Found my Mini Doge Miner

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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel and I've been digging through stuff I was moving stuff around and I found my Doge my mini Dogecoin Miner so had to bring it up here because puts off a little bit of Heat starting to get cool it's a heater that makes money I mean technically aren't they all but anyway it's a nice little package so got this bad boy up and running let me show you what we're working with they don't make much there she blows and it is running it's pretty quiet it's actually quieter than the fan that's cooling off those phones um so it's the gold shell mini Doge this is one of the original ones bounc between about 180 to 200 megahash I went to a Litecoin mining calculator and I'm that means I'm making about 20 26 Cents a day obviously I um you know mine's you get Dogecoin with the Litecoin so it might be doing just a touch more than that after I let it run for a while I'll see how um it actually comes out and see what what the payouts are W let me log in there uh but I did want to go to Gold shell mini dge and just see what these bad boys are selling for there's one on on eBay used 179 so it looks like they have come [Music] down no power supply 185 megahash at 233 Watts so that's why they put off a little heat cuz they burn a little bit of Watts um Wonder did they still sell them on their website the mini Doge 2 huh I guess it's been replaced cuz I don't see a regular mini Doge just the two so the two is 420 mahash at 400 watts H so slightly more efficient but it's 500 bucks and that's still not not even profitable I mean let's see here 400 meah hat at 400 W 10 cents per Kow hour yeah you're you're losing money by the way spoiler alert this one loses money as well it makes 26 Cents a day but it burns uh Burns 56 cents so it loses 30 cents a day but if it offsets some of my heating cost then you know it's just it's just a heater that uh we'll keep my office a little warm and pay me back some money over time um don't go buy these things they don't make sense to buy because they're never going to profit unless you think Dogecoin is going to go to the moon but in that case you could just buy Dogecoin or lightcoin um these do not make sense to buy they're they're old outdated which is crazy because I feel like they just came out even though they didn't they've been out for a minute uh oh man but oh well it is what it is um Life Will Go On I'd love to hear from you guys down below do do any of you have a gold shell mini Doge are you currently using it did you turn them off did you sell them I'm always curious let's see if there's any more for sale on on eBay mini dude two of them for 550 400 299 [Music] 600 that one's at a bit of9 at the moment [Music] 199 a buddy of mine liked these little mini miners because he would uh plug them in at his office at work below his computer which technically that's that's definitely could get you in trouble so uh this is not advice this is just what he was doing I don't don't condone it by any means um oh they made like filters for them that's pretty cool but yeah so it looks like there's tons of them available for sale and and the Gen ones are going around 200 bucks or less H should we keep it should we sell it and reinvest it into something else get some more phones what do you guys think I'd love to hear those opinions down below and other than that I'm going to call it for tonight I hope you have a good one [ __ ]

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