Will it happen again?

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[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] n [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] a [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh [Music] [Music] a hello Bros ladies welcome to the live stream how are you guys sorry I'm late about an hour something came up had to go pick up my dad and I'm back so how are you guys rude puts what's up Max voltage have a great day at work if you're still here man automatic beats uh Mr cter don't support rats John Germaine seven efro had to cut the grass and take out the trash or he could not stream 7even efro amazing Mike the miner hello Patrick Murphy did he have a compressor for Patrick Murphy you are banned you Bann forever so what we want to talk about today actually hold on I got to check if my rigs are up hold on oh boy a lot of my rigs are are not doing to good the Radeon 7 rig is not mining why um okay I'm missing my f my 3090 rig didn't come back and yeah that's the only rig 3A everything else is on except for my 3090 rig okay well that sucks all right anyways I wanted to um this stream I wanted to talk with you all regarding just maybe some opinions perspective future proofing or not future proofing or maybe you know it it all just go down to zero I asked a I don't I don't know if it was a yeah it was kind of like a question but 16 hours ago on my community tab I don't know if any of you guys saw it uh but I said would you say majority of the miners have sold their gpus before and after the ethereum merge question mark then a lot of inventory has been sold for cheaper due to cost of living debt interest rates bills what have you over to Gamers SL non miners around the world question mark If a bull run ever came about and GP mining becomes profitable in dollars not cents per GPU do you think there will be a GPU shortage again will Nvidia manipulate the market Again by withholding inventory because of higher prices will that time come again when the Regular Joe has interest in crypto Mining and it will be too late to get into into the game due to higher Hardware prices question mark or will existing miners today who hoard a lot of GPU mining Hardware today will be able to easily turn on and take advantage of that profit once that time comes enough against the GPU proof of work coins daily issue in dollar uh value will have equilibrium Break Even depending on electricity prices for those that mine let's have some predictions below and uh I mean yeah I expected I expected this really GPU shortage will happen again 31% of you said yes 37% of you said no GP mining will not be profitable ever again 133% of you said those who hoard low cost basis gpus now will succeed uh 10% said AI narrative is going to cause a GPU shortage hire and end cards uh number eight uh 8% says no idea but leave a prediction and opinion below so what do you guys think of that so far in the chat what I want to read and I'm you know what I'm going to pop out the chat because I want to this is this is you know I want to showcase this to you guys right and uh let me bring it here and let me bring this here bring this over here there we go so what do you guys think shortage and F Nvidia yeah I mean we all knew we all know Nvidia withheld inventory last bow run right I mean Distributors I feel like did the same thing right manipulating the markets on the eilers websites you know and like I heard stories of like people that worked at Best Buy or Micro Center they sold to their friends you know there's a lot of uh you know internal stuff that was you know happening with gpus being sold internally not to like consumers you know or to be in to businesses a lot of a lot of shady stuff back then um Patrick Murphy there's so much inventory waiting in the wings where else is it because it didn't come onto the open market like I wanted where else is it well yeah TR danger bu Capital maybe you know about this red LED Instinct card Iowa the I was going to go live this afternoon but The Bard decided to run late de bran I'm so sorry de bran you can stream now I will end the stream I I will end the stream right here I will I will end it Bon eggs and hash you say AI related short shortage will happen I agree but what about like the lower end cards like 30 70 30 80 cards and lower you think there's going to be a shortage on those cards like 30 60 TI you know I'm just I'm just saying I don't know I don't I'm just guessing uh no more A6 sad face kaidro Seer uh A6 all the all the way baby A6 all the way we're just talking about gpus um I got I'm not going to say what A6 I have coming Carl coat righted pen mining it was price gouge it was a price gathon Carl coat yep Intel for the win uh sadly the Intel gpus oh man no mining support for the Intel even after DX when they got rid of it it's it's it's gone now mind something uh no Chris Fox um Best Buy warehouse 5 minute drive in my house mom works there nice no one's ethical anymore uh I Bon eggs and hash I mean yeah I agree with you I mean in the 2021 a lot of unethical things were happening with eilers and retailers with that we're selling gpus yeah totally mind something what's up man red pad mining 490s will increase slightly most gpus will go down slightly GPU mining profits will be about the same as CPU mining going forward I'm yeah you know what um I'm going to say I agree with you the [Music] I mind something I'm going to go against what you just I'm going to go against both statements on the 409s and uh no wait I'm going to say I'm going to say 490s will increase a bit more a lot actually and then the gpus you said will go down slightly I think it's going to go up personally personally personally because again it comes back to the etailer retailers they're going to push up the prices of them because the 409s are going to go up in price they're going to push up the other GP prices and then the other part you said GP mining profits will be about the same as CP mining going forward I'm going to disagree I'm going to disagree I'm going to disagree but I I I I respect your your your last part there I respect it I'm On Top chat Ste Stephen let me read all these first God damn it let me read all these first all set minor don't question exclamation mark me DEA no I am already back at the office okay hard to AED dict gloring cards uh what's your radi okay hold I'm going to go live chat here hold I'm missing a bunch of stuff everything we're talking about is all theoretical all right everything I'm reading from you guys and what we're talking about today is all we have no idea all right it's just it's we're just guessing predictions giving opinions and we any of we're going to come back to this later like in the future and be like okay this guy was right you know mine sometime was right uh you know uh bacon eggs and hash was right you know we're going to we're going to come back to this got someone's got to remember this mine Capital red red P of mine what what's your radon 7 DX overclocks just move to SRB 3.9 it keeps restarting um right here good sir right here right here can you see this there I'll leave it here it's all Financial advice no but if past history repeats itself maybe maybe my my my thought process okay my thought process right now in my head is because now that a lot of inventory has been spread out to um uh potentially has been spread out to Gamers right or just the regular retail Market non- crypto miners right there's been a flood of you know gpus being sold to the market you go on eBay right now you can see people still buying gpus uh oneof you know whether it's miners or Gamers I'm going to say a lot of people who couldn't buy gpus back in 2021 are now buying gpus uh either for gaming right a lot of you know kids and people you know so my thought process is along with Market with manipulation right in terms of the uh gpus being manipulated Supply that is why I think when GPU mining uh profitability comes back okay when look at this okay very okay I was going to refer back to a lot of my how mining profits now in previous years okay I started this in 2019 all right it's 2023 we're heading into 2024 and I I I i' I have this Deja Vu like right now it's deja it's deja vu for me right and I guess the biggest argument though against all that is people um is that the daily the daily issuance I wish I had H man where's Biko on Twitter he had a great um the the issuance right the issuance the 24-hour issuance of all the GPU minable profitable coins right all together it doesn't equal to what in the Bull Run ethereum was like $24 million a day okay $24 million a day that was eum but that was in the Bull Run okay and here we are today it's about 2 million so if you cut let's say ethereum is now what one 2/3 down the price so the daily issuance of that would probably be like 108 million bare Market wise so here we are today everything together for GP minable coins I think it was like what 2 million 3 million uh $3 million so it's it the spread against what GP minable coins Now versus what ethereum is now bare Market wise if we were to compare for GP mining I I I think it here's okay it all comes together right this is what I'm thinking about right this in my head for people that have already maybe sold off a lot of their gpus um again it comes back to if people around the world Gamers right office people people working at home are have already accumulated or bought you know singular gpus for gaming office work whatever okay and then here we are I even I forgot about the AI narrative okay AI is now being the Next Generation Um big hype narrative whatever you want to call it um where a lot of the gpus may push forward that way um but a whole other thing whole side of that is another easy way I guess for uh people that are doing AI is that they can easily switch over to mining um but I'm going to say crypto mining is not in the minds of majority of the people out there that are you know invested invested into AI right they're going to they're going to stick with AI especially the businesses or whoever's you know fully investing into that stuff so I'm not sure if they're going to actually pivot into crypto mining you know because there is a bit of a you know stigma against it right not for us obviously it's good for us but what I'm saying is the the the supply going into uh AI the supply going into regular people around the world over the past year I believe that when if and when okay this is a big if all right if if coins start you know coming back up coins start GP minable coins I mean start coming up in price again is that going to cause uh you know obviously cause a jump in profitability Wise and so is there going to be enough Hardware especially amongst us right now for those that are hoarding gpus like me you guys everyone knows I still have you know I have almost 400 gpus now I'm sure you guys have a I know overb Tech almost has 400 as well I mean just the think of us like us small Guys small residential miners um is that are we considered small or medium would you consider me small or medium hold on I'm missing everyone's chat hold on I want to see what you guys think I might consider it small or medium small is less than 50 medium is less than 500 okay I I AG agree with that okay you all you all think I'm medium size okay okay okay I agree I agree I was trying to like lessen the blow you know I was trying to be more I was trying to be more relatable I guess I'm not relatable at all cuz I mean how many okay how many of you here are mediumsized miners or small miners what what would you say what Next Level attack what's up man Patrick Murphy I really hope someone does a video calling out what a foolish move it is to get paid in Fiat for this Ai and not build not buying not building the coins yeah I agree I agree um what is your total Capal hash rate you think uh I'll track I I don't know small small small medium Tommy T happy dictator what's up man good morning afternoon minuscule small okay a lot of you guys are small all right now so I'm not not relatable at all okay I missed a bunch of comments at the top I I really want to I don't want to miss anybody here great GPU mining prices will rise CPU mining has been stable going dark dark screen you guys are eyes are is it all Financial Dom G God damn it uh m capital thanks ex I have lower okay uh M something I hope you're right 49 prices will increase via Nvidia after us bans China from getting them uh GP mining profits will have Peaks and valleys got to stack those good spec coins yeah 100 yeah I AG y I agree um Min some 10 yeah exactly so the the strategy now right the strategy now is just Mining and boing the coins as much as you can and then when those Peaks start coming back right that your your cost basis of the coins is going to be really low and so you're going to have those uh nice nice gains right once once those coins uh you know what let me just I should be I should really be having this screen up I don't know why I don't have this one up watch list so yeah exactly exactly like you know a lot of these a lot of these why did Aon just go up 50% over the past 7 Days interesting iron fish look at that Hive mapper neoa past 24 hours 10% vars so yeah you know that's that's basically the mining right we're mining anding hoarding right now hoarding hling um uh Nick Dei what's up man 5700 XTS are going less for 180 now on eBay crazy yeah I mean I'm not you know 5700 XTS are what two generations behind now in my opinion I think they're going to be the next 580 of 2021 when ARX 580s were were um 500 bucks but I don't think it's going to be 500 bucks again for rx580s or it's going to be like I don't know compared to 5700 XTS that are going to be good for kapow coins you know mainly right and there's a so here's another thing to think about there's a lot of these new not new but more so the past this bare Market here is like neoa came out of the Woodworks you know Kow um we got um what other narai XNA right AI coin but that's uh kapow uh f for anyone that's into f um what else is uh meow coin you know if anyone's into that that's kapow there's been a lot of Raven coin right kapow there's a lot of you know these Prague pal kapow variant coins and uh now also DX right AMD cards are quite are going up against Invidia cards in terms of efficiency which is which is just amazing so you know AMD cards you know don't don't sleep on AMD cards in my opinion that's not Financial advice but um Nvidia cards though you're going to be good on you know things like the lower power stuff like radiant and you know efficient on uh is Veil no veil's progp pal right BS proog what other I don't know there's a bunch of other coins cortex right cortex conflux a great on Nvidia um um Shaker link to your proof of work list please love you uh this thing uh watch list here I I'm pretty sure I'm missing a bunch of coins so I can add it in here I have to add a new asset so just let me know um okay I've been missing 490s are not banned for sale to China that has been walked back okay I I either way I didn't know I have never heard that either way artificial chip shortage incoming yeah I agree Brian Hollywood rth is pumping today R what's rth reum it's not even it's not even on coin market cap Man coin market cap is horrible I don't even know why I'm using coin market cap I should be using coin gecko now Yankee hoarding is more accurate description man oh man oh man oh man oh man uh okay um I am mostly eight AMD AMD some Nvidia cards Dave Dave sptech Channel what's up man um so but really I mean wait it's if past history tells us anything I remember GPU mining being good back in 2013 to 15 mining Litecoin right mining with HD 5950 or 70 7930 3 gigabyte cards Mining Litecoin dude those were the days and then the next runup was 2017 right I wish I made I didn't make any videos during that time but you know it was you know people were buying up you know 1060s 107s for 300 400 500 bucks you know 1080 TI for 700 800 bucks at I think at most 700 800 bucks and you know that was 2017 and then 2018 bare Market came around and started going down and everything started uh to come come down and you know cards werein you know $30 rx580s were 15 bucks you know p 107s p 106s were really cheap too you know um rx580 is still going strong dude depending on your electrical cost rx580s are great are still actually amazing if you can get them for dirt cheap like if you if you find someone getting rid of like 50 or 30 or 10 of them for like $15 each just buy it like you can't go wrong like seriously $15 $20 rx580s they're like such bulletproof gpus if it doesn't work out you just put them on a wall as wall art you know like you just or give them to your kid or your friends or someone that needs a GPU for their computer like they're they're so cheap now you know like where okay okay you guys are asking where okay all right that so this you know you have to buy bulk right and you you got to you got to generally find the deals all right you got to find the deals on uh offer up or Facebook Marketplace people that are just liquidating you know hundreds of gpus like Hawk did um there are plenty of those I actually see some in my area uh not like not like 200 not like 100 gpus but more like you know someone selling like 24 of them and you know you can try to lowball them especially if they need the cash right it comes down to it comes down to this part here what I talked about um you know people that have been especially you know crypto miners we everyone's doing this for a financial reason mostly um not just you know like burning money for no reason um that the general person that got into crypto mining over the past two years unfortunately depending on their financial situation cost of living has gone up people have debts right interest rate has gone up people have bills um these types of situations have more so been more more prevalent over the past year I've seen it I still hear it to this day I bet you people watching right now people watching this people watching me right now are have been are potentially in this situation right or maybe not maybe you guys that are watching are have low electrical costs and you're just making hand over fist a lot of money 7 Red P of mining I will buy your full farm for I can't even see this for $1 deal yeah no in your dreams I'm hoping to buy the new ice KS Z Pro oh man I didn't want to make H I didn't want to talk about A6 but I literally just tweeted out this um the ks Z Pro 429 on Ice Rivers's website is not I in my opinion I don't know it it's it's a great little1 100 watt Miner right compared to the ks Z was like 75 Watts or 70 Watts or something um sure but the dollar per gigahash I mean it's it's the worst buy out of if you were to say buy a ks1 and overclock it it' be the better value um as2 right these pice have come down $18.99 uh 4899 right these ks1 you go to 1.25 um uh terahash okay all right that's not that's enough about as6 I don't want to make this as6 stream every time we make every time we talk about as6 people leave all right I'm not I'm not you guys are all GPU miners okay more bullish on flux or dyx honestly not Financial advice they're both going they're probably they're both they're they're both going to go up it it's they're both going to go up in some way and I'm not sure how much but every time Bitcoin goes up the liquidity com start coming back liquidity starts pumping Up the Volume uh for all the other coins as well generally 9x what's a GPU Joker Miner God damn it okay all right so I want to read comments now all right this this is all theoretical okay we have no idea what's going to happen we can we can all speculate and have opinions I'm just I'm just giving my opinion here uh throughout the Stream So I mean just judging by what has happened in the past I'm sticking to it okay here I'm putting my foot down all right my plan here I'm telling you guys right now here's my crypto mining plan all right this is this is I don't I don't want anyone to follow me or be burned by this but just judging what has happened in past history all right I'm just this is what I'm going by okay I'm going by the fact that gpus has always gone up in price in some form during bull runs okay when crypto mining is profitable again I know ethereum is gone but that was when the bull run that was about what $22 million issuance $24 million daily issuance all right here we are in the bare Market I'd say the math for that is probably going to be 2/3 minus that so about 8 million all right let's just say theoretically if mining was still happening now ethereum could be around 8 million of course I don't know if there's a having so it could be less right I don't I I don't I'm just I'm just putting pulling this number out of my head $8 million okay if if ethereum was still around but all these other coins together I think was equal to about right now 2 something 3 million daily issuance for all the GPU minable coins right now breaking even right now okay previous bare Market in my in my memory from doing videos in the past was around 10 cents kilowatt hour on RX 580s okay here we are today 10cent kilowatt hour breaking even would be with gpus would be I'm going to say 6600 3060 TI to 6600 XTS 10 cent kilowatt hour that is that's not bad that's not bad right that's not bad so then to correlate that with my opinion of how there's a lot of these prominent GPU minable coins that have come out of the Woodworks if the bull run starts coming back the starts pumping up these coins profitability starts coming back and then it's going to depend on how much inventory is out there how many miners such as me you guys who have been hoarding and maybe having your gpus offline are going to just you know turn those back on again right it's it's going to the the same thing happens in in my opinion the same thing happens um but going back to if gpus have been bought you know by gamers a lot maybe the AI narrative is going to take off then it's going to be even better for GPU mining right it's everything's going to level out because the supply for gpus have been and I'm going to say it just from looking at eBay looking at sales it's just all been spread out and then once you see profitability start coming back the Regular Joe the Timmy you know DJ mines the Timmy is going to come back start buying gpus for a couple hundred each or more and the same thing the cycle happens again right and then the the peaks of profitability is going to level out over time as people start getting Hardware online the hash rates start going up the difficulties start going up everyone's saying they are making so much money and then people pay3 $4,000 for an ARX 490 and and then everything starts crashing and and we are being and everything's being manipulated again and uh Congress members are selling all their stocks at that point at the top and uh nobody's listening listening and not nobody's following what they're doing and then everything goes down and then everything goes down and just like here we are after 2021 it's it's happening again all right so I I sound so like negative I sound so like pessimistic about that like crypto mining should not be a a negative thing crypto mining is not a pessimistic thing I think I think we talked a few streams ago like the wording I use has to be has to change the the wording make it sound so you know make it I feel like I make it sound so uh I don't know mind something hard for prices to go up when the whole world's population is broke a up maybe if they turn the printers back on uh mind something I agree man yeah I I mean so I have an my other opinion is if okay I know okay I don't I I don't know but there's there's there's been so much talk about the Bitcoin ETF being approved in January or something and if all these huge in institutional are waiting on the sidelines I sound like a broken record I I'm not saying it other people have been saying it so I'm sounding like a broken record this is all been said before if all that type of money is waiting on the sidelines is once that pump once that all starts coming in is that actually going to bring up with the Bitcoin price and then once that happens it's going to leave the retail investor they're going to be like oh wow they're seeing the number go up and everyone's going to start some people will start for aim but it comes back to your right mind something everyone's broke the world population is broke AF yeah it's true it's true it's true the the the rich the rich will just get richer it's it's the same thing it the whole world is not broke you might be you could say that to anybody right now you just wouldn't know also set minor red p scam pattern is good how you give air high five rehashing this topic is always good in my opinion yeah I agree I wanted to talk about this because it's just something I think we should all just refresh our minds like and I've seen a lot of people negative right now and I get it financially a lot of people are broke a lot of people are not able to um have the Expendable income to uh purchase anything right now um I think my channel here I think the community here the community here you guys that are still here I'm going to going to say generally a lot of you guys still have you guys have full-time jobs and you generally make decent amount of money and you have Expendable income that's why you are here if you were living paycheck to paycheck which I'm telling you you would not be here majority of people who are living on the edge right the brink of losing their home or losing their family or losing whatever not able to Fe put food on the table you're not here right now I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm 100% certain majority of people that are here are those that you guys have money to to to invest in crypto mining right like majority of you guys are like working you have that extra money you're you're you're you know you want to you want to get in the game and you are hoping that your investment's going to go up in the future right that that's that's that's the end all be all here that's literally the end all be all when you're when we're we're all talking about you know mining and or buying coins I never talk about buying coins I only mine coins um but you know mining GPU minable coins and we're hoping that in the future that the price is going to go up that that's it that that's all we're doing that's that's literally the strategy do we know which one is going to go up more so than the other one where's master I hold on I might have I might have a sheet I might have a I might have a great sheet for that hold on okay um this might not be up to date I don't think this is up to date yeah it's not up to it's not up to date but it gives a little bit of perspective okay so this was the previous Bowl run okay starting prices Peak prices of the coins um okay so for instance ravencoin was what a top 500 market cap coin ethereum classic was a top 100 coin but it still went up 3 3,000% um Dogecoin everyone knows what happened there but we had polygon salana flux a flux went up like 177,000 kadana everyone knows about CAD everyone knows about shibba enu shibba enu went up insane amounts right that was that that that went up massively right and there's there's so many there's so many but you generally I think top 100 coins you can see here the percentage increase is not as high as when it comes to coins that were in the top 100 plus 200 300 500 market cap right this is just this is generally you know I'm just I'm just I'm just this is what this is what the numbers show and um let's see here uh let's see percent okay so okay we're now we're talking about previous bow run increases 2014 so see so here here's here's another thing though I'm I'm I'm concerned for you know for people that are mining mining into Bitcoin okay man we're oh man there's so many things we can go I can I can spin off into millions of things here but Bitcoin okay if you let's say you're mining into Bitcoin right now all you want is Bitcoin do you are you okay Bitcoin is a safe in my opinion if you're mining Bitcoin it's safe right it's it's I'm going to say it's the low risk of crypto mining right it's it's the low risk R of crypto Mining and um what I mean by that is like the percentage increase of what Bitcoin does in bull runs is not as high as um let's say higher market cap uh higher market cap like the lower market cap coins you know um plus 200 500 1,000 market cap coins they don't go up in you know exponential and increase like these like Ergo you know in the previous Bowl run or Dogecoin God forbid you know all these types of coins Bitcoin is like the stable one but it doesn't always it doesn't just it doesn't go up in massive increase so if Bitcoin went up to 100,000 right from 30 35 to 100,000 that would be a 3X that would be a what a 300% okay so that's that's the Gen that's what that's the safe play but what about if you want to do like 3,000% 800% you know 2,000% then then it comes down to you know all these other um some other coins you know GP marable coins that we're looking at you know Nexa Caspa neoa mecoin dyx radiant alium all these ones you know are have been more so prominent over the past okay this is not this is not filled in but have been more so prominent over the past for GPU minable coins over the past uh year six months you know next time you talk give violin music on I that'd be so funny ah that' be so funny okay going uh mind something I know I sound pessimistic but in in the difficulty lies the opportunity if it were easy everyone would do it 100% the world is waking up maybe a real super cycle next borun mind something bro mind something bro I need I need epic where's where's my epic I need epic music I need I need epic where's the epic music find something dude dude if if we get a super cycle dude if we get a super cycle next next M run I'm giving I'm going to give away a freaking like Asic or GPU every every day if dude if that if that if that happens do you know do you know like the if Casper went up to like a dollar or something like you know if you imagine the the volume the liquidity starts pumping in if if that starts happening you you will you will definitely see Caspa start going up massively it's it's it's it's going to it's it's everything is going to go up in Mass if we have that super cycle it it it will it will be it will and you know what all of you that are here right now all of you all of you that are here right now I'm I'm telling you everyone that's here you guys are going to be successful all right it's what what M something just said right opportunity difficulty lies the opportunity so this kind of thing that we're all in right it's not a get-rich quick scheme crypto mining is not a get-rich quick quick scheme this is something that you generate as this is an investment you got to you got to think of this long term and you have to play the Cycles you got to play the you got to play where right now it is a crappy time to mine yes it is a crappy time to mine right now if your electrical prices are high you're not making anything and it and it hurts right you're like I'm wasting money that that's and and and and so the other side of it is if you can stomach that you believe if you're at least breaking even or losing like a couple cents or more that what you're mining could go up 5x 10x against what you were your initial cost basis was on against your electric you know there's things like that it's really hard I know especially if you're financially burdened so there's so many I could I I I I could name I could man we could just talk about all the different scenarios all the different situations people are in but ultimately it's going to be down to you and it's going to be down to if you can if you can um weather the storm you know and um Matt electron red pen of mining wonder how many gpus are still sitting idle waiting for the bull run I agree uh Matt electron I agree um but I know of you know the the mining Farm liquidations have happened okay it has happened um and it goes down to where I think you know has that inventory been spread out to Gamers non-miners around the world and is that also going to be spread out to the AI narrative coming up if not already you know you know I I I think it's I think it's a lot uh Patrick Murphy you agree it's a lot yeah I agree I you know I I think there's a lot of inventory that has been been spread out now um but whether or not you know non-miners or Gamers or Gamers could be miners too um are going to be able to take advantage of all this but I know that we are here all of us that are here now we are going to be able to take advantage of whether the spikes of profitability comes back or not when it comes back when the bow run comes back you know you don't want to be in the situation just like in the beginning of uh 2021 when GP prices started oh no before 2021 like October I remember I think it was October 2020 when you know gpus started really rising up in price and uh people couldn't get their hands on them so it was like it was like yeah you know um hold on [Music] [Music] okay find something B hash us 25 to 45 year olds will take over the system soon from the Boomers when that happens crypto till Rock I agree yep um you know it's it sad as it is to say I think uh I think we're all between that age here um the unfortunate thing from that I've been seeing a lot with my real life friends uh IRL friends is the you know the parents um sad to say are are getting they're old you know and and some of some of them have passed away and uh you know with that um unfortunately right for for the for that's for for people that's you know that's happening right now for our for our age group is [Music] um uh the other side of it is that money um is for some could be be could be passed down right and the old ways of thinking are now being removed right and um yeah Jimmy I bought 30 GPU at $1,000 average Jimmy yang Le you're not alone you're not alone so depending on when you bought them and depending on when you started mining you could have probably gotten your money back so if you were mining beginning of 2021 and you bought a lot of gpus during that time you definitely got your money back but let's say you bought near the tail end of 2021 or maybe even mid 2021 uh during the bow run you may or maybe halfway or more paid off you know uh depending on if you sold it or not so Bing eggs and hash we need to start seeing xus [Laughter] commercials oh my God God oh my God okay um people don't have money to pass down uh I'm going to say that's not true I gu depends depends but a lot of the Boomers have created what we are in now so a lot of the Boomers have a lot of money have a lot of assets have a lot of real estate depending on your family situation you [Music] know so um okay um I was going to read I wanted to read more comments here guys we have 191 people here watching smash the like if you are here that's definitely less true than it is is more true a statement it uh Boomers you know when they were I'm going to okay more often than not I've heard you know family Boomers back then they' able to buy houses for like 100k 50k 20K you know cost of living was much cheaper gas was 25 cents or something you know like a lot of them a lot of those Boomers have Investments back then or if not you know and some I'm going to say if not a lot of them did really well but you know our generation we every you guys here most likely we all get effed and then the next Generation I feel is going to be even more effed because our generation is going to turn into like what what the Boomers did that's what I'm afraid of maybe not I don't know I don't know oh we got Seb Seb commented here seb's been deck title he said 7even hours ago I definitely think GP mining will be profitable again but I'm going to air on the side of caution and say we probably won't be as bananas as it was during 2021 2022 I'm not sure if that's going to be enough to cause a shortage again but maybe together with AI narrative and Nvidia manipulating the market it will all I know is I'm doing my best to h Huh did he stop his comment all I know is I'm doing my best okay I see I see I like that I like what I've said here what is daily issuance of DX right now and does DX have like a having I I don't I don't know this does DX have a having right now market cap of DX is 62 million with a is the 24hour emission emissions $73,000 a day DX is a top DX is what a top 348 top 340 market cap coin let's see here 348 oh I went too far no here we are um what is a general coin that's around there Verge okay is what was the market cap of verge back in 2021 almost four uh what holy crap $932 million 932 million so if DX is right now what 61 million so if let's say say DX could go up up to a billion market cap wow not a billion market cap that would be a 20x 18 18x oh 18x for D yeah there you go jkk Reaper look at that we thought we thought of the same thing so what's an 18x would that be an 18x of a what's the emissions what would the emissions be then the emissions of $773,000 time 18 that would be $1.3 million daily issuance off DX alone okay okay if that happens right you're you're going to see Ergo go up as well you're going to see cortex definitely you're going to see flux go up as well you're going to oh you're going to see you're going to see other Co GP minable coins here um conlux uh Raven coin uh man add that all up together yeah it's going to be F it's going to be like it we're going to see banan's numbers in my opinion uh that goes along with what Seb said here you know Nvidia manipulating AI narrative and that goes along together with what I was saying here regarding gpus that inventory could be a sold to a lot of miners uh non- Gamers around the world but yeah you know what it could come back right if if everything if everyone wants to start gaining the profitability I we're going to see a massive like it's it's going to go up and I think for all of us that are in it right now we are we're all set like I hope you guys are primed like like I'm getting primed right now I don't know if you guys have seen like I've been turning on I've been turning on my I've been turning on my uh Rigs and stuff right this I've been getting them prepped I'm getting them all on and uh on the Fly I'll be able to um I'll be able to to get them up you know um home brew crypto red p m I'm super bullish on a lithium it's like kadana but actually works oh I hope there's no kadana people here cuz if I I said that out loud they would uh dislike and unsub if not already Brian Hollywood mine huddle add more Hardware let's effing go that that's it that's all we need to know guys that's it um you know Brian Hollywood ended off per ended this stream perfectly mine huddle add more Hardware let's effing go that's it that's that's all there's nothing else we need to worry about I don't think there's any honestly everything is looking bright in my opinion um uh if everything goes to plan like this the when there's blood on the streets the timeing to get in is now this is it this is this is you know when everyone's negative when everyone's down unfortunate way to think about it it it is you know I think it's the way we were talking like we're not taking advantage but it's like the opportunity for us to change our life in whatever way that you want so this is this is it right this is the the low times are the best times to get in right when Hardware is generally cheaper if if you're think H I say that now but like as6 have been going up in price ice Rivers have been dropping price though uh if you believe if you believe that CA is going to go up uh is going to have that uh yeah actually I just I I just heard uh there is a massive mining Farm who bought almost I think 500 bit main k3s so that's a good six petahash I think so yeah that's that's going to be a lot of pet has that's going to be a lot Blue Moon mining what's up man Blue Moon mining how are you good sir were you able to get everything in order good sir um can't wait to get my ks1 DHL says tomorrow nice jimy um I I bought a ks3 an ice server I hate I hate to say it I hope I'm going to I'm going to be I'm going to be calculating okay all right let me do this right now what is a ks3 generating now Okay I uh let's see 2200 cast by day all right here I got the perfect sheet here there we go so let's say my the yield of my minor okay by the time I get it and turn it on it's probably going to be like 2,000 so in the first month all right and this is with the um the decrease of the uh every month because uh Caspa has the uh whatam call it again the block reward reduction every month it's around 5.6% reduction right this is if every the difficulty hash rate stay the same okay so the first month if I were to turn it on now I should get around 60,000 kaspa from that ks3 keep 50% how come it didn't it's not populating these numbers uh What's happen here ah okay it would be um uh this number minus uh wait minus what this no not minus hey what's going on here is that is that what it is no that's that's only 50 c wait what was the calcul what's the C what's the formula to do uh 50% oh be divide by two yeah okay there okay I'm stupid I'm stupid is that it okay can I do now can I change that to can I put that all to here yes okay and then 30 3% is what equals this number wait divided by no divided by three yeah we go I'm stupid I'm listen scroll this down okay keep 25% that would be uh divided by four math is hard listen math is hard okay math is math is hard divided by 10 okay all right I'm getting better I'm getting [Music] better Iowa kryptomite you want my 10 8-year-old to show you how to multiply he could do [Music] this [Music] listen I do my own taxes okay listen all right listen it's it's hard okay H [Music] okay so if house rat stay the same which it won't you know what I'm going to be be more realistic I'm going to put 1,500 yield on my ks3 it's like it it's like that's I think that's if you know Casper neare hash rate went up like another like 35 40% so i' still get 00 Casp a day okay one month be 45,000 is okay by the next two years I should get 62,000 CA all right Casper price did I put $10 holy crap no that's be as for Price let's say 50 then my 16 Grand investment would turn into 31,000 after two two years if Cell went up to 50 Cents by that time or earlier or later who knows this is why you use coin Le Carl Co yes that is why I do that is why I use coin Le yes yes [Laughter] 100% uh uh my ks1 was a treat because my 2 K Zer just broke even nice J nice nice [Music] okay I have my blueberry muffin I have to eat [Music] okay I go go I'm hoping for at least 5x on CMO this R A 5x so 25 [Music] cents yeah yeah I [Music] mean they should these should be dollar values why are these not dollar value there we go price and USD yeah okay okay guys I think that's it for the live stream is there anything you guys anything else you guys would like to talk about is there anything you guys want to talk about we've gone streaming for over an hour now the pran are you going to stream entertainment oh here check your Discord um I can't bring up Discord [Music] here um hold on I'm bringing up on my phone where I don't see any messages you mean General chat I don't I don't see it I don't see it I don't see [Music] it um fine I can I have to give me five time minute to get ready drive to empty lot why do you have to drive to empty lot stream at home h [Music] is mine something here mine something stream find something stream the pr are you going to stream I'm at work [Music] oh Stephen coin Le needs to get more coins and more wallets integrate better I agree I agree Patrick Murphy I'm not clicking on that [Music] blue mining yes I was everything is good for another month and now my job search begins because my license will be reinstated next week nice man good job good job good job three Fox Co what's up man sorry I missed your your comment I'm a bit late to the party today I'm Still rocking my GP three Fox Co nice bro nice nice bro the 7,000 series AMD card decent at mining um from what I heard there's no there's no implementation for those gpus yet nothing wait you can do DX radiant on AMD cards wait wait wait wait wait wait is this possible I didn't know this is possible that's pretty sick wait how do you do do that DX radiant dang I should be I okay all right um uh DX right wow my 3090 rig is down God damn it all right Patrick mury yeah we went over it outlining the 6600 XT Chann oh oh yeah yeah yeah you're right I I'm I'm I missed I I have a short-term memory okay shortterm memory very shortterm I should so I should be doing radiant on these then like double time man double time hell yeah okay all right Bros I am going to head out that's it I uh I will see you all next time okay Yeti I sent you a DM Yeti don't send me DMS pump incoming it's okay shortterm memory oh you wanted me to remind you to go back and pick up my CL uh Tyler Des Shan Panda would you rather use an L3 Plus or an S9 as a space heater uh L3 Plus either one yeah I would use either I would use either either one all right peace Bros I appreciate all you guys thank you so much please be strong don't remember your goal remember why you're here stay strong the higher reps want you to be wary the higher ups want you to they they don't want you to get into this opportunity right now when it's when it the opportunity is now they want you to bleed they want you to lose focus they want you to lose hope you know don't lose hope all right when things are looking bad just think of the opposite dang remember when Panda was cool a rebel sticking it to the men remember remember when we got on the news when we what from my single tweet I said I what did I say it was something about the ethereum uh warning the 51% attack on a single pool or something it was such a it was an April Fool's it was a total troll I said on April 1st and then like people took it out of context and actually thought it would happen on April 1st nobody not even the news articles said it was like you know April Fools or anything even though I said April 1st it was the it was the best thing it was the best thing ever I I can't believe it I oh man I got on I got on uh coin Telegraph um it was big enough news where I got on coin Telegraph and like oh dude it was hilarious dude great times man great great times Patrick Murphy old Panda would have clicked remember when Red Panda mining said he was going to be building 20gp mining race right ah chump change what are you doing here from hero to Zer wow wow look at this guy definitely report Chum change look at this guy chump change only thing he says in my stream from Zero to Hero what a what a bastard what a what a guy okay goodbye who's streaming wait where's uh where's the pr the pr are you streaming now the the Iowa Iowa crypto mining yes IA Krypto is live we're going to go over there Bros I'm going to redirect all you to him all right you don't have to you don't have to click away I will automatically redirect direct all of you give me a second I got to copy of this this right redirect privileges needed ask Iowa Crypt mining to add you to the live direct list in the community settings the pr you got to add me to your he can't you probably can't hear me he's got to add me to his redirect list on community settings look I going show you right here I read direct privileges needed ask Iowa cryptomine to add you to their live redirect list so I can't redirect him so uh Patrick mury perfect perfect man thank you thank you okay I'll see you guys over there you guys have a great day let's go support uh Mr Iowa crypto mining peace out Bros peace out peace out peace out peace out peace out peace [Music] out [Music]

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