitcoin instead of 35,000 right now Bitcoin was 60,000 60k hit calculate so everything stayed the same in terms of the network hash rate but the price went up double the having happens then and only then there would be a $3 profit okay income would be about $143 cost of electric would be $840 at 10 cent Kow hour um of course when you go down right it's all relative anyway so it's he have you had 8 cents you've been making four or $5 right um if you had 14 Cent per kilowatt hour after the having if Bitcoin went to 60k you would be pretty much breaking even at 14 cents so it's quite a big risk that's it's predicated on the Bitcoin n uh bitcoin price and also the having which is coming but also the difficulty this is going to matter as well because we don't know by the time in the next five or six months right there could be a lot of big players in the space coming on turning online over the next 6 months half year uh next year here um or there could be a lot of mining Farms that cannot keep up you know with uh what the profitability is because they don't have enough Capital to keep going or paying out of pocket for their electric there's so many variables here it's really it's really it's a really it's a it's a risk right it's a high risk to do something like uh to get into this um because there are bigger players in the space that are a lot more competitive and uh have a lot more lower electrical rate uh versus US residential miners right so if you're thinking of us as a residential minor to mine with these M60 s's or s21s it's at 14 cents residential average it's not good it's it's you're breaking even it it will not make sense for you in my opinion even if even when Bitcoin went up to goes up to 60k right that's that's that's that's the biggest if right that's the biggest um risk you're willing to take now if Bitcoin went to 100K right then the numbers obviously change I'm not going to I don't need to I don't need you know what 100K 100,000 $100,000 Bitcoin 14 cents difficulty stayed the same it probably won't so be higher but you're making $7 if Bitcoin went to 100K then this then what boiko said this 35 $3,500 investment honestly if Bitcoin went to 100K then we're probably going to see some price appreciation on the hardware I mean at that point yes yes at that point S21 um S21 what's miners you know these these miners could probably be worth more than you know seven eight grand uh just judging by judging by the numbers but uh depends it really depends really depends oh we're at 191 terahash yes yes uh it's not showing up on VI BTC yet but um is this is this 191 is this 191 terahash we are at 130 uh 3494 95 Watts almost 3500 Watts all right all right all right all right my ks3 my ice River ks3 just came in should I stop the stream now go to the DHL office post office pick it up come back and do another stream do you guys want to see another stream today or should I leave that tomorrow I might leave that tomorrow I'm so tired I need to drive like 30 minutes I need to drive 30 minutes that way Drive 30 minutes back and then set up the Stream do the unboxing oh my God no do the other power modes screw Caspa miners all right I'm with the pr all you guys are saying yes jeez you guys you guys in Caspa man Jesus Christ Casper this Casper that oh you guys are like H tomorrow I gotta leave it for tomorrow wait I should turn it on maybe I'll maybe I'll do the stream then I I need turn that on it's it needs to make me money it I need I need the money I'm I'm broke cash broke all right okay guys there it is now should I try the other power mode should I do that if this just sewing 191 I kind of want to see it go to 190 though it's okay we're at 139 ter I'm going to wait I'm going to wait for this to go up to 180 190 then then I'll then I'll switch it I just want to see at the pool if it actually uh if it actually shows up here or not uh ks3 M no it's uh ks3 uh 9.4 or 8.2 or 9.4 I don't know which one I I can't blame people yeah I can't uh change the power mode then leave to get it m capital H go get it I okay I will I'll go get it I'll go get it I I have to get it Helix if red panda mining is broke I'm ghost watching this stream after from afterlife bitmain ks3 no no no it's the ice River it's the ice River ks3 155 teror hash um system reboot inter faces minor config log out 191 it's pretty good uh phelip mayor Schneider you think 6600s are good for are good cards yeah really good gpus uh John English Tech gifted uh ks3 no I paid I paid half and then crypto Miner Bros paid half uh rip head of miny fill out the spreadsheet before you change mode oh Ron Watkins thank you thank good good call good call good call good call oh it says 192 terahash nowo woo 192 one it says 173t now o look at that look at that we're still at 3495 Watts 3,495 Watts awesome awesome uh Ron Watkins yeah um fill out the spreadsheet okay um where is my here they are okay so normal I guess I'm just going to let this it's maybe it's still tuning 191 I'm going to say I'm just going to say 191 terahash 191 and the power at the wall is 34 95 95 Watts okay you guys saw it earlier 3490 now what's the efficiency what's the efficiency here's the magic number 18.2 wooo let's do it let's do it so actual efficiency here look at that it's hitting up pretty much S21 number or advertised this is advertised I I guarantee this is going to be like 3650 Watts therefore the efficiency is probably going to be the exact same as the whats Miner m6s bit main always lies like another 100 200 Watts less so I guarantee I guarantee m6s will be almost same if not better or on par efficiency um all right uh crypto KJ do you get to keep this minor yes yes I get to keep this what's minor yes yes sir yes sir I I I do get to keep this one okay um M60 yes all right we got two more two more to fill out we got to do low and high let's do it let's do low and high oh we're at 192 terahash now 198 oh 198 terahash at the pool woo Le look at that 192 198 wow 10 minute average 198 terahash woo jeez uh Krypto KJ another one for the hosting company they're going to make a killing out of you yeah yeah probably um how's the new hosting spot doing for you um they're not online yet and until the middle of this month they're still building out a uh uh container for the gas flare and Generator all that stuff so it's still another week or two but I'm locked in I'm locked in another one hosting company then yeah how much it how much did it cost which one how is the hosting going are you going to ship this rig to them uh Ron Watkins no I'm probably going to keep this here with me I'm I'm I'm probably gonna keep this one with me woo 203 10minute average 203 terahash damn damn 192 ter you know what I might have to put 192 I you know what I may have to put 192 terahash hereo that's pretty good that's pretty good the efficiency is top three the efficiency of this m6s top three right now close to the S21 that's pretty good all right let me see if I can change the power mode on the Fly here um that is really good yeah this is this what's Miner is Godly is just Godly all right we're going to do low youit you guys want to do high or you want to do low what do you guys want to do next red P of mining look at BTC it keeps going what what bitcoin's price I I don't I can't see it right [Music] now whoa bitcoin's almost 36 oh 36,000 yeah 36,000 awesome awesome awesome we're going up we're going up high buy your as6 now bit Bitcoin as6 all every type of a is going to go up in price in probably the next day or two watch I guarantee it I guarantee it always happens we should have been buying asex like a couple weeks ago like a month or two ago ah all right hi all right everyone wants to see hi save and apply okay waiting for changes to be applied configuration applied oh it's really loud it's really loud oh [ __ ] oh oh God I I I I'm glad I have headphones on dude this thing is freaking loud I'm telling you wait where is my DB meter hold on let me get my DB do I have my DB decibel deci yeah decel X okay where's my camera hold on hold on let's go the camera hold [Music] on all right hold on try wa no [ __ ] no I don't want to pay for membership no no there we [Music] go 90 2 93 DB this is freaking loud this [Music] is this is really loud Bros this thing is really loud oh man oh my God I can't hear I can't even hear myself it's that loud all right oh it just died down okay it's much quieter now I don't even hear it but the power is at, 1600 watt 1700 watts and now the fans are off why are the fans off the fans are not moving what 2,000 Watts wait what's going on 2,000 Watts the fans are not moving uh 2300 Watts 2400 Watts 2500 watts uh the fans are not moving oh now they're moving but not at high speed 2700 Watts this thing's getting hot I can feel heat coming out of here what's going on is this broken uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh what's happening here um um um um um um um um um um um uh hi and the temperature is really high now and uh [ __ ] what's happening here uh temperatures is 52 I'm going to refresh this 66 67 oh that was scary okay it's at 3600 Watts now 3600 Watts at the wall 37 oh it's clim it's climbing here we're going to change it back here okay the fans are ramping up thank God the fans are ramping up it's ramping up pH that was close I thought it I thought it broke I thought it like melted or I don't know I was surprised it was like at 2800 watts and the fans were not even on that that doesn't make any sense to me it's uh very interesting okay we're at 36770 Watts 3670 Watts it is now at 46 terahash according to the software okay waiting just waiting we're going to let this go going to let this go okay should I leave the stream on should I go to DHL and pick up the ks3 should I should I do that is that a thing I'll be like 45 minutes probably probably an hour to be honest would you guys even sit here and watch this thing just mine damn 92 Fahrenheit yeah dude it's hot it's getting hot this thing is pumping out a lot of heat I'll go to sleep take care it's a pirate go to DHL no fans no closet Miner the fans are on now no but I would have to come back [Music] okay of course we would for the ks3 we'll watch for the blue smoke oh God please don't talk about blue smoke oh I don't I I do not want to leave this on high while I'm out that's that's a bad idea that's that's a bad idea um okay I just want to see this go to I don't know I don't I just want to see some higher hash rate number in the software uh before we do anything 59 terahash it's spooling up ah Magic Smoke you might use it for winter and shut it down in the summer yeah uh Travelers travels move your monitor back before leaving it's going to fall over uh Biko you're still here set one of those flame balls on it I should I really should nah I you know what I believe in what's Miner's reliability what's Miner is is really good I remember my first what's Miner way back that thing was that thing was bulletproof man that thing was bulletproof yep yep yep yep um you can switch audio to phone and leave the camera on Ron Watkins how dare you do low power mode when you go to DHL yes Andreas that's what I'm that's what I'm planning on doing okay what power we are we at now 36 3700 Watts so we're using a good 20 20 30 Watts more right now good idea let it ride at 200 km an hour it's this okay hold on let me take off my headphones I just want to hear something okay honestly it's not that bad it's the the sound it is louder but it's not as bad as like a s19 j it's not that bad or an S9 XP or an L7 I'd say it's very similar yeah it's very similar um uh noise 90 DB 80 DB okay um no change in hash rate so it does uh like the gentleman said it does take 15 to 20 minutes to spool up so we got to wait ah every minute I'm losing a dollar wait 24 no 24 hours ks3 earns what $130 a day so I'm losing like what two three four5 an hour $4 an hour I can smell something that no please no book low time and you can go to DHL we will watch it hash till you come back custom Computing it's not that much more power usage really Oh you mean from the normal mode to high power mode yeah that's true am I gonna run this on high power mode no it depends what efficiency we get here depends depends on the depends on the efficiency number I I want to take note I want to take note of it because if it's I mean the normal mode is pretty much hitting up S21 and again I really do think bitmain's S21 numbers is wrong it's probably going to be like 36 3700 watt because their fans environment you know 58 uh Dean Iowa Iowa crypto mining I just saw your I just saw your message and I laughed put the camera on the As and go go go go okay oh man I I hate leaving the stream on 103 people here 74 likes guys can we get to 100 likes 100 likes come on let's see I want to see 100 I got another email here okay all right is it showing up on the pool let's see I I don't want to leave this on high power mode all right Bros I I just I don't feel comfortable to be honest then why are you still here I don't feel comfortable leaving it at a high power mode you guys you guys just want to see fire don't you I understand what I understand what's happening here all right you guys can't fool me I know why you want me to stay you want me to leave it on you want me to go leave it on high you want to see smoke and you want to see fire I get it I get it it's called burning it's normal H Philip what's the most res what's the most efficient Miner for residential electric price for 22 cents kilowatt hour uh nothing Philippe nothing no we don't I'm but I'm here for the smoke put it on low should be fine oh a pirate I need to see I need to see what the hash rate's going to be on high before I go before I go I need I need to see high first I need to see High pool side says 59.

58 terahash so yeah it's not it's not SPO it hasn't spooled up yet John English Tech so you don't really trust the what's I don't not at high no no no no I trust the what's Miner I don't trust my environment here you see my my area where I'm doing this testing it's like 94 Fahrenheit right now 94 fenhe it's hot it's hot in here it's going to get hot if I leave this on even more I don't know I don't know I'm just I'm just paranoid I'm just paranoid I'm sure it's fine I'm sure it's fine this is very loud I can't wait I can't wait to get my camera like my DSLR and like record the video and like all it's it's probably just going to pick up the fans probably not my voice at all uh close it down stream the drive to DHL no I'm not going to stream the drive you recommend the ks z um the ks Z Pro uh the price is kind of terrible all right don't don't talk about Caspa right now this is not a casa stream when I get the ks3 I will I'll will talk about it I'll I'll talk about it I'll talk about all your I will fulfill all of your guys' fantasies regarding CMA mining um Jason run how is your s9k pro running I'm about to order one um Jason roie where are you where are you going to order one uh yeah it's been mine's been good S9 K Pros really good solid solid solid Asic minor uh bitmain did a good job on the s9k pro yes yes and uh in terms of buying one like right now you know it is the best depending on what price you can get at it is the best dollar per terahash at the moment refresh the status page and will update s okay nope still 53 terahash it's we're at 3720 watts and this thing is still spooling up it's still spooling up um sign a cryp what's up man oh my God hard is still there mocking me um my crypto quick question do you use the VPN connection for the miners you have yes uh some of them some of them I don't um I I I haven't I haven't quite configured my network the way I want yet all right um you think that Ser psus are the best choice for GPU mining in a case uh yes yes Ser psus are the best my what's miners take an hour to get full hash rate sometimes are you serious that's a long time that's that's a long time oh 199 all right 199 ter it's probably going to go up a little bit more we're probably going to hit up 200 here there we go all right we're going to let this go another 10-minute average 199 temperature 77 oo 69 Celsius this is getting it's getting hot it's getting hot maybe these can run up to 90 maybe these can run up to 90 degrees Celsius I don't know probably not probably not uh Ron Watkins 77c shut it off it's at 78 now 78 degrees C it's it's getting hot we're at 3700 Watts it's getting hot H put the AC on I don't have AC down here this is getting scary Bros all right we're at 200 terahash we are now we are now at S9 S21 level we're now at S21 levels look at this S21 efficiency two or no sorry not efficiency hash rate power consumption we're at 3715 here you guys can look for yourselves you guys see that so we're in high mode high power mode 200 terahash [Music] 37 17 Watts 1 3,717 watts in high power mode currently um Iowa crypto mining those most Aces can erupt to 85 90c it's fine uh mine ran 90c all summer okay nice I I thought so I knew what's Miner could run a little bit hotter I I I knew that I knew that um little bit more if you overclock the ks3 I recommend you use cases use server cases for yeah all right 3716 all right I'm going to call I'm going to leave it at that uh let's see we're still at 200 ter hat yeah I'm think I'm going to say I'm going to say that's good maybe 200 ter 377 Watts so that's an efficiency of what um hash watt per hash what I have 18.

Wait is that better efficiency wait is that better no that's not normal okay the normal efficiency see is better [Music] by3 so we went from 18.2 watt per hash to um 18. 58 so we drop down a little bit in efficiency just a little bit all right I'm moving this off I'm moving this off 200 terahash high power mode we're going to go back to low let's do low now let's let's do low power let's do it here we go low power save do I recommend doing high power mode at all times no oh now it's taken off like a rocket ship [Music] okay oh my my God that is loud that is so loud I can't hear [Music] anything oh man noise cancelling on the potato mic is doing wonders for you guys ah okay um all right you guys want me to leave the stream on and I go pick up the ks3 is that what's happening I really should start a new stream [Music] though why does DHL not bring it to you the door uh it goes to my business I I have a UPS I have a UPS box but I have to go pick it up at it's not at my UPS box it's at DHL which is a little bit further which is stupid ah just restarted when you get back yeah uh go turn on more gpus custom computer ah man all right thank God it died down now okay all right um that was cool low power okay so that was high power 200 terahash 3700 Watts normal mode 192 3495 all right let's see what low power does now low power okay start the new stream yeah I'll start a new stream um let it run low power when you get back you're going to want to test the ks3 yes yes okay all right Bros um you want me to leave it on this page or you want me to leave it on the camera you want to leave it here or you want to leave it on the camera what what I'll go I'll go get it I'll I'll go pick up the ks3 right now both if possible how do I do that I oh wait I can do that yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah hold on yeah we can do that we can do that um screen um I need to add hold on I need to add uh how do you add a source uh add Source add Source uh we need to add a video capture device video capture device uh yeah Okay add Source oh there we go I need to oh we need to really bring that this really needs to go down smaller transform fit the screen there all right is that good is that good will this update by itself I don't think so will this update by itself I don't think this page is going to update by itself uh leaving on Zoom we can see the Watts oh uh I don't think can you gu can you guys see the Watts from here or no no what about what about here can you see it from here God that's stupid uh um I don't know how to do this all right there there okay how about I leave it on Via BTC maybe via BTC updates no God this is H you know what f it I'm just going to leave it here you guys you guys enjoy I'll be back I'll be back this works all right just the Asic with the Watts all right done just just make the cam closer uh I know good enough good enough good enough good enough all right Bros all right I'll be back I'll be back I've never left the stream on before I have never done this before don't you have webpage reloader tool extension uh you know what I can install that that's a good idea that's a good idea hold on hold on I'll do that for you guys I'll do that for you guys um um Google Chrome reload web page extension page refresh uh page add to Brave all right I'm adding to Brave ADD extension okay hold on hold on review now uh okay all right done um all right every 15 seconds start let's see if it works all right let's see if it refreshes in 15 seconds that that's that's a good idea that's a good idea yeah it worked wait did that work yeah that worked awesome okay Bros that's it I'll be back you guys behave yourselves if I see any of you trying to do anything nefarious I'm I'm I'm going to ban you while I'm driving I'm going to read the chat while I drive all right I'm going to I'm going to read the chat while I drive maybe that's a bad idea okay peace Bros peace Bros I'll be right back be right back thank you here you guys can hear the beautiful sound you guys want the fan you guys want can you hear the fan sound or you want to have the fan sound off I'll leave it on why not bye-bye oh oh for for for for that for for for for for for for for for for [Music] [Music] for for for for [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] for for [Music] for for for for for for for [Music] okay all right I'm sorry Bros I'm back something smells come on God damn it guys I told you I had to unload I had to unload okay all right that was a how long was I gone was that less than an hour I think that was less than an hour yeah all right I got the ks3 I got the ice river ks3 right behind me here so um okay so what did you guys notice are we at 174 terahash or 175 was it fluctuating a bit or was it around 174 um I want to uh we'll put in I want to put in the low power number before we uh close out the stream and then uh I'll do the new stream for the ks3 uh Ron Watkins 175 terahash 3105 um hold on let me let me see closer here uh 31051 yep yep okay that looks good that looks good um 3015 Watts so that's an efficiency of what uh watt per Ash SE 17.7 four is that better than the bit main whoa oh my God oh my God it is it's way it's not way better but it's yeah 7 1.74 Whopper hash versus the bitmain S21 17.75 but that's advertised like I said I'm pretty sure this is going to be worse like 16 uh 36 or like 3700 Watts or something that's my that's that's my guesstimate it's going to be like 18.75 the efficiency of S21 is not going to be it's not going to be like you know yeah that's what I that's that's my opinion very nice I I like this low P would you guys run it on low power mode or would you run it on normal mode would you rather get the 192 terahash that I was getting before or the 175 at 3105 Watts that is amazing that's that's really good man m6s that's pretty good that's pretty damn good um cryptic KJ what does the pool say good call the pool says 173 10 minute ter 10 minute average 173.50 right 175 ter uh it says 174 it says 174 here efficiency is King yeah Ron I agree that's that's pretty damn good i' I'd keep it on LPM that's sweet yeah same I I think well I mean we're we're talking about like a five difference from normal to low but I think the temperatures are also better where's the temperature in my environment which is 97 fahit it's getting it's getting hot here uh it says the temperature here is 74 cels 6659 I feel like that's that's that's not bad that's not bad okay all right that's it m6s very successful very awesome minor I love it I I would buy more of these in an instant they're available now thank you Krypt Miner Bros for sending me this sending me this uh what's Miner pretty insane um and yeah I like it I like it okay let's do it Bros I'm going to end the stream here I'm going to set up the stream for the ks3 and uh yeah all right see you guys later I'll be back um give me five minutes 5 to 10 minutes okay I'm going to set up the new stream we're going to do the unboxing of the ks3 and uh we're going to talk about Caspa we're going to talk about the seven cents Caspa hit seven sense holy crap okay all right see you guys in a second be right back

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