Why I’m not using Nicehash for my Bitcoin Miners anymore.

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[Music] [Applause] [Applause] he [Applause] hey guys RPM here hope you're doing well having a really great day this video I want to talk to you all about my Asic miners here which are getting hosted but I wanted to find a mining pool in which would support most of these if not all of these as6 where I could see them all in one like website essentially and where I can you know see what they're earning and whatnot and maybe we have some sort of autoc conversion to bitcoin or something this is not a sponsored video I repeat what I'm talking about in this video is not sponsored I gotten a lot of insight from a lot of miners around the space regarding you know different types of as6 and I've done a lot of testing myself and I just want to explain that in this video okay so the biggest one for me all right I'm just going to begin now talking about which mining pools I was you know hoping to have compatibility with was obviously nice hash okay a lot of you probably use nice hash for your Bitcoin Miners and I was one of those people okay I had a lot of my s9j Pros on there my s19 XP and it seemed to be all well and good but when it came to my other Asic miners let's say my ant Miner Z5 Pro my D9 K7 and actually yeah my E9 Pros uh they were not compatible uh with nice hash sorry sorry I take that back the case 7 and D9 was compatible on nios these ones were able to work but the z15 pro would not connect I tried the equa has stratums for nice has didn't work I tried my E9 Pros for the eash and uh yeah did not work either on nice hash okay so yeah but majority everything else does work on nice hash s19 XP that's a Bitcoin minor L7 does work on nice hash and uh yeah the s9j pros worked as well but just these E9 pros and Z5 compatibility did not work so that is kind of what has swayed me away from using nice hash for these Asic miners okay so now since I've talked with a few people that have you know majority of different as6 I've been shown this mining pool named via BTC again this is not sponsored I'm not paid to show these guys or anything I'm just talking about experience here I'm going to go on the computer and show you guys my account exactly and show you what I mean and what I like about via BTC because it has compatibility for all of my as6 here there is one minor flaw okay the E9 Pros do connect to Via BTC for their uh eash or their Etc hash algo ethereum classic okay they do connect but there is a bit of a hash rate issue I believe it only gets 2.7 ghash I'm in the works right now communicating with via BTC regarding the E9 Pros uh seeing if they can have a better or higher hash rate and yield obviously like 4 gig a hash which I'm getting on which I was getting on two minors uh with these two before so vbtc does work but it's not at the highest hash rate that they can achieve like 3.68 or 4 gash but everything else was able to connect just fine s19 K K7 D9 Z5 Pro all right all these different you know for Dash ckb and uh zcash and they also have Horizon as well so yeah I've had no issues connecting the these no problem so let me go into the computer now and explain a bit more and just show you guys what my web guey looks like where I can see all of these uh when they are connected and turned on for when I get them hosted all right guys so I wanted to start off first you know maybe answering the question red panda what is the point of having all your as6 onto one place the biggest reason for me is personally I really don't have much time to keep up with all of my you know different mining hardware and for this case where I am getting it hosted I would love to have them all in one central place and easier for me to manage and just you know not really worry about it and also keep track of how much you know those Asic miners are earning and if there's some way they could automatically be you know converted into Bitcoin that would be even better so my journey into this I initially started on mining poool stats.

stream I just wanted to look at a mining pool which I could join and have you know all the different types of algorithms the most that are available like for my as6 that is that would work to convert into Bitcoin and so my first thought was pooling because I did this back in the past okay and the next one was nice hash which we just talked about but nice hash does not support the uh zed5 Pro and also the E9 Pro okay it doesn't work on D dager Hashimoto and doesn't not work on uh Etc hash which is right here okay so i' I've tried many ways E9 Pro doesn't work Z5 doesn't work so those those are those would be three Asic in my my Hardware that I own that wouldn't be able to use on nice hash okay so what was the next best thing I was scouring here talking to a few people and Via BTC came up so this website again I'm not sponsored okay this is not sponsored in any way shape or form but if you do want to sign up I do have a referral link which if you do sign up mine there it helps me out again not sponsored I really have to stress this people are going to come at me in the comments anyway let's go I'm going to show you here okay biggest thing for me is that I can see under the pool so once you register an account all that stuff you can see under the pool side here this is where you will generally add your Bitcoin a62 okay so the URL and all that stuff is at the bottom here to join in so here's the workers tab okay well right now they're all off CU I just turned them off and but you can see here the dashboard I did uh I just turned them off here like a couple hours ago as of recording and then you can see earnings as well okay so this is a really good one where you can see how much you're earning I'm doing pplns and uh it is a 2% fee in case anyone was wondering Bitcoin mining pools do have a pretty hefty fee uh but anyways going here you can see how much I've been you know generally earning but of course I have multiple workers okay S9 XP s9j Pro all that kind of stuff then yeah the dashboard here looks really good I like how it all looks and I can go through and go look at my LTC right my L7 my L7's connected to here I got my and then also merge min's Dogecoin right that's another thing if you look under earnings and actually we scroll up here you can see the Doge profit there's a there's a tab right here okay so that's another cool thing about that and then uh yeah of course my I have z15 Pro on zcash okay so it was uh you can see here zcash obviously I turned it off uh then what else uh Etc okay so here are my E9 pros and like I said before they weren't really connecting my x16 Q seems to be oh actually it's having a lower average as well so I think they're having an issue but I'm actually like I said I'm in the process I'm talking with them to figure out why the E9 Pros don't work and maybe this x16 Q it was at 2 gigahash before so that's at 1.

1.42 that's interesting anyways uh Etc Zen okay I don't have my zen5 Pro on there but ckb okay my K7 this is on here as well again I got my Dash as well okay so really nice to see all the different workers here and I did have my Casp on there as well ks3 recently but the biggest thing is under assets okay for so for me here's where the the power of vipc is and what I mean for me to be EAS manageable in which I don't have to touch any of these coins and convert them myself under convert okay if you look at this convert button here you can go to settings and you can change any of these coins all the Asic coins that I'm mining here can automatically convert into BTC this is this is the bread and butter right here this is the reason why I wanted this and or initially I I did want to have nice hash but again they didn't support all the all the ASX that I had had but V PTC here supports all the as6 here and has the conversion to BTC which I really really do like and they do it frequency is every is hourly all right depending on the yield that you get okay 0.5 for EDC so it's probably for me I might not be able to mine that 0.5 in an hour obviously uh maybe half a day or more and so yeah you'll see generally what the um limit uh conversion limit is okay but otherwise you know this alleviates my issue or I guess for me is time okay you know I don't have time to really go through and you know manage all these different coins and you know swap them to BTC later on in the Bull Run even though you know I think Mining and hodling these coins will probably do well in the future not Financial advice uh but what I am I'm just for this case for me since I'm hosting these I think I just want to have all into Bitcoin all right and maybe I'm not I'm going to lose out on future gains for these other coins but in most cases I'm doing this for profit because these as6 that I have right now are generally profitable more so against the electric where I'm getting them hosted so I am positive about that okay so that's it guys that's that's really really only the reason why I am mining on vipc which I I find the power is with their conversion here and uh yeah it's it's working pretty good and with Bitcoin just going up recently my assets have gone up quite a bit but uh yeah definitely if you are to try this um try not to keep your funds on here cuz you know just in case I'm I'm not saying vi vi BTC is going to go down or something but make sure you withdraw it in a respectful time and uh it looks like they have zero transfer fees to coinex okay if you're using coinex which I have coinex as well uh inter user transfer zero uh normal transfer of course they have a network transferring uh fee here okay so you can read that so there you guys go let me know your thoughts and um yeah just let me know know if My reasonings make sense to you guys or not uh if not let me know down below if I'm an idiot and I shouldn't be doing what I just said okay so let me know down below Bros I'll see you on the next video let me know your thoughts guys have a good one peace out

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