WHY is this 5 year old GPU the most Efficient on mining DYNEX?

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[Music] [Music] he hey guys RPM here hope you're doing well having a really great day this video I just turned on my six radon 7s after about 9 or 10 months since the ethereum merge because because they were no longer profitable after the ethereum merge but now I am turning them back on because apparently these are amazing at mining DX so I'm going to try that in this video we already did a live stream of testing one Radeon 7 thank you to Mr zap pirate also Mr overboard teac for telling me uh the settings and that these are now Kings of DX mining due to the fp64 teraflops performance on these which I think is 3.3 Tera flops versus a let's say an RTX 490 I believe does 0.6 teraflops so now that DX is now utilizing fp64 Precision that in turn has turned AMD most AMD cards actually quite amazing on mining DX due to the fp64 T flops that they can achieve versus let's say Nvidia cards like the consumer aib cards they're not as great as AMD cards you you will have to buy their workstation cards uh for that but anyways guys I'm going to just I need to do a few things before I mine DX on this octom Miner it's been I think uh let's see it says 9 9 months since I turned this rig on so I need to take the SSD out I need to reflash it just a brand new hios image there's also a updated AMD driver and I'm just going to reflash it with a uh with this okay SATA to USB adapter into the computer and then I'm just going to put a brand new hios image on that and then I'm just going to see what this will do you know power consumption wise you know the efficiency you know maybe comparing it to 490s or other Nvidia cards out there or even other AMD cards out there the Radeon 7 is actually amazing we did do a live stream already testing one card but anyways let me turn this off update the drive get it mining DX I'll show you guys the results in a second [Music] okay that's mining DX and man is it amazing I'm getting almost 53 54 ,000 hashes per second just on these six radon 7s alone mining DX at around 900 I don't know jumps around a lot 950 Watts I'm going to say is averaging all right so this whole octom Miner itself which it does have four 120 mil like Delta server fans so these take I don't know a good amount as well but uh yeah 950 Watts about 50 according to hios here let's see 53.26 Kash Let me refresh okay 53.3 Kash I'll show you guys here mining to deep miners pool amazing pool look at this 8 to 9,000 hashes per second on each radon 7 so I know that when we did this testing okay in that live stream the Samsung which I have two of them in this rig is getting about maybe a good 125 watts each okay each Sam Sun card highx one for me was a good what 136 Watts around there but uh silicon lottery for sure so I have four heex two Samsung cards okay here are my settings in case anyone wants to see it I only put in the core clock 1350 core voltage 815 mem clock 900 and then as well I did the AMD men tweak so since I do have Samsung and highx I had to split up the tweak settings so so I did it by the GPU index here parameter and then the uh Advanced config I just simply clicked on it all right hios already has these preconfigured AMD M tweaks already for highx or Samsung so yeah that's it and then hit save and uh I put in the flight sheet for DX and Men this is crazy so how profitable right now is this rig okay 6X Radeon 7s so according to Hash rate.

Okay if I go to gpus right now it says the 6800 XT is the most most profitable GPU but that's I think that's wrong because when I go to Radeon 7 here which is almost top five here in terms of being profitable the next one's 4070 TI uh next one is 4090 okay so even the 4090 is kind of down here but the Radeon 7 has the wrong numbers for DX on hash R.L so I can get eight to 9 hashes per second 9,000 sorry not eight but 9 9,000 hashes per second okay or let's say 89 900 hashes per second okay so this should be updated and the power consumption is pretty much what I'm getting 125 so they need to update the hashes here so how profitable is this whole rig let me just I'm just going to put in 53,000 hashes and the wattage is going to be 900 yeah I'm just going to say 950 Watts so we'll put that in 9950 okay and then we're going to go down and just hit calculate okay calculate at my Kow hour about 9 cents Kow hour this rig okay the power cost is going to be about $2 a day uh in terms of the revenue though is $355 and then the profit is only 50 for these six Radeon 7s so I'm getting about 4.77 DX a day well I mean you all know the state of GPU mining right now isn't that profitable and the strategy is not to be essentially selling every day I guess depends on your electrical cost expenses your you know you know for living paycheck to paycheck depends on your financial situation but anyways I just wanted to show the insane hash rate that these cards can do on DX now am I saying all of you to go out and buy radon 7s now for mining no definitely not please don't do that radon 7s are glass cannons honestly I was afraid when I turned this thing on I thought it was going to code 43 on me you guys know in the past when I was building a 6X radon 7 rig I had four of them code 43 but luckily I was able to RMA the for but anyways these cards they're just insane because of the fp64 performance and as well as when DX moved over to the new update they are now utilizing fp64 I guess Precision so that's going to farewell uh for like AMD cards like the Radeon 7s or the vega cards in general okay guys that's all I wanted to do let me know your thoughts this is quite amazing and yeah this is really nice the temperatures are really cool as well actually let me just refresh here I should probably put on the lid obviously cuz the temperatures are 63 71 I mean it's not that bad but uh yeah it's it's good otherwise okay guys that's it for this video let me know oh we're at over nine uh hashes per second now see see 9100 so it goes down to 89 and goes up to 9100 so that's pretty cool okay all right everyone let me know your thoughts about the king of DX mining all right the Radeon 7 the lust the very very elusive radon 7 I'll see you on the next video have a good one peace out wait I hear some oh oh my God some of the fans are not moving okay uh this one okay this fan is hard stuck yeah this is definitely stuck okay these ones are okay this okay the CPU Cooler on the octom miner motherboard is about to fall off okay oh there's another fan broken here radon 7's not moving ah there's another one not moving as well oh there's another one oh man I need to replace so many fans oh God oh God this one only has one fan moving these two are all completely dry okay all right oh you you guys hear that that's not a good sound

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