Way Behind on This Computer Build

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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel I hope everybody's having a great day and I am finally able to work on the December giveaway PC so we drew that and uh Mr Carl won it and I reached out to him and he was like Hey man before I get it I want to upgrade the cooler so if we look over here um I don't know if you guys can see in there it just has a generic OEM Intel cooler and he was like Hey I want to put an AIO RGB water cooler in it and um ended up picking up one of these thermal rights this is a 240 and we're going to pop that in there for him so big respect to him CU he's like hey man that way you know you can make a little money on it you can also hook me up and I I appreciate that so um yeah let's get to getting this thing apart and hooking it [Music] up [Music] all right so I'm just picking back up where I left off and um for some reason this motherboard doesn't have argb control not really a big deal I ended up putting an external controller and I didn't like the one that came with thermal right because you'd have to like open the computer up to be able to change it so I just got one of the little cheap ones that has like a little remote so that way he can you know change it to whatever kind of settings he wants but um right now I just have it on like Auto so it's just like the normal rainbow colors let me flip it around so and there she is ladies and gentlemen so that is the December PC going out a little bit later than originally thought but that was due to having to put a radiator in and just time constraints always always running into some kind of time constraints but we have I just boxed up tons of orders over there I think it was like 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10 11 12 13 more orders going out uh so Monday this is Sunday today so can't ship anything out today but um yeah so if your order had not gotten taken care of then it probably is going out Monday and you will get a notification in the email so make sure you just check your spam because some people told me that they didn't see theirs and then they went back and it was in their spam folder so I guess that can that can be a thing I don't know why it triggered it to be a spam folder but oh well so anyways y'all have a good one it was nice seeing you and um the January PC build I have the motherboard I have everything except for the case so um the January PC build I need to get on the ball because I'm running out of time uh you can still get entri for it or entered in for it um it's it's nothing crazy but it's just a way for me to give back to you guys uh that come and visit and do all that kind of stuff so it is also no purchase necessary just go to the website it's down there in the bottom left corner so bc- pc.com but yeah for real I'll see you on the next one adios

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