All My Mining Rigs are OFF

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H nothing like waking up to your breaker tripped and everything is off so that's lovely um I took the panel down and these two are what I have in the garage this one this is the one that tripped that's the one that's going right here and then I have this other one where's that one going I think that one goes up and over yeah I believe I believe so yeah yeah that's that yellow one goes up over and then drops down over there okay I don't have any more Breakers these use the bolt-on style Breakers so my local Lowe's in Home Depot nobody carries them but I was I was thinking since I have instead of running everything off of one breaker like I've been doing I have this other breaker over here or this other socket that's running off this other breaker um right here where is it right right down there so I need to get me an extension cord off that and I'm going to leave all that stuff over there on that breaker but I ran an extension cord over to start running my test bench and AI stuff right here and it's just I don't have enough juice to run all that additional stuff so I'm going to get me another extension cord and run it over there and then that's what I'll use to power that stuff not ideal but it'll work in a pinch so I'm going to go down to my dad's garage and see if I can't find me an extension cord to borrow but I guess in the meantime I need to reset this breaker so yes power power troubles is is my issue I'd like to only uh stick to just doing two um two break any more than that and I just I didn't want to incur the extra power cost so lovely lovely that means all my numbers are going to be off I was doing a video on an AI rig right here um I brought home a bunch of these Zeon motherboards extras that I got and I was going to set up like Zeon test benches so you know this GPU I want to start off with all of them the same and just do different gpus and see which one earns more uh and then I was going to do variations of RAM and variations of storage drives and so on but um a't not going to do so good if they're not running all right so I have this power strip now running off of that socket over there so that's on a different breaker uh so everything right here I should be able to expand and have yeah I don't know maybe like 1,000 Watts worth give or take right here uh don't think I'm going to be using that much I do want to get four AI rigs up and running um I'm probably going to build like a shelf or something cuz right here is where I Ed like as my workbench um but I just got this one up and running and uh we have the um AI workload set up so that's going to be going on a different video and I kind of show like start to finish and that kind of thing um trying to see if it's even worthwhile before I show people how to do it but that's for another day now it's time to finish boxing stuff up so I just boxed up uh that was 20 of these six pin cables and we had some more orders come in for some more six pins uh so let's go pull those orders all right so this is order number 1360 they got a um Delta 2400 W power supply two breakout boards that go onto the back let me actually get them set of matching breakout boards so yeah two breakout boards that go onto the back and uh these were discounted down a little bit because they did not have a the power cord so um I was looking through and at my at home setup I've made a big box of like shipping supplies and that kind of thing and then I told my wife you know before we throw any cardboard away let's keep it over here to the side and boom got a box that'll fit it perfectly I'm going to wrap it up in some bubble mailers and Bub double tape um and try to just utilize uh uh reusing as much as I can so that way I don't have to spend money on packaging cuz that always feels like the biggest waste of money so all right on to the next all right now this is order number 1361 and they got 36 pcie six pin to uh 6 plus 2 so pcie power cables um I have to do some double checking uh this is just what I counted and put into and I believe that's already sold out I just got to go through the rest of the orders but I have boxes and boxes more of pcie six pin power cables because people reach out to me and they're like hey I want some are you still going to be selling them at a dollar a piece and um yes I will um I'll probably hold the last maybe 30 or so that way I have some in stock uh in case stuff needs to be replaced or I need stuff uh to use for my own you know projects and that kind of thing but for the most part I still boxes and boxes of these cables I have to go through so lovely lots of fun all right now we got order number 1364 they picked up a 3060 this is the triple fan 3060 12 gig so get this one wrapped up for them and sent on out the way and I got to thinking about it I think um I called a couple people I think I'm going to pull that 6 gig 2060 out of this AI rig uh because apparently AI workloads definitely definitely definitely definitely want more than um 6 gigs of VR so uh yeah yeah need to need to pump that up and put a one of these 30 60s in I have some extras so I'll put one in there to test it all right well anyway guys my kids have woken up for their nap so I'm going to go hang out with them and I'm going to call it a day on this video so thanks for coming out thanks for watching a little bit of behind the scenes and um yeah da da I'm right here so it's time for me to go do the da da thing see yall on the next one adios and by the way um I am sponsored by myself so if you want to go check out the computer shop it is bc- or there's a direct link Down Below in the description we have discount computer parts mining parts that kind of stuff um anything is appreciated and the reward system is up so every dollar you spend you get a point and then you can spend those points to get dollars off later on so thanks guys have a good one adios

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