Signed lease on the new PC Shop

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all right well bam there we are ladies and gentlemen we have uh acquired the keys and um I do appreciate a lot of you guys like you know oh this isn't going to do this and this isn't going to do that and like bringing up criticisms and I always appreciate criticism it's it's you know one of the things that helps if you don't get criticized you never look at anything but um it was time for me to you know poop or get off the pot uh I needed a location and a lot of people kept going back to just run it out of your house just run it out of your house um I got two kids now two young kids uh we've had some situations in the past I don't I don't want people like random people coming from my house so um I started back up my Facebook advertisements uh because a lot of people are like oh the only Market's online the only Market's online well in this area um I'm in North Carolina and in and around like Raleigh uh I'm in night Dale here at the shop but it's close enough to Raleigh there's not much for walk-in like computer stuff um for repair upgrade there's really no buy or sell around here um so I I just started up my advertisements on you know some of the systems that I have uh coming up available and that kind of thing and I've already been inundated with messages people want to come in oh can we come check it out that kind of thing obviously I'm not ready this isn't enough room but um I just went ahead and signed and uh she already let me know that there's somebody across the way that their unit is going to be coming up available in December so she's like you know it stinks to get set up and then you might only be in there for a couple months if you want to transfer over but that one is a lot bigger than the one you have uh she's like that one's like almost 700 and something square fet but it's one big room and I'm like well I was like just let me know when it's available and we'll Shuffle everything over there obviously I'm not going to be able to fill this one up with with everything so um I think right now uh the my general idea is I'm going to just get my display case in right here I'm going to uh put me a workbench over there in the side um I got some not super deep but some shelves to put on the back wall um fill that up with parts I she did tell me this wall cannot taken out that that's unfortunate but I don't think I'm going to end up being here for too long um luckily the address stays the same if I move anywhere in this complex I just have to change my suite number so that's kind of cool um it makes it to where there's not as many Hoops to jump through but um yeah so thank you guys uh just figured out would address some of those things uh there's no way I can run it out of my house cuz people are going to keep saying that oh just run it out of your house just run it out of your house no there's there's way too many crazies out there um too many people I just but um yeah so now I just got on the horn with a guy with that display case and he's got me a pretty good deal on it I've been wanting one for a while but those things are anywhere from like $300 to $500 and this one's in really good shape he said one of the corners might need to be touched up but I'm sure me and my buddy are probably going to scratch up moving it uh but yeah 50 bucks come and get it he has like he has like six of them and he told me he'd work me a deal if I bought all of them I don't have a space for six of them I don't have I mean I have space for one just one so um obviously it'd be nice right now to buy all six of them cuz I could use all six of them later when I move them to a bigger spot but you know what we'll just we'll live in the moment um as for the big whiteboard I guess I'm just leave that for right now I don't know I don't know anyway let's get going

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