Will I become a MILLIONARE Mining Kadena?

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[Music] [Music] he [Music] [Music] [Music] hey guys RPM here hope you doing well having a really great day this video just opened up and turned on a brand new bitmain at Miner ka3 this is the infamous Caden Miner I just got this in from mop. GST my friend thank you so much for them guys go check them out this is where this bitmain ka3 came from if you are interested in mining Caden so throughout this video I wanted to not only set this up but I also wanted to talk about my I guess history regarding kadana and I have mined Caden previously in previous past couple years and there was a certain time when you know mining Cana would have made me a millionaire if I just simply held it all and waited for the perfect time to sell it when it was you know price appreciating to $22 $25 or something crazy like that now here we are today middle of January of 2024 and I am now mining kadana with one of these big boy Asic miners the ka3 166 Tash model so this is quite the monster and currently it is profitable for those that care about profitability at about $844 at 11 Cent Kow hour so this is my current electrical rate at this location and this is how much it currently makes but one thing to note which is pretty sad to think about is all the other kadana Asic miners that have been out previously have not been profitable so you know I guess there's a lot of history regarding kadana Mining and I guess a lot of people who have boughten you know depending on which model you bought in previous history maybe the gold shell models you may have not mined your money back yet but I have one here where I'm going to keep track of all the Caden that this is mining I'm going to be mining and holding all the Caden with this and we're going to see how long it takes to break even on about let's just say $4,000 USD for a bit May at minor ka3 all right so it's it's January 17th I'm going to keep track of all the ganaa that this is going to mine up until we hit at least break even I will include the electric as well okay so let me go ahead and set this up it's currently not mining I need to put in my address and such okay so let me do that and then we'll see what the power consumption [Music] is okay it's mining now only taking about 3100 Watts that's not bad that's not bad it's actually not that loud either but of course my ambient temps right now it's not that hot right now and it just snowed outside actually so generally cool less than 3100 WTS now it's fluctuating a bit but here it is here's the web goey I also did do a bit M firmware update there was a kind of a newish firmware as of uh October 2023 and so it did update uh the number here it was I think February or January uh 2023 before I'll have it on the screen there but yeah looks like it's all good it's mining away and here are the hash boards it says 92 chips per hash board and looks like I got some Hardware errors but that that's pretty common when it first starts Mining and then generally levels off when it starts you know to heat up a bit and it showed up on the pool just fine okay it's just ramping up now on pool flare I have decided to mine on pool flare and we're just going to let it go I was going to like try like some other pool like DX pool uh much lower hash rate but it need an account so I'm doing like kind of like Anonymous mining on pool flare as I just need the uh Caden address but yeah it's uh mining away successfully oh yeah this is nice okay I want to go into the computer now and just talk about future prospects regarding I guess mining with this right now and in my case and and you know how long could I you know in theory potentially break even on this especially if we are in the precipice of the bull run or not who knows who knows but if I'm Mining and accumulating now and waiting for that price appreciation I mean who knows but let's go look at some data currently Caden hash rate price and also talk about my previous history a bit regarding uh mining kadana all right I'll see you guys in the computer okay guys I'm going to go through my history regarding how kadana almost made me a millionaire I already did a video about that most of you guys probably have seen that already but also I'm going to go through talk about you know price history regarding kadana as well as potential for mining kadana of course got to talk about that but also the risks of mining kadana the current Network hash rate which has gone up considerably over the past over the past like month here we're going to talk about that as well as you know how many k3s could have turned on okay potentially and as well I'm going to show you guys my ka3 on the mining pool it's already been mining for the past like 3 or 4 days here I will show you my payouts and also talk about the current profitability it was about $8 before I record this video a couple days ago and now a couple days later it's like in half but that's going to correlate with the price and of course the difficulty of Cana which has gone up considerably which we will talk about as we go along in this video so or anyone that's Gad mining let's go guys all right so I I this is hardess for me to talk about this cuz I I I royally screwed up I didn't follow my plan of you know normally Mining and holding and I was okay let's let's start from the beginning regarding you know mining Caden for for me so I was one of the first people um to receive the IB link bmk1 uh I think this was in November of 2020 I believe yes november-ish of 2020 and this Asic minor okay IB link was extremely profitable okay um of course but that was during when kadana mining was also uh you know during that time um this is when kadana was hitting that like what $20 or something like that okay um at the Peak alltime High I think is like 26 25 or 28 $8 so yeah as I was recording this video right of course it went up a little bit higher after that but I was this this minor back then I did make a video uh regarding uh breaking even on this IB link bmk1 and it was back okay no sorry I received the first batch of the iing bmk1 uh December 9th of 2020 the cost of that minor at the time was 3750 okay then I was able to essentially break even on on it on February 15th 2021 pretty much 69 uh days later or 2 months and 9 days all right it's Min about 9538 Caden okay and I calculated the electrical cost which you know the past 69 days would be about roughly 110 120 bucks and add that together and the profit no loss no profit it was just break even at that time my a bag that I held okay I was doing the mining and holding method was around $3,800 $3,900 okay so I essentially got my money back if I sold okay this is just in that part in the beginning but as time went on okay obviously as months went on I was mining and uh you know Gathering more uh kadana with this Miner right over you know previous uh you know pre alltime high of Kad which was what 28 or something uh November around November 8th no between November 8th November 15th okay can went up to Peak $28 alltime high with a marget cap of what 3.4 3.5 billion or something like that um so just a crazy time okay that was in November of 2021 so much later okay but as I was mining along throughout that year 20121 I mined more the initial $99,000 after 69 days so as I kept mining with that thing granted it did die okay the power supply died on it like I think 6 seven8 months later but in total I mind 38,000 Caden okay and if I held on to all of that all right it would have been worth almost $889,000 us and if that was in a Canadian that would be over a million dollar Canadian if I held it and sold it at of course the all-time high or you know this alltime High 21 $25 or something like that so very interesting right very interesting to look back at this and just cry myself to sleep here regarding this uh failed you know point for me in time where I should have just held it and of course could have been been a millionaire but of course I sold it like when it was way down in the dumps when uh let's see can was way down here like way previous times like can wasn't even like like 20 cents 17 cents or something like that so bet on me right terrible terrible on me but here we are today okay about 3 years later 3 years later I now have a case 3 okay um these these models have been out for a while now but now I guess the yield of how much I'm mining okay is about 12.7 Caden a day uh I can show you specifically on P flare so here's the K3 worker right now and uh past 24 hours been getting about 13.8 and I've been total paid 64 so far okay I'm mining to uh just a you know external wallet here and so so yeah it's it's been going good I'm going to keep track of this I'll give you guys like a month update or two and uh go from there but my idea with this cuz this I'm going to see how long it'll take to break even on a $4,000 um ka3 okay including electric we also include electric as time goes on okay so about 3700 for the uh 3700 us for the K3 on on mop.

Link down below if you guys are interested in CAD but understand the risks here okay so here I'm going to talk about some food for thoughts for if if you believe in Caden okay here here's here's where it comes down to uh regarding buying you know an Asic for gadana right now and especially if you are playing around with you know with the potential of you know huge price appreciation regarding Caden then you're obviously going to believe in that and you know when Bitcoin goes up generally a lot of altcoins go up um but who knows if Kad will go up to alltime higher or not that's the risk you're willing to take if you are going to be investing in you know Asic miners such as a ka3 um will Contin to go back up to you know previous alltime high of let's see $28.25 who knows who who knows I I I don't have a crystal ball but that's the risk you're willing to take if you are going to buy one uh yourself and you know if the bow run comes around if we're on the precipice of the bull run then there's potential that there could be a huge event Market making event here on kadana who knows who knows right there be the volume liquidity starts coming back as Bitcoin comes back a lot of the exchanges uh you know I'm I'm not saying that it's going to happen but it's potential right there's there's potential for it and it goes back to if kadana will go back to its previous market cap which was what over $3 billion and right now the current market cap of kadana is $266 million so I mean in order to go back to previous alltime High Plus you know we've had a lot more of the supply that has come on right on Caden right now we're at 260 almost 260 million kadana so we're about 25 26% of the circulating Supply on uh Total 1 billion kadana Max Supply okay so it's you know it's it's interesting it's interesting kadana has played out in which you know if you were mining kadana especially when those k3s came out this massive amount of rate from February 5th all right 2023 like 200 penah hash all the way to 526 petahash I think we calculated okay we can do some quick some quick math here okay so 166 terahash ka3 about 0.166 of a petahash so if I got the calculator out here what if I just went let's see uh so let's just compare here so from 200 to 526 petahash that's just just just put 320 pah has divided by 0.166 so this is going to give us almost I'm going to say 1,500 of these k3s have come online right during that time February to uh March of 20123 here we are today I received my ka3 Just A Week Ago okay and the network hash rate is now roughly about 650 pen a hash that's a lot that is a lot so this rise up here you see this this massive rise uh from 450 Peta hash okay from December 2021 uh December 21st uh 2023 all the way up until as of recording this video uh January 20th okay it's now 645 so I'm saying this is a good this is a good 100 petahash so let's just go back to the calculator okay uh 100 P ID by 0.166 of a single ka3 this is going to give us the you know potential number of 602 k3s potentially have been shipped out over the course of a month here pretty much the month as I'm calculating this that have been sold and sent out to customers who have bought these k3s okay 600 of these units um so I have one myself right so I'm probably in this right obviously the hash rate has gone up a lot like over 100 penah hash but granted okay now this is where the risk here it it ties into when someone's buying one of these things now I don't really know depending on people's financial situation your mining strategy I mean this thing pulls 31 3200 Watts so if you're paying that out of pocket that's that's a pretty big chunk of change um that you're going to be paying for this out of pocket if especially if you're going to be mining and holding all this the Caden which is I mean the yield if you were to compare before I'm getting much less right cuz the uh the network has grown much more but this 12 or 13 Caden that I'm earning okay the whole idea behind Mining and holding with this okay and I'm not trying to push this on anybody but this is the pretty much the mining strategy where it comes comes to when everyone thinks about with mining here uh especially with any type of Hardware it's not just as6 but like GP mining as6 mining CP mining if you're doing the mining and hold strategy but anyways so that you know 13 Cadena that I'm mining a day right right now it's giving me about what 13 bucks a dollar times it by 1 Point 1.03 that's about $13 okay a day that's before electric all right this this number here is you know after 11 Cent kilowatt hour on M the Asic here so I'm after my 11 Cent kilowatt hour earning about $486 if I sold you know for power right but free electric since I'm holding it we're just going to calculate it like like this okay so I'm earning $13 roughly in kadana a day on this thing who knows if the network hash rate is going to keep climbing I don't know how many more units bitmain has manufactured okay so if we calculated roughly 600 of these over the past month and they've been shipped out over the past month I'm going to assume there's going to be like maybe another 400 more that you know suppliers uh detailers you know companies uh like Miner Bros Coin M Central whoever mop.

You know they're going to be selling these so who knows how many more that they have on hand that's going to raise the difficulty in the hash rate for kadana but it all go comes down to as well the price of kadana okay the price of kadana has been you know over the course of the month it was decent right at at one point it was a dollar $150 beginning of January right $157 and now here we are 20 days later it's a do two do three so the price volatility for CA has been pretty volatile but I mean that's going to go along with Bitcoin in my opinion um so so yeah but going back here okay so this is where this is where the speculation comes in right so all the Caden that I'm mining in holding right now which is about $13 13 Caden a day which is going lower as the network hash rate Rises but just talking theoretical here okay what if I you know the 13 Caden that we're mining roughly a day if I times that by let's say if if kadana went up to previous all-time high okay let's just say previous alltime High which was uh 2825 so not saying it's going to go there but this is just a theoretical thing here it would be like okay if I was mining kadana right now and I'm I'm holding it okay and I'm waiting for kadana to go up to previous all-time high it would be like I'm mining $367 a day that's if kadana went up to previous all-time high that's how I look at it and that's why I'm just Mining and holding because I believe uh no it's proven I've proved this many times on on many videos many different models of A6 out there that break holding and breaking even has been more lucrative than just selling every day I've I've proven this already many times it's a no-brainer because during those times when you're Mining and holding you're just waiting for the price to appreciate and then it happens but anyways going back to this okay so $367 a day that's that's how I look at it so if I for the next like month here times 30 you know 30 days a month I could that could very well turn into 11 Grand a month all right if I held on and I all the mined CAD I've been mining for the next month turns to be turns out to be roughly you know times 30 13 time 30 days like let's just say let's just say you know as Network cash rate Rises let's just say 350 kadana okay in the next month I'll maybe mine like 350 kadana on this thing rewards past 24 hours 13.8 so what's the that's the potential here okay I'm not saying this is this is going to happen all right but this is the this is the you know the investment strategy or the uh I guess the mining strategy that a lot of people take in order to you know get that break even or you know make that money so in a sense I I hate I'm not trying to like put this in people's heads here but in previous history you know this has happened many times for different coins it's not just kadana and I'm not saying kadana is going to be the coin that's going to do that maybe it won't ever go up kadana may never go up again it may just keep going to zero right that's the risk that that's that's the potential we just don't know but are you willing to buy a $3,700 Asic right now mine 32 3100 Watts a day on this thing and uh accumulate the kadana in hopes that it could potentially go up in price appreciate again if I mind that 350 kadana in the next in this next month here um like I said I can do an update video um if it went to $28 okay just doing theoretical here I mean in the future if that does happen then I should in theory really break even on this in less than if my initial investment was4 $4,000 I mean it should be less than like 15 days like5 time $28 like with electric you know this $4,000 investment plus the Electric I'm using it could be that I could break even on this in less than 10 15 days in theory okay if kadana went up to previous alltime High okay that that's how I'm doing the calculation here it's just speculation of course I know it sounds nice as I'm talking about it is it going to do it or not who knows that's why I am here to document if this is going to work out or not I've done these types of tests many times on my channel I'm still doing a lot of tests right now some as6 you know can break even within a couple months some as6 Take 2 to 3 years to break even some probably don't break even at all you know the timing of buying these things especially like a ka3 for instance I mean it's going to stem from if Caden is going going to have uh massive price appreciation again okay so hopefully that makes sense on how I'm like kind of portraying this it is a it is a huge risk in a sense okay buying as6 it is a big risk uh the bitman K3 though is a monster if we're talking about comparing it to other kadana as6 out there the ka3 is King when it comes to efficiency this thing is extremely efficient right if we compare to the next ones would be IB link bmk 3 personally which which I have but it's two times worse in efficiency than the ka3 even so if we're comparing it to like profitability right that the iing bmk 3 is not profitable at my 11 Cent kilow hour like this thing is losing like $3 a day so at that point then you know if you believe in Kad then you would just buy it in a sense um do I have my bmk 3 on right now no it's not on so there are a lot of risks here if you are to buy into something like this but I think the biggest thing here is going to be if you believe canana is is going to go up again okay this project personally the development I haven't kept up with it I I don't really know what's going on so that's what you know stuff that you'll have to do your own research about but I mean that's going to go along with any type of other proof of work project um any Asic that you decide to buy the same idea applies you're going to you're going to be looking at you know the network hash rate you're going to be looking at the price history you're going to look at the market caps you're going to look at you know how many people are mining this coin you're you know all this stuff all the different variables is going to matter to pretty much help you decide whether or not you are going to get into you know mining a coin like kadana or you know buy a K3 I mean there's a lot more to it as well the history regarding mining Kaden it has you know the K3 the k3s came out right during this time February 2023 you know add another 300 penah has you know 2,500 of them went on the network and just wiped out all these other Asic models gold shell could not compete because they're simply not efficient enough and it's it's yeah it's a sad it's a sad reality regarding these and uh bitm just comes out of the Woodworks and just destroys everybody with their ka3 model which is the most efficient but guys I am going to continue on with this test I'm going to hold this Caden and when it when that time comes I will let you guys know and you know if maybe if that time comes and I make more than what the miner is worth then I'll I can give this away right why why not it could be a chance right when CAD if and when Kad could potentially go up to $28 or whatever new alltime high who knows right around these times 22 18 you know $25 whatever the ka3 will be a very profitable minor okay I mean I'm not saying you know it's going to depend on the network hash rate how many more of these uh miners are going to be on but you know just looking at previous history when kadana was like you know $20 the KD5 was making $447 granted did that last long no it didn't last long because the network hash rate for gadana during this time it rose up within the next like month or two okay and and plus the same thing the price of kadana was slowly going down as as especially during this time here okay 2023 it was when they started coming on let's see here uh February 2023 okay so it was pretty much right down here all right when when CAD was like a115 and it just it just went down it kept going down but I mean that was with the Bitcoin Market Bitcoin was also going down during these times as well uh but yeah there was a lot of sell selling pressure going down and uh here we are today okay um if this chart is going to you know mimic other proof of work coins a little bit older you know more history type of OG proof of work coins that have these you know highs and lows very high you know know uh price jumps here uh especially during the bull runs then time will tell if that will happen or not okay my friends that's it that's all I wanted to talk about thank you again to mop.

guntis my friend here if you're watching this man thank you so much I will do this test for you guys keep track and we'll see if the $4,000 you know $3,700 investment will get its money back in the future I will keep you guys updated okay thank you all for watching I'll see you all the next one if it's going to make me a millionaire I would love that I'll keep you guys updated have a good one peace out.

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